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List of Officers 5 

Report of the Librarian 7 

Report of the Superintendent of the Building and Grounds .... 97 

Appendix la. Appropriations and expenditures (tables) ... in 

Ib. Appropriation act, 1905-6 113 

II. Report of the Register of Copyrights 117 

III. vStatistics of the Catalogue Division 137 

IV. Report of the Card Section 141 

V. Report of the Custodian of the Law Library. 153 

VI. Law Library: Noteworthy accessions, 1904-5 ,163 

VII. Manuscripts: Accessions, 1904-5 175 

VIII. Maps and Charts: Noteworthy accessions, 

i9 4-5 189 

IX. Division of Prints: List of prints from the 
Chalcographie du Louvre and from the 
German Reichsdruckerei ( Kupf erstiche 
und Holzschnitte alter Meister in Nach- 

bildungen ) 223 


The Library of Congress. Exterior view. 

Plan of the cellar. 

Plan of the basement. 

Plan of the first or main floor. 

Plan of the second floor. 

Plan of the attic. 




1802-1807 J onn Beckley, Clerk of the House of Representatives and 

1807-1815 Patrick Magruder, Clerk of the House of Representatives 

and Librarian 

1815-1829 George Watterston 
1829-1861 John Silva Meehan 
1861-1864 John G. Stephenson 
1864-1897 (June jo) Ainsworth Rand Spofford 
1897 (July i}-January //, 1899 John Russell Young 
1899 {April 5) Herbert Putnam 



HERBERT PUTNAM Librarian of Congress 
AINSWORTH RAND SPOFFORD Chief Assistant Librarian 
Allen Richards Boyd Chief Clerk 
Margaret Drake McGuffey Secretary 


Reading Rooms David Hutcheson, Superintendent; John Graham 
Morrison, Hugh Alexander Morrison, chief assistants. Reading 
Room for the Blind Etta Josselyn Giffin, assistant in charge 

Division of Bibliography Appleton Prentiss Clark Griffin, Chief 

Card Section Charles Harris Hastings, in charge 

Catalogue Division James Christian Meinich Hanson, Chief; Chief 
Classifier, Charles Martel 

Division of Documents James David Thompson, Chief 

Division of Manuscripts Worthington Chauncey Ford, Chief 

Division of Maps and Charts Philip Lee Phillips, Chief 

Division of Music Oscar George Theodore Sonneck, Chief 

Order Division Edward Lawver Burchard, Chief 

Division of Periodicals Hermann Henry Bernard Meyer, Acting 

Division of Prints Arthur Jeffrey Parsons, Chief 

Smithsonian Deposit -Paul Brockett, Custodian (office at Smithsonian 
Institution); Francis Henry Parsons, Assistant in charge 

Law Library George Winfield Scott, Custodian 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 




Printing William Henry Fisher, foreman 
Binding Henry Clay Espey, foreman 


George Norris French, Chief Clerk 

Charles Benjamin Titlow, Chief Engineer 

Damon Warren Harding, Electrician 

John Vanderbilt Wiirdemann, Captain of the watch 




Washington, D. C., December 4., 1905 
SIR: I have the honor to submit my report as Librarian 
of Congress for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905. 


The following table exhibits the appropriations and ex- 
penditures of the Library proper and of the Copyright 
Office for the fiscal year, and the appropriations for the 
year now current. Details are given in Appendix la. In- 
cluded also are the appropriations for the equipment and 
care of the building and grounds, expended by the Super- 
intendent. The allotment for printing and binding (dur- 
ing the past year $185,000) is not included. 

Object of appropriation 

tions, 1904 

tions, 1905 

tures, 1905 

Appropria- Appropr^a- 
tions, 1906 tions and expend- 

library and Copyright Office: 
Salaries, general service 

$235, 660. oo 

$236 660 oo 

t2i<i 76=; 24 


$236 660 oo 

Salaries, special service 
Salaries, Sunday service 

a 2, 739- 33 


a 2, 090. oo 


9 Tin 06 

a 2, 694. 94 

Salaries, distribution card in- 
dexes . . : 

&4 900 oo 

& 6 800 oo 

Salaries, Copyright Office 

c 70 440 oo 

c 74 700 oo 

c 74 662 46 

Increase of library 

^99 800 oo 

d 99 800 oo 

d no 784. 20 

Contingent expenses 

7. 'WO OO 

7 ^oo oo 

7 2o8 QO 

77OO OO 

Total, library and Copy- 
right Office 

4.-ZO 8V5 T.'l 

A.V7 1Z.Q OO 

X-3C 8ci 

Building and grounds: 
Care and maintenance 

74. 74 s ;. oo 

76 785 oo 

76 C.Q/1 CK 

77 ^O^ OO 

Fuel, light, and miscellaneous. 
Furniture and shelving 

e 35, ooo. oo 


32, 500. oo 



32, 500. oo 

Sunday opening 

2, 5OO OO 

2 8OO OO 

2 761 ot; 

Grand total 

^88 084. 1.1. 

c87 028 78 

a Including balance brought forward. 

& This expenditure is offset by subscriptions covered into the Treasury during 
the past year $15,496.55 actually applied. 

o This expenditure is offset by fees covered into the Treasury during the past 
year $78,058. 

d Exclusive of $1,500 to be expended by the marshal of the Supreme court for 
new books for that body. 

e Increased from $30,000 by act of February 18, 1904. 
UB 1905 2 (7) 

8 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Of the $3 1 1, 360 appropriated for salaries, exclusive of 
the Sunday and special services, $932.30 were unex- 
pended and remain in the Treasury. This sum repre- 
sents not a surplus provision for service, but salaries for 
a time undrawn, those of employees temporarily absent 
without pay, or of new appointees who failed to qualify 
promptly after appointment. 

As will be seen, the appropriations for the past year 
were substantially identical with those for the preceding. 
In the general force the increase was merely of a thou- 
sand dollar employee. The only other increases in the 
appropriations under my control (those for the Copyright 
Office and the Card Section) were to meet the increas- 
ing business in two divisions of our work which are self- 
sustaining; and were more than offset by the receipts. 

For the coming year there has been provided no in- 
crease except of $1,000 for service in one of these two 
divisions the Card Section. I asked for none other, ex- 
cept the following, all in repetition of previous requests: 

i stenographer and typewriter for the Periodical Division, at. . $900 

i clerk, Copyright Office, at 600 

Certain increases of salary in the nature of adjustments, 

amounting to 2, 500 

Additional for increase of the Library I 10, ooo 

Index to comparative legislation 28, ooo 

These are also the limit of my requests in the estimates 
recently submitted for the fiscal year 1906-7. If I go no 
'further it is not because there is not useful work on hand 
and in prospect exceeding the capacity of our present force, 
but because I wish to keep the estimates within the dimen- 
sion which five years ago I stated to be necessary for a 
reasonable progress with the work then seen to be abso- 
lutely necessary. In point of numbers the force is now as 
I planned for then; but the organization is not, nor will 
it be, until there shall be granted the increases in salary 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 9 

which are necessary to adjust fairly the salaries of certain 
emploj^ees doing equivalent work without equivalent pay. 


(Noting only changes prior to June 30, 1905) 

Among the resignations of the past year has been that Resignations 
of Mr. J. Christian Bay, of our Catalogue Division, a well- 
trained specialist in certain branches of science, particularly 
natural history and biology. He left us to become chief 
classifier of the John Crerar Library of Chicago. In 
exchange, however, Mr. Clarence W. Perley has returned 
to us from that very position. His specialty is rather the 
applied sciences. In these also the division has been 
strengthened by the appointment of Mr. H. H. B. Meyer, 
late of the New York Public Library. Mr. Alexis V. 
Babine, our specialist in Russian literature, resigned last 
spring to become a member of the office of the Associated 
press at St. Petersburg. Miss Laura Hammond, of the 
Catalogue Division, accepted the post of librarian of the 
Georgia School of technology. 

Another government library has been supplied from our 
service, that of the Naval War College at Newport, to the 
librarianship of which Mr. Frederick C. Hicks, late of our 
Map Division, was appointed after competitive examination. 

The Copyright Office has lost the exceedingly efficient 
services of Mr. Leonard B. Cool, its chief clerk, \vho 
resigned last March to accept a business position of 
promise, requiring initiative and executive ability. 

The conduct of the Division of Documents, from which 
Mr. Falkner resigned a year ago,. has been assigned for the 
present to Mr. James D. Thompson, who has been with 
us for several years, rendering important service in the 
cataloguing and classification of scientific literature, and 
of late designated as in charge of the '.' Science Section" 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 



The report of the Register of Copyrights appears in full 
as Appendix II. 

The principal .statistics of the business done are as follows: 

Fees received and 

Fiscal years 







Domestic (50 cents) 

8, 360. oo 

16. oo 

$41, 906. 50 
12, 569. 50 


$42, 172. 50 
8, 633. oo 
13, 223. 50 


$44, 340. oo 
9, 299. oo 


$46, 360. oo 
14, 556. oo 


$51, 772. oo 
9, 830. oo 
15, 607. oo 


Foreign ($i) entries . . 
For certificates 

For assignments re- 

For searches 


65, 206. oo 

63, 687. 50 

64, 687. oo 

68, 874. 50 

72, 629. oo 

78, 058. oo 

Total number of de- 
posits received (ma- 
terial of all classes, 
including dupli- 



l62, 283 
92, 351 

169, 726 

97, 979 

184, 799 
103, 130 

207, 424 

Total number of en- 

Total communications 
received, including 
parcels, but exclud- 
ing deposits noted 


IO2, 244 

78, 457 

79, 143 
118, 264 


121, 249 

129, 600 


137, 779 

Total communications 
sent out (including 
letters written) 

It will be noted that during the past year the number of 
entries has reached 113,374. 

The fees from copyrights are covered into the Treasury, 
and not applied directly to the maintenance of the Copy- 
right Office. They form a regular revenue of the Govern- 
ment, however, and a net revenue over the direct expenses 
of the office, as appears from the following comparison: 

Report of the Librarian of Congress n 



Fees covered in during the fiscal year 1904-5, as above. . . $78, 058. oo Receipts and 



Salaries, as stated $74, 662. 46 

Stationery and sundries 967. 72 

75, 630. 18 

Net cash earnings 2, 427. 82 

The amount expended for salaries ($74,662.46) includes 
the sum of $4,680 paid in salaries to certain employees who 
have been classifying and crediting the old deposits received 
prior to 1897. This expenditure is chargeable to arrears. 
The current expenses of the office are therefore considerably 
more than met by the current receipts. 

The above statement includes all disbursements except the 
cost of furniture, of printing, and of binding, but only cash 

In addition to cash fees the copyright business brings 
each year to the Government, in the articles deposited, 
property to the value of many thousands of dollars. During 
the past fiscal year 207,424 such articles were received. 
The value of those drawn up into the collections of the 
Library far exceeded the amount of net cash earnings. 

The work of the Copyright Office is divided into two 
portions: (i) The current business, covering applications 
received since the reorganization of the office under the 
Register in 1897; ( 2 ) tne arrears, the classification, credit- 
ing, and indexing of the entries and deposits prior to 1897 
(i. e., from 1870, when the office was first placed under the 
Librarian of Congress). 

On the 6th day of July, 1905, when the report of the c PYRIGHT o*" 


Copyright Office was submitted, the remittances received current butt- 
up to the third mail of the day had been recorded and"' 
acknowledged; the account books of the bookkeeping divi- 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

sion were written up and posted to June 30, and the accounts 
rendered to the Treasury Department were settled up to 
and including the month of June, while earned fees to June 
30, inclusive, had been paid into the Treasury. 

All copyright applications received up to and including 
June 30 had been 1 passed upon and refunds made. The 
total unfinished business for the full eight years, from July 
i, 1897, to June 30, 1905, amounts to but $442.47, as 
against a total of completed business for the same period of 


At the close of business on July 6, 1905, notwithstanding 

the intervening Saturday half -holiday and Sunday, the 

* titles for record in all classes had been dated, classified, and 

numbered to June 30. All titles had been indexed up to 

June 30. 

The articles of all classes deposited during the ) 7 ear had 
been stamped, catalogued, and credited up to the receipts 
of June 30, inclusive. 

The Catalogue of Title Entries had been brought for- 
ward to No. 730 of June 29, 1905. 

The certificate and noncertificate entries (all classes ex- 
cept A to June 27, and B and C to June 28) had been 
recorded to June 30, inclusive, and certificates and notices 
of entry to the same date, made, revised, and mailed. 
COPYRIGHT OF- >phe examination and arrangement of the mass of de- 


The arrears posits has been continued, and 51,868 credited musical 
compositions (previously arranged by years of entry) have 
been given a more exact arrangement and conveniently 
shelved for future reference. 

Credited articles to the number of 44,263 (including 
6,083 pamphlets, 12,932 leaflets, 9,694 periodicals, and 
14,071 musical compositions) have been properly filed 
away under year and number. In the work of crediting 
deposits, 18,494 articles were handled, and 17,722 articles 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 13 

(including 2,083 pamphlets and 14,208 musical composi- 
tions) were credited and properly filed away. In the case 
of 772 articles, identification and credit could not be made, 
and they were accordingly indexed and filed. 

Index cards (title and proprietor) for dramatic composi- 
tions to the number of 14,811 were written. 

At the close of business June 30, 1905, there remained 
uncredited in the files of the Copyright Office 174,325 
articles deposited prior to July i, 1897, as follows: 

Books i, 609 

Pamphlets and leaflets 41, 763 

Periodical contributions 3, 138 

Periodicals 19, 890 

Musical compositions 64, 749 

Dramatic compositions: 

Typewritten 386 

Printed 239 

Manuscripts, etc 27 



Sheet maps i, 605 

Insurance maps 7, 315 

Roll maps^and charts 85 

Atlases 4 

Engravings, cuts, and prints u, 018 

Dress prints 2, 552 

Chromos and lithographs 3, 831 

Posters 3, 450 

Photographs 10, 666 

Stereographs 373 

Kinetographs 45 

Fine art photographs 10 


Games 465 

Other miscellany i, 105 

Total 174, 325 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

During the past eight years the business done by the 
Office shows the following: 

Total number of entries 751, 123 

Total number of articles deposited I, 276, 143 

Total amount of fees received and applied $527, 335. 50 

Total expenditure for service $427, 588. 22 

Net receipts above expenses for service $99, 747. 28 

During the thirty-five years since the copyright work 
became a business of the Library of Congress, the total 
number of entries has been 1,631,979. Of the total num- 
ber of articles deposited during that time, there are in the 
files of the Copyright Office 1,439,611, exclusive of those 
transferred to the Library proper. 
Revision of A revision of the copyright laws is considered later in 

copyright laws 

my report. See pages 85-94. 


Adopting the figures of the count of printed books and 
pamphlets in June, 1902, as being nearly accurate, the 
total contents of the Library, inclusive of the Law Library, 
at the close of the past two fiscal years were as follows: 

Contents of the 
Library June jo, 
1904, and June jo, 






I 27S 66? 

T "1AA 6l8 

68 o^r 

Manuscripts (pieces) 



Maps and charts (pieces) 

76, I2Q 

82 744 

6 6is 

Music (pieces) ' 

-184, 418 

4IO ^S2 

2^ Q^4 

Prints (pieces) 

is8, 4si 

l8^ 724 

2%. 277, 

a The number of pieces of manuscripts in the library June 30, 1904, was esti- 
mated in my last report as 121,266. Such an estimate, itemizing, for example 
every letter in an unbound collection, but rating as but a unit a collection of let- 
ters in a bound volume, professes a particularity which it does not imply. It has 
been customary, but we shall for the present discontinue it. When the collection 
shall have become grouped into volumes we may resume the statistics upon the 
basis of these. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

The following gives a summary of the accessions to the 
Library during the past fiscal year, and, for convenience 
in comparison, the corresponding accessions for the year 


Net accessions 



Printed books and pamphlets . . 

80, 136 

22, 074 

15, 079 
Q, 063 

25. 273 

Manuscripts (pieces) 

Maps and charts (pieces) 

Music (pieces) 

Prints (pieces) . 



I 'tin ted books 
and pamphlets 

a Report omitted. 

The accessions of the past two years in detail, classified 
by source, have been as follows: 

How acquired 



By purchase 

30, 735 

22, 098 

Bv sift 

6, 100 

16, 348 

By copyright 

q, s8o 

II, 763 

By transfer from United States Government libraries 

S, 106 

15, 470 

From the Public Printer by virtue of law 



By international exchange (gifts from foreign governments) . . . 
Gifts from State and local governments, corporations, etc 

4, 916 
2, 64S 

4, 7O4 

By Smithsonian deposit 

4, 441 


Received by exchanges of duplicates 



Gain of volumes by separation in binding and by completion 
of volumes of periodicals 

22, 030 


Total added, books and pamphlets 


QS, 7S6 


L,oss by consolidation of volumes in binding 



Duplicates sent in exchange 


17, 962 

Total deducted 

10 014 

26 805 

Net accessions 

80, 136 

68, 951 

a Does not include numbers completed into volumes of periodicals, now reported 
only when bound. 

1 6 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

A list of the accessions of the year should of course 
accompany a complete exhibit of the year's operations. 
We could not justify the expense of printing it ; and I 
do not feel inclined longer to justify the expense of 
printing the "Select Lists of Recent Purchases," which 
have formed appendices to the reports during the past 
four years. The disposition of the Library in its delib- 
erate development is sufficiently indicated by the three 
such lists already issued with this very purpose. Here- 
after we shall limit the recital of important accessions to 
general descriptions in the main text, of collections, and 
to lists (appended) only of such items as may have 
enriched in a notable way some particular department of 

Thus the present report includes such particular men- 
tion of additions to the Manuscripts, Maps, and Print 
divisions, and the Law Library, with itemized lists of 
certain notable additions, particularly in law. 

Except for the Kellen collection of law and certain collec- 
tions of manuscripts, there has been no important purchase 
en bloc. The former is referred to under Law Library, below, 
and is listed in full in Appendix VI. The latter are 
Notable gifts described under " Manuscripts," below. More important 
collections of manuscript than those bought have, however, 
been received as gifts. These also are described below. 
The additions to the Orientalia have included 198 works in 
Chinese, comprising 1,965 volumes, which formed part of 
the exhibit of China (the Province of Hupeh) at the 
Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and at its conclusion were 
given to the Library by the Chinese government through 
its legation at Washington. There have been other gifts of 
Orientalia, especially 120 volumes from the Fort William 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 17 

College at Calcutta, which bring our collection of Orientalia 
to a total of 12,400 volumes, as follows : 

Manchu 950 

Chinese 9, 700 

Japanese 750 

Arabic 125 

Turkish 400 

Persian 50 

Armenian 90 

Siamese 90 

Unclassified Bugi, Gujeratee, Hindu, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telu- 

gee, etc 245 

Total 12, 400 

Of these the Chinese (except those from St. Louis) 
and Japanese have all been catalogued. The catalogue 
of the Chinese should be printed. It awaits only some 
revision as to form which Professor Dr. Hirth, of 
Columbia, has kindly consented to give it. 

As appears from the records below of the accessions Gifts from 

governments of 

to particular divisions, there have been other notable gifts France and Ger- 
of material special in character; for example, from France m 
and -from the Argentine Republic, collections ^of photo- 
graphs exhibiting the activities, etc., of learned societies 
and universities; from Italy the collection of photographs, 
plans, and maps of Italian railroads all three of which 
formed instructive portions of the respective governmental 
exhibits at St. Louis; from Germany the collection of fac- 
simile reproductions by the ' ' Reichsdruckerei ' ' of engrav- 
ings by the old masters, entitled " Kupferstiche und 
Holzschnitte alter Meister in Nachbildungen. " This 
publication represents for Germany a service to the study 
of prints which for France is rendered by the prints issued 
by the Chalcographie du Louvre a set of which was 
presented to us two years ago by the Government of 
France. The Library is thus reaping valuable benefit 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


from the comity between our Government and those of 
foreign countries. 

The paragraphs which follow, descriptive of the acces- 
sions to the several divisions of the Library and their 
operation, are in the main drawn from the reports to me 
of their respective chiefs. 


During the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905, the acces- 
sions to the Library through the Division of Documents 
were as follows: 

How acquired 




Received by virtue of law 




Gifts of Government of the United States in all 
its branches 

8 ^AO 

4 47Q 

11 OIQ. 

Gifts of State governments 


I. OI4 

2 8l2 

Gifts of local governments 




Gifts of foreign governments (International Ex- 

4 6**6 

I 838 


Gifts of corporations, associations, and individuals 


1, 108 


Total to be recorded 

16 232 

8 780 

2S OI2 

By purchase, exchange, and deposit 



I, OQ8 

Total handled 

16, 080 

Q, I^O 

26, no- 

Comparison with the statistics of the previous fiscal year 
shows a very large increase in the receipts from all sources 
listed in the above table, except those included under the 
heading ' ' Gifts of local governments. ' ' 

Transfers of duplicates or documents no longer in use 
at the Department libraries form the greater part of the 
13,019 volumes and pamphlets noted as " gifts of the Gov- 
ernment of the United States in all its branches." 

During the past year the list of countries to which the 
United States sends its documents regularly in exchange 
has been increased by the addition of Bolivia, Ceylon, 
Egypt, Malta, Nicaragua, Orange River Colony, and 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 19 

Salvador, and is now to include the Empire of China; an 
understanding with the Chinese authorities having been 
effected through the American Minister at Pekin, Mr. 

Arrangements have been made by which the Library of 
Congress now receives the official publications of the 
Dominion of Canada as issued in paper covers. Heretofore 
only the bound volumes of the sessional papers were for- 
warded to the Library, usually a year after the publication 
of the separate reports. 

Among the notable additions to the Library received DOCUMENTS: 


in this Division during the past year were 191 volumes 
and 50 pamphlets, the gift of the Imperial Free Economic 
Society, St. Petersburg, consisting of the reports of the 
Russian local governments, and three important collections 
from the official exhibits at the Louisiana Purchase Exposi- 
tion, presented by the French, Italian, and Chinese Govern- 
ments, respectively, viz: the publications of learned societies 
and universities of France (840 volumes, 144 pamphlets), 
together with photographs, lithographs, etc., which formed 
part of the exhibit of the French Ministry of public instruc- 
tion; 80 volumes, 36 pamphlets, and a collection of photo- 
graphs, plans, and maps relating to Italian railroads, from 
the exhibit of the Italian Ministry of public works; and the 
collection of Chinese books exhibited from the Province of 

During the year a special effort has been made to 
strengthen the collection of foreign law by application to 
the various Governments for the publications not yet in the 
Library. Through the cooperation of the diplomatic and 
consular representatives of the United States valuable addi- 
tions were made to the collection of codes, statutes, and 
court reports of the following countries: Bulgaria, Colom- 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Colonial stat- 


bia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Norway, 
Paraguay, Peru, Switzerland, and Venezuela. 

Letters were addressed to the secretaries of the various 
British colonies and all the statutes available were received 
from the following: Cape Colony, Gambia, Gibraltar, 
Hong Kong, India, Lagos, Mauritius, Natal, New South 
Wales, New Zealand, Orange River Colony, St. Lucia, 
Straits Settlements, Transvaal, and Victoria. 

The ' ' Want list of American statutes ' ' has also been 
taken up systematically and a considerable number of the 
required volumes has been obtained by special solicitation 
from the Secretaries of State and the State librarians. 

Among other State documents special attention has been 
given to completing the sets of reports of railroad commis- 
sions, in view of their particular interest at the present 

The policy of . eliminating duplicates of United States 
documents by forwarding them to the Superintendent of 
Documents, and duplicates of State documents by return- 
ing them to the respective States, has been continued. 
The numbers thus disposed of during the year are as 




United States documents 

-I, QO7 


4, SI 1 ^ 

State documents 

6, 708 

^, ^21 

10, 119 

Total to be deducted . . 

IO 70S 

l. Q2Q 

14, 6^4 


The usual table of accessions, which I stated in my last 
report to be misleading, is omitted, as it becomes more mis- 
leading each year. Were the accessions few in number, 

Practically verbatim as submitted by the Chief of the Division, Mr. Worthing- 
ton C. Ford. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 21 

easily identified, and capable of being at once permanently D i v i s i o N OP 
located, such a statement by number would be possible. Bjut Accessions 
each large collection contains thousands of pieces which are 
received in a much-confused condition, with wrappers, mem- 
oranda, note and account books, checks and receipts a mass 
of miscellaneous accumulations of many descriptions. To 
count the papers on receipt is misleading, as in their folded 
condition inclosures would escape notice and the various 
sheets or parts of a single letter or document if separated 
would be counted two or more times. The collection as 
received may contain matter that is returned to the giver 
or that 1 is discarded as of no public value or interest. The 
difference between the number of pieces in the original 
condition of the collection and the number of pieces in 
the collection as finally assorted and ready for permanent 
treatment would often be great, so great as to vitiate any 
statements of count. I therefore omit the statistical table 
of accessions, and shall trust in future to state the actual 
number in each collection as finally arranged and bound. 
The measure of the growing importance of the manu- 
script collections is shown by the number and nature of 
its accessions, whether by gift or by purchase, and by the 
number and character of those persons who have had 
occasion to consult these collections. Of the latter, no 
detailed list could be given; but it may be stated that the 
number of those who have spent weeks and even months 
in reading the manuscripts for historical writing has been 
larger than ever before, and the students represent some 
of the best workers in American history. The conven- 
ience and appliances, the manner of treating manuscripts, 
and the liberal rules governing their use have drawn atten- 
tion to the advantages offered to the student. Copyist 
and photographer stand ready to give prompt attention 
to. what is required, and the searcher may thus personally 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


supervise the transcript of material or may call in pho- 
tography to supply a reproduction which no copyist can 

In number and extent of accessions the year was a not- 
able one. The usual list of accessions is given in Appen- 
dix VII. It is only necessary to state in this place that 
the original range of 12 cases and 20 safes for storing 
manuscripts has already proved insufficient to house the 
growing stores, and a second range of 12 cases will be 
put under glass during the current year. 

The list of manuscripts received by gift during the 
fiscal year 1905 is given in full in Appendix VII. 

A very large and, in some respects, a most important 
gift has been made by Miss Sophonisba Preston Breckin- 
ridge and Mr. Desha Breckinridge, children of the late 
Hon. William C. P. Breckinridge, of Lexington, Ky. 
Their father had a lifelong interest in the history of 
Kentucky, and had brought together the papers of his 
family from many sources. This great accumulation he 
had arranged as his time permitted, but his constant oc- 
cupation in the public service, involving long absences 
from Kentucky, prevented his completing the task or his 
making the use of the papers which he had in mind. 
His children have given the entire collection to the Li- 
brary, subject to certain conditions. An extract from the 
letter of Miss Breckinridge will show the liberal spirit 
inspiring the gift. 


February 6, 1905. 

"My Dear Mr. Putnam: May I now offer you the 
papers given me by my Father in his will to belong 
to the Congressional Library subject to my right to go 
through them within three years after I am told that 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 23 

they are ready for my inspection, and to my right to 
retain exclusive use for two more years in case I want 
to make use of any of them in historical work. I should 
like them known as The Breckinridge Papers. I feel 
very sure that we both want the same thing that such 
value as these papers may have may be made accessible 
to all the world of students. 

' ' Very truly yours, 

' ' Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge 

It remains to add a word on the nature and extent of the 
collection. The leading features are the papers of John 
Breckinridge (1760-1806); John Breckinridge, his son 
(1797-1841); Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, another son 
(1800-1871), and William Campbell Preston Breckinridge, 
son of Robert (1837-1905). In addition there are papers 
of many other members of the family and connections. 
The number can not be closely estimated, for the papers 
are in envelopes, scrapbooks, file cases, and paster-books; 
but between twenty-five and thirty thousand would be a 
conservative estimate. Only a glance can be given at the 
contents, for the present arrangement must be changed to 
enable an examination to be made. John Breckinridge, the 
elder, was an early settler in Kentucky; the friend and 
correspondent of Jefferson; prominent in the State legis- 
lature; the proposer, if not the framer, of the Kentucky 
resolutions of 1798; United States Senator from Kentucky; 
and Attorney- General in Jefferson's Cabinet. In Kentucky 
affairs he was a leader, and his wide connection in his 
native state of Virginia and in Kentucky give to his corre- 
spondence the weight of public and of social interest. In 
one roll were found the papers relating to the Kentucky 
resolutions of 1798; in another, the printed reports from day 
to day and the notes of debates in the State constitutional 
WB 1905 3 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

convention of 1799 two rolls containing unique papers 
upon matters which involve the largest questions of consti- 
tutional law and interpretation. Such material, selected 
haphazard from the loose papers, indicates possibilities of 
rich historical discoveries. Robert Breckinridge was for 
some years in political life, but abandoning politics he 
became one of the leaders in the Presbyterian church. His 
papers are rich in controversial matters, in questions of 
church government, and on the moral problems of the day, 
slavery being the most important. The dissensions which 
rent the Presbyterian church and the division in the nation 
causing the civil war were matters brought close to him. 
As a defender of the old church and one loyal to the Union 
when members of his own family were in opposition, his 
papers reflect the conditions which produced the contests, 
and the incidents attending their solution. William C. P. 
Breckinridge served in the Confederate army and was long 
Representative in Congress from the State of Kentucky, 
well known for his oratory, his mastery of public questions, 
and his loyalty to Democracy. Such a record of a single 
family, which for more than a century has been prominent 
in public life, is unusual, if not unique. Merely as a family 
history its historical content would be valuable, for the 
Breckinridges were widely connected with many of the 
prominent families of Virginia. 

But it is not as a family collection that the papers will 
be best known. Kentucky was a frontier State. It was 
the cradle of Democracy, that Democracy which gave birth 
and occasion to Jackson, to Polk, and their successors. Its 
social conditions have retained many of its original fea- 
tures, and a certain clannishness created leadership which 
centered in a few families, of which the Breckinridges con- 
stituted one. No better picture of these conditions could 
be found or imagined, and the society which in the Ken- 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 25 

tucky of the eighteenth century looked south and west for 
its commercial emancipation, sought political freedom and 
leadership in the first half of the nineteenth century, and in 
1860, an existence outside of the Federal constitution. 
The social conditions pertaining to the people of this State 
which have given rise to such a political history are worthy 
of careful study, and for this study the Breckinridge papers 
will be essential. 

Dr. Stuyvesant Fish Morris, of New York, has made Van Bur en 


important additions to the collection of Martin Van Buren 
papers. That collection, the gift of Mrs. Smith Thomp- 
son Van Buren, was described in the report of the 
librarian for 1904, page 42. Rich as it is in historical 
material its value has been much increased by the papers 
which Dr. Morris has so generously given. The addi- 
tion includes 860 letters, most of them written to Van 
. Buren while Secretary of state, Vice-President, and Pres- 
ident, and 62 circulars, printed broadsides, and campaign 
material. Not only do these documents cover a very 
important political period, but they form in themselves 
the best guide to the political movements of the dominant 
party and the best index of the hopes, fears, and ambi- 
tions of the leading political managers in the Van Buren 
following. A long list might be made of the good things 
to be found in them, such as the letters and memoranda 
by Andrew Jackson on the Texan question; but a mere 
mention of some of the prominent writers must suffice. 
Of the writings of Francis P. Blair there are 100 pieces, 
including copies of his business controversy with Amos 
Kendall. Of Benjamin F. Butler, of New York, the life- 
long friend and confidant of Van Buren, there are 52 
letters. Thomas H. Benton is represented by 30 letters and 
George Bancroft by 34. Of New York writers the follow- 
ing may be mentioned: John A. Dix, 23; C. C. Cambreleng, 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


10; A. C. Flagg, 32; James Gordon Bennett, 6; Samuel J. 
Tilden, 4; E. Croswell, 10; H. Bleecker, 6; William C. 
Bryant, i, and James Fenimore Cooper, i. Other names 
are: James Buchanan, 17; James K. Polk, 6; P. V. Dan- 
iel, 19; John Forsyth, 19; Lewis Cass, 8; Thomas N. 
Carr, 10; John H. Baton, 5; Governor William Carroll, 
5; J. W. Edmonds, 9; Salmon P. Chase, 3; Simon Cam- 
eron, 3; J. Bragg (of Mobile), 6; S. R. Betts, 6; Frank- 
lin Pierce, 3; William S. Archer, 4; Gideon Welles, 4; 
and William Allen, of Ohio, 3. In the forty drafts of 
Van Buren letters is found that of his well-known letter 
to Sherrod Williams, but unfortunately with a few leaves 
missing. These drafts are of especial interest, as they 
show the care with which Van Buren prepared his replies 
to his correspondents and laid down his political principles. 
In many instances the letter was entirely rewritten, and in 
these drafts may thus be seen the first thoughts of the 
writer, and the more studied and final form in which 
these thoughts were sent out to become motive power of 
political action. The letters to Van Buren from his cor- 
respondents are not merely perfunctory notes, but lengthy 
communications on the political situation. Altogether, 
for the period it covers, the Van Buren collection is of 
incalculable value to the historian and will alw r ays remain 
a monument to the man and to the public spirit of those 
who have so freely given it to the historical archives of 
the nation. 

From the family of Ephraim George Squier the Library 
received a collection of the papers of that archaeologist, 
which much strengthens the material in the Library on the 
ancient history of America. His original researches and 
diplomatic services bore fruit in writings which received 
recognition at home and abroad, and his wide sympathies 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 27 

give to his general correspondence a corresponding interest. 
From many sources he received material on Indian remains 
in America, and a close study of this collection will develop 
its richness in material as yet unused by him or his succes- 
sors. Of Mr. Squier's own manuscripts maybe mentioned: 
those pertaining to the "Ancient monuments of the Missis- 
sippi valley," with the illustrations drawn by the author; 
the manuscripts relating to Aubin's " Mexican picture writ- 
ings;" papers on Indian tribes and vocabularies; documents 
and manuscripts on South American countries and Indians, 
and miscellaneous manuscripts on archaeological subjects. 
With these are ten volumes containing 2,200 letters from 
his correspondents, neatly mounted and bound. It would 
be difficult to describe the contents without becoming too 
particular, and some selected names must suffice to indicate 
the character of this collection: Louis Agassiz, 8; Aubin, 
12; Prisse d'Avennes, 19; Spencer F. Baird, 16; Joseph 
Henry, 46; G. Barrios, 9; Brasseur de Bourbourg, 8; Pas- 
cual de Gayangos, 8; J. de Marcoleta, 42; S. Birch (of the 
British Museum), 32; Thomas Wright, 25; William Black- 
more, 10; George R. Glidden, 59; Henry B. Anthony, 30; 
Brantz Mayer, 22; JosiahC. Nott, 34; Charles Eliot Norton, 
36; Buckingham Smith, 29, and George Gibbs, 13. 

Mrs. James T. Fields, of Boston, Mass., has given to the Fields gift 
literary collections of the Library a number of interesting 
examples drawn from her rich stores. I regret to admit 
that in literarypieces the Library is not rich, and occasional 
letters of American and foreign authors found in the politi- 
cal collections do not serve to remedy this deficiency. The 
gift of Mrs. Fields was therefore all the more welcome as 
giving the foundation for such a class of manuscripts. 
Among the items given by Mrs. Fields were: James Russell 
Lowell, leaf from the "Biglow Papers;" Ralph Waldo Km- 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Watsons Co- 


erson, a letter and lines of manuscript; John G. Whittier, a 
poem (Andrew Rykm an 's prayer) and letter; Oliver Wendell 
Holmes, a letter and a page of "Elsie Vernier;" letters of 
Henry W. Longfellow, Francis Parkman, Edwin Booth, 
Henry Ward Beecher, W. D. Ho wells, and Nathaniel Haw- 
thorne; also manuscript poems by John Pierpont and Celia 
Thaxter, and an article in the writing of Harriet Martineau. 

From other sources like material has been received: 

At the suggestion of the late Mr. John Hay, the original 
manuscript of William Watson's poem on "Columbus" 
was given to the Library. The poem was written for the 
occasion of the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery 
of America, and was printed in the London Illustrated 
News. With this interesting and characteristic manuscript 
is a printed copy of the poem. The donor was Mr. John 

Mr. Wendell P. Garrison, of New York, has sent addi- 
tions to the collection already known under his name, and 
Mrs. Henry Carrington Bolton has given a manuscript 
poem, "Passaic," by Washington Irving. 

It is hardly necessary to say that the Library invites 
such material. It desires to possess examples of the writ- 
ings and manuscripts of the authors, artists, actors, and 
musicians of the United States. Political history is only 
one phase of national life, and all other phases of social 
activity and development should be as richly represented. 
The Squier and Schoolcraft, Fitch and Thornton papers 
offer much of value in science; but letters now in the 
Library of the better known authors are few in number 
and not important in contents. 

Johnson papers M r> Andrew J. Patterson, of Greeneville, Tenn., pre- 
sented to the Library fifteen letters of his grandfather, 
President Andrew Johnson, addressed to B. McDannel, of 
Tennessee. These letters are interesting in themselves, 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 29 

and some of them are early examples of Johnson's letters 
earlier than any before possessed by the Library. Mr. 
Patterson has also very courteously deposited in the 
Library certain papers of Andrew Johnson and his son, 
Robert Johnson, which make the ''Johnson collection " 
more complete, and round out the record of the military 
service of the son. 

Mr. A. B. Eldredge, of Marquette, Mich., has .given a 
very important paper which supplements the Johnson 
material. It is the original protest of the minority of the 
House of Representatives against the impeachment of 
President Johnson. This paper is in the writing of Hon. 
Charles A. Eldredge, then a member of the House, but it 
was not received by the House or permitted to be spread 
upon the Journals. This document has the signatures of 
47 of the protesting members. 

Here, too, should be mentioned a frame of relics of the Relics f the 

Alabama and the 

Confederate cruiser Alabama, presented by the Rev. Edward 
William Odborne, of Springfield, 111. They consist of a 
discharge of a seaman of the vessel, signed by Raphael 
Semmes and Francis L. Gait; a clipping from the Christian 
World (London) giving an account of the encounter with 
the Kearsarge, and a cap band, stamped Alabama, This 
frame has naturally attracted much attention from visitors. 

The Library possessed very few examples of the various confederate 
issues of paper currency made by the South during the c * 
civil war. An effort was made to increase the collection. 
It will be seen that gifts were received from the First 
National bank of Richmond, Va. (34 pieces), and from the 
First National bank of Harrisonburg, Va. (2 pieces). Mr. 
Dunbar Rowland, of Mississippi, presented 18 pieces of the 
cotton and railway notes of that State, as well as the usual 
State issues. 

30 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Dickins papers ^rs. Harriott (Dickins) Wight, of Washington, D. C., 
has presented to the Library of Congress certain papers 
which belonged to Asbury Dickins and to her father, 
Hrancis A. Dickins. Asbury Dickins was in the service 
of the Government for forty-five years, having appoint- 
ments in the Treasury and State departments, and from 
1836 to 1 86 1 he held the office of Secretary of the Senate. 
He was thus in touch with the public men of the time, 
and, as secretary of the Columbian Institute, he held a 
position favorable to observation of the growing scientific 
work of the Government. Unfortunately, the papers now 
given are only a fragmentary part of his collection, and his 
son, Francis A. Dickins, appears to have retained them 
as autographs rather than as historical letters. As auto- 
graphs, they add to what was already in the Library, 
for many names of prominence are included, and the 
examples are of a very good quality. The collection 
includes some 200 letters, beside signatures, paper money 
of the Revolution, copies of Virginia muster rolls (Revo- 
lution), statistical statements, and printed documents. 
Under the conditions attached to the gift they will be 
known as the ' ' Dickins ' ' papers. 

Chase papers In the Chase papers were found a series of letters from 
George Stanton Denison to the Secretary of the Treasury, 
written from New Orleans during the Civil War. The 
interest and quality of the letters led to an inquiry if 
further writings of his could be found. His brother, 
Mr. James Denison, of Kendall Green, Washington, D. C., 
has presented to the Library 150 family letters written 
by George Denison during his life in Texas and Louisi- 
ana before and during the war. While writing little 
upon politics and public men, these letters present the 
views of a northern man on the social condition of the 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 31 

South just before the war, and supplement in many par- 
ticulars the letters in the Chase collection. Another 
brother, Mr. Franklin Denison, of Chicago, 111., has 
added copies of three letters written by George Denison 
in 1862 which were published in the Burlington (Vt.) 
Daily Free Press. With these letters is a scrapbook con- 
taining clippings from New Orleans newspapers on cus- 
toms regulations and financial institutions while Denison 
was in charge of the Custom House. 

The Library has received some good material on the Washington 

Library Coni- 

history of the District and its institutions. Mr. JohnA*^ journals 
Meigs presented three volumes of the records of the 
Washington Library Company, accompanied by the fol- 
lowing interesting letter: 

"WASHINGTON, D. C., Oct. 17, 1904. 
"DEAR SIR: I was for some years, 1871-1877, Sec- 
retary of the Washington Library co., and had charge 
of the Journals of the Directors of the Association. 
Upon the discontinuance of the meetings and of 
any active interest in the Library affairs the books 
were transferred to the Young Men's Christian Asso- 
ciation by a formal agreement, and by them to the 
Central High School Library. The great number of 
the Directors of the Washington Library Association 
are dead and the Association for years gone into a state 
of desuetude. Desiring to preserve the Journals in a 
safe place I wish to deposit them in the Library of 
Congress for preservation and safe keeping. The pro- 
ceedings are from. April 2, 1811, to May 5, 1877, in 
3 vols., folio, and are of some interest, as showing 
that some effort was made in Washington to work up 
a literary spirit by leading citizens, but it was found 
impossible, after 50 years of effort, to arouse any 
adequate cash interest in the project by citizens, and 
if Mr. Carnegie had not come to the rescue probably 
50 years more would have elapsed before anything 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

had been done. The collection at one time numbered 
something like 15,000 volumes and contained many 
good books for that period, but would not now be con- 
sidered of much value. 

"Very respectfully 

' ' Late Secretary of Washington Library Association ' ' 

MANUSCRIPTS: Mr. Osmun I^atrobe. of New York, gave a letter from 


gifts Benjamin H. Latrobe to Charles Willson Peale, on the 

design of an eagle for the Hall of Representatives, Capi- 
tol, and asking for drawings of the bald eagle. 

Mr. William J. Rhees gave a quantity of material bear- 
ing upon the history of the Young Men's Christian As- 
sociation in the District of Columbia. This material is 
largely in the form of clippings from newspapers. 

Mr. J. Henley Smith, of Washington, had added to the 
Thornton papers (described in my report for 1904, p. 46), 
as well as presented papers of another character. Among 
them may be mentioned the commissions issued to Jona- 
than Bayard Smith, of Philadelphia, and the journals or 
daily records of Mrs. William Thornton, who resided in 
Washington for more than sixty years. The journals 
cover this period and constitute an invaluable storehouse 
of social life of the city. 

From Mr. S. D. Hannah, of Boston, were received two 
letters of Gen. U. S. Grant; and a form of apprenticeship, 


Mr. Charles P. Greenough, of Boston, presented to the 

Library some interesting documents. The original of a 
letter, dated March 18, 1766, is signed by 55 of the London 
merchants engaged in trade with the American colonies. 
The original account of John Hancock against the United 
States, October 25, 1777, is interesting for the items and the 
general form of the paper. It is accompanied by a letter 

Gift from C. P. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 33 

from the Auditor of the Treasury, Joseph Nourse, relating 
to it. 

An attempt was made in the past year to obtain from the state and Ter- 

*- . . ... ritorial procla- 

executives of the various States and Territories copies ot ma twns 
such proclamations as were issued by them. The attempt 
has met with a partial success, as will be seen from an 
examination of the list of accessions (Appendix VII). The 
regular and formal proclamations constitute the most nu- 
merous class, such as Fast day (in New England), Thanks- 
giving, and, more recently, Arbor, Labor, and Bird day. 
They mark the observance of these days of recreation and 
the measure of stress or neglect given to them. Occasional 
proclamations issued on special emergencies are more im- 
portant, and the form in which they are issued is often 
unusual and striking. It will be seen by the list that 
additions have been made to the collection of broadsides in 
the Library. The largest gift was received from Mr. Max 
Lansburgh, consisting of 50 playbills of Washington thea- 
ters, 1874-1876. 

Some natural reluctance to part with family papers use of family 
has been shown by the possessors of such, in the belief *' 
that when deposited in the Library they must become 
accessible to every inquirer. Such a freedom of access 
would be out of the question, and it is only right that 
some judgment should be exercised in permitting en- 
trance to collections. This judgment rests upon two 
factors: one, on the nature or quality of the papers 
themselves; and .secondly, on the object of the investi- 
gator. A collection, on receipt, is examined, and what- 
ever possesses a purely personal quality, not affected with 
a public interest, is set aside to be retained by the 
Library, to be returned to the original possessor of the 
papers, or to be destroyed, as he may elect. Private let- 
ters may be of high historical value, because they describe 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

DIVISION OF soc i a i events and persons in a manner more free than 


use of family could be f ound in other forms of written or printed mate- 


rial. Family correspondence throws more light upon the 
daily life, the relations, and the movements of the writer 
or of his correspondents than could any public or less 
familiar intercourse. The final disposition of such papers 
rests with the donor. The Library lays aside for his 
examination all that may not strictly be suitable to a 
public institution, and the decision is then made what 
shall be done with these manuscripts. In practice it has 
been found that the Library has erred in a too strict 
interpretation of the word "private," and the persons 
from whom the papers were obtained have made no 
objection to the retention of the selected letters and their 
embodiment in the main collection. In the last year only 
one paper was lost to the Library under this system of 

A second safeguard lies in the character of the inquiry, 
in the object of the investigator who would consult these 
collections. A mere list of the students who have made 
use of the papers in the last year, or a list of the volumes 
in process the writers of which have sought and found 
material in the manuscripts in the Library would alone 
suffice to show the care taken to eliminate whatever 
savors of abuse or mere notoriety. It is not the inten- 
tion of the Library to permit its collections to be thus 
exploited, and every precaution is taken to guard against 
it, while leaving access so free as not to prevent the 
satisfaction of every honest and reasonable purpose. It 
is possible, even, that diplomatic records have been ob- 
tained which the public interest demands should remain 
unpublished. The Department of State passes upon such 
a question. The form of a question and the general 
standing of the investigator - are leading factors in deter- 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 35 

mining how far the free use of the manuscripts can be 
extended. It is a pleasure to be able to record that no 
instance of abuse of this confidence has arisen, and no 
complaint has been made against the restrictions imposed. 

When a collection may be deposited in the Library is not 
a question of either time or place. The most recent papers 
are naturally kept from general inspection more rigidly 
than are the collections of manuscripts of the eighteenth 
century. After a century personalities have lost their sting; 
contests, political or personal, have been decided, and the 
sense of injury has become deadened. The questions are 
now historical questions, and the personal character is of 
minor importance. With letters of or concerning men still 
living and still active in public life the precautions just 
described are applied most carefully, and they are as safe 
from misuse and far safer from loss than if they were 
retained in private hands and stored in private houses. 
The Library offers the labor and expense of making the 
examination and selection of papers, arranging and calen- 
daring them, of binding and storing them. From masses 
of unarranged and indigested papers they become by this 
process orderly volumes, and in this state they are placed 
beyond any fear of destruction that inevitably surrounds 
family papers stored in private houses. Furthermore, from 
unusable and inaccessible records they become available for 
history, and thus serve to perpetuate the memory of public 
service and sacrifices to the public good. It is difficult to 
see ho\v greater inducements could be offered to those who, 
possessing family and historical papers, would desire to see 
them where they will be entirely safe and their historical 
value appreciated. 

I now pass to a brief summary of the more important 
manuscripts purchased during the last year. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

C r it tenden 

The papers of John J. Crittenden, of Kentucky, contain 
about 2,500 pieces, and were obtained from Mrs. Robert 
H. Crittenden, of Frankfort. The long and distinguished 
career of Crittenden in the public service and his intimacies 
with the men more prominently connected with opposition 
to the Democratic party as represented by Jackson and his 
immediate successors give a peculiar value to these papers, 
for they picture the side of national politics to which the 
large collections of Jackson, Van Buren, and Polk papers 
so fully represent the opposition. The letters from Zachary 
Taylor, Henry Clay, John M. Clayton, and Robert C. 
Winthrop would alone indicate its distinguishing features; 
while the single incident of the compromise measure brought 
forward by Crittenden in 1861, and the correspondence it 
called forth, constitute a chapter of history that describes 
the standing and character of the man, and the true nature 
of the task which he honestly and soberly endeavored to 
perform with inadequate instruments. Much of this cor- 
respondence was used in Mrs. Chapman's " Life of John J. 
Crittenden," but less than one half of the collection 
appeared in the volume. There are many letters, speeches, 
and state papers by Crittenden; and the following list of 
his correspondents, representing series of letters and not 
mere individual specimens, will point out his connections: 

W. S. Archer, Robert J. Breckinridge, George M. Bibb, 
A. T. Burnley, Orlando Brown, George K. Badger, Leslie 
Coombs, Thomas Corwin, Charles Augustus Davis, Thomas 
Kwing, Felix Grundy, Thomas H. Hick, James Harlan, 
Christopher Hughes, Richard M. Johnson, Reverdy John- 
son, J. P. Kennedy, George Lunt, Abbott Lawrence, Amos 
A. Lawrence, T. Metcalfe, Willie P. Mangum, Humphrey 
Marshall, Hugh Mercer, C. S. Morehead, S. S. Nicholas, 
John Pendleton, A. Porter, William C. Preston, W. C. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 37 

Rives, William Schley, Alexander H. Stephens, Winfield 
Scott, C. S. Todd, and Robert Toombs. In addition to 
this correspondence there are some legal opinions by Crit- 
tenden, many of his own letters, land warrants signed by 
Patrick Henry and Beverley Randolph, and some papers 
relating to the boundary line between Kentucky and Ten- 
nessee, Crittenden having been one of the commissioners. 

An important acquisition by purchase was the papers McArthura*d 
of Duncan Me Arthur and William Allen, of Ohio, obtained 
from Mrs. Erne Allen Scott, of Chillicothe, Ohio. McArthur 
was for many years a surveyor in the new territory, an 
eager land purchaser, a member of the State legislature, a 
brigadier-general in the war of 1812, succeeding William 
Henry Harrison to the chief command of the western army, 
a member of Congress, and governor of the State. The 
historical value of the collection is thus threefold: 

(i) As a picture of a new territory rapidly being par- 
celed out to settlers and gradually taking definite geo- 
graphical shape. The hundreds of notes of surveys, plats 
of lands and of districts, land documents, tax sales and 
returns, and other land papers give a full picture of a 
community where land represented the most general 
"commodity," where acres represented almost the only 
form of wealth and the medium of exchange. Claims 
and warrants passed from hand to hand, and the larger 
forms of indebtedness were settled in land. No other 
State than Ohio could afford so early, few could give so 
full a record of such a community. The autographic 
value is slight, but the social value is large, and gives 
to the Library material which covers an unusual subject 
in a thorough manner. It is very probable that as time 
passes this part of the collection will be consulted for 
family and genealogical history, as it is rich in local 
names and descriptions. For legal form and procedure 

38 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

on land questions involving the use or ownership of land, 
the papers will be of service. 

(2) The military papers. Duncan McArthur was active 
as colonel and brigadier- general, and retained his interest 
in military matters for some years after the peace. There 
are a large number of Army returns, reports of officers 
at various posts of the Northwest, and general corre- 
spondence with his superiors at Washington and the sub- 
ordinate officers under his immediate control. General 
orders from the War Department, his own orders, and 
those issued at the different commands are full; and the 
series of letters from Croghan, Cass, Butler, Harrison, 
and many others not only relate events of the campaign, 
but express the hopes and fears of the writers, and give 
the accounts of daily camp routine and personal matters 
that make good historical material. 

(3) The political papers. As a member of Congress, 
McArthur was in close touch with the political leaders 
of Ohio, and after his return to his State he conducted a 
wide correspondence with the public men at Washington 
on national politics and public measures. Many of his 
own letters are included, picturing the social and political 
life in Washington, and written to his wife, express his 
opinions of men and his views on current topics with a 
freedom that add much to the value of the records. A 
Federalist, he favored internal improvements, and the 
State he represented was keenly alive to the importance, 
if not to the necessity, of such improvements upon a large 
scale. Again, the collections (of the strict construction- 
ists) already in the lyibrary, who opposed the idea that 
the Federal Government had the power to undertake 
this policy, are supplemented and explained by the McAr- 
thur papers. It is estimated that there are about 10,000 
papers in this collection. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 39 

With the Me Arthur papers were obtained the papers of 
William Allen, of Ohio, at one time prominent in the poli- 
tics of that State, and a character of national importance. 
He was a Representative in Congress in 1833 and Senator 
for two terms, 1837-1848. Retiring from public life he did 
not again hold office until elected governor of the State in 
1873. He was one of the leaders in the money discussion 
of the day, and represented the "Ohio idea" of a govern- 
ment unredeemable paper currency. His papers are almost 
entirely confined to the periods of his service as Senator and 
Governor, and number about 1,600 pieces. Some MS. 
speeches and drafts of letters point out his own work, but 
the more important portion of the collection consists of let- 
ters from his correspondents on political matters in Ohio. 
Of local interest are the minutes of meetings and muster 
rolls of the Chillicothe Light Infantry Blues, 1821-1834, f 
which Allen was a member. A number of papers bearing 
upon land surveys and settlement supplement those in the 
Me Arthur collection. 

From Miss Mary W. Taylor, of Washington, was pur- Virginian MSS. 
chased a collection of about i , 200 manuscripts and broad- 
sides of Virginian origin. The manuscripts were largely 
the correspondence of Garrett Minor, of Louisa county, 
who served in the militia in the war of 1812, and David 
Watson who was for some years a member of the Virginia 
assembly. They extend from 1768 to 1821 and include the 
military returns and orders of the war period, personal let- 
ters and papers relating to local legislation. A diary for 
1813, while the writer was in service, and two roster books 
with general orders of David Watson's troop of cavalry for 
the same year are notable pieces, as are the notes of Bishop 
Madison's lectures on natural philosophy at William and 
Mary college (1796), and a ledger of accounts, 1765-1792. 
Of greater value are the 350 Virginia broadsides, compris- 
UB 1905 4 

40 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

ing war, political, legislative, and executive issues, which 
have become very difficult to obtain, and many of which 
are, in all probability, unique. The original forms of bills 
introduced into the Assembly,, and the printed papers relat- 
ing to the adoption of the Federal Constitution in Virginia 
are particularly serviceable. \ 

Barbados rec- A unique set of books was obtained by the purchase of 


eleven volumes which had belonged to Charles Pinfold, 
Governor of Barbados, 1756-1766. They consist of origi- 
nal papers, transcripts of legislative journals, and printed 
laws prepared for the use of the Governor, and contain 
broadsides and manuscript notes. The period covers 

that of the war with France, and thus has an intimate 

relation with the course of political events in the West 

Indies and on the continent of North America. 
The manuscript volumes are: 

I. Minutes of the President and Council, October 28, 
1735-July 15, 1736; with a list of fees collected in the 
courts and executive offices of the island. 

II. A transcript of the journal of the proceedings of 
the General Assembly of Barbados, August 31, 1756- 
MarchiS, 1765; and of the Committee of public accounts, 
May 17, 1757-December 8, 1763. 

III. Minutes of the Council from August 10, 1756- 
May 27, 1766. 2 volumes. 

IV. Royal orders and instructions, signed by the 
King, issued to Governor Pinfold, March 16, 1756; 
minutes of the meetings of the President and commander 
in chief in council, July 15, i766-May 27, 1767; and 
extracts from the Council books in Barbados, October 
13, 1 64 1 -November 27, 1739. 

V. Letter books of Governor Pinfold, August 14, 
1756-May 25, 1766. 3 volumes. 

VI. Transcript of laws 1761-1766. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 41 

The printed books are: 

I. Acts | of | Assembly, | Passed in the | Island of 
Barbadoes, [ From 1648, to 1718. | [Royal Arms.] 
London, | Printed by Order of the Lords Commissioners 
of Trade and | Plantations by John Baskett, Printer to 
the King's most | Excellent Majesty. | 1732. 

F. pp. 318. 

Acts | of | Assembly, | Passed in the | Island of Bar- 
badoes; From 1717-18 to 1738, inclusive. | - - | Part 
II. | [Royal Arms.] - London: Printed by John 
Baskett, Printer to the King's Most Excellent | 
Majesty. MDCCXXXIX. 

F pp. x, 315-484- 

Pp. 431-484 are "General Heads Under which the fol- 
lowing Abridgment is divided." 

There follow in manuscript the laws passed from 1739- 

II. Acts, Passed in the Island of | Barbados. | 
From 1643 to 1762, inclusive; | carefully revised, innu- 
merable Errors corrected; and the Whole | compared 
and examined, with the original Acts, | in the Secre- 
tary's Office. | - - | By the late | Richard Hall, Es- 

_ quire: .... continued by his Son, | Richard 
Hall. | - - | To which is added | an Index; and Abridg- 
ment: | .... [Royal Arms.] London: Printed 
for Richard Hall. | - - | MDCCXXIV. 

F. pp. [2], xi, [i], iv, 526, [2], 84. 

The Abridgment has a separate title-page. The volume 
is signed by the editor "to authenticate this Impression; 
and to prevent spurious Editions." 

What remain of the Papers of Franklin Pierce were Pierce, papers 
obtained from Mr. Kirk D. Pierce, of Hillsboro Bridge, 
N. H., a relative of the President. These papers are 
but a small portion of the original mass, the greater part 
of which was destroyed by fire; but they contain matter 
of interest and not a few letters of value. Of Pierce's 
own writings there are many political letters, some mili- 
tary letters written from Mexico, and some drafts of 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


state papers. Among his correspondents may be named 
Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edmund Burke, Jefferson Davis, 
Charles O' Conor, Caleb Cushing, and C. G. Atherton. 

In 1901 the Library possessed the papers of no Presi- 
dent of the United States. It now holds the papers of 
Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Van 
Buren, Polk, Pierce, and Johnson. 

^ he correspondence of Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, 
in 12 volumes, is that of an early collector of Ameri- 
cana, and a writer well known for his bibliographical 
knowledge. The correspondence deals with the rarities 
. in early American books, with the historical material on 
America in European archives, with editions of the 
Bible, and with many matters connected with book gather- 
ing. Among the names to be found in the 2,000 letters 
are: James Lenox, John Carter Brown, George Bancroft, 
John Gilmary Shea, J. Carson Brevoort, George Liver- 
more, William Gowans, Henry C. Murphy, and S. F. 
Haven. There are many letters from William L. Mc- 
Kenzie, the Canadian, whose stormy political career is one 
of the picturesque incidents in the history of the Province. 
Burmese sacred An opportunity was presented to obtain some manu- 


scripts of the sacred writings of Burma. No set of these 
writings was to be found in the United States, and the 
only collection of size was at Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I. The opportunity thus offered was taken, 
and through the efforts of the Rev. W. H. S. Hascall, 
of the missionary service in Lower Burma, a very good 
set of the more important of these writings was secured. 
They are ola manuscripts (on palm leaves), and the fol- 
lowing list and explanation, prepared by Mr. Hascall, 
will indicate the nature of these books, their number and 
relations to the general religious literature of British 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 43 

Burma. It has been asserted that the writings of Buddha 
have undergone less change and deterioration in the Bur- 
mese texts than in those of Western India, and are there- 
fore more valuable for the purposes of study. It is a 
matter for congratulation that these examples have been 
obtained, as their value is rapidly increasing in the Hast, 
and good specimens are becoming rarer each year. In 
nearly every instance the cloth wrapper and embroidered 
band accompanied the writing. 

Of the Bidegat (Pitakat) or sacred scriptures of the 
Buddhists there are three series of writings on the say- 
ings of Buddha: Thote (3 volumes), We-nee (5 volumes), 
and Ah-be-dah-ma (7 volumes). In each series are 
to be found: A. The Pali text of the Sayings of Gau- 
tama Buddha; B. The nait-the-ya, or translation of these 
sayings into Burmese; and C. The ah-ta-ga-ta's, or in- 
spired commentaries on the original Pali text, composed 
by Rahandas, or beings about to attain Neikban or Nir- 
vana. In the Thote series there is a fourth division, D, 
of Te-kas, commentaries supplementary to those of the 
Rahandas, and composed by less exalted beings. The 

Library possesses the following: 


I. A. Thote the let kon. 

B. Thote the let kon nait the ya. 

C. Thote the let kon Ah ta ga ta. 

D. Thote the let kon te ka. 
II. A. Thote ma ha wa. 

B. Thote ma ha wa nait the ya. 

C. Thote ma ha wa Ah ta ga ta. 

D. Thote ma ha wa te ka. 
III. A. Thote pa day ya. 

B. Thote pa day ya nait the ya. 

C. Thote pa day ya ah te ga ta. 

D. Thote pa day ya te kali. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Burmese sacred 

We-nee : 

I. A. Pa ra ze ka. 

B. Pa ra ze ka nait the ya. 

C. Pa ra ze ka ta ga ta 
II. A. Pa salt. 

B. Pa salt nait the ya. 

C. Pa salt ta ga ta. 

III. A. Ma ha wa. 

B. Ma ha wa nait the ya. 

C. Ma ha wa ta ga ta. 

IV. A. Soo la wa. 

B. Soo la wa nait the ya. 

C. Soo la wa ta ga ta. 
V. A. Pa re wa. 

B. Pa re wa nait the ya. 

C. Pa re wa ta ga ta. 

I. A. Dhamma thin ga ne. 

B. Dhamma thin ga ne nait the ya. 
II. A. We bin. 

B. We bin nait the ya. 

III. A. Dah tu ga ta. 

B. Dah tu ga ta nait the ya. 

C. Tha ra ta de pa ne te ka. 

IV. A. Bo go la pe nyat. 

B. Bo go la nait the ya. 

C. Tay ra tha kan te ka. 
V. A. Ka ta wu tu. 

B. Ka ta nait the ya. 

C. Ah ta tha te ne ah ta ga ta. 
VI. A. Ya miki. 

B. Ya miki nait the ya. 

C. Tha maw ha we naw de ah ta ga ta. 
VII. A. Padahn. 

B. Pa dahn nait the ya. 

C. Py ni sa ma gyo ah ta ga ta. 

In addition to this series are the following: 
The great Zats, telling of the previous existences of 
Gautama Buddha. There are in all some 550 of these 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 45 

Zats, from which a selection has been made of the more 
important records, viz: 

Tay mi. San da kom ma. 

Zaneka. Nah ra da. 

Thu wanna shan. We du ra. 

Nay mi. Way than da ya. 

Ma hati. We tha ni bat. 

Thu ri dat. Boo re dat. 

And certain examples of other books of doctrine or of 
ritual : 

1. Ad me maw da na. Probably a dedication 


2. Day tha na. A book of doctrine. 

3. We ni ya thin gyo. An abridgment of the 


4. In go ni ti ku. A Pali text. 

5. Bo de daw the ka. On divine duties. 

6. Pay ta wu tu. A narrative from the Buddhist 


7. Non te ka. Concerning spirit (?). 

8. Ah ga ti di po ni. Discourse on infidelity (?). 

9. The re ma ha mai ya. History of the mother of 


10. Da ma pa da. Discourse on the Law. 

11. Khyan u gata. Poetry. 

12. Ma hoo la Day tha na. Discourse. 

13. Thu net. Proverbs. 

14. Tha maw ha we naw ti ni. Te ka. An unin- 

spired commentary on one of the sacred books. 

15. Ma naw ta tha. Part I. A treatise on the 

mind (?). 

1 6. Bo de da win. A history of the Buddha. 

17. A. Kin sa. 1 A book of instructions 
B. Kin sa Nait tha ya. j for monks. 

18. A. Thad da. 

B. Thad da Nait tha ya. 

C. Thad da pote sit nya wa. 

Books of Pali 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

19. A. Thin gyo. 

B, Thin gyo Nait tha ya. 

C. Thin gyo Let yo a kouk nya wa. 

A system of 
ics (?). 

Ph Hipp ine 

As part of the same collection were obtained three ex- 
amples of the Kamawa, or ordination service of the priests, 
one on wood and one on a composition metal which con- 
tains silver. The third is a very beautiful and old speci- 
men of the service on strips of ivory with the ancient 
round Pali text in heavy lacquer. 

It will probably be long before a large and important col- 
lection of Orientalia can be obtained, but the foundations 
are being laid, and the Rockhill gifts with these Burmese 
manuscripts are notable beginnings. 

A number of broadsides have been obtained and a large 
quantity have been transferred to the Division from the 
general collections. A list of the more important acquisi- 
tions is to be found in Appendix VII. The most valuable 
belong to the colonial and revolutionary periods. The 
most curious were found in a file of Philippine newspapers, 
purchased in New York, and comprised thirty- two of the 
orders, decrees, and proclamations issued b}^ Aguinaldo and 
his opponents. This fortunate find deserves to be listed: 

1898. June i. Order of Aguinaldo for punishment of trea- 
son and spies. In Spanish and Tagalog. 

June 23. Order of Aguinaldo. In Tagalog. 

June 30. Address to Spaniards on the Philippine rev- 
olution. In Spanish. 

June 30. Address (unsigned). In Tagalog. 

July 15. Order of Aguinaldo on administrative func- 
tions. In Spanish and Tagalog. 

Sept. 23. Notice by Aguinaldo of the Journal ''El 
Heraldo de la Re vol ucion . ' ' In Spanish . 

Oct. 22. Address of Aglipay to the Philippine clergy. 
In Spanish. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 47 

1899. Jan. 5. Address of Aguinaldo to the civilized pow- 

ers explaining the rupture with the 
United States. In Spanish. 

Jan. 9. Official communication of the creation of a 
council to the Governor. Signed by 
Mabini. In Spanish. 

Feb. 1 6. Decree of Aguinaldo on treasonable acts. 
In Spanish. A translation into Taga- 
log, and issued at Nueva Caceres, March 
17, 1899, by Estanislao L,egaspi. 

Mar. 11-23. Six general orders of General Flores. 
In Spanish. 

Mar. 19. General order by Aguinaldo. In Spanish. 

May 20-24. Two decrees of Baldomero Aguinaldo. 
In Spanish. 

June 2. Address to the Philippine people by the 
Governor's council. In Spanish. 

Aug. 17. Decree of Aguinaldo on the outrages com- 
mitted on the people by the flying columns 
of troops. In Spanish. 

1900. Jan. i. Political address of Marcial Calleja. In 


June 21. Proclamation of General McArthur on 
amnesty. In Tagalog. 

The following are without date: 

Address of Vincente L,ukban y Rilles. In Spanish. 

Address of Aguinaldo. In Tagalog. 

Constitution of the "Comite Politico Filipino." 

Address of Estanislao Legaspi y Rivera to the inhab- 
itants of the Kamarines. In Spanish. 

Address of Ambrosio Flores to the Philippine army. 
In Spanish and Tagalog. 

Programmes of fetes at Nueva Caceres, 1895-1897 


And six issues of "El Busilis de Albay," a manu- 
script newspaper, in Spanish, issued by the Revo- 
lutionary party. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

MSS. trans- Under the Executive order of March 9, 1901 (see Report, 

ferred from the 

Department 0/1903, p. 24), the papers of Thomas Jefferson and of James 
Madison have been transferred from the Department of 
State to the Library of Congress. The Jefferson collection 
was transferred as a whole; some records of the Constitu- 
tional Convention of 1787 were retained from the Madison 
collection. The Executive order has thus been complied 
with, and as a matter of record a list is given of the collec- 
tions transferred under its operation: 

1. Papers of the Continental Congress (except the 

diplomatic or foreign correspondence), 385 

2. Papers of George Washington, 330 volumes, and 

many loose papers. 

3. Papers of Thomas Jefferson, 172 volumes. 

4. Papers of James Madison, 84 volumes. 

5. Papers of James Monroe, 22 volumes. 

6. The Stevens collection of Benjamin Franklin 

papers, 14 volumes. 

7. Papers of Alexander Hamilton, 65 volumes. 

The transfer has been of advantage, as three of the 
collections have gained largely by additions. The Library 
already possessed a good number of Washington papers, 
some 2,000 Jefferson papers, and much obtained from 
the papers of Mrs. Madison. All of these collections, 
the importance of which can hardly be overestimated 
from the standpoint of history, are now in a most favor- 
able situation in that they can grow by additions as 
opportunity offers. The Library is not in a position to 
compete in the open market for manuscripts, nor will its 
funds permit large expenditures in that line of purchases. 
For these reasons it has lost many opportunities in the 
past to obtain good material, and will undoubtedly be at 
some disadvantage in the future. As yet it can not buy, 
as do the long established and richly stored libraries of 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 49 

Europe, such rarities as they need, and for which their 
funds permit large prices, because their accumulations 
leave these funds comparatively free. The demands upon 
the Library of Congress from many directions leave little 
or nothing for obtaining the really desirable and increas- 
ingly rare Americana, and the same limitations restrict 
the purchase of manuscripts. Every fair offer is consid- 
ered, but it is a matter of regret that every offer does not 
come within the competence of the Library. 

Nine volumes of early records of the Post Office in the 
United States were deposited in the Library by the Auditor 
of the Post Office department. They show the simple 
beginnings of a great governmental activity. 

In my report for 1904 I described the status of the Span- Spanish 

ish papers sent to the Library from New Mexico. Learn- n 
ing of a quantity of similar records in the office of the 
United States surveyor general in Tallahassee, Fla., the 
Department of the Interior was asked if there were any 
obstacles to depositing them in the Library for arrangement 

and safe keeping. The Department not only accepted the 

suggestion, but further stated that it would be of public 
advantage if the deposit were made a permanent one, pro- 
viding always that no papers relating to land titles should 
be so retained. Under this condition the papers were sent 
to the Library, and the permanent deposit will permit the 
institution to treat it in the same manner as its other collec- 
tions are treated before they are made available for historical 
ends. The task of arranging, repairing, mounting, index- 
ing, and binding will be undertaken in due season. The 
papers number 62,224 pieces, with some volumes bound 
under the Spanish rule. The number of papers in the vol- 
umes can hardly be determined as they now are, as the 
polilla busily bored through and through an entire volume, 
and even the parchment covers, until a sheet looks like a 

50 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

bit of lace work. The damage thus done is in some cases 
irreparable, and forcibly illustrates the risks and dangers 
attending the care and preservation of manuscripts in semi- 
tropical or tropical climates where a rainy season and heat 
favor the development of these destructive pests. 

The nature of this collection of Spanish documents may 
be seen from the following selected list, taken from the 
labels of the bundles, of which there were 372 in all: 

1. Correspondence with British authorities. 

2. Councils of war, royal regulations and orders, etc. 

3. Documents of the delivery of East Florida to the 

United States. 

4. Embargo and revolution of 1795. 

5. Indian presents. 

6. Louisiana, Pensacola, Apalache, and Indians. 

7. Memorials and concessions. 

8. Negro titles, runaways, etc. 

9. Oaths of allegiance. 

10. Plans of fortifications and public buildings. 

11. Proclamations, edicts, etc. 

12. Secret correspondence of Captain- General, and a 

large quantity of the correspondence of the 
Captain General with the home government, the 
Viceroy of Mexico, and his subordinate officers. 

Mention should also be made of a copy of a ' ' Historia 
de las Islas Marianas desde llegada de los Espanoles hasta 
hoy, 15 Mayo, 1870," written by Filipa Maria de la Corte 
y Ruano Calderon. This was received from Commander 
George L,. Dyer, U. S. Navy, commander of Guam. 
work of the j n t] le j as t year the Division has repaired and mounted, 

Division of Man- 
uscripts preparatory for binding, 9,444 separate pieces, involving 

great care and minute attention to actual and possible 
injuries. The size, weight, and probable use of a docu- 
ment determine what repair or guards shall be given to 
it, quite as much as actual injuries through rust, damp, 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 51 

or past handling. The use of paper (much employed 
about 1830-1840), which in time becomes so brittle as 
to forbid so much as lifting a sheet, imposes upon the 
Library more time and expense than are demanded by 
the strong, handmade papers of the sixteenth and seven- 
teenth centuries. An entire volume of the early commer- 
cial correspondence of George Washington, containing 150 
large folio leaves, was found to be breaking, and each 
page was covered with crepeline to save it from further 
damage. In addition to the repairs of manuscripts there 
have been mounted for binding 1,627 songs, Northern 
and Confederate a collection of local and personal inter- 
est. Good progress has been made in mounting the Pa- 
pers of the Continental Congress, and an additional volume 
has been prepared from certain unarranged documents, 
being the oaths of allegiance taken by the civil officers 
of the Continental Congress an invaluable guide for judg- 
ing the handwriting of the papers emanating from that 
body. The credentials of the delegates to the Congress 
are also being mounted. The Belcher- Waldron letters 
(principally drafts) are ready for binding. In each case 
the task of the repairer was exacting, but the final form 
of the papers fully justifies the time and labor expended 
upon them. 

The publications of the Division in the past year were DIVISION OF 


confined to the issue of the Journals of the Continental Publications 
Congress for 1775, in two volumes, and two calendars. 
The auction price obtained for the former editions of the 
Journals (the originals, 1774-1789, bringing from $30 to 
$68, the Folwell edition, from $16 to $30, and the reprint 
from $8 to $14); the increasing rarity of sets (hardly a 
dozen sets being recorded in the sales of the last twenty 
years), and the notorious incompleteness and inaccuracy 
of these earlier editions, pointed to the necessity for a new, 

52 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

full, and collated text, based upon the original records. 
The matter was explained in my report for 1904 (p. 69), 
and the issue of three volumes has proved the opportunity 
for a public service. The size of the edition was limited 
to one that could be covered by the general allotment 
for printing for the Library, and the distribution made was 
intended to place the volumes where they would be most 
accessible for students and investigators. After sending 
a copy to each Senator and Representative and to each of 
the leading public and institutional libraries in the United 
States, and a lesser number abroad, a part of the edition 
was placed for sale with the Superintendent of Public 
Documents in order that he might supply those who could 
make use of the work and whose claims for a free copy 
could not be met by the Library. More than 150 sets 
have already been disposed of through that agency. 

Calendar of The Calendar of the Vernon- Wager papers, prepared by 

}'ernon -Wager 

papers Mr. John C. Fitzpatrick, was issued during the last year. 

This describes an important collection relating to British 
naval operations in the West Indies, and containing docu- 
ments and letters from 1654 to 1753, with some papers 
relating to the ^expulsion of the Acadians and to military 
matters in Canada and Virginia. Obtained by Peter Force 
from the library of George Chalmers, whose services in 
preserving historical material on colonial administration in 
America always call for praise, these papers are now for 
the first time made available for historical purposes. The 
volume contains facsimile reproductions of two letters of 
Admiral Charles Wager and Vice Admiral Edward Vernon, 
and of Wager's plan for an attack on Manila, 1739. 
Chronological There was also issued a Chronological List of the Papers 

papers ^ James Monroe, prepared by Mr. Wilmer Ross Leech. 

The larger part of these papers was transferred from the 
Department of State; but the list includes also such other 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Monroe manuscripts as are to be found in the various col- 
lections in the Library of Congress. It supplements the 
alphabetical calendar issued by the Department of State, by 
enabling the student to consult readily the documents cov- 
ering a certain year or a period of time. The journal kept 
by Monroe during the negotiations for the purchase of 
Louisiana in 1803 was reproduced in facsimile for this vol- 
ume as the document of highest interest at this particular 

The calendar of the Benjamin Franklin collection has Calendars in 


been completed and is now in the hands of the printer. 
The listing of the Andrew Jackson papers is progressing as 
rapidly as can be expected, but much remains to be done. 
Brief calendars have also been prepared of the Edward 
Preble, the John M. Clayton, and the Franklin Pierce col- 
lections. Some progress has been made toward such a cal- 
endar of the John Fitch, the Caleb B. Smith, and the naval 
papers (including two volumes of letters of John Paul 
Jones) in the Papers of the Continental Congress. A cal- 
endar is well in hand of the correspondence between Gen- 
eral Washington and the Continental Congress. This will 
cover one of the most interesting as well as valuable corre- 
spondences of the Revolution, including, as it does, many 
inclosures, letters, documents, petitions, and resolutions of 
the Congress. The number of main entries in this calendar 
made to June 30, 1905, is 3,200, which cover the letters 
from Washington and their inclosures, and part of the 
replies. The total number of entries required will be about 
5,000, and the work will probably be completed in the cur- 
rent year. 

As some change has been made in the extent or scope CALENDARS: 

Method ofcom- 

of the calendars prepared in this Division, the present pnation 
offers a fitting opportunity to explain the methods. The 
Division has issued two most elaborate calendars of mate- 

54 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

CALENDARS: Y [ a \ j n jj- s possession, that of the Washington papers, igoi, 

Method of com- 
pilation and that of John Paul Jones, 1903. The Jones calendar 

contained 883 entries and occupied the labor of an expert 
two full years to complete, allowance being made for 
interruptions. The Washington list demanded nearly the 
same amount of time and labor. The cost of calendaring 
was thus excessive, and if applied generally would fre- 
quently exceed the value of the collection treated. Nor 
has experience shown the advantage of such minute 
descriptions of documents, the entry in the calendar some- 
times containing more words than the document itself. 
The investigator can never be satisfied with any summary 
of contents, but must refer to the original letter, and 
nothing short of a full publication can meet his needs. 
In place of a full calendar a partial one is now made, in 
which only the leading names and subjects are noted. 
The names of the writer and of the person to whom writ- 
ten, the place and time of writing, and a brief reference 
to the matter or contents of the paper these entries are 
sufficient to serve as a general guide to the nature of the 
collection. The time saved is of importance, a few months 
sufficing for the preparation of such a partial calendar, 
and three or four collections can be made available within 
the same time as was required formerly by one collection. 
In the arrangement of collections the progress has been 
as follows: The Andrew Johnson, Salmon P. Chase, and 
Neil Jamieson collections have been arranged chronologic- 
ally, and, in proper manila jackets, are open to investiga- 
tors. The Crittenden and McArthur papers are ready for 
this arrangement, and the new Van Buren papers are almost 
ready for handling. As the letters are received, as a rule, 
folded or in the original coverings, they must be first opened 
and pressed before they can be arranged. The usual num- 
ber of inclosures, of undated letters and papers, of news- 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 55 

paper clippings and fragments, demand much time and entail 
much trouble and research. 

Announcement was made in my last report (p. 70) of an Records of the 

Virginia Com- 

important undertaking in the transcribing and editing for/aj> 
publication of the Records of the Virginia Company of 
London. Much labor has been expended upon it, and, as 
the transcription is ready for the press, an opportunity will, 
I hope, be found for printing during the current year this 
most important record of one of the earliest settlements of 
the English in America. The introduction and a very full 
bibliography have been prepared and are in type, and will 
prove of the highest utility in describing the important docu- 
ments of the Company's career, their various forms or ver- 
sions, their location in public and private collections, and 
their relations to the Company and the general history of 
the time. More than 800 separate titles are thus fully de- 
scribed, and they apply to the period 1600 to 1626, or only 
about a quarter of a century. The list must be regarded as 
one of the most detailed and extensive examples of bibliog- 
raphy ever undertaken in this country, and to the historian 
and collector (and libraries are now the great collectors) 
will prove an invaluable guide. 

The English archives proved unexpectedly rich in 
material throwing light upon the proceedings of the Com- 
pany and the relations of the shareholders or subscribers 
to the undertaking, and many new letters, documents,' 
accounts, and memoranda were discovered by Miss Susan 
M. Kingsbury, under whose editing the volumes will be 
printed. The courteous attention to her wishes in behalf 
of the Library shown by the authorities of the Public 
Record office, the British Museum, the Bodleian library, 
and Cambridge University library are gratefully acknowl- 
edged, and, by the free access to their rich stores of 
printed and manuscript material, the importance of the 
WB 1905 5 

56 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

publication was recognized and its greater completeness 
assured. By transcripts and by photographic reproduc- 
tion the Library of Congress has added to its collections 
what, was important for the particular purpose of the 
publication of these records, and it is thus very rich in 
what relates to the earliest years of Virginian history. 
To show that the printed material is not neglected I 
may note in passing the acquisition of the following very 
rare early tracts relating to Virginia: 

A Trve and sincere declaration of the purpose and 
ends of the plantation begun in Virginia. London, 

The New life of Virginea. London, 1612. 

His Maiesties Graciovs letter to the Earle of Sovth- 
Hampton, . . . commanding the present setting vp of 
silke works, and planting of vines in Virginia. London , 

Virgo Triumphans: or, Virginia richly and truly 
valued. London, 1650. 

Transcripts in this connection maybe mentioned another undertaking 

from European 

archives of the Library. On the early history of the United States, 

when they were colonial possessions of various European 
states, the records available in this country are few in num- 
ber, not, consecutive or complete in time, and so scattered 
as to make reference difficult and costly and an advanta- 
geous use in writing history almost impossible. The Library 
receives many demands for these early records from those 
interested, and it has been obliged to admit its inability to 
supply what was needed or even to indicate, save in very 
general terms, the probable location of the records which 
would give the required information. In European archives 
these records exist, and, so far as the proceedings of public 
bodies (council and legislature) are concerned, are quite 
complete. The correspondence of governors and the officers 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 57 

of the Crown, the records of courts and inquisitions, the 
returns of trade and revenue, and the descriptions of the 
colonies and their resources, which were made from time to 
time, supplement the legislative acts, and these may them- 
selves be explained and augmented by the great mass of 
miscellaneous papers which have, by one means or another, 
found a place in the public records. All of this material is 
the raw material of our colonial history. 

It is eminently desirable to have transcripts of the more 
important of these papers in some place of deposit in the 
United States. Each State might secure what is of value 
to its own history, but this would involve much duplication, 
a vastly greater expense, and in the end a marked absence 
of completeness, as well as a want of uniformity in methods 
of transcription and of publication. This manner of obtain- 
ing copies can be satisfactory neither on the score of accu- 
racy nor on that of expense. Many copyists and many 
copies of the same document offer every opportunity for 
error, and the mere task of selecting what should be copied 
demands a knowledge and judgment difficult to obtain when 
confined to the records of one State or Colony, but more 
easily and certainly exercised when permitted to labor for a 
general purpose and on the general mass of records. When 
obtained by the States, the various transcripts would be 
kept in many widely separated places, and would not be 
available for students. In meeting the problem of the 
extent to which the Library of Congress could undertake 
to make good the defects of the existing methods, I have 
sought the advice and cooperation of the Bureau of histor- 
ical research of the Carnegie Institution and of the council 
of the American Historical association. After careful con- 
sideration it was determined to make a beginning in the 
English archives, by obtaining transcripts from the British 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Transcripts Museum, and the Bodleian library, Oxford. 

from European 


on von Closen 

The docu- 

ments to be so copied were selected by Prof. Charles M. 
Andrews, of Bryn Mawr, who has for some years made a 
special study of American records in the British archives, 
and the actual work of transcription was given to Messrs. 
B. F. Stevens and Brown, who have long been engaged in 
such labors and to whose knowledge and courtes}^ many 
writers and students in the United States are under obli- 
gations. About five volumes of transcripts have been 
received, and the manner of performance has been entirely 
satisfactory. By continuing to obtain some volumes each 
year the Library will in a few years be in possession of 
transcripts of a large number of these valuable records and 
in a form which will be available to the investigator. The 
advantages attained are: the employment of skilled copyists 
who have long been engaged in this particular kind of 
work; supervision by a responsible firm, whose interest in 
the records has been of long standing; uniformity of 
methods of transcription; absence of duplication; and the 
concentration of all this material in one depository, where 
are also to be found the means of cataloguing and preserving 
it. The public utility of this work is beyond any question, 
and there remained to be determined only the details of an 
intelligent system of operation. In connection with this 
may be mentioned a list of transcripts from British records 
in American libraries now being prepared by the Bureau 
of historical research of the Carnegie Institution. This 
list will serve as a guide to this Library in directing the 
operations of its copyists. 

Through the efforts of Mr. Clarence Winthrop Bowen, 
the loan of a collection of records of Baron von Closen, 
aide de camp to Rochambeau during his campaign in 
America (1780-1781), was obtained to be shown at St. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 59 

Louis as part of the exhibit of the Library of Congress. 
Permission to transcribe the Journal of von Closen for the 
years 1780-1783, covering his stay in the United States 
and his visit to the West Indies, was courteously given 
by the present owner, Baron von Closen Gunderrode," of 
Castle Gern, near Engelfulden, Bavaria, and transcripts in 
two volumes were made. 

The manuscripts exhibited at St. Louis last year were exhibit of 


not sent to the Portland Exposition, but a new selection 
of documents was made, sufficient to give examples of 
the more notable collections and of the methods of repair- 
ing applied. The contents of the exhibition cases for 
manuscripts in the Library have been entirely changed 
since January to indicate the growing richness of the 
historical records in the collections. To each of the fol- 
lowing collections a large case has been devoted: Wash- 
ington, Jefferson, Continental Congress, Jackson, Van 
Buren. Polk, Johnson, Revolutionary broadsides, and papers 
relating to the framing and adoption of the Federal Con- 
stitution. Smaller cases are devoted to Franklin, John 
Fitch, Monroe, Orderly books of the Revolution, Lincoln, 
Chase, Pierce, the Adamses, John Paul Jones, Thornton, 
American authors (Field collection), and relics of the 
Southern Confederacy. This exhibition can not but exer- 
cise an educational influence and has attracted much atten- 
tion by the high quality of the material shown. It is 
gratifying to know that this material is but a selection, 
and but indifferently represents the far greater wealth of 
historical records in the Division of Manuscripts of the 

60 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

MAPS: Acces- The following tables A and B show respectively the num- 


berof accessions for the year ending June 30, 1905, and the 
total number of pieces in the Division of Maps: 

A Accessions July i, iqo^-June 30, 1905 


By copy- 

By pur- 

By gift 


Sheet maps 

i o 5 ;! 


3 666 

6 21"? 

Pocket maps 








Maps in manuscript 







2 o^ 



6 6is 

B Total number of pieces in Map Division, June jo, 1905 


June 30, 


sions, 1905 


Sheet maps 

72 1O1 

6 21 s ; 

78 si8 

Pocket maps 



7 CQ 


2 QQO 



Maps in manuscript 








, Total 

76 120 

6 615 

82 744 

A list of accessions forms Appendix VIII of this Report. 
Lord Howe's coi- An acquisition of extraordinary interest was a collection 

lection of maps 

of 72 maps, formed by Lord Howe, commander of the 
English fleet in America in 1776-1777, consisting of 
manuscript maps and tracings of various places on the 
American coast, the West Indies, and the Philippines. In 
the collection there are found several maps which were 
probably used by Lord Howe in his naval operations during 
the American Revolution. The maps having to do with 
the Revolution are seven in number, namely: 

A sketch of the navigation from Swan pt. to the 
river Elk at the head of Chesapeak bay. 1777. 
A draught of Delaware Bay. [1775?] 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 61 

Plan of part of the river Delaware from Chester to 
Philadelphia in which is mark'd the position of his 
majesty's ships on the i5th of November 1777. 

Soundings of the bar of Sandy Hook at low water. 

[A map of New Jersey extending from Sandy Hook 
to Little Egg harbour. 1770?] 

Part of Long Island and the coast eastward to the 
shoals of Nantucket. [1775?] 

Buzzards bay and shoals of Nantucket. [By Lieut. 
Knight. 1778.] 

The maps relating to the Philippines include two illus- 
trating the British capture of Manila, 1762. 

A detailed list and description of the collection is given 
in Appendix VIII of this report. 

Other acquisitions worthy of special note are Nichelson's 
Draught of the Great Bay of Manila, [1776?]; Longworth's 
Plan of the city of New York, 1804; two maps by Visscher, 
Verovering vande silver vloot inde bay Matanca, 1628, and 
[Matanzas bay] ; Paz, Atlas geografico e historico de la 
republica de Colombia, 1889; Ortelius, Theatre de 1'vnivers, 
1598; Wit, Atlas [1675?]; Sanson, Atlas nouveav, 2 vols., 
1692-96; a collection of Mexican admiralty charts, 1824; 
Ptolemy's Geographia, 1522, Tabulae geographicae, 1578. 

The Library has the following editions of Ptolemy: 1475, 
1480?, 1486, 1490, 1508, 1511, 1513, 1522, 1525, 1535, 1540, 
1541, 1542, 1545, 1547, 1552, 1561, 1562, 1574, 1578, 1584, 
J 596, 1597, 1598, 1599, 1605, 1617, 1619, 1620, 1695, 1730. 

The editions to be acquired are those of: 1478, 1462 
[1482?], 1482, 1507, 1514, 1520, 1564, 1608. 

There is a gradual decrease each year in the number of 
atlases purchased, as the Library collection is already so 
extensive that it is becoming the exception to find desired 
material in the ordinary sale catalogue. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

DIVISION OF The only publication issued from this Division during: 


Publication the year has been ' ' The Kohl collection (now in the 
Library of Congress) of maps relating to America. By 
Justin Winsor. A reprint of bibliographical contribution 
number 19 of the Library of Harvard University. With 
index." Since its transfer to the Library of Congress, 
this collection has been used so extensively by students 
that a reprint, with complete index, of Dr. Winsor 's 
description was deemed advisable for use in this connec- 
tion and as a reference work for historical purposes. 

A manuscript reference list has been made of all the 
ordnance survey sheets of Great Britain. 

Of publications in preparation the most important is the 
List of Atlases in the Library of Congress. For accuracy 
this list requires a care in examination of the material not 
reducible by reference to existing published sources of 
information. As a rule the date of publication is not 
given. Inserted maps, foreign to the publication, are con- 
tinually found, rendering copious descriptive notes very nec- 
essary. For example, several unique water color views of 
Porto Rico, made in 1824, were recently found in an old 
atlas of maps published by the Spanish Government. 
Descriptive notes are especially necessary in connection 
with American maps as, owing to continual vandalism, it 
will soon be almost impossible to find a perfect atlas 
in the market. Such detail is in the first instance expen- 
sive; but the pecuniary saving to the Library ultimately 
effected by it is shown daily. 

There is in preparation a list of manuscript maps relat- 
ing to America, having special reference to the early 
Indian wars and the War of the Revolution. A new edi- 
tion of the "List of Works Relating to Cartography," 
compiled by the Chief of the Division, and first issued 
in 1901, has been greatly advanced towards completion. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 



How acquired 



By copyright 

21 312 

22 671 

Bv gift . . 



By purchase 


i ^7"; 

By exchange 



By transfer 



By binding 


Total accessions 

22 O74. 

2/1 Q1A 

Total number of volumes and pieces in the Division, July i 

IQCU. . 

-\Sd 418 

IQOS. . 

/tOO 1^.2 

This does not include the accessions to class MT (musical 
instruction) numbering 1,447 volumes and pieces, of which 
348 were purchased. This section now contains a total of 
7,722 volumes and pieces. 

The Division of Music has also in its custody the 

Library's collection of literature of music. Inclusive of 

the accessions of the past fiscal year (1,050 volumes and 
pamphlets, of which 819 by purchase) this collection now 
comprises 5,783 volumes and pamphlets. 

The grand total of volumes, pamphlets, and pieces in 
custody of the Division of Music on July i, 1905, num- 
bered 422,857. 

The accessions to class M (Music) have strengthened to 
a very notable degree the collection of compositions by 
eminent composers of the last fifty years (e. g. , Chaikovskii, 
Liszt, Brahms, Bruckner, Cesar Franck, Dvorak, d'Indy, 
Debussy, Richard Strauss, and others). The collection of 
full scores of operas has been further developed, and not a 
few rare pieces have been added to the collection of Ameri- 
cana. Among these last the autograph score of Edward 
MacDowell's Indian Suite, presented to the Library by 
the composer, and four autograph sonatas for pianoforte 

64 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

by Alexander Reinagle, presented to the Library by his 
grandson, Mr. Lewis J. Davis, deserve particular mention. 

In the field of the literature and theory of music consid- 
erable attention has been paid to material published before 
1800. Various other gaps have been filled, and the im- 
portant current literature has not been neglected. On the 
whole, the advance made during the past fiscal year has 
contributed perceptibly to the development of the Division 
of Music 011 a large and systematic scale. 

The usual list of accessions is omitted from this report, 
as the reference lists to be published in the near future 
will sufficiently represent the new acquisitions. 

The work of reclassifying the collections in the Division 
of Music is not quite completed, about one third in section 
MT and one eighth in M remaining unclassified. Prepara- 
tions are being made to recatalogue the sections of litera- 
ture and theory of music. The bulk of the music remains 
still uncatalogued; but preparations are being made to 
catalogue temporarily the more important classes. 
Use of Music The total number of readers during the past fiscal year 


was 3,444. The total number of volumes and pieces sup- 
plied was 13,404 (music, 8,534; literature of music, 3,237; 
instruction, 1,633). ^ n 1904, the Division of Music supplied 
11,776 volumes, etc., to 3,459 readers. By way of com- 
parison, the chief of the Division notes from the report of 
1904 of the Musik Bibliothek Peters, in Leipzig, that that 
excellent institution was visited in 1904 by 4,068 readers, 
who consulted 11,673 volumes. 

As yet no publications have issued from this Division. 
A reference list of our collection of full scores of operas, 
now remarkable, may be printed during the coming year. 
Prior to his entrance upon service with us, the Chief of the 
Division, Mr. Sonneck, compiled a bio-bibliographical list of 
American composers prior to 1800. Representing careful 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 65 

and laborious research which utilized all accessible collec- 
tions, in a field heretofore practically ignored, this list is a 
valuable contribution to the literature of American bibliog- 
raphy and to the record of American achievement in an art 
important to civilization. It would have formed a suitable 
publication of the Library. The depletion of the Library's 
allotment for printing prevented us from undertaking it last 
year; but it has now been issued at the expense of its 
author as a private publication. Mr. Sonneck recommends 
that a "union list" (short title) of music and books on 
music, published or in manuscript before 1800, and still 
extant in America, be undertaken by the Library in coop- 
eration with other institutions having collections. 


A ccessions 

How acquired 



By copyright. . 

IT. 2l6 

16 611 

By gift 


2 QIA 

By purchase 


4 828 

By transfer 



Bv exchange 



Total accessions (pieces) 

1C O7O 

2"\ 271 

Grand total of pieces in Division July i 
1904 . . 


IS"?. 746 

A most important acquisition to the collection of prints 
was received by gift from the German Government, con- 
sisting of 761 facsimile reproductions of copper and wood 
engravings by the old masters, published under authority 
of the Government and by the Government press, and 
edited by Dr. F. Lippmann, director of the print cabinet 
of the Royal Museum at Berlin. A full list of these is 
given in Appendix IX. Preceding is a list of the Chal- 
et Includes 24 medals not included in " Total accessions." 



Report of the Librarian of Congress 


cographie du Louvre, received two years ago, which rep- 
resents a correspondingly interesting and instructive 
undertaking on the part of the French Government. 

Interesting collections of photographs, representing in- 
dustries, libraries, and universities (204 prints) in France 
were received from the Government of France and sim- 
ilar photographs (88 prints) from the Government of the 
Argentine Republic. They were formerly on exhibition 
at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. 

DIVISION OF An unusual addition is that of a collection of 80 sheets 
of rubbings from Chinese monuments, collected by Mr. 
Bayley Willis, of the United States Geological Survey, 
while carrying on geological investigations in China. 

The chief of the Division, Mr. Parsons, gave a valuable 
collection of 515 etchings, by Callot and Delia Bella. 

The purchases of prints during the year have been 
limited to the following collections, viz: (a) Two hun- 
dred Arundel Society prints; (J) 2,000 photographic por- 
traits of celebrated Americans (taken from the Brady 
negatives); (<?) a collection formed by Mr. William Eleroy 
Curtis, illustrative of the life and activities of Christopher 
Columbus. It includes among its 1,700 items, photo- 
graphic views of the various places associated with Co- 
lumbus, and various portraits. 

The Gardiner Greene Hubbard Catalog, descriptive of 
the collection of prints presented to the Library of Con- 
gress, was published in April, 1905, in an edition of 500 
handmade and 1,000 antique paper copies. The volume 
consists of 540 pages, with an etched portrait of Mr. Hub- 
bard, his book plate, and ten reproductions of rare prints. 
The arrangement of the Catalog is as follows: Prefatory 
note, the gift, sketch of Gardiner Greene Hubbard, abbre- 
viations and authorities, catalogue of engravers (alpha- 
betically arranged), original drawings, index of engravers 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 67 

(chronologically arranged by schools), index of artists, 
portrait index, list of authorities, additions and corrections. 

The paper, type, and general form are excellent, making 
unquestionably the best piece of work the Government 
Printing Office has achieved. As the edition issued was 
a small one, the general distribution has been limited to 
museums, print collections, and libraries containing over 
200,000 volumes. A few copies, however, are for sale 
by- the Superintendent of Documents at cost, and up to 
July i, 41 copies had been sold. 

The prints, numbering 2,707, were received in port- 
folios from Mrs. Hubbard. They were classified alpha- 
betically according to engravers and arranged under their 
proper schools. The prints were then identified and 
cards written, giving as many authentic references as 
possible. One great difficulty always experienced in a 
catalogue of this kind is the many forms of the same 
name. Modern research has done much to confuse col- 
lectors, and it is hard sometimes to decide which is the 
proper form. The evidence was very carefully sifted in 
each case, and the form was determined by the majority 
of authorities. Many of the experts have not accepted 
the latest discovery of a different spelling, and even, in 
some cases, a different name, for some comparatively 
well-known engraver. 

In some cases, as Durer and Ryn (Rembrandt), there are 
references to from five to eight authorities. Over 12,000 
references to authorities are given in the Catalog. 

When a print had the title, this was copied exactly; 
but when there was no indication of the subject, this was 
supplied from the best book of reference, and usually in 
French, this being the diplomatic language of print text- 
books. As the Catalog is intended particularly for insti 
tutions and collectors, translations were made only when 

68 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

the description was in Latin, Russian, or other less familiar 

The Catalog has received cordial recognition for its con- 
tents and enthusiastic praise for its form. The latter has 
contained a note of surprise that a publication so artistic 
should appear as a Government "document." It might 
be expected from the Grolier Club, but scarcely from the 
Government Printing Office. Our own experience with the 
Government Printing Office proves that it welcomes oppor- 
tunity to do superior work, and does it, upon proper speci- 
fication. The Hubbard Catalog and the "Journals of the 
Continental Congress" would require 116 apology from the 
most expert of private printers. 
DIVISION OF On account of the construction of the stack in the south 


Exhibitions curtain, the reading room of the Division was moved tem- 
porarily into the southwest pavilion, necessitating the 
removal of the cases containing the Diirer engravings into 
the main hall. 

A collection of mezzotint portraits of celebrated men, 
women, and children of the sixteenth, seventeenth, eight- 
eenth, and nineteenth centuries was exhibited in the west- 
south gallery. It was made up from the prints lent by 
Mrs. T. Harrison Garrett and Mr. George Lothrop Brad- 
ley, and from the Gardiner Greene Hubbard collection. 
The prints number about 400, and give an interesting illus- 
tration of portraiture for the last four hundred years. 

The Japanese prints and Chinese paintings have not 
been changed. An exhibition of books, maps, and news- 
papers relating to the Oregon question and settlement 
of the West and Northwest has been placed in the cases 
devoted to books in the west-north gallery. 

An interesting feature is a large collection of pam- 
phlets containing speeches delivered in Congress on the 
Oregon settlement. The most important were added to 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

the Library exhibit at the Lewis and Clark Exposition, 
at Portland, Oregon. 

The competitive plans for the buildings of the George 
Washington University were lent to the Library for ex- 
hibition. They have attracted such considerable attention 
that similar exhibits may be continued as a regular 

There were in attendance 4,964 readers, who used 9,835 DIVISION OF 


books, 6,183 periodicals, 239,533 stereoscopic views and Attendanceand 

. J service 



The present chief of the Law Division ( ' ' Custodian of 
the Law Library"), Dr. Scott, submits his first annual 
report. As it analyzes somewhat the character of the 
collections, suggests lines of appropriate development, 
and indicates changes in procedure and new apparatus 
necessary to more prompt and certain administration, I 
give it nearly in full in Appendix V, together with its 
appendices which include lists of recent notable accessions. 

The accessions during the year were as follows: 



How acquired 







By copyright 




3 6 


By gift . 

B v purchase 



103, 225 



Total accessions 

Total contents of Law Library 


During the past twelve months the increase of current 
material through the Periodical Division has been greater 
than in any previous year. The number of new titles 
added to the serial record was 1,939, making the present 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

PERIODICALS : aggregate 9 , 2 1 6 . 


The accessions comprise 165 titles 
received by subscription, 306 through the Copyright Office, 
722 by gift of the publishers, and 746 through the Smith- 
sonian Deposit. Newspapers, periodicals, and publications 
of societies are included in this aggregate, but not the 
serial publications of this and foreign governments, which 
are received through the Division of Documents. The 
following comparative table, covering six fiscal years, shows 
the accessions of serials from various sources: 

How acquired 1900 






Gifts and transfers i, 885 




3, 128 

3 8so 

Copyright Office 957 

i, 383 

I, 138 

i 24.6 

I. 42^ 

I, 72Q 

Subscription 666 



I. OI^ 

I. O4.7 

I, 212 

Smithsonian Deposit 927 



i. 270 

I 6?Q 

2 42"> 

Total (titles not volumes) . . 4, 435 

7, 225 




9, 216 

Many sets of important trade publications are approaching 
completeness largely through the efforts of the publishers. 
The 165 added subscriptions of the year have strength- 
ened the collections of foreign serials in nearly every class 
of literature represented in the Library, but mainly that 
of law, which heretofore has not had a representative 
selection of the current legal literature of foreign coun- 
tries. The increase through the Smithsonian Deposit 
represents for the most part publications of foreign scien- 
tific societies, received by the Institution in exchange for 
its publications. Accessions through the Copyright Office 
represent the new ventures of the year in periodical lit- 
erature, many of which will have, no doubt, only an 
ephemeral existence. 

Accessions to the main collections of the Library from 
the Periodical Division, by completion for binding, aggre- 
gate 5,797 volumes of periodicals, and 809 volumes of 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 71 

Cooperation between the Library of Congress and other Exchanges of 


libraries in the work of exchanging duplicates has been 
advantageous especially to this Library, the year showing 
the receipt of 736 volumes and 19,367 numbers and the dis- 
tribution in return therefor of 660 volumes and 12,367 num- 
bers. By this means 34 sets of periodicals were completed. 
Many valuable journals published in England and America 
during the eighteenth century have been added to the 
Library's already noteworthy collection. They include one 
lot of about 300 papers published in London during the 
period 1711 to 1729; and 116 numbers of the " Mercurius 
Politicus " (1645-1660), a weekly summary of events in 
Great Britain and Continental Europe. In American his- 
tory an important acquisition is a file of the Maryland 
Journal for 1790, the year in which occurred the spirited 
sectional contest for the location of the Nation's Capital, 
which resulted in the selection of the present site on the 
Potomac. , 


Effort has been continued to perfect the files of serial 
publications, sadly imperfect at the time of their transfer 
from the Capitol in 1897. Volumes and parts undoubt- 
edly received had disappeared; others, including entire 
files, had been withdrawn by the Smithsonian itself after 
the original deposit; still others, received by the Smith- 
sonian, had been withheld, pending a better ability on the 
part of the Library to handle them efficiently. During 
the past six years the material thus withdrawn or with- 
held, so far as it could be identified, has been sent up 
to the Library and consolidated with the Deposit, even 
though certain of it has again to be withdrawn for cur- 
rent use by the scientists at the Institution. The replace- 
ment of volumes and parts actually missing has been a 
much more difficult and laborious matter. Applications 
UB 1905 6 

72 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

for them have been issued to the publishing bodies; and 
where these have failed and they are too apt to fail, owing 
to the exhaustion of the original editions attempts have 
been made to secure them by purchase in the second hand 
Proposed trans- Under the original agreement of 1866 all the material 

fer of material to 

Dep a rtmentai received by the Smithsonian constituting its "library" was 


to be deposited in the Library of Congress, and preserved 
there. Included in such are a number of serials in depart- 
ments of literature which form specialties of certain de- 
partment or bureau libraries within the District, and are, 
for this reason in general, avoided by the Library of Con- 
gress. Particularly is this true of Agriculture and of 
Medicine. During a brief period prior to 1897 the med- 
ical serials received by the Smithsonian were, I understand, 
diverted to the library of the Surgeon General's Office. 
The purpose then was to save them from the hazards at the 
Capitol. I believe that a larger permanent policy should 
direct the resumption of this practice and its extension to 
at least one other department of literature Agriculture. 
There should perhaps be excepted ( i ) the publications of 
governments and of societies, and (2) a selected number 
of the most important journals, i. e., those which record 
the progress of these sciences in their larger aspects, espe- 
cially, also, their progress within the United States, and 
those which contain the more scientific discussions of under- 
lying theory and principle. Agriculture and Medicine are 
special fields of literature. The libraries of the Agricul- 
tural Department and of the Surgeon General's Office have 
already large collections in them, the latter a preeminent 
collection. They are extremely efficient. They also are 
government libraries, within the District, liberally adminis- 
tered. Efficiency, as well as economy, should dictate the 
concentration within them of highly specialized material 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 73 

within their special scope; and the avoidance of duplication 
of such material within the Library of Congress. I have 
recommended -this view to the authorities of the Smith- 

I favor an extension of this policy to material of like 
nature received by the Library of Congress from other 
sources, particularly copyright; and shall recommend to the 
Committee on the Library the transfer to these special 
libraries of the ' ' second copies ' ' of copyrighted articles not 
required for the uses of the Library of Congress. I favor 
also the transfer to the Public Library of the District 
also a government library, one half of the expense of 
which is borne by the Federal Treasury of any dupli- 
cates in the Library of Congress of works in general lit- 
erature which are no longer needed for its direct service. 
From the Department and Bureau libraries such trans- 
fers have already been authorized by Congress. In the 
case of the Library of Congress the power to authorize 
them is by the Revised Statutes vested in the Committee 
on the Library. 


The total number of volumes bound during the year was 
30,817, as against 28,174 during the year preceding. Of 
these 20,214 were handled at the branch bindery in the 
Library building. 


The total number of volumes catalogued during the last Cataloguing 
fiscal year amounted to 111,373. In addition 1,792 parts of 
volumes were added on the serial record of the Catalogue 
Division, and 5,862 volumes were, after careful comparison, 
rejected as duplicates. This is an increase of 13,513 vol- 
umes over last year, when 97,860 volumes were catalogued. 
This increase may be accounted for (a) by the large num- 

74 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

ber of volumes of serial publications which are now added 
to only one record; (3) by the modification of rules govern- 
ing recataloguing which went into effect July i, 1904. On 
the other hand, the subjects covered were in the main as 
difficult as those of the preceding year and a larger propor- 
tion of the regular accessions required full subject entries. 

The year shows once more an increase in the total num- 
ber of cards filed in all catalogue records of this Division: 
627, 557> as against 577 ,427 in 1903-4; and 511,242 in 
1902-3. This takes no account of cards received from the 
New York Public, John Crerar, Harvard, Boston Public, 
U. S. Department of Agriculture, and Geological Survey 
libraries, which are stamped and filed as soon as possible 
after their receipt. The file of index cards to Experiment 
station literature is also kept up to date, the cards of this 
record being filed according to a minute system of classifi- 
cation, and therefore requiring more time. The same will 
doubtless hold true also of the cards of the Concilium 
Bibliographicum, to which reference was made in last 
year's report, in the filing of which no progress can as yet 
be reported. 

The recataloguing of the literature on Southern Africa 
in June completed the class History and topography. In 
addition to History and topography (D-F) the following 
classes are now recatalogued: Geography, voyages and 
travel (general) (G); Physical geography (GB); Ocean- 
ography (GC); Anthropogeography (GF); Sports and 
games (GV); Statistics (HA); Economic theory -(HB); 
Economic history, National production, Economic situa- 
tion, by countries (HC); Transportation and communica- 
tion (HE), except serials and Telegraph and telephone 
(under way); Literature of Music (ML); Mathematics 
(QA); Physics (QC); Chemistry (QD); Botany (QK); 
General works on technology and engineering (T, TA); 
Bibliography and Library Science (Z). 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Recatalogued in part and under way: General works 
Polygraphy (A); Anthropology (GN); Telegraph and tel- 
ephone (HE); Commerce (HF); Musical theory (MT). 
General works on science (Q); Astronomy (QB); Meteor- 
ology (QC 851-999); Geology (QE); Natural history 
(QH); Zoology (QL); Medicine (R); Agriculture (S); 
Bridges and roofs (TG); Hydraulic engineering (TC); 
Mineral industries (TN). 

The proposition of the Catalogue Rules Committee of the 
British Library Association to join with the correspond- 
ing committee of the A. L,. A. in considering the adop- 
tion of a joint code of rules for American and English 
libraries has given added importance to the work on which 
this committee has been engaged since January, 1901. 
A meeting of the American committee was held in New 
York city March 25-28, 1905, at which the A. L. A. 
rules were carefully considered, many disputed points 
definitely disposed of and considerable progress made 
toward the settlement of the remaining ones. The draft 
code submitted by the British committee was considered 
point for point. As the latter was based in part on the 
American preliminary code published by the Library of 
Congress in 1902, the points of difference were found to 
be fewer and less serious than was at first anticipated. 
The report of the decisions arrived at, subsequently for- 
warded to the British committee, will no doubt go far 
towards establishing a common understanding with refer- 
ence to these questions. An international agreement on 
cataloguing which shall enlist at least the" great major- 
ity of libraries in English speaking countries is therefore 
in sight. The ultimate importance of such an achieve- 
ment in its bearings on cooperation between libraries, and 
uniformity in their practice can not well be overestimated. 

The total number of volumes classified was 131,986; 
reclassified, 57,243 (including 11,272 transfers); new ac- 



Report of the Librarian of Congress 


cessions, 74,743; shelf listed, 83,381, of which 37,410 were 
new accessions. 

The reclassified portion of the Library is composed as fol- 
lows: Class A (Polygraphy), 20,000; D (History), 62,000; 
E and F (America), 41,000; G (Geography), 12,000; H 
(Social sciences), 23,000; L (Education), 4,000; ML (Lit- 
erature and theory of Music), 8,000; Q (Science), 75,000; 
R (Medicine), 24,000; S (Agriculture), 22,000; T (Tech- 
nology), 37,000; U (Military science), 7,000; V (Naval 
science), 5,000; Z (Bibliography), 41,000; Congressional 
reference library, Incunabula collection, etc., 4,000. 
Total, approximately, 385,000 volumes. 


The offer to sell copies of our printed catalogue cards 
to other institutions was made in the autumn of 1901. 
The sales began November i, 1901. The statistics of 
the sales by years since that date are as follows: 

Sales November i, 1901, to June 30, 


Total re- 
ceipts (de- 




19012 i 

$4i 534- 59 

$4) 534- 59 

$2, 168. 34 

TQO2 1 . 

5, 780. 88 

$4. 2O 


6, 394. 39 

TOO"* A. . 

Q, 2IQ. 24. 


9, 212. 29 

7,513. 35 

IQO/1 ^ 

17, O28.33 

249. 42 

16, 778.91 

15, 496. 55 

increase 1904-5 The increase during the past over the preceding year has 

Per cent 

In gross receipts 82 

In sales 106 

The amounts covered into the Treasury as above 
during the past year $15,496.55 represent only the cash 
receipts. Exclusive of these are the amounts debited to 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 77 

other Government libraries for sales to them. These are 
not represented by cash payment to us, but by a charge 
at the Government Printing Office against their respective 
' ' allotments ' ' for printing. During the past year these 
charges amounted to $5 17. 91. 

The amount appropriated specifically by Congress for 
service in the Card Section was last year $6,800. To this 
should be added the salaries, aggregating $3,000, of five 
employees of the Government Printing Office engaged in 
certain work intermediate between the actual printing of 
the cards and their distribution. With this expenditure for 
service ($9,800) the Card Section has handled the entire 
output of cards during the year, including those sorted 
away into "stock," has distributed the $16,014.46 worth 
of cards (in number, say, 2,000,000) sold, and has carried 
on all the correspondence and maintained the records neces- 
sary to the business. It has also classified and distributed 
the 1,200,000 cards issued without charge to the 31 deposi- 
tory libraries. 

During the past three and a half years the business has CARD SECTION: 


been experimental. A small staff has sufficed for it, and a 
system of record somewhat elementary. The volume of 
business is now so considerable and growing so rapidly that 
a rapid increase must be sought in the service and a more 
elaborate system of record. 

The recent increase in sales is traceable in part to the 
demand for cards covering the titles in the "A. L. A. 
Catalog of 8,000 volumes for a popular library." Cards 
for individual books in this collection can be ordered with 
facility and precision by merely quoting the ' ' consecutive 
numbers ' ' affixed to their titles in this catalogue. But a 
complete set of the cards covering the entire collection may 
be had for $154.56. For this small sum therefore (less 
than three months' salary of a competent cataloguer) a 

78 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

library having or buying this collection may secure the cards 
for a complete dictionary catalogue of it under author and 
subject. It is little wonder that libraries newly starting or 
reorganizing should promptly adopt this method of solving 
the difficult problem of selection and the expensive problem 
of cataloguing. Better for them to take even a large num- 
ber of books that may not be absolutely the best for their 
purpose than to forego the benefit of this list already made 
and this catalogue already provided. 
CARD DISTRIBU- /j^ sav j n or to a library by the purchase of our cards over 


Saving to U- the cost of cataloguing independently the books which they 

br aries 

represent and printing or otherwise manifolding the cards 
for them, is estimated to be from four to seven times the 
price they pay us. They have paid us during the past 
year $16,000. They have therefore saved during the past 
year from four to seven times this sum $64,000 to $i 1 2,000. 
Let us take the mean of this as certainly within the mark. 
It is $88,000. The distribution of our printed cards has 
then directly saved the libraries of this country during the 
past year not less than $88,000. This saving is equal to 
the total sum ($88,140) expended by the Government dur- 
ing the year for the maintenance of our entire force of 
classifiers and cataloguers, 91 in number. 

That force was established for our own immediate needs. 
There can not be a doubt that its indirect service to the 
community would more than justify its maintenance even if 
we had no need of catalogues of our own and no use for the 
books catalogued; even if, in other words, we were not a 
library, but a mere cataloguing bureau. 

The jury of award at the Louisiana Purchase Exposi- 
tion granted a grand prize for this system of catalogue 
card distribution. Composed as the jury was in part of 
eminent librarians from abroad, this award . was a con- 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


firmation of the reputation which this work has gained 
in all countries where improvements in library adminis- 
tration and cooperation among libraries are studied and 
sought. The work needs no advertisement from us, for 
it is brought voluntarily into notice in publications and 
at library meetings wherever such matters are under dis- 

I mention this recognition with gratitude to my col- 
leagues whose devotion and whose efficiency have deserved 
it; but in particular with gratitude to Congress, which, 
in granting me the means to secure such experts, has 
enabled the work to be undertaken in a way to insure 
its success. 


The publications of the Library during the past year have 
been as follows: 

Library of Congress publications. A List. 1897-1904. 
1904. 7 pp. 4. 

The Library of Congress and its work. 1905. 8 pp. 

A. L. A. catalog, 1904. . . . Section 600 reprinted 
from class list, part i, pages 139-161, A. L. A. cata- 
log, October, 1904. 1905. (4), 139-161 pp! 4. 

A. L. A. catalog, 1904. . . . Section 800 reprinted 
from class list, part i, pages 179-264, A. L. A. cata- 
log, October, 1904. 1905. (4), 179-264 pp. 4. 

A. L. A. rules Advance edition. . . . [2d issue.] 
1904. . 28 pp. 4. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year 
ending June 30, 1904. 1904. 522 pp. Plates. 8. 
Compiled by the Division of Bibliography: 

A List of books (with references to periodicals) on 
immigration. Compiled under the direction of 
Appleton Prentiss Clark Griffin, chief bibliographer. 
2d issue with additions. 1905. 99 pp. 4. 

8o Report of the Librarian of Congress 

List of references on the United States consular service, 
with appendix on consular systems in foreign coun- 
tries. Compiled under the direction of Appleton 
Prentiss Clark Griffin, chief bibliographer. 1905. 
27 pp. 4. 

List of references on primary elections, particularly 
direct primaries. 1905. 25 pp. 4. 

List of works relating to the American occupation of 
the Philippine islands, 1898-1903. Reprinted from 
the List of books (with references to periodicals) 
on the Philippine islands, 1903, with some additions 
1:01905. 1905. 100 pp. 4. 

Select list of books on railroads in foreign countries: 
Government regulation. 1905. 66 pp. 4. 

Select list of references on impeachment. 1905. 16 

PP-' 4. 
The following lists have been reprinted: 

A list of books (with references to periodicals) relating 
to railroads in their relation to the government and 
the public. 1904. (2), 72pp. 4. 
Select list of references on industrial arbitration. 

1903. 15 pp. 4. 
Select list of books on the cabinets of England and 

America. 1903. 8 pp. 4. 
Select list of books on the constitution of the United 

States. 1903. 14 pp. 4. 

The following bibliographies have been contributed by 
the Chief Bibliographer to publications of other depart- 
ments of the Government: 

Bibliography. List of works in the Library of Con- 
gress on the Boer war. Compiled for the Second 
division, General staff, U. S. Army, under the direc- 
tion of A. P. C. Griffin, chief bibliographer, Library 
of Congress. 

(In U. S. War department. Office of chief of staff. 
Selected translations pertaining to the Boer war. April i, 
I 95> PP- 205-231. 1905. 8.) 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 81 

List of works in the Library of Congress relating to 
General William T. Sherman, including his writings. 
Compiled by A. P. C. Griffin, chief bibliographer. 

{In U. S. 58th Congress, 2d session. Senate document 
no. 320. Sherman; a memorial in art, oratory, and litera- 
ture by the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, with the 
aid of the Congress of the United States of America. Pre- 
pared by DeB. Randolph Keim, pp. 391-399. 1904. 4.) 

Compiled by the Card Section: 

Bulletin no. 8. October i, 1904. List of subscribers 
to the L. C. cards. (Revised to September 30, 
1904-) 43-50 pp. 8. 
Bulletin no. 9. October 15, 1904. Special sets Nos. 

3, 4> 5- 
Compiled by the Division of Manuscripts: 

Journals of the Continental congress, 1774-1789. Ed- 
ited from the original records in the Library of Con- 
gress by Worthington Chauncey Ford, chief, Division 
of manuscripts. Vol. II-III. 1905. 2 vols. 4. 

Bibliographical notes on the issues of the Continental 
congress 1774-76. Reprinted from the "Journals of 
the Continental congress. ' ' Compiled by Worthing- 
ton Chauncey Ford, chief, Division of manuscripts. 
1904-5. 3 parts. 4. 

Some papers laid before the Continental congress, 1775. 
Taken from vol. 2 of the Journals of the Continental 
congress issued by the Library of Congress. 1905. 

73 PP- 4. 
Compiled by the Division of Maps and Charts: 

The Kohl collection (now in the Library of Congress) 
of maps relating to America, by Justin Winsor. A 
reprint of Bibliographical contribution number 19 of 
the Library of Harvard university. With index by 
Philip Lee Phillips, chief, Division of maps and 
charts. 1904. 189 pp. 4. 

Also noted under Division of Maps and Charts, page 62. 

82 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Compiled by the Division of Music: 

Classification. Class M, Music; Class ML, Literature 
of music; Class MT, Musical instruction. 1904. 
112 pp. 4. 

By O. G. Sonneck, chief, Division of music. 

Compiled by the Periodical Division: 

Want list of Americar^historical serials. July 31, 1905. 
1905- 74 PP- 8. 

Prepared by C. A. Flagg. 

Want list of periodicals and serials. Ed. 2 of List A, 
corrected to June 30, 1904. 1904. 280 pp. 8. 

Want list of periodicals and serials. Reprinted from 
Want list of periodicals and serials, ed. 2 of List A, 
June 30, 1904. Publications of foreign societies 
omitted. 1904. 168 pp. 8. 

Want list of publications of foreign societies. Reprinted 
from Want list of periodicals and serials, ed. 2 of 
List A, June 30, 1904. 1904. (2), 169-280 pp. 8. 
Compiled by the Science Section: 

Select list of recent purchases. Science. 1904. iii, 
447-478 pp. 8. 

By J. D. Thompson. 

Reprint from "Report of the Librarian of Congress, 


The statistics reported under this head have been solely 
those from the Main Reading Room. They have included 
only the recorded use there, i. e. , the number of readers 
counted and the number of volumes issued to them. They 
were therefore not complete even of the use there, for they 
omitted that part of it which is not merely considerable 
and growing, but is most important the use by special 
investigators in the alcoves and in the stacks. They took 
no account whatever of the use in other parts of the 
building, in the Divisions handling material special in form 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 83 

or subject Manuscripts, Maps, Music, Prints, Periodicals, 
Documents, Law, and the Smithsonian Deposit nor of the 
still more highly significant service of the Bibliographic 

They were therefore misleading and have misled. They 
induced a Member of Congress last year to declare that 
every book issued by the Library cost the Government 
$1.19 in service. He had taken the total expenditure for 
the Library on all accounts a and divided this by the number 
of volumes " circulated " from the Main Reading Room 
alone. 6 

Such a misunderstanding is not strange. It naturally 
results from the repetition in our reports from year to year 
of statistics entitled ''statistics of use," but which are 
neither complete nor descriptive. In my last report I stated 
that I was inclined thereafter ' ' to omit entirely the figures 
of volumes issued in the Main Reading Room." 

In the present report I accordingly omit the usual table. 
The figures for the Reading Room alone show a slight dimi- 
nution over those of last year a diminution, however, 
explained and offset by increase in the other Divisions. 
Fluctuations in them, as in the statistics of total attendance, 
are observable from year to year. Over longer periods as 
the six years past the gross attendance and the use have, 
of course, increased materially. 

The total number of visitors to the building last year was 
923,116, as against 816,700 in 1904. 

The number of books sent out on interlibrary loans 
reached last year 934, as against but one third of that num- 
ber during the year preceding. 

a Including furniture, books, cataloguing, etc., all Divisions of the library. He 
included even the appropriation for the Copyright Office and Card Section which 
are self-supporting. 

bThe service in the Main Reading Room costs not $590,000 a year, as this com- 
parison would imply, but 142,000. It covers a day from 9 a. m. till 10 p. m., requir- 
ing two "shifts," and it includes aid to inquirers not at all represented in the 
statistics of the books issued. The people engaged in it are not, as he remarked, 
429, but only 50. 

Reading Room 
for the Blind 

84 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

The collection of books in raised type has been increased 
during the year by the gift of 40 volumes and the pur- 
chase of 47. The growth of the various collections re- 
served for use in this room was as follows: 





IJmbossed books 




Kmbossed magazines 




Kmbossed music 




Ijmbossed maps 




Embossed weekly papers 




Print, weekly papers 




Print, magazines 




Reports from schools and institutions 




Books on the blind 



Gifts of books, papers, music, and maps have been 
received from the following: 

Mr. B. B. Allen, Pennsylvania Institute for the Blind, Phila- 
delphia; American printing house for the Blind; Dr. M. Anagnos, 
Perkins Institute, Boston; Mrs. Alfred Cady, Marengo, 111.; Mr. 
J. W. Caverly, Lynn, Mass.; Mrs. Carrie I. Cavers, Washington, 
D. C.; Mrs. Rebecca Colfelt, Philadelphia; Mrs. Garner, Wash- 
ington, D. C.; Mr. J. F. Germuiller, Washington, D. C.; Miss C. 
F. Gordon-Cumming, Crieff, Scotland; Mr. D. Hutcheson, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; Rev. H. Kawasumi, Sendai, Japan; Miss L,. B. Lat- 
imer, Hyattsville, Md.; Mrs. W. F. MacL,ennan, Washington, D. 
C.; Miss M. I/. Mason, New York; Mrs. McManes, Philadelphia; 
Miss J. W. Rice, Washington, D. C.; Mr. B. B. Smythe, Topeka, 
Kans. ; Society for the promotion of church work among the 
Blind, Philadelphia; Mrs. A. P. Spaulding, Massachusetts Associ- 
ation for promoting the interest of the adult Blind, Boston; Mr. 
Wm. Wade, Oakmont, Pa.; Xavier Free publication society for 
the Blind, New York City. 

Twenty-two persons have contributed sums amounting 
to $42.75 for street-car tickets to enable blind persons to 
attend the readings and musicals. 

During the past year there were 66 readings and 
36 musicals. There were 68 volunteer readers and 94 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 85 


The sum allotted to the Library of Congress for this Lewis and 

Clark Centennial 

exhibit was $3,000. Its allotment of floor space was about Exposition 
1,000 square feet. The exhibit was largely made up of 
materials sent directly from the exhibit at St. Louis. 
Although both funds and space were too limited for an 
adequate exhibit, the work of nearly every Division of the 
Library was represented. The exhibit was well arranged 
and attracted its full share of attention. It could not have 
been essentially improved except by the addition of rare 
books, manuscripts, and prints, which it seemed unwise to 
expose to the risks incident to transportation and installa- 
tion in a wooden building. 


The existing copyright laws of the United States are 
admittedly imperfect and confused, difficult for the courts 
to interpret, and impossible for the Copyright Office to 
administer to the satisfaction of its clients. A similar, 
though less flagrant condition of the laws relating to 
trade-marks led to the appointment by Congress of a 
Commission to revise and codify them. Similar action has 
been urged to deal with copyright. The experience of the 
committees of Congress concerned with these subjects led 
them to believe, however, that as effective results would 
be achieved more promptly, and at less cost, by conference 
and agreement among the various interests particularly 
suffering from defects in the present laws and likely to 
benefit in a direct and practical way by the correction of 

In April last the following circular was issued from my 


April io, 1905 

" SIR: It is generally admitted by those most directly 
concerned that the copyright laws of the United States 
need revision. Since the enactment of the Revised 

86 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Revision of Statutes relating to copyright, twelve amendatory acts 

copyright laws 

have been passed, and as these contain textual contra- 
dictions and inconsistencies the interpolation of their 
provisions into those of the Revised Statutes gives rise 
to serious perplexities and embarrassments. Projects 
for the further amendment of these laws are constantly 
urged, and five copyright bills were pending on the 
adjournment of Congress on March 3, 1905. 

"It is doubtful, however, if the enactment of addi- 
tional provisions which are merely partial or temporiz- 
ing will remedy the existing difficulties. The time 
seems to have been reached for the replacement of the 
existing insufficient and inconsistent laws by one gen- 
eral copyright statute. 

' * The Senate Committee on Patents, which deals with 
copyright legislation, has, in view of these considera- 
tions, made public its purpose ' ' to attempt a codification 
of the copyright laws at the next session of Congress." 
The chairman of that committee has suggested that the 
Librarian of Congress call a conference to consider such 
a codification, and that such persons and associations 
as are interested in the subject be invited to be present 
or to appoint delegates to meet at some suitable place 
and convenient time, for the purpose of discussing a 
draft of a general copyright law to be presented for 
consideration at the next session of Congress. 

' ' It would be desirable to secure such a meeting as 
early in the summer as possible, and, as a matter of 
convenience to the greater number of possible repre- 
sentatives, it is proposed to meet in New York City at 
some place and date (between May 25 and June 15) to 
be fixed upon later. This preliminary conference 
should be followed by a second meeting in the autumn 
sufficiently early to allow the results arrived at to be 
properly formulated for presentation upon the opening 
of Congress in the following December. 

' ' The discussions must necessarily be kept within a 
limit that shall insure a practical result. They will, 
however, afford opportunity, not merely for considering 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 87 

the defects of the present laws in definition and expres- 
sion, but other imperfections through which they fail 
to secure protection obviously just. These defects and 
imperfections should be submitted to the conference by 
the interests concerned with their remedy. A repre- 
sentation of such interests as nearly complete as feasible 
\vill be sought. 

' We assume that your organization should partici- 
pate, and suggest that action be taken toward its repre- 
sentation by at least one, not exceeding two, delegates. 
(The number should be thus limited in order to avoid 
a total number that would be unwieldy.) We recom- 
mend, therefore: 

1 i ) That you submit this project to your organization 
or such body as may be authorized to act in its behalf; 

(2) That the organization, or such other body, 
designate a delegate or two delegates, who shall be 
authorized, in its behalf, to submit suggestions to the 
conference, to participate in its discussions, and to cast 
votes on all questions submitted to a vote; 

(3) That prompt notice be given to the Librarian of 
Congress of the action taken as above; 

(4) That in case your organization does not care to 
be represented, you notify the Librarian immediately. 

"An invitation similar to this is. being issued concur^ 
rently to various other organizations representing au- 
thors, painters, composers, playwrights, photographers, 
publishers, printers and illustrators, the American Bar 
Association, and certain others concerned with copy- 
right matters. 

1 For effective discussion it seems necessary that the 
main conferences should be primarily of representatives 
of organized interests. That need not preclude the 
conference itself from seeking counsel or suggestion 
from individuals; though it seems probable that such 
counsel or suggestion could most advantageously be 
transmitted through some one of the organizations 
formally represented at the conference. 
UB 1905 7 

88 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

1 ' I shall be glad to receive from you suggestion of 
any other organization representing interests akin to 
those represented by yours, to which a copy of this 
invitation should be addressed. 

1 ' The questions to be submitted in behalf of the in- 
terests which you represent should of course be deter- 
mined beforehand, and formulated with such precision 
that your representatives can present at the conference 
practically definite instructions. If, in advance of the 
conference, copies of your- proposals can be sent to me, 
the points raised can be collated and the discussion 
upon them thereby facilitated. 

' ' The Register of Copyrights has prepared an edition 
of the copyright laws in force, in which the provisions 
of the Revised Statutes relating to copyright are pre- 
sented in an orderly arrangement, with the correspond- 
ing provisions of subsequent amendatory acts in parallel 
columns. This is printed on writing paper with wide 
margins, upon which can be noted suggestions relative 
to the provisions of the laws now in force. A copy of 
this work will be sent upon request." 

' ' Very respectfully 


' ''Librarian of Congress ' ' 
COPYRIGHT CON. The conference met at New York on May 31, and a 


Members second session was held in November, also at New York. 
The organizations represented comprised the following: 

American (Authors') Copyright League: Richard R. Bowker, 
vice-president; Robert Underwood Johnson, secretary. 

American Bar Association : Arthur Steuart, Edmund Wetmore, 
F. F. Reed. 

American Dramatists Club : Bronson Howard, president; Joseph 
I. C. Clarke, first vice-president. Joseph R. Grismer; Henry P. 

American Institute of Architects: Glenn Brown, secretary. 

American Library Association: Frank P. Hill, president; Arthur 
Fy. Bostwick. 

American Newspaper Publishers' Association: John Stewart 
Bryan, Louis M. Duvall, Don C. Seitz, Mr. Walsh (representing 
Mr. Seitz). 

a This representative was the only one not present at any of the sessions. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 89 

American Publishers' Copyright League: William W. Appleton, 
president; George Haven Putnam, secretary; Charles Scribner, 
treasurer; Stephen H. Olin, counsel. 

Architectural League of America: D. Everett Waid. 

Association of American Directory Publishers: W. H. Bates, 
secretary; Wilson H. Lee. 

Association of Theatre Managers of Greater New York: Charles 
Burnham, first vice-president; Henry B. Harris, secretary. 

International Advertising A.ssociation: Will Phillip Hooper, 
J. L. Steuart. 

International Typographical Union: J. J. Sullivan, chairman 
I. T. U. copyright committee; P. H. McCormick, president, and 
George J. Jackson, organizer, of New York Typographical Union, 
No. 6. 

Lithographers' Association (East). (See Reproductive Arts 
Copyright League.) 

Manuscript Society: Miss Laura Sedgwick Collins, charter 
member, delegate; F. L. Sealy. 

Music Publishers' Association of the United States: J. F. 
Bowers, president; George W. Furniss, chairman copyright com- 
mittee; Walter M. Bacon, R. L. Thomse; Nathan Burkan, 

National Academy of Design: Frank D. Millet. 

National Association of Photo-Engravers: B. W. Wilson, jr. 

National Educational Association: George S. Davis, associate 
city superintendent of schools; C. G. Leland, librarian Board of 
Education of New York. 

National Institute of Arts and Letters: Edmund Clarence 
Stedman, president; Brander Matthews. 

National Sculpture Society: Karl Bitter, vice-president. 

Periodical Publishers' Association of America: Charles Scribner. 

Photographers' Copyright League of America: B. J. Falk, 
president; Pirie MacDonald. 

Print Publishers' Association of America: Albert Smith, presi- 
dent; W. A. Livingstone, secretary. 

Reproductive Arts Copyright League: A. Beverly Smith, secre- 
tary; Robert M. Donaldson; F. D. S. Bethune, counsel; E. B. 
Osborne, counsel. 

Society of American Artists: John La Farge, president; John 
W. Alexander. 

The Sphinx Club: Will Phillip Hooper. 

United Typothetae of America: Isaac H. Blanchard, of execu- 
tive committee; Chas. W. Ames. 

Treasury Department: Charles P. Montgomery. 

Solicitor General's Office: represented by Mr. W. J. Hughes. 

In addition to the delegates named above, Samuel J. Elder, esq., 
and A. W. Elson, esq., of Boston, were present. 

90 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

COPYRIGHT-CON- The limitations, as well as the opportunities of the 


Proceedings Conference, were indicated in my opening remarks to the 
delegates at their first session: 

"The origin, the occasion, and the purpose of this 
Conference are indicated in the call. The origin is a 
general agreement that our present copyright laws are 
defective in definition and imperfect, and perhaps 
inconsistent, in expression. The occasion is an intima- 
tion from the Senate Committee on Patents that at the 
coming session of Congress the committee proposes to 
submit a bill for a codification of these laws. Such a 
bill would naturally be drafted in the Copyright Office. 
If so, it would be the desire of the Copyright Office to 
have upon it the criticism of the various interests con- 
cerned with copyright protection. But the Office sees 
in it also an opportunity to submit to Congress in a 
systematic and orderly way various suggestions for the 
perfection of the laws where it is claimed they are now 
unjust or defective, and this Conference is to give 
expression to these suggestions. Such of them as 
survive discussion will be noted for the attention of 
Congress in connection with such a codification. We 
invite them. We shall try to secure fair consideration 
for any of them that seem obviously just or to be sup- 
ported by a considerable opinion. But we would not 
have our abilities in the matter nor the abilities of this 
Conference overestimated. 

'The Conference, of course, is not a commission ap- 
pointed by Congress to revise or even to codify the 
law. It is not in a formal way appointed by Congress 
at all. It has been invited by the Copyright Office, at 
the suggestion, to be sure, of the chairman of the Sen- 
ate Committee on Patents, but without any express 
direction or mandate of law. It will, of course, be 
advisory to the Office, and through the Office it may 
reach Congress with recommendations, but of course 
its expressions can be no more than recommendations, 
and the recommendations to be effective ought, of 
course, to be kept within reasonable limits likely to be 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 91 

' ' The District Attorney has remarked that our statu- 
tory laws ought to be in two parts the first of laws to 
be followed and the second of "moral yearnings." In 
our proposals for copyright we had, I think, better 
leave the moral yearnings to a later generation or at 
least a later session of Congress. 

"The Conference is composed of organizations con- 
cerned with copyright protection, but it is composed of 
typical organizations only important ones, but typical 
ones only. It can not claim, therefore, to be com- 
pletely representative of the community. It has not 
been composed with reference to balancing interests 
possibly conflicting. A majority vote of its members 
would not determine a proposal to be just nor would a 
unanimous vote determine it to be expedient. In fact, 
any mere vote of the Conference would have small 

' ' Now, these are serious limitations. We think they 
, ought to be clearly before you at the outset, but we do 
not believe that they should prevent a work here of 
high service and of profit, and a work of which there 
is urgent need; and we cannot but believe that una- 
nimity of opinion in a body such as this, so nearly rep- 
resentative and including interests so important, must 
have great weight with Congress. 

' ' Our first intention had been to ask you to submit 
your suggestions to us at Washington, either by letter 
or by delegates, and submit them as separate organiza- 
tions. It later seemed that a comparison of views such 
as a meeting such as this might afford would be profit- 
able; and then it seemed that it would be more consid- 
erate to the majority of you that this first session at 
least should be held in New York, and we have come 
to meet you here." 

In addition to the Librarian of Congress and the Register 
of Copyrights, the Government was represented by Mr. 
Charles P. Montgomery, of the Treasury Department, whose 
explanations and suggestions with reference to importation 

92 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

COPYRIGHT CON- were clear and valuable. At the second session in Novem- 

p*FR T7TtfQE * 

Proceedings, ber a representative of the Solicitor General's Office was 
present to observe and report the discussions, in the expec- 
tation that the Department of Justice would later be called 
upon for criticism of the proposed bill. The Conference 
accepted the theory of its functions thus indicated. It 
avoided the profession of an authority which it could not 
claim by avoiding either formal organization or formal 
"decision." The delegates submitted suggestions, ex- 
pressed views, and discussed them, but they brought none 
of them to a formal vote. 

The first session of the Conference was held at the City 
Club of New York, which had generously granted the use 
of its rooms. It occupied both mornings and afternoons 
of three successive days, beginning May 31. Its accom- 
plishments are summarized in an editorial in the Pub- 
lishers Weekly, from which I quote: 

1 ' Results of surprising unanimity were reached in a 
minimum of time and without waste of talk. * * * 
It was the unanimous feeling that unhoped-for progress 
toward an excellent, if not ideal, copyright code had 
been made possible, and that the results would prob- 
ably be quicker and better than if the plan of a [copy- 
right] commission had been adopted." 

A stenographic report was preserved of the entire pro- 
ceedings. Upon the basis of it and other accumulated 
data there was drafted by the Register of Copyrights a 
statement for consideration at the second session in No- 
vember. For convenience it took the form of a bill; but 
was in effect a series of propositions for discussion. 

The second session, also held at New York, lasted four 
days, and included detailed discussion of every proposed 
provision, with arguments for both additions and elimina- 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


tions. A third, to be held at Washington after the opening 
of Congress, will consider a new draft taking account of 
these and of specific criticism, legal and practical, from 
various sources. The result may be a measure which 
Congress can adopt without demur. 

There have been many endeavors to perfect our copy- COPYR IGHT 


right laws; but they have been sporadic, as a rule directed Scope of 

posed reforms 

to one particular detect, and generally undertaken by the 
single interest having a grievance or, perhaps even less 
fortunately, by advocates of an abstract justice which ran 
counter to a particular interest. The proposed measure will 
represent a very different purpose, method, and authority. 
Its purpose is indeed justice, but a justice within the general 
intent of the existing law. It recognizes certain definite 
defects which entail certain substantial hardships. It sum- 
mons to conference the interests which in a substantial 
not merely theoretic way are the actual sufferers. And 
these agree upon the remedies to be recommended. But on 
considering these remedies they have at hand, prepared by 
the Copyright Office, in anticipation of this very exigency, 
careful analyses not merely of the existing copyright laws 
of the United States and of foreign countries, but of the 
past statutes, showing the development of the domestic law 
and even of every bill ever introduced into Congress pro- 
posing amendment of it. They have at their service with- 
out cost sound legal counsel from the representatives of 
the American Bar Association, itself a participant; the crit- 
icisms of other experts on copyright law, and of the legal 
advisers of the government. And, furthermore, they have 
throughout the sympathy and the cooperation, the active 
aid and the conservative experience of the Copyright Office, 
with its precise knowledge of existing procedure, which in 
this case is also a knowledge of the substantive right. 

94 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Surely from these elements, joined with the spirit of 
fairness and of courtesy manifest at the conferences, there 
should issue a measure entitled to respect. 


In my last report I referred to certain legislation, other 
than revision of the copyright laws, as needed to facili- 
tate the current administration of the Library. As none 
of this has yet been provided, I venture to repeat the 
statement of it: 

Postal law. Amendments which 

1 i ) Will confer upon the Library the privilege of free 
registration of mail matter, already accorded to various 
departments and bureaus of the Government. 

(2) Will render explicit the privilege upon the part of 
copyright applicants of free transmission to the Copyright 
Office of articles deposited under the copyright law. The 
privilege was granted in 1867, repeated in 1870, but has 
been cast into doubt, at least, by subsequent general 

(3) Will similarly render explicit the privilege of free 
transmittal in general of mail matter to and from the 
Library of Congress on the public business. This has been 
assumed, but only under the provisions of law touching 
executive business of the Government in general. 

Tariff law. The inclusion of music, reproductions of 
photographs, and all other printed material, bound or un- 
bound, in the description of the articles which, under the 
act approved July 24, 1897 (par. 500 of sec. 2), may be 
imported free of duty for the use of the Library of Con- 
gress. Music the Library may now import only under 
paragraph 503 (which exempts public libraries in gen- 
eral). Reproductions of photographs are not now pro- 
vided for in either paragraph. On some the Library has 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


already actually paid duty contrary to the manifest in- 
tention of Congress that material for the Government 
collections and use should enter free. a 

Wilkes Exploring Expedition; Margry Papers. Pro- 
vision for the final distribution of the fragments or resi- 
due of these still remaining in the custody of the Library. 
Respectfully submitted 


Librarian of Congress 
The Honorable 


a Paragraph 500 is now as follows: 

"SEC. 2. That 011 and after the passage of this act, unless otherwise specially 
provided for in this act, the following articles when imported shall be exempt 
from duty: 


"500. Books, engravings, photographs, etchings (bound or unbound), maps and 
charts imported by authority or for the use of the United States or for the use of 
the library of Congress." 

The specifications of paragraph 503 are "books, maps, music, photographs, 
etchings, lithographic prints, and charts specially imported, etc." 







Washington, D. C., December 5, 1905 

SIR: Heretofore the Superintendent has rendered sepa- 
rate annual reports to Congress, covering the years 1898 to 
1904, although not specifically required by law to do so, 
but in the later years the greater parts of these reports 
have been practically duplicated in those of the Librarian 
to render them duly comprehensive of the Library as a 
whole. With the Librarian's concurrence, therefore, the 
Superintendent proposed in his last annual report to Con- 
gress to report thereafter annually by contribution to that 
of the Librarian, and this is now done. 

Beside the care and maintenance of the building and 
grounds of the Library, this office, being separate and 
distinct from that of the Librarian, has charge of the 
equipment of the Library as to interior fixtures, furni- 
ture, and mechanical appliances, and disburses all appro- 
priations for the Library as well as those for the build- 
ing and grounds. 

In prior years the building was open to visitors during 
parts or the whole of some of the holidays, while the reading 
rooms were closed; but during the last two fiscal years the 
building and the reading and exhibition rooms have been 
open to the public, as on Sundays, from 2 to 10 o'clock 


ioo Superintendent of Building and Grounds 

p. tn., excepting Christmas day (Sunday), the Monday fol- 
lowing, and the Fourth of July, which were the only entire 
days in the year when the building was not open. During 
the warm months of July, August, and September, however, 
the building was closed after i o'clock on Saturdays. 


The number of visitors admitted during the fiscal year 
ending June 30, 1905, as carefully counted at the entrances, 
is given in the following table: 


9 to 6 

6 to 10 

per day 

per day 


July . - 

26. 4^7 

24, 082 

2, 6^4 


I 71/1 


\~\ T.OQ 

1.2, 114 

3 862 


2 I IO 


36 116 

T.T., 146 

7 CQ7 


2 1QQ 


4.2, 2S^ 

;'?, 182 



2 All 


3,0,. 2S7 

22, yiO 

3 707 


2 06^ 


^7. 062 

16, s6"; 

3 088 


I 8l8 


44 O78 

20 568 



2 O8^ 


42 2O6 

l8 Q2I 


T 'J./42 

2 l8l 


141 "^26 

77 Oil 

^8 ^ n A 

I 8O2 


44 s68 

77, O2I 

A I2Q 

I 664 

2 72O 



7Q 82d 

2 Q77 

2 122 


27 84 1 ; 

2^ Z.1Q 

I 266 

T 77Q 


^ ^O ^11 

372 ftQT. 

drand total, 923,116. 
Average, 362 days, 2,550. 

The total visitors during the six days of ' ' Inaugura- 
tion week," from March 2 to 7, inclusive, was 150,325. 


The mechanical apparatus of the building for warming, 
ventilation, elevators, transmission machinery both trol- 
ley and pneumatic electric lighting, and water supply 
has been in operation with practically no interruption 
whatever, although its constant day and evening use 
leaves but few hours, and those at night, for readjust- 
ments and repairs. As stated in the last annual report, 

Superintendent of Building and Grounds 101 

the elec]tric-power machinery is daily taxed to its full 
capacity, and at times overloaded, by the now very general 
occupation and use of the great building day and even- 
ing. This use is gradually increasing, and additional 
power will shortly be needed to meet it, but it is expected 
that the central power plant, soon to be constructed for 
the Government buildings on Capitol Hill, will obviate 
the necessity for additional expenditure at the Library 
building in that direction. The estimate for fuel, lights, 
and miscellaneous supplies for the next fiscal year is there- 
fore not increased above that of last year. 


By careful attention and the assistance of the Office 
of Public Buildings and Grounds, under the annual appro- 
priation of $1,000 for the purpose, the grounds of the 
Library have been maintained in good and appropriate 
condition as essentially a continuation of the Capitol park. 


Last winter, before the sunny season approached, the 
equipment of mechanical window shades of brass wire 
cloth for the two main book stacks, described in the last 
report, was completed and has been in constant and very 
successful operation ever since. 

The two tier arrangement of combined storage and 
exhibition cases, comprising 40 cases in all, for the Divi- 
sion of Prints, begun in the last fiscal year, has been com- 
pleted, excepting some of the movable shelves and trays. 

In the latter part of the year six more of the 26 pairs 
of iron shelf ranges in the first tier of the new book 
stack in the north curtain hall (room H~4) were inclosed 
in glass, making 18 such inclosures in that stack. At 
the same time a contract was made for similarly inclos- 

IO2 Superintendent of Building and Grounds 

ing the corresponding 18 pairs of ranges in the second 
tier, and that work has since been finished. 

Out of the $40,000 appropriated for furniture, partitions, 
shelving, screens, etc., there were also procured numerous 
catalogue cases, screens, tables, desks, chairs, repairs, exhi- 
bition cases, etc., which, together with the larger fixtures, 
are summarized in the following list of expenditures from 
that appropriation: 

South curtain, second story, shelving, including electric 

lighting thereof $9, 544. 45 

Inclosures of shelving, north curtain; being 6 in lower 

and 18 in second tier 5, 413. 78 

Wood and glass partitions, screens, etc., and electrical 

work therefor 563. 75 

Operating apparatus for book-stack window shades 460. 28 

North and south stacks, electrical work and materials 241. 49 

Steel storage trays and cases and traveling catalogue cases 

for Card Section 5, 720. 80 

Miscellaneous desks, tables, stands, chairs, stools, etc 2, 573. 20 

Special mahogany desks, plain tables, and reading tables. . i, 264. oo 

Card catalogue cases, file cases, trays, bookcases, etc i, 376. 43 

Exhibition cases 7, 225. oo 

Counter and trays for Division of Prints i, 392. oo 

Typewriters, remodeling, etc i, 027. oo 

Pouches for Capitol book carrier 122. co 

Circular rubber mat for Main Reading Room 776. oo 

Carpets, rugs, rubber matting, linoleum, etc 332. 88 

Miscellaneous, including book-truck tires, water coolers, 

shades, blocks, hinges, locks, etc 595. 27 

Repairing, fitting, etc., of miscellaneous furniture, shelv- 
ing, etc., including labor and materials i, 360. 93 

Total 39, 989. 26 

Plain reading tables, chairs, catalogue cases, desks, and 
other minor indispensable items of equipment, and also 
service for cleaning and maintenance of the general outfit, 
have been supplied to the law branch of the Library in the 

Superintendent of Building and Grounds 103 


For additional, though temporary, accommodations for the 
growing accumulation of bound newspaper volumes, room 
has had to be found in the cellar of the Library building, 
although not a suitable place for the preservation, access 
to, or use of such valuable and constantly called for mate- 
rial. The copyright deposits in the cellar are also fast 
encroaching on the small space, such as' it is, available 
for the newspaper volumes, and the result is an imminent 
necessity for a radically different and suitable provision for 
the shelving of the newspaper collection. Having charge 
of the appropriations and planning for the furniture equip- 
ment of the Library, the Superintendent now finds that 
no available space, of dimensions at all warranting the 
expense of proper permanent shelving and facilities for 
the accommodation of that collection, remains within the 
building and that it is now necessary to resort to occu- 
pation of the southeast court for this purpose. 

The original plans and description of the building adopted 
by Congress October 2, 1888, illustrated and proposed such 
a future use of the courts whenever the growth of the col- 
lections might exceed the capacity of the building, without 
requiring any real extension of the building or an} 7 modifi- 
cation of its architectural appearance. (House Mis. Doc. 12, 
5oth Cong., 2d sess.) Last year it w r as expected that a 
considerable part of the $40,000 appropriated for furniture, 
shelving, partitions, screens, etc. , for the present year could 
be profitably used in the construction of permanent news- 
paper shelving within the building, but this now proves to 
be impracticable and unwise, for the reason given above. 
Its expenditure must therefore be restricted to other furni- 
ture for the building unless Congress authorizes its applica- 
tion to the construction of newspaper shelving in one of the 

For the care and maintenance of the building and 
grounds, other than the regular personal services provided 
UB 1905 8 

io4 Superintendent of Building and Grounds 

for annually by a specific appropriation, an annual appro- 
priation is made, amounting last year to $32,500, " for fuel, 
lights, repairs, and miscellaneous supplies." 
Expenditures f^e var i e ty a nd distribution of the various items of 

for fuel, lights, 

^c. expenditure under this appropriation are shown in the fol- 

lowing list: 

Watch and Housekeeping Department: 

Miscellaneous supplies $i, 205. 74 

Ice 890. 28 

Hardware 426. 97 

Dry goods 201. 18 

Toilet 178. 50 

Soaps 325. 79 

Cleaning powder 402. 24 

Paints 405. 54 

Washing towels 301. 05 

Housekeeping supplies 360. 52 

Painting and decorating in West Main Attic 
and West-North and West-South Curtains, 

including labor and materials 890. 58 

Plastering 154. oo 

Mosaic floor 567. 03 

Grounds 194. 58 

Awnings 561. 79 

Repairs 91. 30 

Tools, cleaning implements, etc 84. 89 

- $7, 241. 98 
Engineer Department: 

Coal $18, 141. 72 

Gas 86. 20 

Plumbing 189. 10 

Removing ashes 530. 88 

Tools and machinery 172. 60 

Oil 132. 84 

Pistons 192. 50 

Reboring engine cylinder 45. oo 

Sash governors, pulleys, etc 160. 10 

Minor supplies 534. 17 

Repairs 750. 42 

- 20,935.53 

Superintendent of Building and Grounds 105 

Electrical Department: 

Incandescent lamps $2, 120. 47 

Miscellaneous supplies 496. 97 

Tools and appliances 49. 79 

Repairs 155. 42 


Telephone service 787. 29 

Printing 109. 03 

Postage 30. oo 

Car tickets 25. oo 

Advertising 38. 10 

Miscellaneous supplies 241. 28 

Expressage, freight, and drayage 13. 81 

i, 244. 51 

Total 32, 244. 67 

The duties of the Superintendent include the disburse- 
ment of all appropriations for the Library and for the 
building and grounds and all appropriations under the con- 
trol of the Joint Committee on the Library. 


Last year he was also directed by Congress to investi- 
gate and report, under an appropriation of $5,000, on the 
economy of a contemplated power station for supplying 
heat, light, and power to the Executive buildings on and 
about the Mall and in the neighborhood of the White 
House. That report was submitted January 9, 1905. 
(House Doc. 205, Fifty-eighth Congress, third session.) 

io6 Superintendent of Building and Grounds 


The several appropriations and the expenditures there- 
from for the fiscal 3^ear ending June 30, 1905, also the cor- 
responding appropriations for the preceding and succeeding 
years, are presented in the following table: 

Object of appropriation 

tion, 1904 

tion, 1905 

tures, 19050 



$321, ooo. oo 

$328, 160. oo 

$326, 958. 60 

$329, 1 60. oo 

Special and miscellaneous 

b 2, 739. 33 

b 2, 090. OO 

i, 395. 06 

b 2, 604. 04 

Contingent expenses 

7, 300. oo 

7, 300. oo 

7, 298. oo 

7, 300. oo 

Increase of library 
Purchase of books 

90, ooo. oo 

90, ooo. oo 

90, ooo. oo 

90, ooo oo 

Purchase of law books 

3, ooo. oo 

3. ooo. oo 

2, Q9I.82 

3 ooo. oo 

Purchase of periodicals . . . . 

5,000. oo 

5, ooo. oo 

4. QQ2. 4.7 

5, ooo. oo 

Exchange of documents . . 

i, 800. oo 

i, 800 oo 

i 800. oo 


4V>, 830. IT. 

407, -150. oo 

4^5. 4^6. 85 

437, 154. Q4 

Building and grounds: 
Care and maintenance 

77, 245. oo 

7Q, 585. oo 

79, 358. OO 

80, 305. co 

Fuel lights etc 

*s. ooo. oo 

T.2. SOO. OO 

32, 244.67 

32, 500. oo 


45, ooo. oo 

40, ooo. oo 

39,989. 26- 

40, ooo. oo 


157, 24.5.00 

152, 085.00 

151, SQL 93 

152, 805. oo 

Botanic Garden: 

14, 3Q"^. 75 

14. "*Q3. 75 

14, 385. 57 

14, 393. 75 

Improving garden 

6, 500. oo 

5, ooo. oo 

4, 994. 55 

5, ooo. oo 

Improving buildings 

7 ooo. oo 

6, 500. oo 

6, 500. oo 

7, ooo. oo 


27 8cn 7^ 

2S 801, 7S 

25, 880. 12 

26 V)T,. 75 

Cleaning works of art in Capitol: 
Repairs of paintings in the 

i, 500.00 


I, 500.00 

i, 5OO..OO 

Bust of the late President McKinley 


Heating, lighting, and power plant 
for executive buildings 

5 ooo oo 

? 262. 44 

Bust of General L/afayette 


2 OOO. OO 

a Including incompleted orders and contracts. 

b Including balance available from preceding year. 

Superintendent of Building and Grounds 107 


All accounts for the fiscal year 1903, including claims 
paid on Auditor's certificate, have been settled and the 
unexpended balances of the appropriations for the year 
have reverted to the surplus fund of the Treasury, in 
amounts as follows: 

Library : 

Salaries $4, 064. 21 

Increase of Library i, 285. 28 

Contingent expenses 58. 62 

- $5,408.11 
Building and grounds: 

Care and maintenance 683. 05 

Furniture 85. 29 

Fuel, lights, etc .34 

768. 68 
Botanic Garden: 

Salaries .09 

Improving garden 37-51 

Improving buildings 27. 82 


Total 6, 242. 21 

Respectfully submitted 

Superintendent of the Library Building and Grounds 

The Honorable 




Appendix la. Appropriations and expenditures (tables) in 

Ib. Appropriation act, 1905-6 113 

II. Report of the Register of Copyrights 117 

III. Statistics of the Catalogue Division 137 

IV. Report of the Card Section 141 

V. Report of the Custodian of the Law Library . . . 153 

VI. Law Library: Noteworthy accessions, 1904-5 . . 163 

VII. Manuscripts: Accessions, 1904-5 175 

VIII. Maps and Charts: Noteworthy accessions, 

i9 4-5 189 

IX. Division of Prints: List of prints from the Chal- 
cographie du Louvre and from the German 
Reichsdruckerei: Kupferstiche und Holz- 

schnitte alter Meister in Nachbildungen 223 


Appendix la 






Library service: 

$236 660 oo 

$2'l$ 76s 24. 

XXl ,1 



Q 7^O.Q6 

269 04 


O 2, 090. OO 

I, 1QS. 06 

6Q4 Q4 

Distribution of card indexes 

6, 800. oo 

6, 7QQ. 04 


Copyright Office 

74. TOO. OO 

74 662 4.6 

17 CA 



128 isi 66 

I 806 14 


Purchase of books 

90 ooo oo 

90 ooo oo 

Purchase of periodicals 

5, ooo oo 

4, QQ2 4.7 

7 S^ 

Purchase of law books 

b 3, ooo oo 

2, QQI 82 

8 18 

Exchange of public documents 

i, 800. oo 

1, 800. oo 


99, 800. oo 

QQ, 784.. 2Q 

IS 71 

Contingent expenses 

7 ^oo oo 

7 2q8 QO 


Printing and binding (allotment, not 
appropriation ) 

185 ooo oo 

l84. QQO 27 

Q "71 

Grand total 

622, 350 oo 

62O 427. 12 

i 922 88 

a Balance of amounts appropriated March 3, 1903, and March 18, 1904. 
^ Exclusive of $1,500 to be expended by the marshal of the Supreme Court for 
new books of reference for that body. 


Object of expenditure 


Stationery supplies 

t.A =; 1 7 21 

Care and repair of automobile delivery wagon 

708 S2 

Horse hire and care of wagon 

S7I 2S 

Traveling expenses 

4.84. 2O 

Dies, presses, and rubber stamps . . 


Typewriter supplies , 

246. 7S 

Postage stamps (foreign correspondence) 



2O 40 


AO 47 

Postoffice box rent, July i, 1904, to June 30, 1905 

16. oo 


7 2Q8 QO 


Appendix Ib 


General administration: For Librarian of Congress, $6,000; 
chief assistant librarian, $4,000; chief clerk, $2,500; Libra- 
rian's secretary, $1,800; clerk (assistant to chief clerk), 
$1,000; 2 stenographers and typewriters, at $1,000 each; 
messenger, $840; in all, $18,140. 

Mail and supply: For assistant in charge, $1,500; assist- 
ant, $900; messenger boy, $360; in all, $2,760. 

Packing and stamping: For 2 attendants, at $720 each, 

Order (purchasing) : For chief of division, $2,500; assist- 
ant, $1,500; assistant, $1,200; 3 assistants, at $900 each; 2 
assistants, at $720 each; 2 assistants, at $600 each; assistant, 
$520; and 2 messenger boys, at $360 each; in all, $11,780. 

Catalogue and shelf: For chief of division, $3,000; 5 assist- 
ants, at $i, 800 each; 7 assistants, at $1,500 each; 6 assistants, 
at $1,400 each; 12 assistants, at $1,200 each; 6 assistants, 
at $1,000 each; 14 assistants, at $900 each; 4 assistants, at 
$800 each; 13 assistants, at $720 each; 3 assistants, at $600 
each; 10 assistants, at $540 each; 4 assistants, at $480 each; 
6 messengers, at $360 each; in all, $87,740. 

Binding: For assistant in charge, $1,200; assistant, $900; 
messenger boy, $360; in all, $2,460. 

Bibliography: For chief of division, $3,000; assistant, 
$1,200; 2 assistants, at $900 each; assistant, $720; stenog- 
rapher, $900; and i messenger boy, $360; in all, $7,980. 

Reading rooms (including evening service) and special 
collections: For superintendent of reading room, $3,000; 2 
assistants, at $1,500 each; 4 assistants, at $1,200 each; i 
assistant (reading room for the blind), $1,200; 5 assistants, 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

at $900 each; 10 assistants, at $720 each; i attendant, Sen- 
ate reading room, $900; i attendant, Representatives' read- 
ing room, $900; i attendant, Representatives' reading room, 
$720; 2 attendants, cloakrooms, at $720 each; i attendant, 
Toner Library, $900; i attendant, Washingtonian Library, 
$900; 4 messenger boys, at $360 each; 2 watchmen, at $720 
each; evening service: 5 assistants, at $900 each; 15 assist- 
ants, at $720 each; in all, $47,640. 

Periodical (including evening service): For chief of divi- 
sion, $2,000; chief assistant, $1,500; 2 assistants, at $900 
each; 3 assistants, at $720 each; 2 messenger boys, at $360 
each; for arrears of sorting and collating and to enable 
periodical reading room to be open in the evenings, 2 assist- 
ants, at $720 each; in all, $9,620. 

Documents : For chief of division , $3 , ooo ; assistant , $ i , 200 ; 
stenographer and typewriter, $900; assistant, $720; messen- 
ger, $360; in all, $6, 1 80. 

Manuscript: For chief of division, $3, ooo; assistant, $1,500; 
assistant, $900; messenger boy, $360; in all, $5,760. 

Maps and charts: For chief of division, $3,000; assistant, 
$1,200; 2 assistants, at $900 each; assistant, $720; messen- 
ger boy, $360; in all, $7,080. 

Music: For chief of division, $2,000; assistant, $1,400; 
assistant, $1,000; 2 assistants, at $720 each; messenger boy, 
$360; in all, $6,200. 

Prints: For chief of division, $2,000; assistant, $1,200; 2 
assistants, at $900 each; messenger, $360; in all, $5,360. 

Smithsonian deposit: For custodian, $1,500; assistant, 
$1,200; messenger, $720; messenger boy, $360; in all, 

Congressional Reference Library: For custodian, $1,500; 
assistant, $1,200; assistant, $900; assistant, $720; 2 mes- 
senger boys, at $360 each; in all, $5,040. 

Law Library: For custodian, $2,500; 2 assistants, at 
$1,400 each; messenger, $900; assistant for evening service, 
$1,500; in all, $7,700. 

COPYRIGHT OFFICE, under the direction of the Librarian 
of Congress: Register of copyrights, $3,000; chief clerk and 
chief of bookkeeping division, $2,000; chief of application 

Appropriation Act 1905-6 115 

division, $2,000; 2 clerks, at $1,800 each; 4 clerks, at $1,600 
each; 8 clerks, at $1,400 each; 10 clerks, at $1,200 each; 
8 clerks at $1,000 each; 13 clerks, at $900 each; 2 clerks, 
at $800 each; 10 clerks, at $720 each; i clerk, $600; 2 mes- 
senger boys, at $360 each. Arrears, special service: 3 
clerks, at $1,200 each; porter, $720; messenger boy, $360; 
in, all, $74,700. 

For service in connection with the distribution of card 
indexes and other publications of the Library, $7.800. 

For special, temporary, and miscellaneous service, at the 
discretion of the Librarian, to continue available until ex- 
pended, $2,000. 

To enable the Library of Congress to be kept open for 
reference use from 2 until 10 o'clock p. m. on Sundays and 
legal holidays, within the discretion of the Librarian, in- 
cluding the extra services of employees and the services of 
additional employees under the Librarian, $10,000, or so 
much thereof as may be necessary. 

books for the Library, and for freight, commissions, and 
traveling expenses incidental to the acquisition of books by 
purchase, gift, or exchange, $90,000; 

For purchase of books and for periodicals for the law 
library, under the direction of the Chief Justice, $3,000; 

For purchase of new books of reference for the Supreme 
Court, to be a part of the Library of Congress and purchased 
by the marshal of the Supreme Court, under the direction 
of the Chief Justice, $1,500; 

For purchase of miscellaneous periodicals and newspapers, 

In all, $99,500. 

For miscellaneous and contingent expenses of the Library, 
stationery, supplies, and all stock and materials directly 
purchased, miscellaneous traveling expenses, postage, trans- 
portation, and all incidental expenses connected with the 
administration of the Library and the Copyright Office, 
which sum shall be so apportioned as to prevent a deficiency 
therein, $7,300. 

ING AND GROUNDS: For superintendent of the Library build- 

ii 6 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

ing and grounds, $5,000; chief clerk, $2,000; clerk, $i, 600; 
clerk, $1,400; clerk, $1,000; i messenger; i assistant messen- 
ger; 2 telephone operators, at $600 each; captain of watch, 
$1,400; lieutenant of watch, $1,000; 18 watchmen; carpen- 
ter, $900; painter, $900; foreman of laborers, $900; 14 labor- 
ers, at $480 each; 2 attendants in ladies' room, at $480 each; 
2 check boys, at $360 each; mistress of charwomen, $425; 
assistant mistress of charwomen, $300; 45 charwomen; chief 
engineer, $1,500; i assistant engineer, $1,200; 3 assistant 
engineers, at $1,000 each; electrician, $1,500; assistant elec- 
trician, $1,000; machinist, $1,000; machinist, $900; 2 wire- 
men, at $900 each; plumber, $900; 3 elevator conductors, 
at $720 each; 9 firemen; 6 skilled laborers, at $720 each; in 

all, $77,505. 

For extra services of employees and additional employees 
under the superintendent of Library building and grounds to 
provide for the opening of the Library building from 2 until 
10 o'clock p. m. on Sundays and legal holidays, $2,800. 

For fuel, lights, repairs, and miscellaneous supplies, elec- 
tric and steam apparatus, reference books, stationery, and 
all incidental expenses in connection with the custody, care, 
and maintenance of said building and grounds, $32,500. 

For furniture, including partitions, screens, shelving, and 
electrical work pertaining thereto, $40,000. 

Appendix II 


Washington, D. C. , July 6, 1905 

The copyright business and the work of the Copyright 
Office for the fiscal year from July i, 1904, to June 30, 1905, 
inclusive, are summarized as follows: 


The gross receipts during the year were $80,440.56. A Fees, etc. 
balance of $2, 165.29, representing trust funds and unfinished 
business, was on hand July i, 1904, making a total of 
$82,605.85 to be accounted for. Of this amount the sum 
of $2,430.92 was refunded, having been sent to the Copy- 
right Office as excess fees or as fees for articles not regis- 
trable, leaving a net balance of $80,174.93. The balance 
carried over July i, 1905, was $2,116.93 (representing 
trust funds, $1,674.46, and total unfinished business since 
July i, 1897 eight years $442.47), leaving for fees ap- 
plied during the fiscal year 1904-5, $78,058. 


The appropriation made by Congress for salaries in the Salaries 
Copyright Office for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905, 
was $74,700. Of this amount the total expenditure for 
salaries was $74,662.46, or $3,395.54 less than the net 
amount of fees earned and paid into the Treasury during 
the corresponding year. The expenditure for supplies, 
except furniture, including stationery and other articles, 
and postage on foreign mail matter, etc., was $967.72. 

The copyright fees received and paid into the United Copyright fees 
States Treasury during the last eight years, from July i , 



Report of the Librarian of Congress 

1897, to June 30, 1905, amount to $5 2 7>335-5o> while the 
.sum used of the appropriations for salaries during that pe- 
riod was $427,588.22, leaving an excess of fees over appro- 
priations used for service for the eight years of $99,747.28. 
Copyright de- During these same eight years the articles received as 


deposits amount to the grand total or 1,276,143 pieces, 
including two copies each of 68,310 books and pamphlets, 
37,245 leaflets, 55,946 periodical contributions, 6,216 dra- 
matic compositions, 140,200 separate numbers of periodicals, 
155,690 musical compositions, 12,576 maps and charts, 
43,471 engravings, cuts, and prints, 13,244 chromos and 
lithographs, 94,537 photographs, and 389 miscellaneous 
articles. In addition to the above, 20,495 photographs 
were deposited to identify the same number of original 
works of art paintings, drawings, and statuary of which 
the descriptions had been filed. Man} T of these articles are 
of considerable value. 


Registrations The entries of titles for the fiscal year reached the highest 
number in the history of the Copyright Office, namely, 
113,374. Of these entries 103,544 were titles f the pro- 
ductions of citizens or residents of the United States, and 
9,830 were titles of works of foreigners. The fees for these 
entries were: United States, $51,772; foreign, $9,830, or a 
total of $61,602. 

Certificates, etc. Qf the foreign entries 2,831 were with certificates, and of 
the United States entries 25,425, or a total of 28,256 certifi- 
cates, at fees amounting to $14, 1 28. In addition, 2, 95 8 copies 
of record were furnished for $1,479 in fees; assignments to 
the number of 703 were recorded and certified, at a charge of 
$808, and search fees charged to the amount of $41. The 
total copyright fees for the year amounted to $78,058. The 
details of the Copyright Office business and applied fees are 
set out in Exhibits A, B, and C. 

The number of entries in each class from July i, 1904, to 
June 30, 1905, as compared with the number of entries made 
in the previous fiscal year, is seen in Exhibit F. 

Register of Copyrights 



The various articles deposited in compliance with the Articles depos- 
copyright law, which have been receipted for, stamped, Jt 
credited, indexed, and catalogued during the fiscal year 
amount to 207,424. This is a gain of 22,625 over the pre- 
ceding fiscal year. The number of these articles in each 
class for the eight fiscal years is shown in Exhibit G, and 
indicates a grand total of 1,276,143 articles received in the 
eight years. 


The usual four quarterly volumes of the Catalogue of catalogue 
Title Entries were printed, containing 5,289 pages. 

The title index cards for the fiscal year number 181,709. 
After having been first used as the copy for the printed cat- 
alogue required to be produced weekly by the act of Con- 
gress of March 3, 1891 (5ist Cong., 2d sess. , ch. 565), 
these cards are added to the permanent card indexes of the 
copyright entries, which now number a total of over 
1,213,000 cards. 

Index cards 

The customary " Semi- Annual Statements" were issued semi-annual 

, _. , . . statements 

on July 2, 1904, and January 3, 1905, setting out in con- 
densed form the statistics of the copyright business for the 
fiscal year 1903-4, and for the calendar year 1904, respec- 
tively. Of the usual " Circulars of Information," thirteen circulars 
were reprinted during the year, as new editions were 're- 
quired. The text of the new copyright act of March 3, 
1905, was printed, with a brief summary of the proceedings 
in Congress leading to its enactment, and also with explicit 
directions for making application under the new law, in 
French and in German as well as in English. 

New revised editions were printed of the Copyright Of- 
fice Bulletins Nos. i and 2, containing the copyright laws, 
and the directions for making application for copyright reg- 
istration, while two new bulletins, Nos. 8 and 9, were pub- 
UB 1905 9 

I2O Report of the Librarian of Congress 

lished during the year. The full titles of these publications 
are as follows: 

New editions of I. The Copyright Law of the United States of America, in force 
Bulletins Nos. i March 3, 1905, 6th edition. 30 pp. -\- \ 1. 8. 
and2 2. Directions for the registration of copyrights under the laws of 

the United States. 44 pp. 8. 

New Bulletins 8. Copyright in Congress 1789-1904. A Bibliography, and a Chro- 
nological Record of all Proceedings in Congress in relation to Copyright 
from April 15, 1789, to April 28, 1904, First Congress, first session, to 
Fifty-eighth Congress, second session. 468 pp. 8. 

9. The Provisions of the United States Copyright L,aws with a sum- 
mary of some parallel provisions of the copyright laws of foreign 
countries. 51 pp. 4. 

Recapitulation; SUMMARY 


Balance on hand July i, 1904 $2, 165. 29 

Gross receipts July i, 1904, to June 

30, I95 8o > 440- 56 

Total to be accounted for $82, 605. 85 

Refunded 2, 430. 92 

Balance to be accounted for $80, 174. 93 

Applied as fees earned . .' 78, 058. oo 

Balance carried over to July i, 1905: 

Trust funds i, 674. 46 

Unfinished business, July i, 1897, to June 

30, 1905, eight years 442. 47 

2, 116.93 

80, 174. 93 

Total fees earned and paid into the Treasury during the 

eight fiscal years from July i, 1897, to June 30,' 1905 . . . 527, 335. 50 
Total unfinished business for the eight years 442. 47 


Registrations, Number of entries of United States productions recorded. 103, 544 
etc - Number of entries of foreign productions recorded 9, 830 

Total number of titles recorded 113, 374 

Number of certificates of United States entries 25, 425 

Number of certificates of foreign entries 2, 831 

Total number of certificates 28, 256 

Number of certified copies of record 2, 958 

Number of assignments recorded 73 

Register of Copyrights 

Fees for entry of titles, United States produc- 
tions, at 50 cents each $51, 772. oo 

Fees for entry of titles of foreign productions, 

at $i each 9, 830. oo 

Total fees for titles recorded 

Fees for certificates, United States entries, at 

50 cents each 12, 712. 50 

Fees for certificates, foreign entries, at 50 

cents each i, 415. 50 


i, 602. oo 

Total fees for certificates 14, 128. oo 

Fees for certified copies of record, at 50 cents each i, 479. oo 

Fees for recording assignments 808. oo 

Eight searches made and charged for at the rate of 50 

cents for each hour of time consumed 41. oo 

Applied fees 

Total fees 78, 058. oo 

() Current work 

The current work of the Copyright Office is now kept as state of work 
nearly up to date as is possible in an office where the daily 
business is so fluctuating. During the year the title regis- 
trations have varied from 141 in one day to 3,320 on another 

At this date (July 6, 1905) the remittances received up to Accounts 
the third mail of the day have been recorded and acknowl- 
edged; the account books of the bookkeeping division are 
written up and posted to June 30, and the accounts rendered 
to the Treasury Department are settled up to and including 
the month of June, while earned fees to June 30, inclusive, 
have been paid into the Treasury. 

All copyright applications received up to and including 
June 30 have been passed upon and refunds made. The 
total unfinished business for the full eight years, from July 
i, 1897, to June 30, 1905, amounts to but $442.47. 

At the close of business on July 6, 1905, notwithstanding nties recorded 
the intervening Saturday half holiday and Sunday, the 
titles for record in all classes had been dated, classified, and 
numbered to June 30, and all titles had been indexed up 
to June 30. 

122 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Deposits The articles of all classes deposited had been stamped, 

catalogued, and credited up to the receipts of June 30, 

The Catalogue of Title Entries had been brought forward 
to No. 730 of June 29, 1905. 

The certificate and noncertificate entries (all classes, 
except A to June 27, and B and C to June 28) had been 
recorded to June 30, inclusive, and certificates and notices 

of entry to the same date made, revised, and mailed. 

(b} Copyright business prior to July i, 1897 

Arrears Congress in the appropriation act for the fiscal year just 

closed continued the special force for work on the arrears 
of Copyright Office business prior to July i, 1897. The 
examination and arrangement of the mass of deposits has 
been continued, and 51,868 credited musical compositions 
(previously arranged by years of entry) have been given a 
more exact arrangement and conveniently shelved for future 

Credited articles to the number of 44,263 (including 6,083 
pamphlets, 12,932 leaflets, 9,694 periodicals, and 14,071 
musical compositions) have been properly filed away under 
year and number. In the work of crediting deposits, 18,494 
articles were handled, and 17,722 articles (including 2,083 
pamphlets and 14,208 musical compositions) were credited 
and properly filed away. In the case of 772 articles identi- 
fication and credit could not be made, and they were accord- 
ingly indexed and filed for convenient reference, those 
which were desired by the Library being forwarded to the 
shelves for use. 

Index cards (title and proprietor) for dramatic composi- 
tions to the number of 14,811 were written. 

At the close of business June 30, 1905, there remained 
uncredited in the files of the Copyright Office 174,325 arti- 
cles deposited prior to July i, 1897, as follows: 

Books i, 609 

Pamphlets and leaflets 4 1 . 7^3 

Periodical contributions 3, 138 

Periodicals 19. 8 9 

Musical compositions 64, 749 

Register of Copyrights 123 

Dramatic compositions: 

Typewritten 386 

Printed 239 

Manuscript, etc 27 


Sheet maps I, 605 

Insurance maps 7, 315 

Roll maps and charts 85 

Atlases 4 

Engravings, cuts, and prints n, 018 

Dress prints 2, 552 

Chromos and lithographs 3, 831 

Posters '. 3, 450 

Photographs 10, 666 

Stereographs 373 

Kinetographs 45 

Fine art photographs 10 


Games 465- 

Other miscellany I, 105 

Total . 174, 325 


During the third session of the Fifty-eighth Congress six 
copyright bills were pending. Of these one became law, 
being approved on March 3, 1905. This bill, originally in- 
troduced by Senator Platt, of Connecticut, on January 15, 
1902, was printed as Senate bill No. 2894 of the Fifty-sev- 
enth Congress, first session, and referred to the Senate Com- 
mittee on Patents, but was not reported on. The bill pro- 
vided that in the case of a foreign book in a foreign language 
two copies of the original foreign edition might be deposited 
in the Copyright Office within thirty days after publication 
abroad, the title of the work having been previously filed 
' ' on or before the day of publication in this or any foreign 
country," accompanied with either (a) an affidavit declaring 
that the claimant was the author of the book, or (#) evidence 
that he was the author's executor or administrator, or (c) 
an assignment to him from the author. No person should 
have copyright in such book, however, after the expiration 
of twelve months from first publication abroad, unless two 
copies of the work were delivered at the Library of Congress 

124 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

within said twelve months, printed from type set within the 
limits of the United States or from plates made therefrom, 
"either in the language of origin, or in a version or transla- 
tion thereof in English or some other language. ' ' During 
this interval the importation of copies of the original work 
was to be permitted, such copies requiring no notice of 

No action having been taken upon this bill, a substitute 
bill was presented by Senator Platt, of Connecticut, on 
November 16, 1903. This was printed as Senate bill No. 
849 of the Fifty-eighth Congress, first session, but an error 
having occurred in the printing, it was reintroduced on 
December 8, 1903, and again ordered printed as Senate bill 
No. 2229, and referred to the Committee on Patents. From 
that committee it was reported on January 8, 1904, with 
the recommendation that it should be passed without 

Meantime, on December 9, 1903, the bill had been pre- 
sented in the House of Representatives by Mr. Currier, of 
New Hampshire, referred to the House Committee on Pat- 
ents, and ordered printed as House bill No. 6487. From 
this committee the bill was sent back to the House of Rep- 
resentatives on March i, 1904, with a detailed report (House 
Report No. 1287), an d an amendment to the effect that the 
act should only apply " to a citizen or subject of a foreign 
state or nation when such foreign state or nation permits 
to citizens of the United States of America the benefit of 
copyright on the same basis as is given to its citizens 
by this Act. ' ' On December 14, 1904, the bill was passed by 
the House of Representatives, amended as proposed by the 
House Committee on Patents. 

The House act, referred to the Senate Committee on 
Patents on December 15, 1904, was reported on January 
27, 1905, with a verbal amendment to the effect that the 
act should only apply when the foreign country con- 
cerned permitted to citizens of the United States the 
"benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis 
as to its own citizens. ' ' On January 30 the bill from the 
Committee on Patents was brought up in the Senate, but 
was met with the objection that it failed to provide for a , 

Register of Copyrights 


notice of the reservation of copyright. Thereupon 
Senator Platt let the bill go over without action, and on 
February 2 presented a substitute bill (submitted at his 
request by the Register of Copyrights) as an amendment. 
This was passed by the Senate on March 3, 1905, and 
on the same day received an affirmative vote in the House. 
The text of the new legislation is given here, with the 
wording of the House act as reported by the Senate Com- 
mittee on Patents, in parallel columns: 

[Act of March 3, 1905, as approved.] 

' ' Whenever the author or pro- 
prietor of a book in a foreign lan- 
guage, which shall be published 
in a foreign country before the 
day of publication in this country, 
or his executors, administrators, 
or assigns, shall deposit one com- 
plete copy of the same, including 
all maps and other illustrations, 
in the Library of Congress, 
Washington, District of Columbia, 
within thirty days after the first 
publication of such book in a for- 
eign country, and shall insert in 
such copy, and in all copies of such 
book sold or distributed in the 
United States, on the title page 
or the page immediately follow- 
ing, a notice of the reservation of 
copyright in the name of the pro- 
prietor, together with the true 
date of first publication of such 
book, in the following words: 
'Published , nineteen hun- 

dred and . Privilege of copy- 
right in the United States reserved 
under the Act approved March 
third, nineteen hundred and five, 
by , ' and shall, within twelve 
months after the first publication 
of such book in a foreign country, 
file the title of such book and de- 
posit two copies of it in the origi- 
nal language or, at his option, of 
a translation of it in the English 
language, printed from type set 

[H. R. Act 6487 as amended by the 
Senate Committee on Patents.] 

' ' Whenever the author or pro- 
prietor of a book in a foreign lan- 
guage, which shall be published 
in a foreign country before the 
day of publication in this country, 
or his executors, administrators, 
or assigns, shall, within twelve 
months after the first publication 
of such book in a foreign country, 
obtain a copyright for a translation 
of such book in the English lan- 
guage, which shall be the first 
copyright in this country for a 
translation of such book, he and 
they shall have, during the term 
of such copyright, the sole liberty 
of printing, reprinting, publish- 
ing, vending, translating, and 
dramatizing the said book, and, in 
the case of a dramatic composi- 
tion, of publicly performing the 
same, or of causing it to be per- 
formed or represented by others: 
Provided, That this Act shall only 
apply to a citizen or subject of a 
foreign state or nation when such 
foreign state or nation permits to 
citizens of the United States of 
America the benefit of copyright 
on substantially the same basis as 
to its own citizens. ' ' 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

within the limits of the United 
States, or from plates made there- 
from, containing a notice of copy- 
right, as provided by the copy- 
right laws now in force, he and 
they shall have during the term 
of twenty-eight years from the 
date of recording the title of the 
book or of the English translation 
of it, as provided for above, the 
sole liberty of printing, reprinting, 
publishing, vending, translating, 
and dramatizing the said book: 
Provided, That this Act shall 
only apply to a citizen or subject 
of a foreign State or nation when 
such foreign State or nation per- 
mits to citizens of the United 
States of America the benefit of 
copyright on substantially the 
same basis as to its own citizens." 


It has been generally admitted that the copyright laws 
need amendment and that such amendment should be 
secured by the substitution of one general law in place of 
the thirteen laws which now have to do with copyright. 

The Senate Committee on Patents which deals with 
copyright legislation, in view of this admitted necessity 
for amendment pf the copyright laws, made public its 
purpose, in Senate Report 3380, 58th Congress, third 
session, January 27, 1905, "to attempt a codification of 
the copyright laws at the next session of Congress." 

Upon the suggestion of the chairman of the Senate 
Committee on Patents, the Librarian of Congress called 
a conference of representatives of the organizations inter- 
ested in copyright legislation, and a session was held in 
New York, May 3i-June 2, 1905. 

The result of the deliberations of this conference was 
to entrust the Copyright Office with the formulation of 

Register of Copyrights 


a tentative draft of a bill for such a consolidation of the 
copyright laws. A memorandum draft will be accord- 
ingly prepared and submitted to a second session of the 
Conference on Copyright, to be held in New York on 
November i, 1905. It is hoped that after being duly 
considered and discussed this tentative draft may form 
the basis for a bill for the general amendment of the 
copyright laws. 


Register of Copyrights 

Librarian of Congress 

EXHIBIT A Statement of gross receipts, refunds, net receipts, and 
fees applied for fiscal year ending June 30, 1905 

Gross cash 





July . . 

jts. S4.O. T.O 

$228. 71 

$S. ^11. SQ 

$s ss^ so 


S, 77O. 7O 

IS4. 8s 


S 707 SO 


6 840 ^s 

152 68 

6 696 67 

6 AT.1 SO 


6 7O4. 8q 

167. -12 

6, S17. S7 

6 877 oo 


6, os6. 70 

2^1. 67 

S, 82S. 12 

S. 6s^ oo 


7, 600. 47 

i8s. 65 

7, SI"*. 82 

6, 760. oo 


8 046. 60 

214 17 

8. 7^2. 4^ 

Q 4^2 SO 


6 029. 62 

I -JO. IS 

S, 8qo. 47 

S S44 SO 


7 -311 QO 

283 2O 

7 028 70 

7 266 oo 


6 806 66 

209 06 

6 SQ7 60 

6 635 oo 


6, S^I. QQ 

221. O2 

6, tio. 07 

6, 014. so 


6, IQ2. 2Q 

243. 44 

S, 048. 8s 

6, 187.00 


80, 440. s6 

2, 4"*O. Q2 

78, OOQ. 64. 

78, os8. oo 

Balance brought forward from June 30, 1904 $2, 165. 29 

Gross receipts July i, 1904, to June 30, 1905 80, 440. 56 

Total ..-.. 82,605.85 

Less amount refunded 2, 430. 92 

To be accounted for 80, 174. 93 

Balance carried forward July i, 1905: 

Trust funds $i, 674. 46 

Unfinished business 442. 47 


Fees applied July i, 1904, to June 30, 1905 78, 058. oo 

128 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

EXHIBIT B Statement of fees paid into Treasury 







July 5 


$300. oo 

Tan * 









I, 2OO OO 



2S. . 


i 500 oo 


A 78 

Aug. i 






^S"*. so 

Feb 3 









i, 400 oo 








20. . . 


i, 400 oo 



Sept. 6 



Mar 6 




i 600 oo 



IQ. . . 


i 400 oo 








Oct. -\. . 





s. . 


211 SO 

Anr i 



1,400 oo 





i 500 oo 

IO. . 



I 400 oo 




i 600 oo 


Nov. 3 

46 s ; 


May i 

7. . . 


650 oo 




i 400 oo 




i, 400. oo 






i 400 oo 


Dec. T,. . 

4 7O 

801 oo 


S- - 


500 oo 

June s 







IQ. . . 


i 500 oo 




i 400 oo 




i 600 oo 

Tulv ^- - 





287 oo 


78, 058 oo 

Register of Copyrights 
EXHIBIT C Record of applied fees 



Number of titles, 
foreign produc- 

Fees at $i each 

Number of titles, 
United States 








Total number of 
titles entered 

Total monthly ap- 
plied fees for 
titles recorded 

Number of cer- 
tificates, foreign 






a v 




July . . 

i, 127 

i, 127 


$780. oo 

797. oo 
i, 127.00 
i, 127.00 

904. oo 
659. oo 


14, 302 

7, 220 


$3, 499. oo 
3, 655- oo 
3, 845. oo 

4, 099- 50 
3, 668. oo 

4,9 8 7-50 
4, 065. 50 


15, 116 

10, 879 


$4, 279. oo 
4, 404. oo 
4, 642. oo 
5, 226. 50 

7, 965. oo 
4, 329. do 
5, 366. 50 



I8 9 









September . . 

November.. . 
December . . . 


February. . . . 




Total . . 


9, 830. oo 

103, 544 


1 1 3, 374 





Number of cer- 
tificates, United 










Total certificates 








Copies of record 









Charge for assign- 

Search fees 


Total applied fees 

July . . 


2, 125 


2, 292 
2, 103 
2, 092 

$998. 50 

I, 062.50 


946. oo 



1, 146.00 

I, 046.00 


2 , 24O 



2, 292 

2, 193 

$1, 162.00 
1, 182.00 

I, I2O. OO 

1, 387. oo 

I, 067.00 

i, 146.00 




578. 50 
192. 50 






$56. oo 
64. oo 





6, 873. oo 
5, 653- oo 
6, 760. oo 

7, 266. oo 
6, 635. oo 
6, 014. 50 
6, 187.00 


September . . 
November . . . 
December . . . 

February. . . . 




April . . 



Total . . 

25, 425 


28, 256 

14, 128.00 





78, 058. oo 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

EXHIBIT D Copyright business (monthly comparison}. Annual 
report for the fiscal year July i , 1904, to June jo, 1905 

[Comparative monthly statement of gross cash receipts, executed business, 
number of entries, daily averages, etc.] 


Gross receipts 

Business executed 









July . . 

5, 770. 70 
6, 849. 35 
6, 704. 89 
6, 056. 79 
7, 699. 47 

8, 946. 60 
6, 029. 62 
6, 806. 66 


242. 27 

262. 16 
281. 23 
272. 26 

251- 23 

238. 1 6 

$5, 553- 50 
6, 873. oo 
5, 653- oo 
6, 760. oo 

9. 432. 50 
5, 544- 50 
7, 266. oo 
6, 635. oo 
6, 187.00 


$222. 14 
257- 26 
264. 35 

226. 12 

279. 46 
265. 40 

237- 9 6 


$230. 40 

724. oo 


September . . 
November . . 
December . . . 


648. 10 

2,916. 98 

505- 24 
274. 67 

339- 70 

I, 22O. OO 

3, 888. oo 


i, 247. 13 
i, 282. 28 

1, 107.00 

2, 672. 50 



620. 50 


Total . . 

6, 192. 29 


80, 440. 56 

78, 058. oo 



Number of entries 







Tulv .. 

i, 127 






H, 32 
7, 220 




10, 879 
10, 066 








September . . 
November . . 
December . . . 

February. .. . 

i, 217 






I, 221 




Total . . 


103, 544 


Register of Copyrights 

132 Report of the Librarian of Congress 
















o 10100 UOIO 

O u"5 O M' O M 






OOOO 1-1 ro 


IO r 00 Tt- 

1-1 O rOO~> 



101-1 OO 
rOrOOO 1-1 

Tj- 1/5 TJ- IO * 

"3- * -^- ** 

' -s ^ I >> ^ : : : 

Register of Copyrights 


t^ IO 00 N 

r^ o <* co 





1 <? 






r^ oo oo ON 



o o oo 





M M VO tN 






t^ 01 vo 

IO 1-1 Tf 

vo T- IO 






1^ t^* r^ oo 




OO OO 00 




00 M 01 *-( 

3- 10 co r^ 





CO ON t^ 

\O co O 

VO 00 ON 




vO vo t^ t^. 



00 t^ vo 



^ .2 

' '-M 

r. r"! 


O VO rf >O 
IH t^ OO O 
O t^* ^O CO 




IO 04 CS 

t^ uD CO 



1 ( 





t- t^ OO 


<j o 


^ M IO HI 
w N OO O 

u~j 00 vo ON 









""S ** 



t^. 00 vo 


K O 

^ > <fi 


IO IO '-' t^ 

co o) r^ CN 

00 i/} IO vo 











1 - 

S ^ Cd 

s s S 

^j ^ W 


vo vo t*"" r>- 




00 00 f^ 


"**i ^ fc 

5^ N Q 


CO IO OO vo 

10 00 w 
vo O M co 









n- oo oo 





^ *N 'V 

^ O w 
<^ ON S 


IO vo ^o vo 



t^ vO vo 



| I 


7 s 

IO 00 VO OO 

M 1-1 O VO 

O vO '- | co 








rr 0) 
CO Tf CV1 




- ON 

<S) ^ 

(2 s 

10 10 vO vo 




vo vo VO 



^i k, 

^ i, 
<i ON 

S^ S 











December . . 



cd f*> 1 cd 
S ^ S 





Report of the Librarian of Congress 









ber of 



1897-98 . . 
1898-99 . . 
1901-2 . . . 
1902-3 . . . 
1903-4 . . . 
1904-5 . . . 


69, 525- 25 
68, 405. 08 

75, 302. 83 
80, 440. 56 


3, 086. 09 

i, 547. 08 

I, 120. 17 


55, 9 26 - 50 
58, 267. oo 
65. 206.00 
63, 687. 50 
64, 687. oo 
68, 874. 50 
72, 629. oo 
78, 058. oo 


2, 340- 5 

6, 939. oo 


4, 187. 50 
3, 754- 50 
5, 429- oo 


75, 545 

94, 79 8 
92, 35i 
92, 978 

97, 979 
103, 130 


13, 830 


10, 244 



3, 768. 92 

EXHIBIT F Table of entries of titles made during the fiscal years 
1901-2, 7902-3, 1903-4, and 1904-5, arranged by classes 


I9 02 -3 



Class A. Books: 
(a) Books (vols. ) and pamphlets 

8, -590 

10, sSq 

15, 870 

16 0^7 

(b) Booklets, leaflets, circulars, cards . 
(c) Newspaper and magazine articles. 



3, 3 61 
8, 593 

10, 457 

Total .../ 

24 272 

26 466 

27 824 

29 860 

Class B. Periodicals (numbers) 

21 071 

22 625 

21 4o6 

22 ^QI 

Class C. Musical compositions 

]Q 706 

21 l6l 

23 no 

2/1 coc; 

Class D. Dramatic compositions 

I 4/l8 

I 608 

I S7I 

T 6/1^ 

Class E. Maps and charts 


I 7Q2 

I 767 

I 831 

Class F. Engravings, cuts, and prints 
Glass G. Chromos and lithographs 


2, OIO 

2 2^2 

2 ^84 

2 58l 

Class H. Photographs 

I"* 02^ 

I? cjq 


TC T'K} 

Class I. Fine arts: Paintings, drawings, 
and sculpture 

2 841 

\ OT.O 

-j Q-M 

3 8^0 

Grand total 

Q2 Q7S 

Q7 Q7O 

103 130 

111 17/1 

Register of Copyrights 

O lO^C^O O O^O ^ ^'f > *^ 
< ^f 1 ^^-* O O s *t* N 'l^* T ^*OQC 
tON C\CS CJ'sO lO^fOJ i/>cO 



00 iO 




oo r^ovo o iocj coro^- 

'Of^ 1 ^ ^J-lOM^fh-lOs 


10 o 






o\o *- -^ t^. ^r r>- o ro^ 
oo M 02 ^ 12 *& M a 3'" ; 



00 VO 
rO 5 






HH N M M 1-1 M 



to PO 



^I'i'^ Si s 5 S s^l 5 


O Os 
to vO 

OS 00 





W W S M 


Q to 









W M (-( 


PI t^ 
r-^ * 

10 OS 
>r PI" 







o oi looo iocs io\o t^-oo 


00 00 

t~- TT 

t- OS 






M ' W M 

\O P< 






vS & 1 5 S. gns a f 


t^. IO 




"" M >OH " 







- 4. 


uoooc IOM locoiors M 

\O lO OO ^" ^O M rC w CS 



tO 11 
00 vO 

OS M" 



5 *. 

5 I 

o S 

.?^^ g E1&1: SI* 2 " 





S ^ 


iO "^ 10 Os Os M rO n t s> 


OO w 







i/j OO PI ^ \O f^* so PI t^ t^ 10 


PI to 

OS 00 















Q I 

eceived . . . . 
" art for idei 

* e :::.:. ' 



> *- 


g N : : ^ : v ^ 












T ed p, -S 

^ f-t (/) Q4 

s 1 1 1 i 1 11 1 

I > 1 1 i 1 8 1 1 1 1 

. ea 

Two copies of each arti< 
Photographs with titles o 
one copy each 






UB 1905- 






rt &J 

S S 


PH -J 




NO t^OO P* ^*00 "-* ON N O lONO 
00 NO *- ON PI |> ONCO ON ^ ON ^ 

00 00 

r*> - 



r*aotZ.<-> O rCoo oo" co ~ o 

HH l-( i-t M M M A 




p l 


w CO 










p) cocScoP) PI <o >/o co ?\ r^ co 

























CO *-) 

I-H T^-OO NO M t^. O CO ON O 00 ON 










M U^PI COOOO - P u^co 








Parts en- 
tered on 

UO PI t^ r^ co ^OOO ON ^ t- 1 PI ON 

lOPiNO COIOPI coo * r^oo oo 

1-1 MI-lPI Pll-( P1PI 




1 T3 

t^r-iocOM M coo o ONt^io 



-2 u 

t^ PI ON w rJ-00 ONOO' WO O O "0 


c o)~< 





"3 3 rt 


\O OcoO O ^i/}cOiO*-i OOO 
ON UONO i-< Tf- ^ 1-1 rf ONOO O iO 


3 & 





MT (Instruction) 49 



Music: MI, (Literature) 1050; 

Grand total 

J3 w 


O W 



c o 
pj > 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 





r^. ro cs 

00 O CS 
rO rO CS 




Tt- O 

r~- oo 


o r-. 

r-~ ON 

00 ro 








CS ro rO 




M in 

m TI- 

oo m 
in in 











m ro NO 

I i 












c/2^ H 

hH W M 




ro cs 

CS ro 







^H O 

t"** 00 t^* 

TJ- hH ro 
rO TJ- O 






ro ON 

Tj- NO 
CTs O 

ro cs 





. la 








tc S 

OO hH 

m m cs 






ro cs 





1-1 Tj- NO 





NO 1^- 













t^- O 

CS Tj- 

t-~ in 

rO in 





o rt.52 

. m 


From F 
Music IS 
Division Di\ 




ON 00 




.^ O tf) 

^ O rO 

NO 1-1 co 

ro CS O 







t^- rO 


m o 

0S TI- 





NO in ro 





in NO rO 

TJ- <N in 
m o co 





ro 00 

m ro 


O In 

in H 





| S S 

cs cs 1-1 



cs cs 

CS f. 




m t^ i^ 




1 ~ 

m NO 


t^. in 


in 1-1 
in co 






^~ ' f"" 1 




bca<il y 2 

c .2 *4 C ."2 
a * ' | - r 

C A S 

Os ro ro 





ro NO 

00 ro 


00 NO 





JS "rt ^* 

m ON co 





Tj- t~ 




^ U 

"- 1 


1-1 ro CO 


in ON ON 




CNl 1^ 


in o 

Os t*~ 






3 rt ^ 

m t^ NO 



o o 







3 -2 B, 

c7l U 






hH CN 








NO Os 




rO i- 

m cs 





P- -2 

> ~ 1 









: ^ 
| g 
3 $ & 

>-. <J t/3 





03 cL, 






Statistics of the Catalogue Division 



Proof reading: 

I. Catalogue of title entries, Class A, Books, no. 679-702, July 7-Dec. 

15, 1904.0 
II. Titles sent to printer: 

New titles ^42, 280 

Cards to be reprinted 7.347 

Maps and Charts Division titles 15 

Geological Survey titles 559 

Special requisitions 

Unrevised analytical entries i, 154 

vSupplementary catalogue rules (Rules 1-11) in pamphlet 


III. New titles received from printer 1-42, 589 

Reprinted cards 8, ^46 

Geological Survey titles 751 

Maps and Charts Division titles 10 

Want slips: 

Publications of societies and periodicals for Smithsonian Deposit 154 

For Document Division 343 

For Order Division 44 

Letters sent: 

Inquiries to authors and publishers i, 958 

Miscellaneous letters and memoranda 778 

Reference books prepared for binding i, 390 

a After Dec. 15, 1904, proofs read in Copyright Office. 
''Includes 803 titles for A. I y . A. Catalog of 1904. 
c Includes 855 titles for A. I,. A. Catalog of 1904. 

140 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

IV New classification Summary 






Class A: Polygraphy (collections, encyclopedias, 
etc ) . . 

i, 570 

-i, 459 

7, O2Q 

Class C : History Auxiliary sciences 




Class D: History (except America) 

4, 229 

2, 647 


Classes E and F - America 



4. 007 

Class G : Geography 

I, 257 

4, 126 


Class H Economics 

2, 28S 

IT., 514 

IS 8lQ 

Class I v : Education 


3, 027 

3, 187 

Class M : Music literature ( reported by Music Di- 
vision) . . . 

i, S48 

I 548 

Class Q: Science 7 

4, 539 


7, -274. 

Class R: Medicine 

I, 77o 


5, 108 

Class S: Agriculture, etc 




Class T- Technology 


7, O22 

10, 962 

Class U Military science 



i, 148 

Class V: Naval science 


2, 764 


Class Z 1 Bibliography 

6, 166 

6, 166 

Chapter 38' I^iterary history 





45, 97i 
n, 272 

83, 381 
n, 272 

Old classifications 

17, 1.1.1. 

^7. ^^ 

74, 743 

57, 243 

131, 986 


Stack lists: 

Printed 32, 704 

Preliminary 55, ooo 

Shelf lists: 

Printed 18, 143 

Typewritten 4, 044 

Appendix IV 


Washington, D. C.,June 30, 1905 

SIR : I have the honor to submit the annual report of the 
Card Section for the fiscal year 1904-5, covering the work 
of the Section for the twelve months July i, 1904, to June 

30- 1905- 


During the year 221 names have been added to the list of 
subscribers, bringing the total number of libraries, individ- 
uals, and firms which have thus far subscribed up to 608. 
About 40 per cent of the new subscribers are public .libraries 
of less than 10,000 volumes. Of the remainder, 10 per 
cent are libraries of high schools, normal schools, and small 
colleges of less than 10,000 volumes; while about 15 per 
cent are public libraries and college libraries of less than 
25,000 volumes. 


Public libraries of over 100,000 volumes 23 

Public libraries of from 25,000 to 100,000 volumes 64 

Public libraries of from 10,000 to 25,000 volumes 81 

Public libraries of less than 10,000 volumes 185 

University libraries 29 

College libraries 53 

High and normal school libraries 26 

Libraries of Departments of the United States Government 25 

State libraries 16 

Law libraries 4 

Theological libraries 8 

Libraries of learned societies 23 

Libraries of art 2 

Library of bibliography i 

Booksellers 6 

Publishers 7 

State library commissions 3 

Individuals and firms 52 

Total 608 

142 Report of the Librarian of Congress 


The increase in the sale of cards as compared with the 
sale of last year has been over 106 per cent. This large 
increase has been due chiefly to the sale of the special 
edition of cards issued for books listed in the new edition 
of the A. L. A. Catalog. It seems probable that the increase 
in the sale of cards ordered in other ways has been about the 
same as last year. 

In the following tabulation of the sale of cards the 
amount realized from subscription to proof sheets is in- 
cluded. The amount charged against the appropriations 
of the United States Departments for cards furnished 
through the Library branch of the Government Printing 
Office is not included in the cash sales, but is given as a 
separate item. . 

Cash sales of catalogue cards by months 

July $557- 78 

August 600. 1 7 

September 675. 45 

October I, 053. 70 

November i, 702. 26 

December i, 303. 39 

January i, 633. 74 

February i, 5 10. 80 

March i, 673. 35 

April i, 607. 78 

May i, 742. 96 

June i, 435- 17 

Total $15, 496. 55 

Sales to libraries of the United States Departments on 
requisitions obtained from the Government Printing 

Office $5i7- 91 

Cash received as deposits for catalogue cards 

July 15^5 -47 

August 612. 87 

September 655. 14 

October i, 349- 26 

November i, 5 10. 26 

December i, 677. 56 

Report of the Card Section 143 

January $2, 185. 97 

February i, 425. 27 

March 2, 032. 54 

April . . i, 755. 13 

May I, 728. 69 

June ' i, 590. 17 

Total deposits $17, 028. 33 

Deposits refunded 249. 42 

Net total $16, 778. 91 


It has proved impracticable to continue to keep statistics 
of the sales by method of ordering, owing chiefly to the fact 
that about one-half of the orders now received are of a mixed 
character, being partly by title and partly by number. It 
is safe to say, however, that there has been no change in 
methods of ordering and no considerable increase in the 
amount of cards ordered by one or the other method, with 
the notable exception of the orders received from the 
A. L. A. Catalog. 

Orders by number from ' ' The Cumulative Book Index ' ' 
and "The A. L. A. Booklist" are of growing importance, 
although it is probable that during the year they have 
amounted to but a fraction of i per cent of the total. 

The sales to publishers for redistribution to libraries as a 
means of advertising their books have amounted to about 
$250, or about one-sixth of i per cent of the total sales. 


The A. L. A. Catalog has proved to be a very satisfactory 
order list for L. C. cards. Instead of starting a new series 
of numbers for this special edition of cards, or affixing the 
regular card numbers in broken order, the plan was adopted 
of numbering consecutively the titles in the dictionary por- 
tion of the catalogue and arranging the stock to correspond. 
This method reduces to the minimum both the labor of 
preparing orders and the labor of selecting the cards. 

Complete sets of cards for the 6,196 books listed in the 
A. I v . A. Catalog are supplied for $154.56. Twelve sets 
have been sold during the year. 

144 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Since the publication of the catalogue in October, 1904, 
orders made up from this catalogue have come in steadily . 
It is probable that about 90 per cent of the increase in the 
sale of cards for the year has been due to this class of orders. 

The catalogue has especially facilitated the ordering of 
cards by the smaller public libraries, which before its publi- 
cation had no practical means of ordering them by number. 
To it is no doubt due the notable increase in the number of 
subscriptions received from small libraries. 

It is manifest that such libraries now need a current sup- 
plement to the A. L. A. Catalog which will give reliable 
and prompt guidance in the selection of books currently 
published and at the same time supply the L. C. card num- 
bers. Should the A. L. A. Booklist meet this need, it may 
fairly be expected to greatly promote the use of the cards 
by small libraries. 


The stock of printed catalogue cards now amounts to about 
180,000 different cards, with an average of about 40 copies 
of each card. 

The quality of the card stock used throughout the year 
has been of the highest, and the cutting and perforating 
have been uniformly satisfactory. 

About 75 cards are reprinted each week on the average. 
As cards are reprinted those which were originally printed 
in an unsatisfactory form are changed, so far as practicable, 
to agree with the form of card now adopted as most satis- 
factory. The stock of cards therefore tends to become 


Two complete sets of cards have been sent to the ' ' Insti- 
tut International de Bibliographie. ' ' The set of cards now 
on exhibition at Portland will be sent to the Public Library 
of New South Wales at the close of the Exposition. A com- 
plete depository set has also been supplied to the Louisville 
Public Library. 

Partial sets of cards, acquired by purchase by Bowdoin 
College and Princeton University, have been completed and 
the libraries of these institutions made regular depositories. 

Report of the Card Section 145 

The complete list of depositories is as follows, those added 
during the year being marked with an asterisk: 

*Bowdoin College library, Brunswick, Me. 

Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Buffalo Public Library, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Carnegie Library of Atlanta, Atlanta, Ga. 

Cincinnati Public Library, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Denver Public Library, Denver, Colo. 

Illinois State University Library, Champaign, 111. 

Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, Ind. 

*Institut International de Bibliographic, Brussels, Belgium. 

John Crerar Library, Chicago, 111. 

Johns Hopkins University Library, Baltimore, Md. 

* Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville, Ky. 
McGill University Library, Montreal, Canada. 
Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Mass. 
Mechanics' Institute Library, San Francisco, Cal. 
Michigan University Library, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Minnesota University Library, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Nebraska University Library, Lincoln, Nebr. 
New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, La. 
*New South Wales Public Library, Sydney, N. S. W. 
New York Public Library, New York city. 

New York State Library, Albany, N. Y. 
Pennsylvania University Library, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Philadelphia Free Library, Philadelphia, Pa. 

* Princeton University Library, Princeton, N. J. 
St. Louis Public Library, St. Louis, Mo. 
Seattle Public Library, Seattle, Wash. 

Texas University Library, Austin, Tex. 
Washington Public Library, Washington, D. C. 
Wisconsin State Historical Society Library, Madison, Wis. 

About 55,000 cards issued before the proof sheets of 
L. C. cards began to be printed have been supplied to the 
Los Angeles Public Library. As this library has syste- 
matically cut and filed its set of proof sheets, it now has 
a complete record of all cards in stock at the Library of 
Congress. For a library in which this record is consulted 
only occasionally, it seems probable that this form of cat- 
alogue will prove as satisfactory as a complete set of cards. 

Two additional partial depositories have been made in 
the libraries of the Departments of the United States 
Government. The complete list of these governmental 

146 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

depositories is as follows, those added during the year 
being marked with an asterisk: 


Cards relating to military science and military history; about 
4,000 cards. 

Cards on sociology and selected topics in science and technol- 
ogy; about 7,000 cards. 

Cards relating to such branches of science and technology as 
are related to the work of the Survey; about 2,000 cards. 

Complete sets of cards on sociology and bibliography; about 
12,000 cards. 

Cards relating to such branches of science and technology as 
are related to the work of the Survey; about 2,000 cards. 

Cards relating to the Central and South American Republics; 
about 2,000 cards. 

Cards relating to certain branches of science and technology; 
about 2,000 cards. v 

Cards for science, mathematics, and physics; about 5,000 cards. 

Complete set of cards on American history, and cards on sub- 
jects pertaining to the work of the War Department; about 35,000 


. The work of the Card Section was quite fully represented 
at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition. The items 
exhibited were, for the most part, the same as those exhib- 
ited at St. lyouis, but two were added which deserve mention. 
(i) A group of thirteen transparencies, illustrating the pro- 
duction, distribution, ordering, and useof the I,. C. catalogue 
cards. (2) A collection of 29 sample catalogues contrib- 
uted by subscribing libraries in different parts of the coun- 
try, showing methods of adapting the L- C. cards to their 
catalogues. The last-named exhibit was especially sugges- 
tive and use will be made of information obtained from it in 
a revised edition of the Handbook of Card Distribution. 

Report of the Card Section 147 


The absence of the assistant in charge for about four 
months of the year on account of work in connection with 
the St. Louis Exposition and the Portland Exposition, pre- 
vented the publication of a much-needed revision of the 
Handbook of Card Distribution. 

Two additional bulletins have been issued, viz: 

BULLETIN No. 8. (October i, 1904.) 

"List of subscribers to the L. C. cards." Revised to September 
30, 1904. 
BULLETIN No. 9. (October 15, 1904.) 

"Special sets Nos. 3-5." Explaining terms of subscription to 
sets of analytical cards prepared by the Library of the U. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture for "Annalesde la science agronomique," 
" Landwirthschaftliche Jahrbiicher," and " Die land wirthschaft- 
lichen Versuchs-stationen." 


The remainder of the stock has been transferred to steel 
cases, so that all of it is now stored in a uniform manner. 

The classed catalogue is being revised to agree with the 
new classification of the Library, so far as this is finished. 
Most of the cards on Bibliography, Science, and History 
have been worked over. The revised catalogue, which is in 
effect a card shelf list, has proved to be very satisfactory as 
a means of selecting cards by subject. Until it is finished, 
the work of selecting cards by subject will continue to 
require an excessive amount of expert work of the highest 


The question of changing the thickness of the stock used 
for the cards from the " R, " or intermediate thickness now 
in use, to the " L," or thinnest stock now in use in Amer- 
ican libraries, has been under discussion during the year. 
In order to obtain data on the subject, preliminary to 
its discussion at the Portland meeting of the American 
Library Association, with the cooperation of some of the 
leading library schools and several libraries, tests were 
made as to the relative ease of handling cards of the ' ' L " 

148 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

and ' ' R " thickness. The number of tests made were 
hardly sufficient to form the basis for a definite conclusion 
and the tests proved not to be as definite as the problem 
demanded, but the results of all the evidence received 
seemed to warrant the following tentative conclusions: 

1. A loss of from 4 to 6 per cent in time required by 
library assistants to handle the L thickness. 

2. A very considerable increase in the number of errors 
resulting from mistaking two cards for one, if the L thick- 
ness were used. 

3. The amount of time lost and the number of errors 
made in handling the L thickness increases in proportion 
to the inexpertness of those who handle the cards. The 
loss of time to the average reader who use the public cata- 
logue would probably be not less than 10 per cent, with a 
corresponding increase in number of errors. 

4. When cards are fingered in consecutive order, in much 
the same way that the leaves of a book are ordinarily fin- 
gered, the L thickness may be handled more rapidly even 
than the R thickness on account of the greater flexibility of 
the former. Comparatively little of the handling of cata- 
logue cards can be done in this way, however, and practi- 
cally all of the users of public catalogues will continue to 
pick the cards over one by one. 

5. If the L, and R cards are mixed in the same cata- 
logue, the loss in handling them will probably be as great 
as in handling the L cards alone, and the errors will be even 
more numerous. 

To test thoroughly the relative merits of the two thick- 
nesses of stock as to rapidity and accuracy in handling, and 
reduce the results to exact percentages, would require a 
large number of experiments and much time and attention. 
The question now presented seems to be whether it is bet- 
ter to decide the matter on the basis of the information 
which we now have, or to continue the experiments with 
the probability that they will lead only to the more difficult 
question of deciding whether a loss of from 5 to 10 per cent 
in time is more important than a gain of 30 per cent in 

Report of the Card Section 149 

For the sake of completeness I append a list of the tests 
which were employed and directions for making them; also 
a list of the arguments for and against the change to the 
L thickness, compiled as a basis for the discussion at 

The following institutions cooperated in making the tests: 
Pratt Institute Library School, Illinois State Library School, 
Drexel Institute Library School, Washington Public Li- 
brary, Library of the U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
Library of the U. S. Geological Survey, and the John 
Crerar Library. In all, twenty-nine records of tests were 

Assistant in Charge of Card Section 


Librarian of Congress 


Test No. i. Block up the two " main sets " of L, and R cards alike. 
Turn each card back in the trays one by one in the way that cards are 
usually turned when a person is searching close to the point in a cat- 
alog at which the desired title is expected to be found. Write the 
initial letter of the entry word for each card in the squares on J.he 
" Check sheet for tests Nos. i and 6." Successive letters may be 
written in columns down the sheet or in rows across, as preferred. 
The two main sets of cards are to be checked through in the following 
order: (a) First half of first set; (b) second half of second set; (c] 
first half of second set; (d) second half of first set. 

Test No. 2. The two main sets of cards are sent out arranged in 
the increasing order of their serial numbers. Rearrange them in 
alphabetical order, proceeding as follows: (a) Throw out the first set 
into packs of cards having entry words beginning with the same let- 
ter; (b) throw out the second set in the same way; (c) finish the 
alphabeting of second set; (d) finish the alphabeting of the first set. 

Test No. j. File into each set of cards, blocked up in the same 
way, the 80 cards in the "duplicate sets" in the following order: 
(a) First half of first set; (b} second half of second set; (c) First half 
of second set; (d} second half of first set. 

Test No. 4. Remove the duplicates inserted in test 3 in the follow- 
ing order: (a) First half of first set; (b) second half of second set; 
(c] first half of second set; (d) second half of first set. 

150 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Test No. 5. Look up and supply the dates of publication of the 80 
books on the " L,ist supplementary to test 5 " in the following order: 
(a) First quarter of list in first quarter of first set; (b) second quarter 
in second quarter of second set; (c) third quarter in third quarter of 
first set; (d] fourth quarter in fourth quarter of second set. 

Test No. 6. Make up a mixed set of Iy and R cards by selecting 
from one of the two main sets all cards having entry word beginning 
with a vowel, and from the other all cards having entry word begin- 
ning with a consonant. Shuffle the resulting set of cards well and 
then count them through and write initial letter of entry words on the 
' ' Check sheet, " as in test i . Make record only of the time required 
to check through the set after it is prepared. 

Cards having entry words commencing with a vowel were taken 
from - - set. 

Date - 

Name of person making the tests - . 

Present address . 

Permanent address - . 

Present occupation . 

Experience: (i) In handling L, cards; (2) in handling R cards; 
(3) in handling I v and R cards mixed; (4.) in handling other 

Qualifying statements or remarks on your experience in making the 
tests . 


1. So far as practicable, the tests should be made when the person 
is in a normal physical and mental state, in order that the variations 
in the rate of working throughout any single test may be as slight as 

2. In all of the tests which require that the cards be handled one by 
one, each set should be placed in a separate tray of the kind ordinarily 
used for card catalogs, and the two sets should be blocked up alike. 

3. The particular method of dealing with any details attendant upon 
the test is not important so long as the same detail is attended to in 
the same way in the case of both sets. 

4. In order to equalize the tests just as far as possible, those making 
the tests at any institution should alternate in commencing with the 
one or the other set. 

5. When reference is made to "first" set and "second" set, these 
terms indicate merely the order in which the work on the two sets is 
begun in any test. 

6. In order that the tests made by any person may be of value, 
the time required for each item of work in them must be accurately 
recorded as follows.' 

Report of the Card Section 151 

(a) When it has been decided whether the L/ set or the R set shall 
be the " first " set (see 4 and 5 above), supply letters I, or R, as the 
case may require, before word " set " in the form given below the out- 
line for each test. 

() Note below m and s the time in minutes and seconds required 
for performing each item of work required by the test. 

7. The tests should not be considered as "speed tests" in the ordi- 
nary sense of the term. Adopt a systematic method of doing the 
various items of work called for which will tend to make the tests 
uniform and fair throughout. 



[Favoring the change to L thickness] 

1. The saving of space and the saving in the cost of cases by the 
use of the L thickness would be 33^3 per cent, because two trays Avill 
hold as many cards of the I, thickness as three trays will hold of 
the R thickness. 

2. The cost of card stock of the L thickness is 25 per cent less than 
the cost of card stock of the R thickness. 

3. The greater the space occupied by a catalog, the more time it 
takes to consult it because of the necessity of moving from one place 
to another. 

4. The L, thickness is used by the Concilium Bibliographicum of 
Zurich, the Institut International de Bibliographie of Brussels, and 
minor cooperative enterprises for printing cards, affiliated with the 
latter. If this thickness is adopted by the Library of Congress, uni- 
versal agreement as to thickness of cards will be practically an accom- 
plished fact. 

5. The L, stock is somewhat better adapted for typewriter use. 

[Favoring the continued use of the R thickness of stock] 

1. The loss of time from the use of the cards of the L, thickness 
would amount to perhaps 6 per cent. The card catalog is at best a 
serious tax on the time and patience of the users of public libraries. 
Is it advisable to add to their difficulties by using a thinner stock ? 

2. Unless the L, thickness of cards is kept blocked up carefully, it 
will curl and warp to a much greater extent than the R thickness. 

3. Although universal agreement as to thickness is desirable, it is 
not worth any considerable sacrifice for the following reasons: 

(a) The printed cards issued by the Concilium Bibliographicum, 
the Institut International de Bibliographie and affiliated enterprises 
are designed mainly for bibliographical purposes and are not usually 
inserted in the public catalogs of libraries. 

LIB 1905 ii 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

(b] America has taken the lead in cooperative cataloging enter- 
prises. If we decide that it is on the whole more economical to use 
the R thickness, is it not probable that the Europeans will change to 
our thickness? 

4. Next to the books themselves and a building for housing them 
the card catalog is now admitted to be the most essential item in the 
equipment of a library. The average card catalog of the R thick- 
ness (estimating four cards to the book) occupies not over one seventy- 
fifth as much cubic space as the books which they catalog. If space 
can be found for the book, can not it also be found for the cards? 

5. The thinner the cards the more the public will resort to unusual 
measures to separate them (e. g., wetting the thumb and rubbing 
them up or bending or cramping them), with the result that the 
cards will w r ear out more rapidly. 

6. The use of the larger number of trays is incidentally advanta- 
geous in that one person is less liable to be using the tray which 
another person wishes to consult. 

7. The thicker the cards the less liable two cards are to be mistaken 
for one. Consequently, both public and official searching are quite 
likely to be more accurate if the thicker cards are used. 

8. The R thickness is now used in the public catalogs of the great 
majority of libraries in the United States. It is admitted to be quite 
undesirable to mix two thick'nesses of cards in the same catalog. If 
this were done, it would seriously add to the difficulties of using card 
catalogs and would lead to an increased percentage of errors arising 
from mistaking two cards for one. 


Appendix V 


Washington, D. C., June jo, 1905 

SIR: I have the honor to submit the annual report of the 
Law Library for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1905. 


The year has witnessed a marked growth in the law col- 
lections of the Library. The total accessions for 1904-5 
were 7,753 volumes, as against 3,780 volumes in 1903-4 and 
2,027 in 1902-3. 

The accessions include some notable works. Among 
those acquired by gift as a result of letters written to most 
of the foreign governments, their colonies and political sub- 
divisions, are the statutes of Switzerland (federal), Norway, 
Mexico, British East India, Victoria (Australia), and New 

The notable accessions through purchase include an al- Notable acces ~ 


most complete set of Pennsylvania County reports, a manu- 
script set of the Rhode Island session laws, 1653-1747 
(these laws were not printed previous to 1747), the Rhode 
Island session laws from 1754 to 1773, the session laws of 
New Hampshire from 1780 to 1789, and a valuable collec- 
tion of early English law books (see Appendix VI for a list 
of those published before 1600). The set of Year Books, or 
court reports, contained in the last named collection gives 
the Library of Congress as complete a collection of this ma- 
terial as is found in the best English law libraries. 


154 Report of the Librarian of Congress 


During the past year and a half many changes have been 
made in the location of the law literature of the Library. 
The present location and number of volumes is as follows: 

Library building, north curtain: 

International law 406 

Rare editions, American and foreign 892 

Foreign law, including British 20, 504 

Periodicals, American and foreign 5, 008 

American session law 5, 974 

Law theses, etc 2, 250 

American city ordinances 626 

American bar association reports 298 

Celebrated trials 5, 252 

Briefs and records of United States Supreme court . 4, ooo 

45, 210 
Reading room: American law reports, treatises, digests, 


East stack, deck 19: Old editions of English and Amer- 
ican treatises, etc 5, 380 

North stack, deck 9: " Duplicates " for exchange i, 518 

Law books classified with other subjects 6, 250 


Law Library at Capitol: English and American law reports, 

statutes, treatises, etc 35, 030 

Conference room of the United States Supreme court: Ameri- 
can law reports, treatises, etc 8, 970* 

Total no, 978 

The main collection, which is located in the north curtain 
of the Library building, duplicates in only few instances 
the law literature found elsewhere. This material is sub- 
ject to call by telephone from the Capitol and can be sent 
there by the underground book carrier in about ten min- 
utes. The shelves are also accessible to persons engaged in 

The collection at the Capitol comprises 2 copies of th( 
reports of the American State courts, 6 copies of United 
States Supreme court reports, i copy of the English court 
reports, the reports of United States courts of inferior juris- 
diction, the various reporter systems, collected cases, the 
modern English and American treatises, encylopaedias, di- 
gests, compilations, codes, statutes (American State stat- 
utes since 1850), and the recent law magazines. It aims to 

Custodian of the Law Library 155 

meet the more constant needs of the American practitioner 
as a working law library. 

The reference collection in the Reading Room of the 
Library building is less complete. It is composed almost 
entirely of copies "A" of the copyright deposit of recent 
years. Because of the inadequate space to accommodate 
law scholars and students at the Capitol it is highly desira- 
ble to add at once such State court reports, statutes, compi- 
lations, codes, digests, and treatises as are necessary to make 
this collection a good working library. 

In disregard of the unity of the law collection, about 
6,000 law books are scattered among the stacks of the main 
Library, classified with such subjects as international law, 
constitutional law, politics, treaties, commerce, education, 
land systems, revenues, elections, military and naval science, 
technology, transportation, agriculture, the history of vari- 
ous countries, etc. Outside of the law books classified with 
these subjects practically the same scheme of shelf classifica- 
tion exists. As all parts of the law collections are resorted 
to by attendants and readers, it has seemed best to adopt a 
very simple plan of shelf classification and to have it uniform 


Among the changes which have been made with a view 
to improving the service are: a special arrangement with 
the Copyright Office whereby all the law books received on 
deposit are more promptly placed at the disposal of the 
Library; another arrangement with the Document Division 
to attain a similar result in regard to the law books received 
by gift and exchange; the introduction of certain devices to 
overcome the difficulties inherent in the administration of 
the widely scattered law collections, and an adaptation of the 
shelf -list card catalogue to record the law books discovered 
to be lacking and the steps taken to acquire them through 
gift, copyright, or purchase. 

A systematic inventory of the law literature of the Library 
has been begun. This is a large and important undertak- 
ing. It involves the critical examination and careful colla- 

156 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

tionof nearly 111,000 volumes, together with the making o 
a record on cards of such data as are necessary to identify 
and distinguish each book. The work has progressed slowly 
and much remains to be done before an accurate apprecia- 
tion can be formed of what the Library needs to complete 
its collections. 

Law books have* been found in all parts of the Library. 
Sometimes different publications have been discovered incor- 
rectly bound together; at other times, most misleadingly let- 
tered. Several valuable and rare books not on the records 
of the Library have been brought to light, e. g. , a revision 
of the Maryland laws of 1700 not known to exist; two 
copies of the Year Book 40-50, Edward III, Tottell, 1576 
no copy of which exists in any other library of the world so 
far as published catalogues, bibliographies, works on early 
printing, etc., in the Library of Congress show; twelve Year 
Books of the reign of Henry VI, including four Pynsons, 
bound together without any mark indicating Library owner- 
ship and without mention on any of the Library records. 
How these and several other rare law books came into the 
Library it is now hard to say, but that they are here is a 
matter for congratulation. 

Improvements have been made in the heating, lighting, 
and ventilation of the Law Library at the Capitol. 


An attempt has been made to give an estimate of the 
degree of completeness of the present law collections of the 
Library for the purpose of submitting some suggestions in 
respect to a plan of development: 

. Condition 

Bibliography of law, legislation, and administration Poor 

United States: 

Karly session laws, except Rhode Island, Massachusetts . . Poor 
Later session laws, treatises, digests, revisions - 

One set < Good 

Other set Poor 

Court reports Good 

Briefs and records of the United States Supreme court .... Poor 

Custodian of the Law Library 157 

Great Britain: 

Statutes, revisions Good 

Court reports Good 

Treatises, digests, compilations, etc., before 1800 Fair 

Treatises, digests, compilations, etc., after 1800 Poor 

Colonial, except Australia, India, Canada Poor 

Anglo-American : 

Trials Good 

Legal biography Fair 

All countries (foreign and domestic): 

Magazines, reviews, periodicals Poor 

Bar association reports Poor 

Law theses, addresses, monographs, etc Poor 

Foreign, except British: 

Statutes, except Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzer- 
land, German Kmpire, Austria-Hungary, Sweden, Nor- 
way, Denmark, Mexico Poor 

Treatises, codes, revisions, compilations Poor 

Court reports, digests, except Belgium, France, German 

Empire, Hungary Poor 

International law, public and private Poor 

(i) Bibliography of law, legislation, administration, etc. 

In the development of any collection of literature the 
bibliography of that literature must be the subject of first 
consideration. Bibliography indicates the material which 
exists, the quantity and relations of that material and where 
it is to be found. In some instances the scientific and com- 
mercial value of the books is indicated. All this informa- 
tion is obviously a prerequisite to the acquisition of the 
material itself. It is equally apparent that all the desirable 
material can not be acquired at once. In the meantime a 
great library must be in a position to furnish helpful infor- 
mation about the books which have not yet come into its 
possession. To develop the bibliography alone of the mass 
of law, legislation, and administration of all the legal sys- 
tems, past and present, will require vigilant search. 

(2) United States 

Assuming that it should be the aim of the Library to 
possess at least one copy of every law publication printed 
in the United States (including the colonial era), I think 
that no opportunity to complete our collection should be 

158 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

allowed to pass unless the price demanded in a particular 
case is clearly unreasonable in view of the known supply. 
Though the Library has received from one to two copies of 
all law books copyrighted since 1846, yet many of the legal 
publications of this period are lacking either because they 
were not copyrighted or because they have been lost or worn 
out. There are also large gaps in the law material pub- 
lished previous to 1846. Henceforth I think the Library 
should secure three copies of all State court reports (i. e., 
of the courts of last resort) and two copies of all statutes 
and codes. For the most part these can be had without 
cost through gift, exchange, or copyright. 

(3) Great Britain 

As the material on the English public and common law 
published before 1800 is necessary to an understanding of 
the foundations of our law, the Library should aim to pos- 
sess one copy of every such law publication. The standard 
which the Harvard Law school has adopted for its library 
viz. } to secure all the editions of all classical English law 
books would seem obligatory upon the national library. 
Of the more recent British law material there must be an 
intelligent selection, else much money may be wasted. 

(4) International law and comparative constitutional law 

The development of the collection of international public 
and private law and the collection of constitutions and 
constitutional law of the various countries is of the first 
importance. This material, together with that heretofore 
mentioned, should receive, I believe, our early attention and 
should be gathered as completely and rapidly as possible. 
The fund placed at the disposal of the Chief Justice could 
very properly be used in this direction. Much of the mate- 
rial, however, is scarce and expensive and the fund at his 
disposal is but $3,000 yearly. It ought to be $10,000. 

(5) Law magazines and bar association reports 

The Library is very weak in its collection of English and 
American law magazines and the bar association reports of 

Custodian of the Law Library 159 

all countries. Some of the latter, especially the later reports, 
can be secured by gift. Both these materials, when prop- 
erly indexed, will be full of suggestion to legislators and 
administrators as well as to members of the bench and bar. 

(6) Spanish law 

The Library has almost nothing on Spanish law. The 
law of the various Spanish countries and our own Spanish 
possessions should be gathered with much completeness. 
To develop systematically and make available this material 
will require the service of a specialist thoroughly familiar 
with the legal institutions of the Spanish speaking peoples. 
Such a person, too, should possess a knowledge of Anglo- 
American legal institutions. 

(7) Briefs and records of the Supreme court, 

The briefs and records should be collected, gathered, and 
bound as soon as possible. Several fine collections made by 
Justices of the Supreme court during a long service on the 
bench have been sold on their decease to other libraries. 
The libraries of the Bar Associations of New York and 
Philadelphia have almost perfect collections, while a super- 
ficial examination shows that the collection of the Library 
of Congress is very imperfect. 

(8) British colonial law 

The Library is very deficient in British colonial law out- 
side of Australia, India, and Canada. Because of the gen- 
eral practice of printing small editions the British colonial 
material is scarce and expensive. To avoid the payment of 
fancy prices the Library should be a regular subscriber to 
the current publications. Care must also be taken to secure 
in season any newly started publications. 

(9) Foreign law, other than British and Spanish 

The Library lacks the court reports and codes of most of 
the foreign countries, but. has made a fair start in collecting 
the modern statutes. In addition to the official editions we 

160 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

should secure, I believe, the best private editions. The 
latter are generally of more practical use because copiously 
annotated. Several of the current official publications aye 
now received through gift and exchange, and an attempt 
should be made to secure all. Where material comes by 
gift the tendency to delay the sending or the failure to send 
altogether must be provided against by prompt notices. 
As the ordinance power of the administration is much 
larger in foreign countries than in the United States, it is 
important that we should secure the collections of decrees, 
ordinances, etc. 

Histories of the law, encyclopaedias, digests, scientific 
magazines, and treatises dealing with the substantive and 
adjective law of the different countries and important 
political subdivisions thereof are numerous, and care must 
constantly be exercised to ascertain those which are essen- 
tial to a good working library. Much opportunity exists 
here to squander money on useless material. The fact that 
a title is announced in a trade list furnishes few or no 
criteria of the importance and merit of the work. Unfor- 
tunately some publishers of the best law works are very 
indifferent booksellers, and vice versa. To safeguard our- 
selves in this field it will be necessary to keep in touch 
with the law scholars, judges, lawyers, and law libraries of 
the different countries. Where translations in English and 
French have been made they should be acquired as well as 
the originals. 

(10) Law theses, addresses, pamphlets, etc., of all countries 

Though this material can generally be had without 
cost on application to the authors or other proper per- 
sons, its development entails a vast and vigilant reading 
of the various law publications and a considerable corre- 
spondence. When properly indexed this literature will 
be found very useful to law scholars and students of legis- 
lative problems. 

Custodian of the Law Library 161 


( 1 1 ) Celebrated trials, legal biography, etc. 

In the collecting of celebrated trials, legal biographies, 
and other literature which may be considered to possess a 
somewhat ornamental and entertaining interest to the pro- 
fession, the Library seems to have made a fair start, espe- 
cially in the material written in the English language. 
Where other libraries are lacking, in this field the Library 
of Congress will generally be presumed to have the particu- 
lar work desired. We shall therefore be obliged ultimately 
to develop these collections with much completeness. 

Need of technical aid 

Such, in a general way, are the conditions and needs of Library service 
the Library as regards the law literature itself. But to 
ascertain these facts in detail, to develop the law collection 
systematically, and to put it in a position to realize its 
greatest usefulness will require the service of specialists. 

Of the nearly two score Government libraries in Wash- 
ington, most of them are being developed under the direc- 
tion of specialists in connection with the needs of their 
severely technical work. The Library of Congress, as pri- 
marily a legislative library, must likewise employ specialists 
thoroughly trained in the technicalities of law and legisla- 
tion if it would meet the practical needs of legislators, 
judges, executive officers, et al. Economy dictates the 
same thing. It is sheer waste to gather and house worth- 
less material or to classify. and index useful material in such 
fashion that it is unavailable for the practical needs of those 
for whom it was gathered. The man who knows the liter- 
ature, history, and juristic phraseology of legislation may 
be expected not only to classify and catalogue law books 
rapidly and accurately, but to accumulate that precise 
knowledge which is so invaluable to the busy legislator 
who comes to the Library and seeks to exhaust the subject 
of his particular inquiry in the most direct way. 

Practically the entire time of the present force of the 
Law Library is consumed in serving the readers with the 
law literature that has happened to come into the Library's 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

possession. This is the service for which they have been 
selected and must be retained. 

Since 1832 the Law Library has existed somewhat apart 
from the general Library. At that time by act of Congress 
most of the law literature was segregated and the Justices of 
the Supreme court were given a measure of control in its 
management and use. Since then Congress has ordered 
that the Law Library be kept open every day so long as 
either House is in session and that appropriations for its 
increase be expended under the direction of the Chief Jus- 
tice; but thus far no provision has been made for the em- 
ployment of specialists, technically trained in the various 
legal systems, to assist in the systematic development of an 
organic collection. 

The activity of several richly endowed bar association and 
university law libraries, together with the scarcity of a vast 
quantity of valuable law material, would seem to make it 
incumbent upon Congress soon to provide adequately for 
the growth of this Library if its intention to have a great 
and useful law collection is to be carried out. 

Respectfully submitted 

Custodian of the Law Library 


Librarian of Congress 

Appendix VI 





Austria, Gesetze und Verordnungen 1704-1848 112 

Belgium, Pasinomie (lois, de"crets) 1789-1903 105 

Pasicrisie (jurisprudence) 1814-1903 182 

Belgique Judiciaire Gazette des tribunaux, 1843-1903 61 

Denmark, Samling af love og anordninger, 1683-1903 38 

France, Recueil des arrets du conseil d'etat, 1800-1903 79 

Hungary, Dontvenytdr (court decisions) 1851-1904 94 

India (British) Early Indian court reports 103 

New Hampshire, session laws, 1780-1789 

Pennsylvania, local court reports 100 

Rhode Island, session laws (manuscript) 1653-1747 

Same (printed) 1754-1773 


(/) Year Books 

The following list shows the early editions of the Year 
Books or reports of cases decided in the English courts dur- 
ing the reigns from Edward I to Henry VIII, which are 
now possessed by the Library of Congress. Except where 
otherwise stated the copies named below were acquired by 
the Library during the year ending June 30, 1905, chiefly 
through the purchase en bloc of the collection of William V. 
Kellen, Esq., of Boston. 

Edward III, year 7, printed 1518 by Pynson. 

i-io, printed 1596 by Yetsweirt. 
17, printed no date by no name [John Rastell]. 

17, printed no date by no name [Tottell?]. 

18, printed no date by no name [John Rastell]. 
18, printed no date [1567?] by no name [Tottell]. 
21, printed November, 1527, by Berthelet. 

21, printed May 12, 1584, by Tottyll. 



Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Edward III, year 24, printed no date by Redman. 

22-28, printed November 1532, by Berthelet. 
22-28, printed Jan. 2-23, 1567, by Tottell. 
22-28, printed 1585 by Tottyl. 

29, printed no date by Redman. 

29, printed 1561 by Tottyll. 

29, printed 1585 by Tottyl. 

30, printed no date by Redman. 
30, printed 1561 by Tottyl. 

30, printed 1585 by Tottell. 
38, printed 1520 by Pynson. 
38, printed 1561 by Tottyll. 

38, printed 1585 by Tottel. 

39, printed no date by Redman. 
39, printed 1561 by Tottyl. 

39, printed 1585 by Tottill. 
17-39, printed 1619 by Company of Stationers. 

50, printed 1519 by Pynson. 
40-50, printed 1565 by Tottell. 
40-50, printed 1576 by Tottell.a 
40-50, printed 1600 by Wight. 
Edward III, Liber Assisarum, printed no date 

Liber Assisarum, printed 1561 by Tottel. 

Liber Assisarum, printed 1580, by Tottell. 

Liber Assisarum, printed 1606, by Company of 


Liber Assisarum, abridged, printed 1555 by Tottill. 

Liber Assisarum, abridged, printed 1555 by Tottle. 

Henry IV, year 1-4, printed 1553, January 26, by Tothyll. 

1-14, printed 1553 by Tottel. 

1-14, printed 1575-1576 by Tottel. 

Henry V, year 1-2, printed 1563 by Tottell. 

1-2, printed 1570 by Tottel. 

5, printed 1563 by Tottell. 

7-9, printed 1563 by Tottell. 

7-9, printed 1570 by Tottyl. 

1-2, 5, 7-9, printed 1563 by Tottell. 

sprinted 1605 by Wight. 
2, 5, 7-9J 

i, printed no date by Smyth. 
i, printed no date by Myddylton. 

1, printed 1584 by Tottyl. 

2, printed no date by Redman. 
2, printed no date by Smyth. 

by John Rastell. 


In Library of Congress before 1904. 
& Before December, 1516. 

Law Library Accessions 165 

Henry VI, year 2, printed 1584 by Tottyl. 

3, printed 1510 by Pynson.a 
3, printed no date by Smyth. 

3, printed 1582 by Tottell. 

4, printed no date by Redman. a 
4, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

4, printed 1582 by Tottell. 

7, printed 1528 by Berthelet. 

8, printed 1528 by Berthelet. 

7, 8, printed no date by Myddylton. 
7, 8, printed 1584 by Tottyl. 

9, printed no date [1513?] by Pynson.a 
9, printed no date by Smyth. 

9, printed 1570 by Tottyl. 
10, printed no date by Pynson.a 
10, printed no date by Smyth. 
10, printed 1587 by Tottyll. 
n, printed no date by Redman. 
n, printed no date by Smyth, 
n, printed 1582 by Tottell. 
12, printed no date by Pynson.a 
12, printed no date by Myddylton. 
12, printed 1574 by Tottel. 
& 14, printed no date by Redman. & 
14, printed no date by Tottel. 
14, printed 1574 by Tottel. 
1 8, printed no date by Redman. 
18, printed no date by Tottel. 

1 8, printed no date by Tottel. 

19, printed no date by Redman. a> 
19, printed no date by Tottel. 

19, printed 1567 by Tottel. 

20, printed no date [1503?] by Pynson. 
20, printed 1553 by Tottyll. 

20, printed 1556 by Tottyll. 

20, printed 1570 by Tottyl. 

1-20, printed 1609 by Company of Stationers. 

21, printed no date by Tottill. 
21, printed 1567 by Tottill. 

21, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

22, printed no date by Tottill. 
22, printed 1567 by Tottill. 
22, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

4 In I/ibrary of Congress before 1904. 
&Not known to exist in any other library. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Henry VI, year 27, printed 1562 by Tottell. 

27, printed 1567 by Tottill. 

28, printed 1556 by Tottle. 
28, printed 1557 by Tottel. 
28, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

30, 31, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
30, 31, printed 1567 by Tottel. 
30, 31, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

32, printed no date by Redman. 

32, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

32, printed 1566 by Tottel. 

32, printed 1576 by Tottel. 

33, printed no date by Redman. 
33, printed ^556 by Tottel. 

33, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

33, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

34, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
34, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

34, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

35, printed 1556 by Tottell. 

35, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

36, printed 1557 by Tottle. 
36, printed 1567 by Tottel. 

36, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

37, printed no date [1556?] by Tottill. 
37, printed 1567 by Tottill. 

37, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

38, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
38, printed 1566 by Tottel. 

38, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

39, printed 1557 by Tottle. 
39, printed 1567 by Tottill. 
39, printed 1575 by Tottel. 

21-39, printed 1601 by Wight. 

Edward IV, year i, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

i, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

i, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

i, printed 1565 by Tottel. 

1, printed 1582 by Tottel. 

2, printed 1556 by Tottell. 
2, printed 1558 by Tottyll. 
2, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

2, printed 1584 by Tottel. 

3, printed 1558 by Tottell. 

3, printed 1566 by Tottell. , 

3, printed 1566 by Tottill. 
3, printed 1583 by Tottel. 

Law Library Accessions 167 

Edward IV, year 4, printed 1558 by Tottell. 
4, printed 1558 by Tottyll. 
4, printed 1558 by Tottill. 

4, printed 1583 by Tottel. 

5, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
5, printed 1556 by Tottill. 
5, printed 1557 by Tottle. 

5, printed 1584 by Tottel. 

6, printed 1556 by Tottell. 
6, printed 1557 by Tottell. 
6, printed 1557 by Tottle. 

6, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

7, printed no date by Redman. 
7, printed 1556 by Tottyll. 

7, printed 1567 by Tottill. 

7, printed 1584 by Tottel. 

8, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
8, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
8, printed 1556 by Tottill. 
8, printed 1582 by Tottill. 

8, printed 1582 by Tottell. 

9, printed 1556, January 25, by Tottel. 
9, printed 1556, February 8, by Tottell. 
9, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

9, printed 1582 by Tottel. 
10, printed no date [1510?] by no name [Rastell 

or de Worde]. 

n, printed no date by Powell, 
i i , printed no date by Tottell. 

12, printed no date by Powell. 
10, n, 12, printed no date by Tottill. 
10, ii, 12, printed 1566 by Tottell. 
10, n, 12, printed 1566 by Tottill. 
10, 11, 12, printed 1584 by Tottyl. 

13, printed no date [1518?] by Pynson. 
13, printed no date by Powell. 

13, printed 1559 by Tottill. 
13, printed 1566 by Tottill. 
13, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

13, printed 1582 by Tottel. 

14, printed no date [1525?] by Pynson. 
14, printed no date by Tottell. 

14, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
14, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

14, printed 1582 by Tottel. 

15, printed no date [1525?] by Pynson. 
15, printed 1556, February 2, by Tottel. 

1905 12 

1 68 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Edward IV, year 15, printed 1556, February 2, by Tottel. 
15, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

15, printed 1582 by Tottel. 

16, printed 1556 by Tottell. 
16, printed 1556 by Tottill. 
16, printed 1557 by Tottle. 

16, printed 1583 by Tottel. 

17, printed 1557 by Tottel. 
17, printed 1557 by Tottel. 
17, printed 1557 by Tottel. 
17, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

17, printed 1583 by Tottel. 

18, printed no date by Tottell. 

18, printed 1556, January 25, by Tottel. 
18, printed 1572 by Tottel. 

18, printed 1582 by Tottell. 

19, printed no date [1525?], by Pynson. 
19, printed 1556 by Tottel. 

19, printed 1556 by. Tottle. 
19, printed 1556 by Tottell. 

19, printed 1556 by Tottill. 

20, printed no date by Tottell. 
20, printed 1556 by Tottel. 
20, printed 1556 by Tottill. 

20, printed 1582 by Tottyll. 

21, printed no date by Tottyll. 
21, printed 1556 by Tottell. 
21, printed 1556 by Tottill. 

21, printed 1584 by Tottel. 

22, printed 1556, February 8, by Tottell. 
22, printed 1556, February 8, by Tottel. 
22, printed 1572 by Tottle. 

22, printed 1578 by Tottel. 
22, printed 1586 by Tottel. 
1-22, printed 1599 by Wight & Norton. 
Long quinto printed 1552 by Powell. 
Long quinto printed 1587 by Tottyll. 
Long quinto printed 1638 by Assignes of John More. 
Edward V, year i, printed no date [1520?] by no name. 
i, printed 1559 by Tottell. 
i, printed 1559 by Tottyll. 
i, printed 1585 by Tottyl. 

Richard III, year i , printed no date by no name. 
i, printed no date by Tottell. 

1, printed no date by Tottyll. 

2, printed no date by Tottell. 
2, printed no date by Tottyll. 

Law Library Accessions 


Henry VII, years 1-21, printed 1555, September 12, by Tottel. 
1-21, printed 1555, September 12, by Tottel. 
1-21, printed 1555, September 12, by Tottel. 
1-21, printed 1555, September 12, by Tottel. 
1-21, printed 1583 by Tottell. 
1-21, abridgment, printed 1614 by Company of 


Henry VIII, years 12, 13, 14, printed 1560 by Tottyll. 
12, 13, 14, printed 1560 by Tottyll. 
12, 13, 14, printed 1566 by Tottell. 
18, 19, printed no date by Tottil. 
18, 19, printed no date by Tottil. 
18, 19, printed 1566 by Tottell. 

26, printed 1556, February 4, by Tottell. 
26, printed 1559, February 4, by Tottyll. 

26, printed 1566 by Tottell. 

27, printed 1556, February 8, by Tottell. 
27, printed 1556, February 8, by Tottyll. 
27, printed 1566, August 8, by Tottill. 

12-27, printed 1591 by Tottell. 

Edward V-Richard HI\ prin ted 1597 by Jane Yetsweirt. 
Henry VII-Henry VIII/ * 

Edward V-Richard IIIj . ted l62Q b Company of stationers 
Henry VII-Henry VIII/ * 


(77) Treatises, digests, etc. 

1481 (?) LITTLETON, Sir THOMAS: 

Tenores novelli, ist ed., Lettou and Machlinia, no date [1481?], 


2nd ed. Machlinia, no date [1483?], folio. 

Leteltun tenuris new correcte, no name [Pynson], no date [1516?], 

folio (imperfect). 
Les Tenures de Lyttelton nouvelment imprimes, Redman, no date> 

small folio. 

Lyttylton tenures newly imprinted, Redman, no date, 32. 
Lyttylton tenures newly imprynted, Berthelet, 1540. 
Lyttilton tenures truly translated into Englishe., no name, 1556. 
Litleton's tenures, Tottel, 1557. 
Les tenures du Monsier Littleton, Tottyl, 1572-1574 (title page 

1572; colophon 1574). 

Littleton tenures in Englishe, Tottyl, 1574. 
Les Tenures de Monsieur Littleton, Tottyl, 1579. 
Littleton tenures in Englishe, Tottyl, 1576. 

-. Tottill, 1583. 
. Tottill, 1586. 

In Library of Congress before 1904. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

1481 (?) LITTLETON, Sir THOMAS Continued. 

Les tenures de Monsieur Littleton, no name, 1591. 
Littletons tenures in English, Tottell, 1592. 
Les tenures de Monsieur Littleton, Yetsweirt, 1594. 
Littletons tenures in English, Wight, 1600. 

Abridgment of cases down to the end of Henry VI [Rouen, G. 

le Tailleur for], R. Pynson, no date [1490]. 

Constitutiones provinciales, Pynson, no date [1499]. 

. London, Marshe, 1557. 
1510. Intrationum liber, Pynson, 1510. 

, Smythe, 1546. 
1516. Fitzherbert, Anthony. 

Grand Abridgement, no name [John Rastell], 1516, 3Vols. 
La Graunde Abridgement, Tottell, 1565, 3 vols. 

, Tottell, 1577, 2 vols. 

1519. MagnaCarta cum statutis, no name [Pynson], no date [1519?]. 
, Berthelet, 1531-2, 2 parts. 
, Redman, 1539. 
, in English, Petyt, 1542. 
-, Tottell, 1556. 
-, Tottell, 1576. 
, Tottill, 1587. 

1523(?) The olde tenures, Pynson, no date [1523?]. 
1527. Expositiones terminoru legum angloru, no name [Wyer?], 


Tcrmes of the lawes, both in French and English, Tottyl, 1572. 
, Tottell, 1592. 

, Assignee of Charles Yetsweirt, 1595. 
1529.' Natura Brevium, Redman, 1529. 
-, Tottell, 1557. 

, Tottell. 1566. 

La Vieux Natura brevium, Tottill, 1572. 

, Tottell, 1580. 
, Tottell, 1584. 

1531. Registrum Brevium, William Rastell, 1531. 

no name [Tottell] 1553. 
- Jane Yetsweirt, 1595. 

1534. [A collection of different works without title, comprising:] 
Natura Brevium. 
The Olde tenures. 
Lyttyltons tenures. 
Noue Narrationes. 
Articuli ad narrationes nouas. 
Diversyte of courtes. 
Justyce of peace. 

Lazv Library Accessions 171 

1534. The Chartuary. 

Court Baron. 
Court of Hundrede. 
Returna brevium. 

The Ordynaunce for takynge of fees in the escheker, 
William Rastell, 1534. 


Henry VIII, years i, 3-7, Berthelet, no date. - 
14-15, Berthelet, no date. 

21, Berthelet, no date. 

22, Berthelet, no date. 

23, Berthelet, no date. 

24, Berthelet, 1538. 

25, Berthelet, no date. 

26, Berthelet, no date. 

27, Berthelet, no date. 

28, Berthelet, no date. 
31, Berthelet, 1539. 

31, Berthelet, 1562. 

32, Berthelet, 1540. 

33, Berthelet, 1542. 
34-35, Berthelet, 1543. 

34-35 > An Act for certayne ordinaunces, 

Berthelet, no date. 
1540 (?) The Boke of justices of peas, Redman, no date [between 

1523 and 1540]. 

Booke for a justice of peace, Tottyl, 1574. 
1540 (?) BRITTON, Redman, no date [1540?]. 

1543. Statutes made from the time of Kyng Henry the thirde 
unto the fyrste yere of King Henry the VIII, Berthelet, 

1546 (?) FORTESCUE, .&> JOHN. 

De laudibus legum Angliae, Whitechurche, no date 
[between 1540 and 1546]. 
-Tottill, 1567. 

- Tottell, 1573. 

- Wight and Norton, 1599. 
1550. A Boke of presidentes, Grafton, 1550. 

- Marshe, 1555. 

- Tottyll, 1559. 

Nouvelle Natura brevium, Tottell, 1553. 

- Tottell, 1567. 

- Tottell, 1581. 
Tottell, 1588. 

172 Report of the Libra ria n ' of Congress 


Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Anglie, ist 

ed. Tottell, no date [1554] 

The Dyaloges in Englishe betwene a doctour of divinitie 

and a student in the lawes of Englande, Tottel, 1554. 

- Tottell, 1569, 

- Tottell, 1575. 

- Tottell, 1580. 

- Wight, 1598. 

I/es plees del coron, Tottell, 1557. 

- Tottell, 1560. 

- Tottell, 1567. 

- Tottell, 1574. 

- Tottell, 1583. 

1559. A colleccion of all the statutes unto 1557, by William Rastell, 

Tottell, 1559. 

1561. Novae Narrationes, Tottell, 1561. 

The new boke of justices of peace, Tottill, 1566. 
Loffice et aucthoritie de iustices de peace, Tottill, 1583. 

An Exposicion of the kinges prerogative, Tottel, 1567. 

- Tottle, 1573. 

- Tottel, 1577. 

- Totthil, 1590. 

1567. PERKINS, JOHN. ' 

A Profitable booke, Tottell, 1567. 

- Tottell, 1576. 

- Tottell, 1593. 


Archaionomia, sive de priscis Anglorum legibus libri, 
John Day, 1568. 

1569. BRACTON. 

De legibus & consuetudinibus Angliae, Tottell, 1569. 
1573. BROOKE, Sir ROBERT. 

La Graunde abridgement, Tottell, 1573, 2 vols. 

- Tottell, 1576, 2 vols. 
Tottell, 1586, 2 vols. 


Annalium tarn regnum Edwardi quinti, Richardi tertii, & 

Henrici septimi, quam Henrici octavi, Tottell, 1579. 
Jane Yetsweirt, 1597. 

Law Library Accessions 173 


I/authoritie et jurisdiction des courts, Yetsweirt, 1594. 


Novel cases, Jane Yetsweirt, 1597. 


Le court leete et court baron, Wight and Norton, 1598. 


Kirenarcha: or of the office of justices of peace, Wight and 
Norton, 1599. 

Appendix VII 


I. GIFTS, 1904-5 

From The Applebaugh-Jones company, Philadelphia, Pa.: 

Facsimile of Declaration of Independence. (With reproduction 

of Carpenter's hall, the Liberty hall, etc.) 
From the Territory of Arizona: 

Proclamations for Arbor day, Labor day, and Thanksgiving day. 
1904. (Arbor and Labor day, typewritten copies; Thanksgiving 
day, broadside.) 
From William Beer, New Orleans, La. : 

Songs, war and miscellaneous. 13 broadsides. 
From C. K. Bolton, Boston, Mass.: 

The Narrative of the most terrible and dreadful tempest, hurri- 
cane, or earthquake in Holland, etc. Recent MS. copy of work 
printed at Cambridge, Mass., in 1674. 
From Mrs. Henry Carrington Bolton, Washington, D. C.: 

Irving, Washington. Autograph poem, "Passaic" an Indian 


From Miss Sophonisba P. Breckinridge and Mr. Desha Breckinridge, 
Lexington, Ky. : 

Breckinridge family papers. 1774-1905. 
See pp. 22-25 f this Report. 
From the State of California: 

Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, 1903-1904. 2 broadsides. 
From William A. Carter, Alexandria, Va. : 

Stage lines. Passenger lists. Phoenix line for Baltimore; Cul- 
peper court house to Washington city; U. S. Mail for Warren- 
ton; U. S. Mail for Washington City. (Printed forms filled out. ) 
From the State of Connecticut: 

Thanksgiving day, 1863, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1887-1894, 1896-1904. 

Arbor day, 1887, 1891, 1894-1895, 1898-1905. 

Fast day, 1879, 1881, 1884-1890, 1892-1905. 

Special 4th of July proclamation. 1865. 

Governor Bulkeley's letter concerning Columbian Exposition. 

1902. All broadsides. 
From the State of Delaware: 

Proclamations for Arbor day and Thanksgiving day, 1904. 


176 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

From James Denison, Washington, D. C.: 

Denison, George S. Letters to James Denison. 49 A. Ls. S. 
Letters to his mother, 1854-1866. 102 A. Ls. S. 
One typewritten copy of letters to the Burlington ( Vt.) Free Press, 
and a scrap book containing miscellaneous newspaper clippings 
relating to politics. 153 pieces in all. 
See pp. 30-31 of this Report. 
From Commander G. L. Dyer, U. S. N., Governor of Guam: 

Corte y Ruano Calderon, Filipa Maria de la. Historia de las Islas 
Marianas desde llegada de los Espanoles hasta hoy 15 de Mayo 
1870. Typewritten copy. 
From A. B. Eldredge, Marquette, Mich. : 

United States, House of Representatives. Minority protest 
against impeachment of Andrew Johnson. [Mar. 2, 1868.] 
A. D. S. of Charles A. Eldredge with 47 other signatures. 
See page 29 of .this Report. 
From First National Bank of Harrisonburg, Va. : 

Virginia Treasury notes. 1862. $i and |io, respectively. 
From First National Bank of Richmond, Va.: 

Banknotesof various state and local banks. 1861-1862. 34 pieces. 
From the State of Florida: 

Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. Broadside. 
From Mrs. J. S. Gitterman, Washington, D. C.: 

New York city. Political broadsides relating to the Anti-Tam- 
many campaign of 1903. 4 posters litho. in colors. 
From Samuel A. Green, Boston, Mass.: 

Massachusetts proclamation for Arbor day, 1905. 
From Charles P. Greenough, Boston, Mass.: 

Hancock, John. Account against United States. Oct. 25, 1777. 
Nourse, 'Joseph to Fisher Ames in re above. Jan. 8, 1795. A. L. S. 
Great Britain. London Merchants. Letter to American colonies. 

Mar. 18, 1766. 55 signatures. 
Continental Congress, Resolve. The Embargo in Delaware. 

June 12, 1780. D. S. by Charles Thomson. 
See page 32 of this Report. 
From S. D. Hannah, Boston, Mass. : 

Allen, James. Indenture binding himself to apprenticeship. 

Aug. 8, 1785. 
Grant, Ulysses S. Letters to Mrs. Elizabeth M. King. Aug. 2, 

1875, and Jan. 27, 1881. 
Grant, Hannah. Letter to Mrs. Elizabeth M. King. Mar. 2, 1880. 
From John Hart, Richmond, Va. : 

Virginia, Fredericksburg street lottery, 1828. 2 pieces. 
From the State of Kansas: 

Proclamation for Kansas day at the World's Fair. 1904. 
From Collector of Port of Kennebunk, Me. : 

Custom House records from Kennebunk, Me. Two volumes of 
correspondence with the Treasury department, 1801-1821. 

Manuscripts Gifts 177 

From Charles LaHayne, Washington, D. C. : 

Inaugural ball invitation. Mar. 4, 1865. Engraved card. 
From John Lane, New York city: 

Watson, William. Autograph draft of poem "Columbus" with 
A. L. S. presenting same to John Lane and a printed copy of 
From Max L/ansburgh, Washington, D. C.: 

Playbills of Ford and National theatres, Washington,- D. C., 
1874-1876. Lester Wallack, Lotta, Maggie Mitchell, Mary An- 
derson, Clara Morris, John McCullough, Mrs. Lander, etc. 50 
From Osmun Latrobe, New York city: 

Latrobe, Benjamin H. Letter to Charles Willson Peale. Apr. 18, 

1806. A. L. S. 
From Library of Australian Parliament: 

Great Britain, Victoria, Queen. Royal approval of an Act of the 

Australian Parliament. Photo, litho. of D. S. July 9, 1901. 
From Hon. Henry Cabot Lodge, Washington, D. C.: 

Alexander, W. D. Statement of facts relating to Hawaiian poli- 
tics during Kalakaua's reign, 1874-87. (Typewritten document 
signed. ) 
American Protective Tariff League. Poster: "That terrible 

eclipse." 1900. 
From the State of Louisiana: 

Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. Broadside. 
From the State of Maryland: 

Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. Broadside. 
From the State of Massachusetts: . 


Arbor day, 1886-1904. 19 broadsides. 
Thanksgiving day, 1860-1903. 39 broadsides. 
Fast day, 1883-1894. 12 broadsides. 
Death of Governor Greenhalge, 1896. Broadside. 
Anniversary of inauguration of John Adams, 1897. Broad- 
Establishment of an industrial camp for prisoners at Rutland, 

Apr. 21, 1904. Broadside. 
From John Meigs, Washington, D. C.: 

Journals of Washington Library Company. 1811-1877. 3 vols. 
See pp. 3 1-32 of this Report. 
From the State of Michigan: 

Death of President William McKinley, 1901. 

Flag day, 1902-1903. 

Death of Hon. James McMillan, 1902. 

Labor day, 1902. 

Arbor day, 1903. 

Thanksgiving day, 1904. 7 broadsides in all. 

178 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

From Dr. Stuyvesant F. Morris, New York city: 

Van Buren, Martin. Correspondence. 900 documents comprising 

letters of Ben ton, Buchanan, Jackson, etc. 
See pp. 25-26 of this Report. 
From the State of Nebraska: 

Election of November 1904. 
Nebraska day at World's Fair, 1904. 
Thanksgiving day, 1904. 3 broadsides in all. 
From the Territory of New Mexico: 

Death of President William McKinley, 1901. 

Thanksgiving day, 1902-1903. 

Memorial day, 1903. 

Memorial of death of William G. Ritch, 1904. 

New Mexico day at World's Fair, 1904. One for October and 

one for November. 7 broadsides in all. 
From the State of New York: 

Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, 1900, 1902, 1903. 3 broad- 

From the State of North Dakota: 

Arbor day, 1899, 1901, 1904. 

Thanksgiving day, 1899, 1901, 1903. 8 broadsides in all. 
From the State of Ohio: 

Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. (Typewritten copy.) 
From the Territory of Oklahoma: 

Thanksgiving day, 1902 . 
Memorial day, 1903, 1904. 
Arbor day, 1903, 1904. 

Oklahoma day at World's Fair, 1904. 6 broadsides in all. 
From the State of Oregon : 

Proclamations Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. 2 broadsides. 
From Rev. Edward William Odborne, Springfield, 111. : 
Alabama relics 

Discharge of a seaman, June 30, 1864. Signed by Francis L,. 

Gait and R. Semmes. 

Cap-ribbon and clipping from ' ' The Christian world ' ' , Lon- 
don, June 24, 1864, giving account of encounter with the 
U. S. S. Kearsarge. (In frame.) 
See page 29 of this Report. 
From Andrew J. Patterson, Greeneville, Tenn. : 

Andrew Johnson. Letters to B. McDonnel. 15 pieces. 
B. McDonnel to Johnson. 2 pieces. 
Robert Johnson to McDonnel. 2 pieces. 
See pp. of this Report. 

Ma nuscripts Gifts 179 

From William J. Rhees, Washington, D. C.: 

Young Men's Christian Association, Washington organization. 
Minutes of, 1852-1861. I vol. Also miscellaneous scraps, 
clippings, etc. relating to history of Y. M. C. A. 
From Thomas E. Richardson, Sumter, S. C.: 

South Carolina, Stateburg, St. Mark's parish. Printed copies of 
documents relating to the Holy Cross church. Nov. I, 1895. 
From Dunbar Rowland, Jackson, Miss.: 

Confederate currency. Cotton, railroad, government and state 

notes. 1862-1864. 18 pieces. 
From E. H. Russell, Wilkinsburg, Penn. : 

His sketch of James E. Murdoch, 1905. A. D. 
From J. Henley Smith, Washington, D. C.: 
Smith, Jonathan Bayard. Papers of. 

Commission as Judge of Court of Common Pleas for Phila- 
delphia. 1791. 

Commission as Prothonotary for Philadelphia, 1778. 
Certificate of contribution to the Philadelphia dispensary, 


See page 32 of this Report. 
From the State of South Dakota: 

Death of President William McKinley. 1901. 
Death of Attorney General of State [John Iy. Pyle], 1902. 
Arbor day, 1902, 1963. 

Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. 6 broadsides in all. 
From Frank Squier, New York city: 

Squier, Ephraim George. Papers of. 10 vols. of correspondence 

and 7 pkgs. of Archaeological material. 
See pp. 26-27 f this Report. 
From the State of Tennessee: 

Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. Broadsides. 
From the State of Vermpnt: 

Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. Broadside. 
From Robert Weidensall, Chicago, 111. : 

His poem: "The Construction corps, U. S. M. R. R." 2d edition. 
1864. Broadside, 2 copies. Autograph signed explanatory 
From the State of West Virginia: 

Proclamations for Thanksgiving day, Labor day, Flag day, 1904. 

From Mrs. Harriott Wight, Washington, D. C. : 

Papers of Asbury Dickins and Francis A. Dickins. 
See page 30 of this Report. 

180 Report of the Librarian of Congress 


West Indies: 

~Dunmore,arlof. Naval passport. Jan. 15, 1794. 

Letter books of Governor Charles Pinfold, 1756-66. 3 vols. 

Minutes of the Council, 1735-66. 3 vols. 

Acts of Assembly 1643-1766. (2 vols. are printed with MS. 

addenda and annotations, i vol. MS.) 3 vols. in all. 
Journal of Assembly, 1756-66. I vol. 
Royal instructions - to Governor Pinfold, 1756 and Extracts 

from Minutes of Council, 1641-1739. i vol. 
See pp. 40-41 of this Report. 
British colonies: 

Colonial script money, 1769-76. 10 pieces. 

Reales cedulas y ordenes. 1770-96. 3 vols. (Contemporary 
copies in Spanish. ) 

Civil war: 

Alabama. Relics Discharge of a seaman June 30, 1864; Cap- 
ribbon and clipping from ' ' The Christian world ' ' , London, June 
24, 1864, giving account of encounter with the Kearsarge. 
See page 29 of this Report. 

Confederate currency Various issues 1861-64. 42 pieces. 

Cotton, railroad, government and state notes, 1862-64. 18 


Virginia Treasury notes, 1862. 2 pieces. 
Bank notes of various state and local banks, 1861-62. 34 


Porter, David D. Letter to James H. Grimes, Jan. 15, 1869. L. S. 
Revolution : 

Hazen, Moses. Muster roll, and lists of recruits, men receiving 

supplies, absentees, etc. 2 vols. 
Continental Congress, Resolve. The embargo in Delaware. June 

12, 1780. D. S. of Charles Thomson. 
Continental currency, 1775-78. 4 pieces. 

Post Office department. Account books, ledgers, etc. 1784-1811. 

9 vols. Transferred from Treasury department. 
See page 49 of this Report. 

Larsh, Abraham, jr. Statement of sale of revenue stamps in 

Maryland, June, 1800. 

Sproat, Bbenezer. Account with United States as Revenue in- 
, spector, 1794-1809. 

Manuscripts Accessions 181 

Miscellaneous Contin ued 

Custom House records from Kennebunk, Maine. 2 vols. of cor- 
respondence with the Treasury department, 1801-21. 
House of Representatives. Minority protest against impeach- 
ment of Andrew Johnson. [Mar. 2, 1868.] A. D. S. of Charles 
A. Eldredge with 47 other signatures. 
See page 29 of this Report. 


Bond coupons, [1822?] 34 pieces. 

Haynes, Hezekiah. Letter to Samuel Wyllys, May 9, 1677. 

(Contemporary copy.) 
District of Columbia: 

Young Men's Christian Association of Washington city. Min- 
utes of, 1852-61. i vol. Also two bundles of miscellaneous 
scraps, clippings, etc. relating to the history of the Y. M. C. A. 
Washington Library Compan}\ Journals of, 1811-77. 3 vols. 
See pp. 31-32 of this Report. 

Papers relating to, 1783-1821. (About 65,000 pieces.) Trans- 
ferred by the Interior department from Office of Surveyor Gen- 
eral of Florida. 
See pp. 49-50 of this Report. 

Hulings, William E. Oath respecting cotton shipment from 

New Orleans to Baltimore, Md. Jan. 3, 1801. 
Massachusetts : 

London Merchants. Letter to merchants in American Colonies, 

Mar. 18, 1766. 3 pp. 55 signatures. 
See pp. 32-33 of this Report. 
New Hampshire: 

Colonial currency. Five sheets of issues of 1737, 1740, 1756 and 

1775. Restrikes from old plates. 
New Jersey: 

Princeton college. Petition of students for use of room in Nassau 

Hall, April, 1807. (Contemporary copy.) 
New Mexico: 

Gonzales, Juan. Titles to land in New Mexico. 42pp. (Recent 

copy of a mutilated Spanish MS. ) 
Rhode Island: 

Ward, Henry. Clearance certificate of sloop "Polly " Dec. 13, 


Fredericks ourg street lottery, 1828. Two tickets-. 

1 82 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Mariana islands: 

Guam. Corte y Ruano Calderon, Filipa Maria de la. Historia 
de las Islas Marianas desde llegada de los Bspanoles hasta hoy 
15 de Mayo 1870. 168 pp. (Typewritten copy.) 

Alexander, W. D. Statement of facts relating to Hawaiian poli- 
tics during Kalakaua's reign, 1874-87. (Typewritten docu- 
ment signed. ) 



One piece of Chinese currency. 
France : 

Louis XIV. Commission to Comte de Toulouse as Admiral, Jan. 

i, 1694. D. S. (Parchment.) 

West India company. Certificate of stock, June 6, 1770. 
Great Britain: 

Victoria, Queen. Royal approval of an act of the Australian 

Parliament. Photo, litho. of D. S. July 9, 1901. 
Ireland. Letter of Slaters and plasterers union, 1834. 

"A Narrative of the most terrible and dreadful Tempest, Hurri- 
cane ," etc. Recent copy of imprint of 1674. 8 pp. 

Malaga. Quarantine bill of health to Capt. Nathaniel Sherman, 
Sept. 17, 1802. 



Buddhist law. MS. in Burmese characters on rice paper. 19 

double sheets. 

Burmese manuscripts. About 86 pieces. 
See pp. 42-46 of this Report. 


Adams, John. Letter to Timothy Pickering. Sept. 13, 1798. A. L. S. 

Adams, John Quincy. Letters to Alexander H. Everett. 1811-37. 

28 A. L. S. 

Allen, James. Indenture binding himself to apprenticeship. Aug. 8, 

Allen, William. Papers of. 1825-79. 

See page 39 of this Report. 
Breckinridge Family Papers. 1774-1905. 

See pp. 22-25 f this Report. 
Brown, David Paul. Letters to Hiram Katcham, June 3, 1820; to 

George Boyd, Apr. 5, 1839. A. Ls. S. 
Bruce, B[lanche] K[elso]. Letter to Murat Halstead. Feb. 18, 1878. 

A. L. S. 

Manuscripts Accessions 183 

Burt, David. Letter to James Barbour. Mar. 28, 1826. A. L. S. 

Calhoun, John C. Letters to John R. Mathews. 1839-49. 18 
A. Ls. vS. 

Denison, George 8. Letters to James Denison. 40 A. Ls. S. and I 
typewritten copy of letters to the Burlington ( Vt. ) Free Press. 
Also 102 A. Ls. S. to his mother 1854-66 and a scrap book contain- 
ing miscellaneous newspaper clippings relating to politics. 153 
pieces in all. 

See pp. 30-31 of this Report. 

Drew, Edward. Certificate of character of George Joseph Fenwick. 
Apr. 3, 1778. A. D. S. 

Duane, Wifliam. Letters to various persons, n A. Ls. S. and a 
newspaper clipping. 1801-32. 

Giddings, Joshua R. Letter to Benjamin F. Wade. Dec. 28, 1850. 
A. L. S. 

Gilman, Nicholas. Correspondence of, Treasury circulars, miscel- 
laneous accounts, etc. 1780-1810. 163 pieces. 

Grant, Hannah. Letter to Mrs. Elizabeth M. King. Mar. 2, 1880. 

Grant, Ulysses S. Letters to Mrs. Elizabeth M. King. Aug. 2, 1875, 
and Jan. 27, 1881. A. Ls. S. 

Griffith family. Memorandum of genealogy, n. d. 

Hall, Thomas J. Letter to Benjamin H. Springer. Nov. 19, 1811. 
A. L. S. 

Hamilton, William S. Letters from John C. Breckinridge, Jan. 18, 
1812; Samuel F. Jarvis, Apr. 19, 1813; Wade Hampton, July 16, 
1839. A. Ls. S. 

Hancock, John. Account against United States. Oct. 25, 1777. A. D. 


Irving, Washington. Autograph poem: "Passaic," An Indian legend. 
Jackson, Andrew. General orders. July 3, 1815. Printed orders 

signed by Robert A. Butler. 
Jefferson, Thomas. Papers of. 172 vols. and 32 miscellaneous letters, 

etc. Transferred from the Department of state by Executive order. 
Johnson, Andrew. Letters to B. McDannel. 1851-66. 15 A. Ls. S. , 

also 2 of McDannel to Johnson and 2 of Robert Johnson to 


See pp. 28-29 of this Report. 
Latrobe, Benjamin H. Letter to Charles Willson Peale. Apr. 18, 

1806. A. L. S. 
Leggett, William. Letter to Catherine M. Sedgwick. Mar. 6, 1838. 

A. L. S. 
Me Arthur, Duncan. Papers of. 1790-1839. 

See pp. 37-38 of this Report. 
McKenny, Thomas Lorraine. Letter to ? Aug. 22, 1825. A. L. S. 

4 Pp. 

Macy, Samuel J. Letter to Henry S. Randall. Nov. 16, 1853. A. L. S. 
Madison, James. Papers of. 84 vols. and miscellaneous sheets. 

Transferred from the Department of state by Executive order. 
UB 1905 13 

184 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Nourse, Joseph. Letter to Fisher Ames in regard to John Hancock's 

account against the United States. Jan. 8, 1795. A. L. S. 
O'Callaghan, Bdtnund Bailey. Letters and papers. I2vols. 1830-60. 

See pp. of this Report. 

O'Connell, Daniel. Letter to Thomas O'Brien. Nov. 17, 1858. A. L. S. 
Pierce, Franklin. Papers of. 1838-69. 805 pieces. 

See pp. 4-42 of this Report. 

Putnam, Israel. Epitaph on, written by Dr. Dwight. 
Read, John Meredith, to S. B. Ruggles. n. d. A. L. S. 
Russell, E. H. Sketch of James E. Murdoch. A. D. 28 pp. 1905. 
Sharp, Granville. Letters to William Lodge. Mar. 4 and Feb. 5, 


Sibbald, George. Miscellaneous letters and papers. 1794-1803. Spieces. 
Smith, Jonathan Bayard. Commission as Judge of Court of Common 

Pleas for Philadelphia. 1791. 

Commission as Prothonotary for Philadelphia. 1778. (2 printed 

forms filled out, signed and sealed. ) 

Certificate of contribution to the Philadelphia dispensary. 1793. 
Smith, Samuel. Letter to Robert Purviance. Jan. 19, 1803. Also 

Smith to his nephew, n. d. A. Ls. S. 

Spencer, William. Letter to - - ? May 2, 1797. A. L. S. 
Squier, Ephraim George. Papers of. 10 vols. of correspondence 

and 7 packages of archaeological material. 

See pp. 26-27 of this Report. 
Stevens, Simon. Letters from: John Cochrane, Dec. 28 and Dec. 31, 

1860; M. H. Carpenter, Mar. 31, 1869; Leslie Combs, Oct. i, 1859; 

John K. Hackett, Nov. 16, 1863; Hinton R. Helper, Feb. 4, 1885; 

Henry A. Wise, Nov. 10, 1858. A. Ls. S. 

Sunderland, Le Roy. Letter to Francis Wright, Oct. 2, 1843. A - L- S. 
Tappan, Arthur. Letter to Thomas Aspinwall, Apr. 15, 1831. A. L. S. 
Taylor, John. Minor-Watson manuscripts, broadsides, pamphlets, 

books, etc. 1768-1824. 1,200 pieces in all, 

See pp. 39-40 of this Report. 
Thomas, James, jr. Field notes of a survey made of the lands of 

Lord Fairfax on the Rappahanno^k river in Oct. 1736. Attested 

Apr. 28, 1737. 

Tilghman, F. Letter to James H. McCulloch, Jan. 14, 1824. A.L.S. 
Toussaint L'Ouverture. Letter to the Prosecutor General of Hayti? 

Apr. 17, 1797. A. L. S. (In French.) 
Trumbull, John. Letter book, 1796-1802. A. D. 
Van Buren, Martin. Correspondence. 900 pieces. 

See pp. 25-26 of this Report. 

Walbach, L. A. B. Certificate. Feb. 13, 1844. A. D. S. 
Walker, Duncan Stephen. Military record of. Jan. 8, 1869. 
Watson, William. Autograph draft of poem "Columbus " with A. L. 

S. presenting same to John Lane of New York and printed copy of 


See page 28 of this Report. 
Wilberforce, William. Letter to Charles F. Mercer, on slave trade. 

Nov. 17, 1823. 

Manuscripts Accessions 1 85 


Slave papers. 

Johnson, Christopher. Account for money expended in recover- 
ing negroes from bondage. 1793-96. 
Records of births of certain negro slaves in New York city. 

1800-18. 8 pieces. 

Anti-Slavery convention. Declaration of Philadelphia meeting. 
Dec. 4, 1833. Also Constitution of American Anti-Slavery 
society with 20 pp. of original signatures. 

American Anti-Slavery society. Proceedings of Cleveland meet- 
ings, Oct. 23-4, 1839, and Jan. 15, 1840. 
Marine miscellany: 

Lewis. Log book of voyage May 15, i849~Jan. 7, 1853. i vol. 
Graves, Richard. Account for building a brig. Sept. 20, 1776. 
Poetry : 

McMullen, John. "The Hamadryad." A. D. S. 
Madden, Sir Frederick. Notes on illuminated MSS. in libraries of 
Great Britain and in foreign libraries and on ancient Greek MSS. 
1847. A - D. 3 vols. 

Bibliographic des livres Perdus. Bibliotheques historiques: Philoso- 
phic, logique, morale, etc. 484 pp. 
Prices current at Charleston and Kingston, Jamaica 1794-97. (3 

pieces. ) 

Stage lines. Passenger lists, 1836-37. Phoenix line for Baltimore, 
Culpeper Court House to Washington, U. S. Mail for Warrenton, 
U. S. Mail for Washington. (Printed forms filled out.) 
Crosby, Jessie. Tsimshian grammar. A. D. 16 pp. and A. L. S. to 
Bishop Hurst transmitting above grammar. 



Executive. Proclamations: Arbor, Labor and Thanksgiving days, 

1904. (Arbor and Labor Day, typewritten copies.) 

Executive. Proclamations: Thanksgiving day, 1903 and 1904. 

Executive . Proclamations : 

Arbor day, 1887, 1891, 1894, 1895, 1898, 1904 and 1905. 

Fast days, 1756, 1766, 1776, 1879, 1881, 1884, 1890, 1902, 1903, 

1904, 1905. 

Special 4th July proclamation, 1865. 
Governor Bulkeley's letter concerning Columbian Exposition 

1892. 64 broadsides in all. 
Delaware : 

Executive. Proclamations: Arbor and Thanksgiving days, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamation: Thanksgiving day, 1904. 
Inhabitants. Memorial of inhabitants to President of the United 
States for removal of Surveyor General, Robert Butler, n. d. 

1 86 Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Executive. Proclamation. Kansas day at the World's Fair, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamations 

Arbor day, 1886-1905. 20 pieces. 

Thanksgiving day, 1758, 1786, 1798, 1801, 1803, 1826, 1860- 

1903. 45 pieces. 

Fast day, 1745, 1783, 1803, 1816, 1820, 1883-1894. 17 pieces. 
Death of Governor Greenhalge, 1896. I piece. 
Anniversary of inauguration of John Adams as President of 

the United States. 1897. i piece. 

Covenant at Springfield for reformation. Aug. 22, 1728. 
Pope night in Boston. 175-. 
Proclamation establishing an industrial camp for prisoners 

at Rutland. Apr. 21, 1904. 

Elegy on death of sons of Capt. Joshua Weeks. 1735-6. 
Political broadside against the embargo act 1813? 
Resolve of House of Representatives. 1779. 
Nine miscellaneous broadsides. 1780-1781. 
Revolutionary broadsides. Photo, prints, with negatives of 
originals in Massachusetts Historical Society. 86 broad- 
sides. 2 prints of each. 

Byrnes [Burns?], Anthony. (Negro slave.) Political broadside 
respecting sale of. 

By exchange from Cornell university library. 

Executive. Proclamations 

Death of President William McKinley, 1901. 
Flag day, 1902-1903. 
Death of Hon. James McMillan, 1902. 
Labor day, 1902. 
Arbor day, 1903. 

Thanksgiving day, 1904. 7 pieces in all. 
Mississippi : 

Resolution of the Legislature condemning South Carolina nullifi- 
cation. 1833. 

Nebraska : 

Executive Proclamations 
Election November, 1904. 
Nebraska day at World's Fair. 
Thanksgiving day, 1904. 

Manuscripts Accessions 187 

New Hampshire: 

Commission, in blank, for an officer in the militia, 179-. 

By exchange from New Hampshire state library. 
Fast day, 1758. 
Thanksgiving day, 1763. 

Treasurer's warrants, 1760, 1763. 2 pieces. % 

Nine broadsides, 1779-1808. 
New Jersey: 

Resolutions of the Legislature condemning South Carolina nulli- 
fication. 1833. 
New Mexico: 

Executive. Proclamations 

Mourning for President William McKinley, 1901. 

Thanksgiving day, 1902, 1903. 

Memorial day, 1903. 

Memorial of death of William G. Ritch. 1904. 

New Mexico day at World's Fair, i for October and I for 

New York: 

Executive. Thanksgiving day proclamations, 1900, 1902, 1903. 
Gage, Thomas. Pay for services rendered the Army, Feb. 17, 1769. 
Croton Aqueduct, Completion of. 1842. 

National Union Executive Committee. "How the war com- 
menced," etc. [Oct.? 1864.] 
New York city political broadsides relating to the Anti-Tammany 

campaign of 1903. 4 posters, lithographed in colors. 
North Carolina: 

Executive*. Proclamation convening the legislature, Apr. 17,1861. 
North Dakota: 

Executive. Proclamations 
Arbor day, 1899, 1901, 1904. 
Thanksgiving day, 1899, 1901, 1903. 

Resolution of the Legislature condemning the South Carolina 

nullification. 1833. 

Executive. Proclamation for Thanksgiving day, 1904. (Type- 
written copy. ) 

Executive. Proclamations 
Thanksgiving day, 1902. 
Memorial day, 1903. 
Arbor day, 1903, 1904. 
Decoration day, 1904. 
Oklahoma day at World's Fair, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamations. Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. 

1 88 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Fetes, General orders, Proclamations, Addresses, etc. 1895-190 

33 pieces. 
Rhode Island: 

Resolves and votes of the Council of war. June 4, Aug. 2, Au 

17, 1778; Mar. n, 1779. 4 pieces. 

Four broadsides relating to militia and currency. 1778-1781. 
South Carolina: 

Stateburg, St. Mark's parish. Printed copies of documents relat- 
ing to the Holy Cross church. Nov. i, 1895. 
South Dakota: 

Executive. Proclamations 

Death of President William McKinley, 1901. 
Death of Attorney General of the state, 1902. 
Arbor day, 1902, 1903. 
Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamations ,for Thanksgiving day, 1903, 1904. 

Executive. Proclamation for Thansgiving day, 1904. 

"The Black vomit; or, The bottom rail on top." 
West Virginia: 

Executive. Proclamations for Thanksgiving day. Labor day an 
Arbor day, 1904. 


American Protective Tariff League. "That terrible eclipse." 1900. 

Brief account of execution of six militiamen. [Jackson politica 

Continental Congress. Fast day, Mar. 16, 1776. 

Inaugural ball invitation. Engraved card. Mar. 4, 1865. 

Lincoln, Abraham. Reward for arrest of assassins. With photo- 
graphs of Surratt, Booth and Harold. Apr. 20, 1865. 

Playbills. 50 posters of Ford and National theatres, Washington, 
D. C. 1874-1876. 

Shakespearian playbills of performances held in England. 1786- 
1848. 1809 pieces. 

Songs. War and miscellaneous. 13 pieces. 

Weidensall, Robert. Poem "The Construction Corps, U. S. M. R. 
R." 2d ed. Autograph signed explanatory note. 1864. (2 
copies. ) 


Declaration of Independence. (With reproductions of Carpenter's 

hall, the Liberty hall, etc.) 

Facsimile of Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence. 
Clarke, Adam. Letter to American Methodist Clergymen. Feb. 6, 


Appendix VIII 



MAPS) 1904-5 


[From the collection of Richard Howe, ist Earl Howe, 1726-1799] 

Bermuda islands. 

[A map of the Bermuda islands. 1760?] 28^ x 57^. 

NOTE. A colored map showing forts and parishes. A note gives 
information concerning tides and soundings. 

Canada. Cape Breton island. 

A chart of the east coast of Cape Breton. [1760?] A scale of five 
English leagues. 21 x 29^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings and fortifications. 

Gaspee basin. 

A chart of Gaspee bay. Cape Gaspee in 48: 56' n. variat n 16: 
oo 7 west. [1760?] 16^ x 22^. 
NOTE. Gives soundings. 

New Brunswick. 
Miramische bay. [Signed] I. P. [1760?] 22 x 30^. 

NOTE. Colored. Gives sailing directions and soundings. 

Nova Scotia. 

[Communication from Halifax to Colquid bay. Comm. Duncan. 
1760?] Scale one inch to a mile. 50 x 24^. 

NOTE. Partly colored. 

Shows land grants and ' Land assigned to Colonel Small and the 
late disbanded 84th. regiment." 

A map of the harbour of Halifax. [1760?] Scale of 
three. miles. 26^ x 17^. 

NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings and location of fortifica- 


Part of the peninsula of Nova Scotia from Halifax 

across to Minas bay. [1760?] 29^2 x 21 }. 
NOTE. Shows rumps and roads. 

(I8 9 ) 

190 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Canada. Nova Scotia. 

A plain chart of the sea coast of Nova Scotia from Port Senior 
to Shezelcook. [1760?] Scale of 12 miles. 18^ x 25^. 

NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings and location of fortifica- 

St. John river. 

[St. John river from Fort Howe to lake Timisquata with portages 
to the St. Lawrence. 1760?] 55 x I2>. 

N OTE : Colored . 

Contains table of distances and notes describing the river and land. 

St. Lawrence river. 
[St. Lawrence river extending to Quebec. 1760?] 57/^ x 25^. 

NOTE. "All ledges, soundings, islands &c. mark'd with a B are 
copy'd from a cart publish 'd in Boston 1732. The figure of the shore 
from Quebec to Cow Point on the north & to Vincetat on the south 
shore and of the ledges within that distance are laid down from dif- 
ferent maps & surveys of mr. Bellin & others. The bearing's & 
distance of the different points & islands of the ledges, rocks, anchor- 
ages, soundings withe the setting of the tides & the land marks for 
avoiding the ledges &c. are plan'd from a manuscript found of board 
the Alcide taken in June 1755. By admiral Boscowen entitled Remar- 
ques & observations pour la navigation de France a Quebec trees de 
memoires & journaux. Qui soiit aux dep&t de cartes de la marine 


Inset map of the river from Hog Falls to Quebec. 12 x 17^. 
Soundings are only given in the upper part of the river. 

Central America. Honduras bay. 

[Bay of Honduras. 1760?] A scale of 60 miles or 20 leagues. 
26 x 36. 

NOTE. Coast line colored. 

Gives: latitudes in the bay of Honduras. Some remarks on the 
navigation in the bay of Honduras. 

Draught of the bay of Honduras and the Musqueto 

shoar. By George Robertson, master of his majestys ship 
the Prince Edward. Variation 6-3o m easterly in the year 
1764. Scale of nine leagues. 41 x 29. 

NOTE. Partly colored. 

Table of "latitude of the different points of land in the bay of 
Honduros & the Musqueto shoar. . . The above is agreeable to my 
observations when I surveyed this coast. George Robertson." 

A draught of the bay of Honduras and part of the 

Musquetto shore, corected, the variation to be allowed at 
Balliez 6 river, 7.0 e'erly at Bonacre 6.30 e l erly by George 
Robertson. [1764?] A scale of twenty leagues. 29^ x 42. 

NOTE. Coast line colored. 
Contains descriptive notes and soundings. 

Inset plan: A large draught of Truxillo bay in latti d io.i4' n., 
variation 6. 30' e' erly. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 191 

Central America. Honduras. 

A draught of the island of Bonacre in latt d 16: 34n long* 1 86: 22 w l 
from London, variation 6:306. [1755?] A scale of three 
English miles. 14% x 21. 

NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings. 

"This is an uninhabited island, all covered over with woods of va- 
rious kinds, there is excellent good water here & plenty of fish; as to 
directions for sailing into this hartxnir, the best I can give is the 
draught, the dotted line to the e*ward is the direction for sailing in, 
the same line continued to the w'ward is the direction for sailing 
out of the harbour." 

The island of Rattan. [1760?] A scale of three Eng- 
lish leagues. 20 x 29. 

NOTE. Colored. Contains descriptive note. 

Inset plans of : Dixon'scove. Port Royal harbour. French harbour. 

A draught of the harbour of Rattan commonly cald 

Port Royall harbour where his maj st fleet under comm nd of sir 
Will Burnaby anchored on there expedition to the the bay of 
Honduros in the year 1765. N: B: all the soundings in this 
draught is fathams. Very good wooding & watering here. 
A scale of 300 fatham. 14^ x iS^f. 

NOTE. Coast line colored. Gives soundings. 


Piano del Rio Chagres, delineado por Fransisco Mathias Celi. 
[1760?] Escala de mil pies del rin. iS^ x 12^. 
NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Piano del Rio Chagres, dilineado por Fransisco Mathias 

Celi. [1760?] Escala de mil pies del rin. 18^ x 12. 
NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings. 
Similar to the above with the exception of the lettering. 

A draught of the harbour of Porto Bello in latt' 1 9: 4 o 

n long d 79: 3 o w. from London. In July 1765 I found the 
variation 13: oo e'erly. Scale of one English mile. 17 x 22^2- 

NOTE. Partly colored. 

Contains an extensive descriptive note of the forts. 

Chesapeake bay. 

A sketch of the navigation from Swan pt. to the river Elk at the 
head of Chesapeak bay. . . . Scale of 12 estimated miles. 
Sketch of the river Elk at the head of Chesapeak bay. The 
soundings are in feet. Eagle Aug 1 & Sep u 1777. 21 x 27^. 
NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings. 
"By Mr. Hunter master of the Eagle" 

Shows: Landing of the kings troops. Head qu Cecil courthouse. 

Delaware bay. 

A draught of Delaware bay. Drawn by Richard Taylor for capt: 
Jann. Philadelphia. A scale of miles 69 to a degree. [1770- 
75?] 20^ x 44^. 

NOTE. Colored. Gives soundings. 

Inset: A tide table. 

192 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Delaware river. 

Plan of part of the river Delaware, from Chester to Philadelphia, in 
which is mark'd the position of hismaj : s ships on the i5 th of No- 
vember 1777. The obstructions to the navigation of the river, 
laid down by the rebels, are also mark'd. col. ms. 36 x u. 

NOTE. The land on both sides of the river and the islands is 
colored with a light green wash, the river with a pale blue, the ships 
are marked in red and the obstructions by small crosses in black 
ink. " The chan ls . used by the kings ships are mark'd by a red line ", 
along this line are given the soundings. 

On the left side of the map are two insets; the upper one contains 
the ' ' reference ' ' lettered A to H, referring to the position of the ships, 
forts and obstructions in the vicinity of Hog island, Mud' island and 
Billingforte; the lower inset shows a view of "Mud fort", seen in 
the background; in the river forming the second plan, are seen two 
ships at anchor, while in the foreground which is on "Province 
island" are a battery and a "13 inch mortar". I / ow r er, in the sw 
corner of the map are instructions concerning the tides. 

On the left bank of the river are: " Glocester, Redbank, G "a 
battery open'd by the rebels 15th Nov er 1777", Billingforte on the 
right bank: "Philadelphia", "Glocester pt. " F"batterys erected 
by h. m. troops ", " hospitals" on " Province island " at the junction 
of the Schuylkill and the Delaware, " Chester". The scale 6 5/16 in. 
for 3 miles. 

Massachusetts. Buzzards bay. 

Buzzards bay and shoals of Nantucket. [By lieut. Knight. 

1778]. 2i^x39X- 

NOTE. Colored. Gives soundings. 

Mexico. Vera Cruz. 

Piano de la Vera Crvz situado en / lat d y 27 5 de long* 1 , 
delineado por Fran co Mathias Celi. Escala de dos mil pies 
del rin. [1760?] 19 x 12^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings, index to places, and the location of the 
city, islands and castle. 

Piano de la Vera Crvs situado en 13 lo 7 lat' 1 y 27 5 
de long d . Escala de dos mil pies del rin. delineado por 
fra co Math* Celi. [1760?] 15^ x 12^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings and the location of the city, islands and 

Sligftt differences from above. Does not give index or same 

Newfoundland. Channel (Port aux Basques). 

A plan of the harbour of Port du Basque in Newfoundland three 
leagues to the eastward of Cape Ray. [1760?] A scale of 3 
English miles. 12^ x 17^. 
NOTE. Gives soundings. 

New Jersey. Sandy Hook. 

Soundings of the bar of Sandy hook at low water & the marks 
made use of for the best water . . . [1775?] 10^ x 18. 

NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings and statement concern- 
ing tide, winds, etc. 
Inset view: "Appearance of the leading mark over the bar." 

Maps and Charts Accessions 193 

New Jersey. Sandy Hook. 

[A map of New Jersey extending fjrom Sandy Hook to Little Egg 
harbour. 1770?] Scale of inches 100 chains to one inch. 
N. B. 80 chains to one mile. 53 x 28. 
NOTE. Shows rivers, roads and bridges. 

New York. Long 1 Island. 

Part of Long Island and the coast eastward to the shoals of Nan- 
tucket. [1775?] 8^ x 26^. 

NOTE. Colored. Gives soundings. 

Inset colored view: Sancoty Head s. s. w. 10 miles distant. 3^ x 4^. 

North America. 

Descripcion de la costa de Tierra Firme desde el rio de la Empa- 
lizada hasta cavo de Clara por las latitudes y longitudes de d" 
Bartolome de Rosa echo por Balentin Cierto primer piloto de 
la real armada. Afio de 1757. 18%. x 24. 

NOTE. Shows coast of United States from Cape Clara to the mouth 
of the Mississippi, also Cuba and surrounding islands with soundings. 

North. Carolina. Cape Lookout. 

A plan of the harbour of Cape lookout surveyed and sounded by 
his- majesty's sloop Viper captain Lobb in Sep r 1764 this har- 
bour is the best on the coast of North Carolina being land- 
lock' d and sheltered from all winds and the going in attended 
with on difficulty in the day or night having no bar it flows 7 
hours full and change and the tide was observed to rise 5 feet 
and when the wind blows hard from the eastward it will rise 
7 feet. That strangers may know this harbour there is a flag 
staff erected by captain Lobb about 50 feet high on a sorel 
hill near Davis's house and on landlock point a port which 
small vessells may moor too, they bear nee from each other 
- Cape lookout is in the latt d 34-4 // variation 2. 4o/ / east. 
A scale of one thousand yards. 14^ x 19. 
NOTE. Gives soundings and index to places. 

Philippine islands. 

A chart of the islands between Formosa and the Philippines. W. 

June 1763. 36x19^. 

NOTE. Partly colored. Shows the northern part of l/uzon. 

- Fug-a island. 

A plan of port Pigot, lat: Q 19 oo x n. long: according to P. 
Murillo's map, 121 12' e from London (Manila being sup- 
posed 120 256.) Made in August 1759 by capt. George 
Baker. 19^ x 24^. 

NOTE. "Tho it cannot be affirmed to be an exact mathematical sur- 
vey it may however serve to convey a tollerable idea of the place & I 
believe that part which is more immediately the confines of the har- 
bor, is free from any notorious error; the coasts beyond the capital let- 
ters are sketch'd out from a transient view only. It is desired that 
they who may have occasion to use this as a guide will be cautious & 
employ their own reason to detect such errors as might otherwise be 
detrimental to them." G. B. 

Gives sailing directions and soundings. 

194 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Philippine islands. Fug-a island. 

A plan of port Pigot, of the island Fuga or Babuyan, in lat d 19. 
oo 7 N. August 1759. Capt. George Baker. 24x31. 

NOTE. Gives sailing directions and soundings. Not an exact copy 
of the above. 


The port of Guingibin on the south coast of the province of 
Tayabas in Luzonia. [1750?] A scale of 7 nautic miles. 

15% x 20^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Mapa del puerto de Lampon por don Manuel Galvez 
1754. Registered in Febr- v 1745. From Lampon to the 
L,aguna is 4 hours journey: The land is pretty high but after 
the first ascent quite plain. A scale of three English nautic 
leages. 28 x 21% . 

NOTE. Gives soundings. 

The attack of Manilla, October 1762. 13 x 17^. 
NOTE. Shows the position of the ships and part of the city. 
Contains index to places. 

Plan of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Taken 
by storm the 6 th Oct r 1762 by the English army commanded 
by brigadier general Draper, 4 days after opening trenches. 


NOTE. Colored. Contains index to places. 

[Plan of the city of Manila. 1760?] 6> x 9,^. 
NOTE. Colored. Contains index to places. 

Manila bay. 1735 ... A scale of four Eng: nautic 
leagues. 9^ x 10^. 

NOTE. Shows Cavite, Manila and the position of the Chinese 


The bay of Panguyl on Mindanao. 1754. By the Spaniards. 

NOTE. Gives sailing directions and soundings. 

Plan of Panguil bay on Mindanao, from the Spaniards. 

[1750?] Scale of five nautick lea"'2o=i. 15 x 3 
"NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Samar island. 

Piano del puerto de Cajayagan. Palapag y Calomotan; fecho el 
anno de 1753, por d n Manuel Galvez. Commonly called the 
port of Palapa in the island Samar. The shoals and sound- 
ings in red ink are taken from another chart. Escala de 3 
millas a que esta arreg: este piano, n^ x 15^. 
NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 195 

South. America. Argentina. 

Nuevo piano del grand Rio de la Plata core j do de muchos errores 
per observationes hechos en los navios de s. m. por los annos 
de 1736, 37, 38 y ultim te enmendado por don Diego Phelan 
theniente de frigata y piloto mayor. Delineado por Fransisco 
Celi. Bscala de veinte leguas frans". 19^ x 13 j. 
NOTE. Gives soundings and index to places. 

Nveuo piano del grand Rio de la Plata, corejdo de 
muchos errores per observaciones hechos en los nauios de 
s. m. por los annos de 1736, 37, 38, y ultimam te enmendado 
por don Diego Phelan theniente de frigata y piloto mayor. 
Delinado por Fransisco Celi. Escala de veinte leguas frans. 
x 1234:. 

NOTE. Gives soundings and index to places. 
Slight differences from above. 

Piano del Rio de la Plata . . . [1760?] Escala de 20 

leguas fransesas. 19^ x 27^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Inset: Piano de la ensenada de Baragan con la sonda in pies. 
Piano de la bahia de Maldonado con la sonda en brasas. Piano 
del rio de S: luan hasta Punta Gorda con la sonda en brasas. Piano 
de la colonia del Sacramento y islas de S n Gabriel y Ynglesas con la 
sonda en brasas. Piano del puerto de St. Philipe de Monte Video 
con la sonda en brasas. 

Piano del Rio de la Plata nota das brasas y calida de 
fondo que se halla en el Rio de la Plata . . . [1760?] Escala 
de 20 leguas maritimas. 25^ x 19^. 

NOTE. Gives notes, soundings and index to places. 


A plan of Cartagine harbour in ye year 1732. By R. Erskine. 
ii# x 14/2. 

NOTE. A colored map showing the town and location of forts at 
the entrance of the harbor. Contains explanatory statements, index 
to places and soundings. 

Plan du golfe Darien, depuis 1'jsle de la tortiie jusqu'a 
la Caridonne & les Samblasses. Echelle de vingt cinq lieues 
commune. [1740?] 16^. x 21%- 

NOTE. Partly colored. Contains index to places with notes. 

South and Central America. 

Descripcion de la costa de Tierre Firme desde el cavo de la Agusa 
hasta la barra de Palmas diga de la Trinidad. Con todas las 
yslas, bajos, arrecifes &c a . Leho por las latitudes y longitu- 
des de d n Bartolome de la Rosa. Echo por Balentin Cierto 
primer piloto de la real armada. Afio de 1757. 22^ x 45%. 

NOTE. Shows Cuba. 

Inset: Piano del Alacran. Piano de la Nueva Vera Cruz. 

Gives soundings. 

196 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

West Indies. Antigua. 

A plan of English harbour with the kings yard and carrooning 
wharfe. I5th. Nov. 1745. By Ptr. Martel. 20^ x 14. 

NOTE. A colored map containing a table of references indicating 
the location of batteries, forts, guardhouses, storehouses, etc. 
Gives soundings. 


A plan of Cape Antonia. 1758. 8% x 14^. 
NOTE. Partly colored. 

[A map of Cape Corientes. 1760?] 8 

NOTE. Partly colored. Gives soundings. 

A plan of port Escondido on the south side of Cuba, 

three leag s to the e'ward of Cumberland harb r . Survey 'd by 
cap* Phi: Durell. 1742. A scale of one mile. 10^ x 14^. 

NOTE. Colored. 

Gives sailing directions and soundings. 

Inset view of the town. \y z x 10^. 

Havana. Vera Cruz. [1760?] 12 x 8. 

NOTE. Two small sketches partly colored. 
Gives soundings and fortifications. 

Plana del puerto bayia y ciuidad de la Havana, situ- 
ada por los 23. io 7 de lat. sept: y 292 :2o' de long, su i 
merid , en Teneriffe. Nuevamente" emmendado por D. D. 
D. B. Afio de 1730. Escala de 3000 pies del Rhin. Escala 
de mil varas Castellanas. 16 x 22^. 

NOTE. Partly colored. 
Explanatory notes and index to places. 

Shows the town and vicinity, and the location of buildings and 

Piano de la bahia de Jagua. Una de las de la ysla de 

St. Yiago de Cuba asia la parte del sur situada en 22 g s y i2 ms 
de latitud septentrional y en de longitud al meridiano de 
Tenerife 12 legs, al oeste del rio y puerto dela Trinidad es 
ibundante de seze y de mucha madera para fabricas de navios 
y hasse inismo para arboladuras de embarcaziones mag 63 y 
menoes. Delineado por Francisco Math 8 Celi. [1760?] 
Escala de 8 millos. 19 x 13^. 

NOTE. Gives soundings, fortifications and index to places. 

Piano de la bahia de Jagua. Una de las de la ysla de 

S. Tiago de Cuba asia la parte del sur situada en 22 g s y 12 
m s de latitud. septentrional y en g s m s de longitud al meredia- 
no de Tenerife. 12 leg 8 al oeste del rio y puerto dela Trini- 
dad es abundante de Pexe y de mucha madera para fabricas 
de navios y hassi mismo para arboladuras de embarcaziones 
may es y menoes. [1760?] Escala d. 4 millas. 19 x 13 X- 

NOTE. Gives soundings, fortifications and index to places. 
This map does not give the author, the same lettering or as many 
references as the above. In other respects they are similar. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 197 

West Indies. Cuba. 

Bahia del Mariel in ysla de Cuba. [ 1 760?] Escala de media milla. 
19 x 13. 

NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Piano de la bahia de Matansas. Escala de seis millas. 
Delineado por Francisco Mathias Celi. [1760?] i8|^ x 12. 
NOTE. Gives soundings, fortifications and index to places. 

Piano de la bahia de Matansas. Delineado por Fran co 

Math 5 Celi. [1760?] Escala de seis millas. 18^" x 12. 
NOTE. Gives soundings, fortifications and index to places. 
Same as above except the lettering. 

Piano de la gran bahia de Nipe in y a de Cuba. 
[1760?] Delineado per Franco. Escala de quatro millas. 
19 x I2>. 

NOTE. Gives soundings and index to places. 

A plan of the entrance and fortifications of the harbour 

Saint lago on the south side of Cuba. By cap' Phi: Durell. 
1741. A scale of 1000 feet. 14 x 20^. 

NOTE. Colored. 

Contains notes and index to places. 

A sketch of the harbour of S 1 lago de Cuba. [1760?] 
A scale of one mile. 22 x 28. 

NOTE. Partly colored. 

Contains index to places, fortifications, soundings and "Some 
remarks in sailing into this harbour." 


Plan of Prince Rupert's & Douglas bays in the island of Dominica; 
and the adjacent country from Rollo's Head to Douglas Point 
including the town of Portsmouth as it has been laid out: 
with the works and batteries proposed for their defence. By 
Rob 1 Brereton, capt. 3oth. regiment, assistant engineer. 
Dominica isth. Oct r 1785. N. B. The works at present con- 
structed are colored red: those proposed to be executed are 
in yellow. The different soundings in the bays are described 
in figures for the number of fathoms deep. S signifies sandy 
bottom: R rocky d. The different elevations of the bat- 
teries along the bays from the level of the sea and likewise of 
Prince Ruperts Head are marked the number of feet in red 
figures under the proposed works. The distances will be 
found by the scale. Scale 750 feet to an inch. 19^ x 41^. 
NOTE. Colored. 

Title and note are on separate sheets pasted in the upper right 
and left hand corners. 

Appended to the title is a: Plan of the twelve gun battery on the 
south side of Prince Ruperts Head on an elevation of 158 feet above 
the level of the sea. Done on a larger scale. i% x \%. Six small 
flap plans of batteries show their location and design. 

Contains information concerning the character and divisions of 
the land. 
Gives soundings. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

West Indies. Guadeloupe. 

A plan of the harbour at Point a Pitre on the island of Guadeloupe. 
[1760?] A scale of 2 miles. 2i> x 28. 

NOTE. Shows "Fort Louis, now Fort George." Gives soundings. 

Haiti (Island). 

A sketch of the harbour of port Francoise on the island of His- 
paniola. [1760?] A scale of one English mile. 15^x 
NOTE. Partly colored. 
Gives notes, sailing directions, soundings and index to places. 

Piano de la bahia de Ocoa en la ysla de S u Domin- 
[1760?] Escala de tres millas. 12^ x 20^. 


NOTE. Gives soundings. 

Porto Rico. 

[1760?] 17^ x 23^. 

A plan of the island of Porto Rico. 
NOTE. Colored. 

Contains extensive notes, list of parishes, table of distances, roads 
and views of towns. 

A plan of the island of Porto Rico. [1760?] 9^ x 24. 
NOTE. Same as above but uncolored and without notes and index. 

Piano de la agvada nveva de Pverto Rico. Delen- 
eado per Fran 00 Mathias Zeli . . . Escala de tres millas. 
18^ x 13. 

NOTE. Copy of a map made in 1740. Gives soundings. 

Piano de la aguada de S 1 Francisco en la ysla de S: 

luan de Puerto Rico las dos linias de carmin el punto donde se 
juntaren es el desecheo a distancia de 4 leguas de la punta de 
S. Francisco. [1760?] Escala de dos millas. 12 x 24. 
NOTE. Gives soundings. 


Anville (Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782). 

Geographic ancienne abregee, par m. d'Anville . . . Nouvelle 
edition, revue par 1'auteur. 2 p. 1., iv, 141 pp., 9 maps. fol. 
Paris, Merlin, 1769. 

Aa (Pieter van der, d. 1730). 

L,e nouveau theatre du monde, ou la geographic royale, composee 
de nouvelles cartes tres-exactes, dressees sur les observations 
de messieurs de 1' Academic royale des sciences a Paris sur 
celles des plus celebres geographes sur de nouveaux me- 
moires & rectifiees sur les relations les plus fideles voyageurs. 
Avec une description geographique et historique des quatre 
parties de 1'univers, desquelles 1' Europe en detail est ecrite 
par mr. Gueudeville, & les trois autres parties par mr. Ferra- 
rius.' Ouvrage qui donne une idee claire & facile de la terre, 

Maps and Charts Accessions 199 

& de ce qu'elle comprend de plus considerable. 8 p. 1., 66, 
76 pp., 94 maps. fol. L,eide, P. vander Aa, 1713. 

NOTE. Map entitled " Mappemonde " missing. 

Map no. [i] , Planisphere terrestre, by Cassini. 

Map no. [14], Nouvelle carte de 1'Italie, by Vignola. 

This work contains an extensive list of 42 pages, printed in three 
columns, giving the latitude and longitude of places, islands, etc. 

At the end, a sheet has been added giving plans of the follow- 
ing places: Embrun, Montauban, Masdazil, St. Tropez, Realmont, 
Tovlon, Pezenas, Roquecovre, Vzez, Blaye, Navarrins, Narbonne, 
Nismes, Bergerac, L,ibovrne, and Bayonne. 

Six of the maps are on sheets, the remainder, two on a leaf. 

Baquol (Jacques) and Schnitzler (Johann Heinrich, 1802-1871). 
Atlas historique et pittoresque, ou histoire universelle disposed en 
tableaux synoptiques embrassant a la fois les fait politiques, 
religieux, litteraires et artistiques et illustre"e de cartes et 
de planches. Ouvrage fonde par J. Baquol, continue" sur le 
meme plan depuis 1'an 1000 et augmente d' introductions, de 
repertoires, etc. par J.-H. Schnitzler ... 3 v. fol. Stras- 
bourg, E. Simon, 1861-64. 

NOTE. Maps, plates and tables, each numbered continuously. 
In v. 3, the maps, plates, and tables are not in consecutive order. 
Plate 110.46, shows plans of Paris in 1200, 1820, and 1860. 
For continuation of this work, see Schnitzler (J.-H.) I,a periode 
dcennale de 1850 a 1860. 

Barbie du Bocage (Jean Denis, 1760-1827). 

Recueil de cartes ge"ographiques, plans, vues et me'dailles de 
1'ancienne Grece, relatifs au voyage de jeune Anacharsis; 
precede d'une analyse critique des cartes. 2 p. 1., 20 pp., 24 
maps, 7 pi. 4. Deux-Ponts, Sanson & co. 1791. 

NOTE. To accompany Barthelemy (J. J.) Voyage de jeune Aiia- 
charsis en Grece, dans le milieu du quatrieme siecle avant 1'ere 

" Each map is designed for the very year in which Anacharsis is 
supposed to have travelled through the province it represents." In- 
troduction to English edition, 1791. 

Map no. 26, L,es Cyclades, by d'Anville. 

Barral (Jean Augustin, 1819-1879). 

Atlas du Cosmos contenant les cartes geographiques physiques, 
thermiques . . . applicables a tous les ouvrages de sciences 
physiques et naturelles et particulierement aux ceuvres d' Alex- 
andre de Humboldt et de Frarifois Arago. Dressees par m. 
Vuillemin. Gravees sur acier par m. Jacobs sous la direction 
de m. J. A. Barral. e"dite parL,. Gue"rin. 55 1. incl. 25 maps, 
i pi. fol. Paris, T. Morgand, 1876. 

NOTE. Lorenz in "Catalogue general de la librairie fransaise," 
states that the atlas was issued in parts. 

Bartholomew (John George). 

Atlas of commercial geography illustrating the general facts of 
physical, political, economic and statistical geography, on 
which international commerce depends. By John George 

LIB 1905 14 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Bartholomew . . . with introductory notes by Hugh Robert 
Mill ... vii, [i] pp., 27 maps. fol. Cambridge, Uni- 
versity press, 1889. 
(Pitt press series.) 

Blaeu (Joan, 1596-1673). 

Nouveau theatre d'ltalie, ou description e"xacte de ses villes, pa- 
lais, eglises, &c. et les cartes geographiques de toutes ses 
provinces . . . Sur les deffeins de feu monsieur Jean Blaeu 
. . . Le tout fur les plans tires fur les lieux, & avec les 
planches qu'il en a fait graver de son vivant, & dont plu- 
fieurs ont ete faites a Rome, pour etre plus exactes. A quoi 
on a ajoute" plufieurs villes, portes, eglifes, & autres edifices, 
fur des originaux de Rome, &c ... 4 v. in 2. fol. Am- 
sterdam, P. Mortier, 1704. 

Novum Italise theatrum, sive accurata descriptio ipsius ur- 

bium, palatiorum, sacrarum sedium, &c. 2 v. eng. title, 
3 p. ]., xxxviii, [i], 24 pp., 76 maps, 23 pi.; eng. title, i p. 1., 
xlii, [i], 12 pp., 69 maps, 19 pi. fol. Hagae Comitum, 
R. C. Alberts, 1724. 

NOTE. In v. i, text is wrongly paged;. after p. 4 follows p. 9. 

Caption titles: v. i. " Nova et accurata descriptio insigniorum 
locornm Italise antiques ac recentis." ''Brevis et particularis de- 
scriptio urbium et locoruni totius Italiae " (also in v. 2); in v. 2, 
"Nova accurata descriptio totius status ecclesiae." 

The maps are by G. de 1'Isle, P. Mortier, R. Alberts, J. Blaeu, 
Covens et Mortier, etc. 

Toonneel der steden van de vereenighde Nederlanden . . . 
Toonneel der steden van's Konigs Nederlanden met hare 
beschrijvingen. 2 v. col. eng. title, 6 p. 1., 329 1. incl. 179 
col. maps, i pi.; col. eng. title, 6 p. 1., 246 1. incl. 138 col. 
maps, 5 pi. fol. [Amsterdam, 1649]. 

Blaeu (Wilhelm Janszoon, 1571-1638) and Blaeu (Joan, 1596-1673). 
Tonneel des aerdriicx, ofte nievwe atlas, dat is beschryving van 
alle landen nu nieulycx uytgegeven door Wilhelm: en Johan- 
nem Blaeu. 2 v. eng. title, 6 p. 1., 247 1. incl. 102 maps, i 
fold, map; eng. title, 244 1. incl. 106 maps, i fold. map. fol. 
Amsterdam, apud Guiljelmum et Johannem Blaeu, 1635. 

Toonneel des aerdycx, oft nievwe atlas, uytghegheven door 

Wilhelm en Johan Blaev. Derde deel met een aenhangsel 
tot de twee voorgaende deelen. col. eng. title, 233 1. incl. 86 
col. maps. fol. Amsterdam, I. Blaev, 1642. 

Bonne (Rigobert, 1727-1794). 

Atlas maritime ou cartes reduites de toutes les cotes de France 
avec des cartes particulieres des Isles voisines les plus con- 
siderables, suivies des plans principales villes maritimes de ce 
royaume. Par m. Bonne, eng. title, 3 p. 1., 31-46, 4 pp., 30 
maps. 24. Paris, Lattre, [1762]. 

Maps and Cliarts -Accessions 201 

Bonne (Rigobert, 1727-1794). 

Petit tableau de la France ou cartes ge"ographiques sur toutes les 
parties de ce royaume avec une description abre'ge'e. Par 
Bonne, eng. title, i p. 1., [10], 213, [3], 12 pp., 28 maps. 
24. Paris, Lattre, 1764. 

Boug-ard (R.) 

The little sea torch: or, true gviide for coasting pilots: by which 
they are clearly instructed how to navigate along the coasts 
of England, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and 
Sicily; the isles of Malta, Corsica, Sardinia and others in the 
straits; and of the coasts of Barbary from cape Bon to cape 
De Verd. Enriched with upwards of one hundred appear- 
ances of head-lands and light-houses . . . Translated from 
the French . . . with corrections and additions by J. T. 
Serres. vi, 107 1. incl. 24 col. maps, 20 col. pi. fol. Lon- 
don, for the author, by J. Debrett, 1801. 

NOTE. This work is a translation by John Thomas Serres (1759- 

1825) of the work entitled "I,e petit flambeau de la mer, veritable 

guide des pilotes c6tiers,'' by Bougard; published in Havre, by J. 

Gruchet, 1684. A new French edition was published in St. Malo by 

Hovius in 1817. 

Bowen (Emanuel, d. 1767), Kitchin (Thomas, d. 1784) and others. 
The royal English atlas: being a new and accurate set of maps of 
all the counties in England and Wales, drawn from the sev- 
eral surveys which have been hitherto published, with a gen- 
eral map of England, and Wales, from the latest and best 
authories (sic). Containing all the cities, towns, villages, and 
churches, whether rectories, vicarages, or chapels, many no- 
blemen's and gentlemen's seats, etc.; each map is illustrated 
with a general description of the country, its cities, borough 
and market towns, the number of members returned to par- 
liament, parishes, houses, acres of land, etc.; and historical 
extracts relative to the trade, manufactures, and government 
of the cities, and principal towns, and the present state of 
their inhabitants, etc. By Emanuel Bowen, Thomas Kitchen 
(sic), and others, title, 88 1. incl. 44 maps. fol. L,ondon, 
for C. Bowles, [1778]. 

NOTE. Maps dated 1777-1778. 

The royal English atlas: being a new and accurate set of maps 
of all the counties of south Britain, drawn from surveys and 
the best authorities; divided into their respective hundreds, 
and exhibiting all the cities, towns, villages, churches, chap- 
els, &c. particularly distinguishing more fully and accurately 
the church livings, than any other maps hitherto published. 
Adorned with views of all the cathedrals; and a concise de- 
scription of each diocise. Illustrated with historical extracts 
relative to the government, trade, manufactures and jpresent 
state of the cities and principal borough and market towns: 
likewise an account of the air, soil, natural produce and com- 

2O2 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

modities of every county. To the whole is prefixed, a ge 
map of England and Wales; comprehending all the direct 
and principal cross roads: with many other useful particulars, 
and regulated by astronomical observations. By Emanuel 
Bo wen, geographer to his late majesty, Thomas Kitchin, 
geographer, and others. The whole comprised in forty-four 
sheet maps, title, 44 maps. fol. London, printed and sold 
by R. Wilkinson, [1778?] 

NOTE. Maps are dated 1777 and 1778. 

The following maps are inserted: Chester. Falmouth. Ply- 
mouth. Dartmouth. Tor Bay. Bristoll. Southampton. Ports- 
mouth. Sheerness. Dover. Deale Castle. Liverpool. l,ondon. 
Yarmouth. Newcastle on Tyne. Hull. 

Brion de la Tour (Louis). 

Atlas eccle'siastique comprenant tous les eVeches des quarte par- 
ties du monde, sous leurs me"tropoles respectives, soit arche. 
vechez ou partriarchats, y compris meme le sieges des e"glises 
schismatiques repandues hors de 1' Europe, et dont a une con- 
noissance assuree, avec quelques rectifications. Ouvrage 
nouveau adapte a la geographic de 1'abbe Nicolle de la Croix 
& ca; et servant de supplement a 1' atlas general dresse pour 
1'etude de la geographic, eng. title, 41 maps. fol. Paris, 
Desnos, De Lalin, 1766. 

NOTE. The dates on the maps cover the period from 1763-1766. 

British. Museum. Crown collection. 

The Crown collection of photographs of American maps selected 
and edited by Archer Butler Hulbert ... I. Fifty photo- 
graphs of maps of American rivers in the Crown collection of 
manuscripts in the British Museum. 50 maps, 8 pi. fol. 
Cleveland, the A. H. Clark co. 1904. 

NOTE. This issue is limited to twenty-five sets, of which this copy 
is no. 6. 

Bulifon (Antoine). 

[Accuratissima e nuova delineazione del Regno di Napoli con le 
sue Provincie distinte, nuovamente date in luce da Antonio 
Bulifon.] 21 maps. fol. [Naples, 1692.] 
NOTE. Title-page wanting. 
Title supplied from B. M. 
Date 1692 given on maps [i] and [16] . 
Ma ps engraved by D. F. Cassianus de Silua. 

Maps [13] and [16] carry the following: D. Franc. Cassianus de 
Silua sculpsit Neap. 

Butler (Samuel, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1774-1840,). 

Atlas of antient geography; by Samuel Butler. 3 p. 1., 3-34 pp., 
21 maps. 8. Philadelphia, Lea & Blanchard, 1841. 

Carey & Lea. 

Family cabinet atlas. First American edition, revised, corrected 
and enlarged, title, 45 1., 48 maps, 4 pi. 12. Philadel- 
phia, Carey & Lea, 1832. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 303 

Carey (Mathew, 1760-1839). 

Carey's American pocket atlas; contain ing twenty maps . . .with 
a brief description of each state and territory. Also, the cen- 
sus of the inhabitants of the United States, for 1810; the ex- 
ports from the United States for twenty years. 4th edition, 
greatly improved and enlarged, iv, 162, [2] pp., 23 maps. 
12. Philadelphia, M. Carey, 1814. 

NOTE. Index on title-page; atlas contains three maps, Upper Ter- 
ritories of the United States; Mississippi Territory; and Missouri 
Territory; which do not appear in the index. 

Chanlaire (Pierre Gregoire, 1758-1817) and Dumez ( ). 

Precis e'le'mentaire et me'thodique de la nouvelle geographic de la 
France, suivi d'une table alphabe'tique des chefs-lieux de 
cantons, indicative des districts et departemens auxquels ils 
appartiennent; pour servir de developpement a 1' Atlas national 
portatif de la France, dedie et pre'sente* a 1' Assembled Natio- 
nale. Par les auteurs de 1' Atlas national de France, [anon.] 
i p. 1., [i-xxii], 125 pp. obi. 8. Paris, au bureau de 1'Atlas 
national, 1791. 

NOTE. Accompanied by Atlas national portatif de la France. 1791. 

Text on each page in two numbered columns. 

Charle (J. B. Iv.) 

Nouvel atlas national de la France par departemens, divise"s en 
arrondissemens et cantons, par Charle, avec des augmenta- 
tions, par Darmet. 2 p. 1., 80 maps. fol. Paris, Dauty; et 
Roret, 1833. 

NOTE. Seven maps in this atlas carry double numbers. 

Clouet (Jean Baptiste Louis, Vabbe, 1730- ). 

Geographic moderne avec une introduction ouvrage utile a tous 
ceux qui veulent se perfectionner dans cette science on y 
trouve jusqu'aux notions les plus simples dont on a facilite" 
1' intelligence par des figures pour le mettre i la porte*e de 
tout le monde, chaque cartes a sur les marges T explication 
de ce qu'elle renferme, la methode qu'on y suit a pour objet 
de developper les connoissances qui tiennent a 1'histoire, ce 
qui rend cette geographic tres interessante; dede"e a messieurs 
de 1' Academic royale des sciences et belles-lettres de Rouen. 
Par mr. 1'abbe Clouet de la meme Academic avec approbation 
et P. Du R; corrige*e et augmented des nouvelles decouvertes 
du ce"lebre captaine Cook et des changements arrives dans 
1'Amerique Septentrional. 2 p. 1., 68 pi. incl. 61 maps. fol. 
Paris, Mondhare & Jean, 1787. 

Cluver (Philip, 1580-1623). 

Philippi Cluveri introductionis in universam geographiam, tarn 
veterem quam novam libri VI. Cum integris Johannis 
Bunonis, Joh. Frid. Hekelii, & Joh. Reiskii, & selectis I.on- 
dinensibus notis. Textum ad optimas editiones recognovit; 

204 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

pauca Cluverii, multa interpretum sphalmata obel. notavit; 
Bunonianis tabulis geographicis passim emendatis novas 
accuratiores addidit; prsefationemque de Cluverii fatis & 
scriptis historico-criticam; cum praecognitis geographicis, 
praefixit Augustinus Bruzen la Martiniere, sapientissimi His- 
paniarum Indiarum que Regis Philippi V, geographus. 
Editio omnium locupletissima. 21 p. 1., front., 688, [60] pp., 
47 maps, 6 p. 1. 4. Amstelaedami, apud Joannem Pauli, 

NOTE. The following maps relate to America: p. 50. Typus orbis 
terrarum. p. 666. America. 

Codazzi (Giovanni Battista Agostino, 1793-1859). 

Atlas geografico e hist6rico de la Republica de Colombia, antiqua 
Nueva Grenada, el cual comprende las Republicas de Vene- 
zuela y Ecuador con arreglo a los trabajos geograficos del 
general de ingenieros Agustin Codazzi ejecutados en Vene- 
zuela y Nueva Grenada. Construida la parta cartografica por 
Manuel M. Paz . . . y redactado el texto explicative por el 
doctor Felipe Perez ... 4 p. 1., 25 pp., i 1. unp., 21 maps on 
20 sheets, i pi., i por. fol. Paris, A. Lahure, 1889. 

Collins ( Greenville, JJ. 1679-1693). 

Great-Britain's coasting pilot: In two parts. Being a new and 
exact survey of the sea-coast of England and Scotland, from 
the river of Thames to the westward and northward; with 
the islands of Silly, and from thence to Carlisle: likewise the 
islands of Orkney and Shetland, describing all the harbours, 
rivers, bays, rocks, sands, bouys, beacons, sea-marks, depths 
of water, latitude, bearings and distances from place to place; 
the setting and flowing of the tides; with directions for the 
knowing of any place, and how to harbour a ship in the same 
with safety. With directions for coming into the channel 
between England and France. By captain Greenville Col- 
lins. 3 p. 1., 26 pp., 49 maps. fol. London, for J. Mount & 
T. Page, 1767. 

NOTE. Engraved title. 

The following views are found on the maps: no. [6]. King Wil- 
liam landing. Novemb r * 5, 1688. no. [14]. At Sherehampton, near 
King road, landing his maj tie on the 6 l of Sept r 1690. ---no. [23]. Peel 
castle. no. [24] . A prospect of Carreck-Fergus, being the place 
where King William landed in Ireland. 110. [41]. Prospect of Leith 
from the east. 

Court alon 

Atlas el&nentaire ou 1'on voit sur des cartes et des tableaux rela- 
tifs a 1'objet 1'etat actuel de la constitution politique de 
1' Empire d'Alemagne. 1. Les cercles en general, les arche- 
veche"s, eveches, universites, les etats qui out droit de battre 
monnoye, les villes monetaires &c. 11. La situation, 1'eten- 
due respective, les enclaves, le nombre et le rang des electo- 

Maps and Charts Accessions 205 

rats, principauts, abbayes, comic's, baronies, seigneuries et 
gene'ralement tous les etats imme'diats qui donnent droit de 
seance aux dietes ge'ne'rales et particulieres de 1'empire. III . 
Les principaux territoires imme'diats qui ne donnent pas droit 
de stances aux dietes. IV. Un indice de tous les cantons 
de la noblesse immediate en Souabe, en Franconie et sur le 
Rhin. V. Ives differentes routes et postes de 1'empire et les 
villes ou 1'on trouve des relais pour les couriers et voyageurs. 
VI. Grand nombre de lieux remarquables par leurs pro- 
ductions ou etablissemens, comme mines, forges, fabriques 
d'armes, manufactures, baines, haras, &c. VII . L,e com- 
mencement des etats d'empire, 1'^poque des principales loix, 
des etablissemens et evenemens qui ont produit par ddgre" 
I'e'tat actuel de 1'Alemagne avec un abrege" mthodique du 
droit public de 1'empire . . . Z/e tout compose" et ve'rifie* 
d'apres les meilleures cartes nationnales, la geographic de mr. 
Busching, les ouvrages de mrs. Schmauss et Pfeffel, les insti- 
tutions au droit public de 1'Alemagne par mr. GeVard &c. 
Dedie et presente au roy, par 1'abbe Courtalon ... 3 p. 1., 
2opp., 13 maps, 24 pi. fol. Paris, Julien; Boudet, 1774. 
NOTE. Title-page engraved by Desbruslins fils. . 

Danckerts (Justus, 1630-1695?) 

Atlas, eng. title, [i] p., 100 maps. fol. Amsterdam, lustus 
Danckers . . . [1703?] 

NOTE. On map no. 94, "Pelonnesushodie MoreaeRegnum", the date 
1687, occurs four times. The date 1703 was supplied from the first copy 
of Danckerts' Atlas in which it occurs on pi. 10, " Historische en geo- 
graphische tafel ". On this table the king of Spain is given as " Phi- 
lippus de V of Carolus III", which shows that the table was made 
during the war of the Spanish succession, 1701-1714. Although the 
table does not appear in this atlas the following map, no. 22, " Le 
theatre de la guerre dans les Seventies avec les plaines des environs 
de I,anquedoc", is a duplicate of one of the five maps, showing the 
theatre of the war of the Spanish succession, 1701-1714, which appears 
in, Danckerts (Justus). Atlas. [1703?] 

Most of the maps carry the name of the Danckerts, Justus, Cor- 
nelius, Theodore, or Johann. Other maps are by various cartogra- 
phers including, Abraham Allard, Frederick de Wit, Carl Allard, 
P. Du Val, and Nicolas Witsen. 

Six of the seven maps bearing the name of Carl Allard are taken 
from his, "Atlas minor", 1696. 

Deharme ( ). 

Plan de la ville et fauxbourgs de Paris divise" en 20 quartiers dont 
la plus grande partie a ete rectifiee d'apres diffe'rens desseins 
leve*s geometriquement, tires du cabinet de mr. le Chevalier 
de Beaurain ge"ographe ordin re du roy, & de beaucoup d'ol ner- 
vations faites fur les lieux par 1'auteur qui ont servi a reformer 
plusieurs ommissions qu'on a laisse subsister dans ceux qui 
ont precede celui-ci. L,'on y a joint des tables qui indiquent 

206 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

les messageries, coches, caresses & rouliers des diffe"rens en- 
droits de la France, et le jour de leur depart, les boetes aux 
lettres de la grand-poste et les principaux passages d'uiie 
rue a 1'autre: ouvrage utile a toutes personnes principale- 
ment a celles de cabinet. Dedie et presente a messire Camus 
de Pontcarre . . . Par . . . Deharme. eng. title, 28 1 unp., 
2 maps on 70 1., 6 pi. fol. Paris, 1'auteur, 1766. 

NOTE. Contains six allegorical engravings with description. 

Delisle (Guillaume, 1675-1726). 

[Collection of maps]. 38 maps. fol. [Amsterdam, J. C6vens 
& C. Mortier, 1722-1774]. 

NOTE. Title-page wanting. 

Dates on maps vary from 1722-1774. 

Maps nos. [12-13] missing. 

Maps nos. [3-8, lo-n, 15, 17-20, 24-25, 31-35, 37-40], are exact dupli- 
cates of corresponding maps in, Delisle (Guillaume), Atlas nouveau, 
contenaiit toutes les parties du monde . . . Amsterdam, J. C6vens & 
C. Mortier, 1733. 

Maps nos. [2, 9, 14, 16, 30], are also duplicates of maps in the "Atlas 
nouveau " with slight changes. 

Map no. [i] is an exact duplicate of corresponding map in, C6vens 
(Johannes) and Mortier (Cornelis), Nieuwe atlas, inhoudende de vier 
gedeeltens de waereld . . . Amsterdam, J. C6vens & C. Mortier, 

Maps nos. [21-22] carry Delisle's name as author, but are not in 
either the "Atlas nouveau ", or the " Nieuwe atlas ". 

Map no. [23] is a duplicate of corresponding map in "Nieuwe 
atlas", with slight changes. 

Maps nos. [26-29] are duplicates of maps in " Nieuwe atlas ", but 
do not carry Delisle's name. 

Map no. [36], Carte de la lyouisiane, Maryland, Virgime, Caroline, 
Georgie, avec une partie de la Floride, is found neither in "Atlas 
nouveau " nor " Nieuwe atlas ". 

All maps except no. [29] carry C6vens & Mortier as publisher. 

Duxnont d'Urville (Jules Sebastien Cesar, 1790-1842). 

Voyage de la corvette 1'Astrolabe execute pendant les annees 
1826-1828-1829, sous le commandement de m. Jules Dumont 
D'Urville, capitaine de vaisseau. Atlas, eng. title, i p. 1., 
25 pp., 42 maps, 3 pi. fol. Paris, J. Tastu, 1833. 

NOTE. This atlas is v. [6 a] of a set of 14 v. on the Astrolabe expe- 
dition prepared by Dumont d'Urville. 

The maps are by various cartographers including: L,ottin, Gressien, 
Guilbert and M. E. Paris. 

Dussieux (Louis lltienne, 1815-1894). 

Atlas de geographie physique, politique, historique, commerciale 
et agricole par L. Dussieux. No. 2, Atlas complet de geo- 
graphic ancienne, du moyen age et moderne a 1' usage de 
toutes les classes. Nonvelle edition ... 2 p. 1., 75 maps 
on 117 1., i pi. fol. Paris, L,ecoffre, [1882]. 

NOTE. Date supplied from Journal general de rimprimerie et de 
la librairie. Feuilleton. 1882. 2nd ser. v. 26, pt. 2, p. 1776. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 207 

Du Val (Pierre, d' Abbeville, 1619-1683). 

Cartes de geographic les plus nouvelles et les plus fideles auecque 
leurs diuisions re*gulieres, qui marquent les bornes des e"stats 
selon les derniers Traites de Paix. Par P. du-Val, ge"ographe 
ordinaire du roy. eng. title, [17] pp., 102 maps, 3 pi. fol. 
Paris, mile. Du-Val, i688-[i689]. 

NOTE. Title-page date 1688; dates on maps vary from 1654-1689. 
Eleven maps have dates changed by pen. 

English (The) pilot. 

The fourth book. Describing the West-India navigation, from 
Hudson's bay to the river Amazones. Particularly delineating 
the coasts, capes, headlands, rivers, bays, roads, havens, har- 
bours, streights, rocks, sands, shoals, banks, depths of water 
and anchorage, with all the islands therein; as Jamaica, Cuba, 
Hispaniola, Barbadoes, Antigua, Bermudas, Porto Rico and 
the rest of the Caribbee and Bahama islands. Also a new 
description of Newfoundland, New England, New York, East 
and West New Jersey, Dellawar bay, Virginia, Maryland, 
Carolina, &c. Shewing the courses and distances from one 
place to another; the ebbing and flowing of the sea, the set- 
ting of the tides and currents, &c. With many other things 
necessary to be known in navigation. The whole being much 
enlarged and corrected, with the addition of several new 
charts and descriptions. By the information of divers able 
navigators of our own and other nations. 4, 3-66 pp., 20 
maps, 9 maps in text. fol. London, printed for J. Mount, 
T. Page, W. Mount, 1780. 

The fourth book. Describing the West-India navigation, 
from Hudson's bay to the River Amazones. Particularly 
delineating the coasts, capes, headlands, rivers, bays, roads, 
havens, harbours, streights, rocks, sands, shoals, banks, depths 
of water and anchorage with all the islands therein; as Jamaica, 
Cuba, Hispaniola, Barbadoes, Antiqua, Bermudas, Porto Rico 
and the rest of the Caribbee and Bahama Islands. Also a new 
description of Newfoundland, New England, New York, East 
and West New Jersey, Dellawar bay, Virginia, Maryland, Caro- 
lina, &c. Shewing the courses and distances from one place 
to another; the ebbing and flowing of the sea, the setting of 
the tides and currents, &c. With many other things neces- 
sary to be known in navigation. The whole being much 
enlarged and corrected, with the addition of several new 
charts and descriptions. By the information of divers able 
navigators of our own and other nations. 68 pp., 22 sheet 
maps, 7 maps in text. fol. London, for Mount and Page, 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Ferraris (Joseph de, comte, 1726-1816). 

Carte chorographique des Pays-Bas autrichiens de"diee a leurs 
majestes imperiales et royals par le comte de Ferraris . . 
Gravee par L. A. Dupuis ... 46 1. incl. i pi. , i 1. , eng. title, 

3 maps on 43 1. fol. 1777. 

NOTE. This atlas was prepared and published under the direction 
of Comte de Ferraris, authorized by the government and based on 
the chart of Cassini. It consists of one map of numbered section 
accompanied by a folded engraved plate, an index map, a gene 
map and one page of engraved text entitled " Explication ". 

The engraved title appears upon section XI. 

The folded plate represents the presentation of the chart to Em- 
peror Joseph II and is numbered section XVI, as such appears >on 
the index map, but is placed at the beginning in the atlas. 

Fulneck academy. 

The Moravian atlas, embracing statistics of the church of the 
United Brethern in her home and foreign departments, com- 
piled from the most recent and authentic sources; by teachers 
of Fulneck Academy, [anon.] iv, 36 pp., 12 maps. obi. 
12. [Fulneck], 1853. 

NOTE. The preface states that this atlas is based on a simil 
work entitled, "Maps and statistics relating to the missions of the 
Church of the Brethern," by lender, published shortly before, at 

Gamier (F. A.) 

Atlas spheroidal et universel de geographic dresse a 1'aide des 
documents officiels, recemment publics en France et a 1' Stran- 
ger par F. A. Gamier ... 5 p. 1., 9 1. unp., 59 maps, 4 pi. 
fol. Paris, J. Renouard, 1862. 

NOTE. Two maps of special interest are, no. 3, "Tableau des 
principales projections usites pour la construction des cartes go- 
graphiques'', including the projectionsof Lahire, Babinet, Flamsteed, 
Flamsteed modified by Bonne, and Mercator; and no. 4, "Tableau 
synoptic de la geographic de 1'antiquite". 

Grundemann (Reinhold, 1836- ). 

Neuer missions-atlas aller evangelischen missionsgebiete mi 
besonderer beriicksichtigung der deutschen missionen. Von 
R. Grundemann. Zweite, vermehrte und verbesserte auflage. 
vii, [i] pp., 36 maps. 4. Calw & Stuttgart, Verlag der 
Vereinsbuchhandlung, 1903. 

Gueudeville (Nicholas, 1650?-! 720?) 

L,e nouveau theatre du monde, ou la geographic royale, composee 
de nouvelles cartes tres-exactes, dressees sur les observations 
de messieurs de 1' Academic royale des sciences a Paris, sur 
celles des plus celebres geographies sur de nouveaux me- 
moires & rectinees sur les relations les plus recentes des plus 
fideles voyageurs. Avec une description geographique et his- 
torique des quatre parties de 1'univers, desquelles 1'Europe 
en detail est ecrite par mr. Gueudeville, & les trois autres 
parties par rnr. Ferrarius. Ouvrage qui donne une idee clair< 

Maps and Charts Accessions 209 

& facile de la terre, & de ce qu'elle comprend de plus consid- 
eVable. 8 p. 1., 66, 76 pp., 94 maps, fol. L/eide, P. vander 
Aa, 1713. 

NOTE. Map entitled " Mappemonde " missing. 
Map no. fi], Planisphere terrestre, by Cassini. Map no. [14], Nou- 
velle carte de 1'Italie, by Vignola. 

This work contains an extensive list of 42 pages, printed in three 
columns, giving the latitude and longitude of places, islands, etc. 

At the end a sheet has been added giving plans of the following 
places: Embrun, Montauban, Masdazil, St. Tropez, Realmont, Tovlon, 
Pezenas, Roqvecovre, Vzez, Blaye, Navarrins, Narbonne, Nismes, 
Bergerac, lyibovrne, and Bayonne. 
Six of the maps are on sheets, the remaining, two on a leaf. 

Homann (Johann Baptist, 1664-1724). 

Atlas Germaniae specialis sev systema tabvlvm geographicarvm, 
in qvibus imperivm Romano-Germanicvm geiieralibus reprae- 
sentationibus . . . Opus inceptum a loh. Bapt. Homanno, et 
ad hunc usque diem ab Homannianis heredibus studiose con- 
tinuatum. Appellatum alias tomvs secvndvs Atlantis maioris. 
title, 1 1., 83 col. maps on 92 sheets, i tab. fol. Normbergae, 
prostat in officina Homafrniana, 1753. 

NOTE. J. B. Homann appears as both author and editor. 
Maps by various cartographers including: Nell, Zollman, Majer, 
Miiller, Falkenstein, Hasius, Schreiber, Hiiber, Arenhold, and 

Three historical maps show camps and lines of the Gennan army 
at Bruchsal, Mentz, Hundsruck, etc., during the war of the Polish 
succession, 1734-35. 

There are numerous views of towns, and coats of arms of many of 
the German provinces. 

Grosser atlas iiber die gantze welt wie diese sowol, nach 

Gottlicher allweisen schopffung aus den heutigen grund- 
satzen der beriihmtesten astronomorum Nicolai Copernici 
und Tychonis de Brahe, in der bewegung und unermesslichen 
weite des Himmels/ als auch in dem umfang unserer mit wasser 
umgebenen allgemeinen erdkugel/ zu betrachten/ samt einer 
kurtzen einleitung zur geographic worinnen die erde i. 
Mathematice: Nemlich was sie mit der himmlischen sphaera 
fiir eine ubereinstimmung habe. 2. Physice: Wie sie in 
ihren natiirlichen stiicken durch wasser und land unter- 
schieden. 3. Historice: Wie sie in ihre darauf befindliche 
monarchien, konigreiche, staaten und herrschafften, auch 
nach ausbreitung verschiedener religionen eingetheilet, deut- 
lich durch herrn Johann Gabriel Doppermahr . . . und mit 
mehr als zwei hundert auserlesenen/ theils astronomischen 
meistentlieils aber geographichen charten, in welchen alle 
biszher zu wasser und land geschehene land-entdeckungen 
aus denen beriihmtesten autoribus dieses jahrhimderts uu- 
bemercket worden, in kupffer gebracht und ausgefertiget 
von Joann Baptist Homann ... 2 eng. titles, 148 maps, 3 pi. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

fol. Niirnberg, verlegung der Homannischen erben, gedruckt 
bey J. H. G. Vieling, 1737. 

NOTE. The first edition of this atlas was published in 1716. Edi- 
tions also published in 1731 and 1737. 

Title-page date 1737; dates on maps vary from 1710-1775. 

The first title-page is hand colored and reads as follows: Atlas no 
vus terrarum orbis imperia, regna et status exactis tabulis geo- 
graphice demonstrans, opera Johannis Baptistae Homanni . . . No- 
ribergae . . . 

Maps hand colored and ornamented with many engravings. 

Contains maps by various cartographers including: I,owitz, Ha- 
sius. Petit, Maier, Schaz, Coronelli, Carl, Nell, Vischer, Lauterbach, 
Zollmann, Paderborn, Vierenklee, Hiibner, Barnikel, Muller, Haren- 
berg, kucas, Delisle, and Boehmius. 

Homann heirs. 

Atlas geographicus maior exhibens tellurem seu globum terra- 
queum in mappis generalibus and specialibus per lohannem 
Baptistam Homannum ej usque heredes editis praemissa intro- 
ductione geographica mathematico-physico-historica. Tomus 
I. qui, exclusa Germania, quatuor mundi partes, regna & sta- 
tus repraesentat. 3 v. fol. Norimbergae, curantibus Homan- 
nianis heredibus, 1759- [1784]. 

NOTE. Collation: v.i, 2 titles, i p. 1., 38 pp., 72 maps on 73 sheets, 
i por., 6 pi.; v. 2, 2 titles, 79 maps on 80 sheets; v. 3, [12], [6] pp., 77 
maps on 79 sheets. 

Title-page date 1759; dates on maps vary from 1729-1784. 
First title-page reads as follows: Atlas Homannianus mathematico- 
historice delineatus. 

Maps not arranged according to index, but all maps called for by 
index are contained in atlas, together with many additions, 
v. i. Contains fine engraved portrait of Joannes Baptista Homann. 
Map entitled Regnorum Hispaniae et Portvgalliae is duplicated, 
v. 2. Contains the title-page and 15 maps of "Atlas Regni Bohe- 
miae consistens in quindecim mappis edentibus Homannianis here- 
dibus. Norimbergae, anno, 1776"; and the title-page and 20 maps of 
" Atlas novus Reipublicae Helveticae XX mappis compositus sumti- 
bus Homannianis heredibus. Norimbergse, 1769". 

v. 3. Twelve pages of text have been inserted, entitled: "Tabula 
synoptica pro mappa Russise atque Tatariae . . . auctore Joh. Matth. 
Hasio . . . Sumptibus Homannianorum heredum, Noribergae, 1752 "; 
and 6 pages of text entitled: "Africae tabula synoptica . . . auctore 
Joh. Matth. Hasio .... Sumptibus Homannianorum, 1737''. 
Map entitled "Borussise occidentalis " is duplicated. 
Two maps, "Historia belli in Italia, 1746", have border text. 
Maps by various cartographers, including: Hasius, Nolin, I,opez, 
Giissefeld, Jean le Petit, Carl, Beaurain, Rizzi, Zannoni, Viuier, 
Delisle, Seutter, Tillemon, Vischeriano, Bowles, Majer, Schaz, 
Boune, Cerruti, Coronelli, Vogt, Harzheim, Muller, Hiiber, Walser, 
Pejer, Merveilleux, Cnopf, Boehmio, Trenckmann, Huiirichs, Zittart, 
Paderborn, Micoviniano, Harenberg, Wheler, Barnikel, d'Anville, 
Maas, Velarde, L,owitz, Sandrart, I^ucas, Sauthier, and Bellin. 

Stadt-Atlas, oder: schauplatz beriihmter stadte, vestungen, 
prospeckte, gegenden, grundrisse, belagerungen, etc: welche 
bey denen Homannischen erben . . . zu finden sind. title, 
192 1. incl. 108 col. maps and 5 pi. fol. Niirnberg, 1762. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 211 

Homerton college. 

Unwin (William Jordan, editor}. Homerton college atlas. Edited 
by William J. Unwin. Hydrographicnl, physical, and polit- 
ical, 2 p. 1., 30 col. maps, fol. London, Longmans, 1863. 
Note. Another edition published in 1861. 

The following maps relate to America: Nos. 1-3. The world. Nos. 
25-27. North America. Nos. 28-30. South America. 

Hughes (William, editor}. 

Philip (George) & son. Philips' student's atlas of ancient & 
modern geography with a copious consulting index. Edited 
by William Hughes. New & enlarged edition. 3 p. 1., 46 
pp., 40 maps. fol. London, G. Philip & son, 1882. 

Janssen (Jan). 

Atlantis majoris qvinta pars, orbem maritimum sev omnium 
marium totius orbis terrarum navigationibus hodierno tempore 
frequentatorum descriptionem accuratissimam continens. 
Editio secunda priori auction 2 p. 1., 326 pp., 31 maps. fol. 
Amstelodami, apud loannem lanssonium, 1657. 

Jomini (Antoine Henri de, baron, 1779-1869). 

Atlas pour servir a 1'intelligence de PHistoire critique et militaire 
des guerres de la revolution, par le lieutenant general 
Jomini . . . Grave" sous la direction de J. B. Bielaerts. 2 v. 
v. 1, 2 p. 1., 56, [i] pp.; v. 2, 38 maps. fol. Bruxelles, J. B. 
Petit, 1841. 

NOTE. The first volume containing the letterpress is labeled 
"Explication de 1'atlas de Jomini'', and is larger than the second 
volume which contains the maps. 

Keulen (Gerard Hulst van, 1755-1801). 

De nieuwe groote lichtende zee-fakkel, het vierde deel behelzende 
de zee-kusten van Guajana, Venezuela, Carthagena, Nova 
Costo-Rica, de Honduras, Yucatan, Mexico, Florida, Carolina, 
Virginia, Nieuw Nederland, Nieuw Engeland, Nieuw Vrank- 
ryk, Terre Neuve, en de noorder zee-kusten van America, 
met de onderhoorende en tusschen leggende eilanden. Als 
meed de beschryving van alle bekende havenen, baaijen, 
reeden, droogte strekkingen van landen. Alles op haar waare 
polus-hoogte geleid uit ondervindingen van veel ervarene 
stuurlieden, lootsen en liefhebbers der zeevaart: vergadert 
door wylen Claas Jansz. Voogt. . . . Zynde deeze druk 
merkelyk vermeerderd en verbeeterd door Gerard Hulst van 
Keulen. title, 50 pp., 42 maps, 17 pi. fol. Amsterdam, G. 
H. van Keulen, 1782. 

NOTE. All maps in this atlas were issued by Gerard van Keulen 
and Johannes van Keulen, who were Gerard Hulst van Keulen's 
predecessors in the publishing house of Van Keulen. 

Map no. [17], " Nieuwe en aldereerste asteekening van 't Eyland 
St. Thomas . . . 1719", is the only map dated. 

Includes maps by the following navigators: Kraay. Hertrand, 
Frezier, L,ynslager, and Sikkena. 

212 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Kitchin (Thomas, d. 1784), Bowen (Emanuel, d. 1767) and others. 
The royal English atlas: being a new and accurate set of maps 
of all the counties in England and Wales, drawn from the 
several surveys which have been hitherto published, with a 
general map of England, and Wales, from the latest and best 
authories (sic}. . . . Containing all the cities, towns, vil- 
lages, and churches, whether rectories, vicarages, or chapels, 
many noblemen's and gentlemen's seats, etc. etc.; each map is 
illustrated with a general description of the country, its cities, 
borough and market towns, the number of members returned 
to parliament, parishes, houses, acres of land, etc.; and his- 
torical extracts relative to the trade, manufactures, and gov- 
ernment of the cities, and principal towns, and the present 
state of their inhabitants, etc. By Emanuel Bowen, . . . 
Thomas Kitchen, and others, title, 88 1., incl. 44 maps. fol. 
London, for C. Bowles, [1778]. 
NOTE. Maps dated 1777-1778. 

KOhler (Johann David, 1684-1755). 

lo. Davidis Koeleri hist, et polit. pp. Altdorfini. Atlas manvalis 

scholasticvs itinerarivs complectens novae geographiae tabv- 

las L cvm gratia et pprivilegio sacrae Caesareae maiestatis. 

title, 51 col. maps. obi. fol. Nuremberg, C. Weigel, [1724?] 

NOTE. Contains maps drawn by J. B. Homann, Herman Moll, 

and Abraham Goos. Maps are illustrated with coats of arms and 

landscapes. There is evidence that this atlas was published not 

earlier than 1720, and not later than 1725, in which year Weigel died. 

It is supposed that a book of instructions was published at the 

same time. Meusel, I,exikon, gives the following in a list of works 

by Kohler: "Anleitung zu der verbesserten neuen geographie, vor- 

nemlich zum gebrauch der Weigelischen landcharten. Niirnl). 


Kuyper (Jakob, geographer]. 

Nieuwe atlas der wereld naar de laatste ontdekkingen, verslagen, 
mededeelingen, reisbeschrijvingen, enz; door J. Kuyper . . . 
Herzien door W. B. J. F. Terlaak. vijftiende, geheel bij- 
gewerkte en vermeerderde druk. 2 p. 1., 35 maps. fol. 
Amsterdam, L. J. Veen, [1864]. 

La Feuille (Daniel de). 

Atlas portatif, ou le nouveau theatre de la guerre en Europe; 
contenant les cartes geographiques, avec les plans des villes 
& forteresses les plus exposees aux revolutions presentes. 
Accompagne d'une nouvelle methode pour apprendre facile- 
ment la geographie & la chronologic des potentats. title, 14 
pp., 115 maps, 8 pi. obi. 8. Amsterdam, D. de La Feuille, 
i 706- [1708], 

NOTE. Title-page date 1706; date 1708 occurs on maps no. [49] and 

Maps and Charts Accessions 213 

Lauciani (Rodolfo Amedeo, 1847- ). 

Forma vrbis Romae. Consilio et avctoritate Regiae academiae 
Lyncaeorvm formam dimensvs est et ad modvlvm 1:1000 
delineavit Rodvlphvs Lanciani Romanvs. title, 12 pp., 47 
maps. fol. Mediolani [Milan], apud Vlricvm Hoepli, [stab 10 
cartog 00 L. Salomone, Roma, 1901]. 

NOTE. This work was published in eight parts from 1893-1901. 

Lattre (J., engraver}. 

Atlas topographique des environs de Paris dedie" et pre'sente' au 
roy, par . . . .Lattre. eng. title, 2 p. 1., 58pp., 26 maps. 32. 
Paris, Ivattre", [1762?] 

NOTE. Date supplied from Qurard (J. M.), I,a France litte'raire. 
Map entitled "Situation des Provinces de France avec lesnomsdes 
vents" inserted. 

Laurie (Robert, i755?-i836) and Whittle (James, d. 1818). 

The African pilot, being a collection of new and accurate charts, 
on a large scale, of the coasts, islands and harbours of Africa; 
from the straits of Gibraltar to Cape Negro, including also 
the Atlantic and Southern oceans, on twenty-four sheets. 
Compiled from the draughts, observations, journals &c. of 
messrs. Robert Norris, William Woodville, Archibald Dalzel, 
and George Maxwell, of Liverpool, &c. &c. under their 
inspection. The whole interspersed with numerous appear- 
ances of land, &c. &c. title, 14 fold. maps. fol. London, 
R. Laurie & J. \Vhittle, 1801. 

Lavoisne (C. V.) 

A complete genealogical, historical, chronological, and geograph- 
ical atlas; being a general guide to ancient and modern his- 
tory: exhibiting an accurate account of the origin, descent, 
and marriages of the principal royal families from the earliest 
authentic records; together with the various possessions, wars, 
celebrated battles, and remarkable events to the year 1821. 
According to the plan of Le Sage, greatly improved. The 
whole forming a complete system of history and geography. 
By m. Lavoisne. From the latest London edition, improved 
by C. Gros, of the university of Paris, and J. Aspin, professor 
of history, etc. Enlarged by the addition of several new 
maps of American history and geography, extending to the 
beginning of the year 1821. 3d. American edition, carefully 
revised and corrected. 5 p. 1., 139 1. incl. 28 maps. fol. 
Philadelphia, M. Carey & sons, 1821. 

NOTE. Maps nos. 38, 43, 46, 51, and 71, by E. Paguenaud. 

Maps no. [68], United States of America, [by John Melish], and 
no 71, South America, [by E. Paguenaud], show more detail than the 
same maps in copy no. i. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

NordenskiOld (Adolf Erik, 1832-1901). 

Bidrag till Nordens aldsta kartografi. Vid fyrahundraasfesten 
tille minne af nya verldens upptackt, utgifna af Svenska 
sallskapet for antropologi och geografi 1892. 3 p. 1., 9 fac- 
simile maps. fol. Stockholm, Samson & Wallin, [1892]. 

Ortelius (Abraham, 1527-1598). 

1/Epitome dv theatre de 1'vnivers d'Abraham Ortelius: nouuelle- 
ment recogneu, augmente et restraure de meseure geogra- 
phique, par Michel Coignet. eng. title, 7 p. 1., no numb. 1.; 
title, 13 numb. 1., [3] 1., incl. 123 maps. obi. 24. Aiitver 
piae svmptibvs loanris Keerbergii, 1602. 

Epitome theatri Orteliani, prsecipuarum orbis regionum 
delineationes, minoribus tabulis expressas, breuioribusque 
declarationibus illustratas, continens. 8 p. 1., 94 numb. 1., 
2 1. unp., incl. 94 maps. obi. 32. Anverpiae, Philippo 
Gallaeo excudebat Christophus Platinus, 1589. 

Theatre de 1'vnivers, contenant les cartes de tovt le monde. 

Avec vne brieve declaration d'icelles. Par Abraham Orte- 
livs. Le tout reveu . . . par le mesme autheur. eng. title, 
5 p. 1., 149 maps on 119 numb, sheets, 6 1. [Colophon:] a 
Anvers, de l'imprimerie Plantinienne . . . 1598. 

Ottens (Reinier) and Ottens (Josua). 

Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa in qva orbis terrarum 
pavcis attamen novissimis tabvlis ostenditvr. Atlas nouveau, 
contenant toutes les parties du monde, ou sont exactement 
remarquees les empires, monarchies, royaumes, etats, repu- 
bliques, &c, &c, &c. Receuilles des meilleurs auteurs. 2 
titles, 42 maps, 7 pi. fol. Amsterdam, [1737?] 

NOTE. The first title-page is the much used copper plate of Atlas 
mounted on the globe supporting the heavens, and carries the word 
Atlas at the top. The second title is the Ottens' title-page with their 
name and the date omitted, and without the small engraving by F. 
Ottens at the foot of the page, which appears on other copies of this 

Maps by various cartographers, including Theodore, Justus and 
Cornelius Danckerts, de Wit, Placide, Delisle, Jaillot, Feuille, 
Joachim Ottens and Sansori. 

Maps by the Danckerts are evidently of an earlier date than the 

Maps \vy Delisle are preceded by a plate carrying the following 
title: Grand theatre de la guerre sur les frontieres de France & 
d'Allemagne ou carte nouvelle du cours du Rhin . . . This plate 
contains plans of the fortifications of eight towns on the Rhine, and 
an engraving of the siege of Philipsbourg which occurred in 1734. 

Paz (Manuel Maria). 

Atlas geografico e historico de la Republica de Colombia, antiqua 
Nueva Grenada, el cual comprende las Republicas de Vene- 
zuela y Ecuador con arreglo a los trabajos geograficos del 
general de ingenieros Agustin Codazzi ejecutados en Vene- 

Maps and Charts Accessions 


zuela y Nueva Grenada. Construida la parte cartogrdfico 
por Manuel M. Paz . . . y redactado el texto explicative 
por el doctor Felipo Perez ... 4 p. 1., 25 pp., I 1. imp., 21 
maps on 20 sheets, i pi., i por. fol. Paris, A. Lahure, 1889. 

Philip (George) & son. 

Philips' student's atlas of ancient & modern geography with a 
copious consulting index. Edited by William Hughes. New 
& enlarged edition. 3 p. 1., 46 pp., 40 maps. 4. London, 
G. Philip & son, 1882. 

Bigot (James) and co. 

Pigot and cos. British atlas of the counties of England, with a 
map of England and Wales and a circular one of the country 
round London to the distance of fourteen miles; the whole 
engraved on steel plates, and embellished with a correct 
graphic series of vignettes of the cathedrals and some of the 
handsomest churches in England: accompanied by topo- 
graphical accounts, exhibiting the general statisticks of each 
county; its ancient history, and modern localities, and divi- 
sions; commerce, manufactures, gnd population; tables of 
distance, etc. , the entire prefixed by comprehensive reciprocal 
distance tables, of the principal towns in Great Britain, etc., 
and an itinerary of the most useful and generally traveled 
mail and coach routes throughout the United Kingdom, 
title, 41 1. unp., 41 maps. fol. London, J. Pigot & co. 1830. 

Pronk (Cornelis, 1691-1759). 

Atlas van Zeeland; vervattende naauwkeurige kaarten van alle 
de eilanden, op order van Z. D. H. den Prince van Orange, 
meetkundig opgenomen door de Heeren Hattinga, geduu- 
rende de jaaren 1744 tot 1752. Benevens grondtekeningen 
en gezigten der steden, afbeeldingen der voornaamste open- 
baare gebouwen, dorpen, sloten, heerenhuizen enz. Naar 't 
leven getekend door den konstryken C. Pronk, als mede por- 
traiten van eenige der vermaardste staatsmannen en zee- 
helden. 4 p. 1., 6 maps, 75 pi., 18 por. fol. Te Amsterdam, 
I. Tirion, 1760. 

Ptolemaeus (Claudius). 

Cl. Ptolemaei Alexaiidrini, geographiae libri octo, recogniti iam 
et diligenter emendati cum tabulis geographicis ad mentem 
auctoris restitutis ac emendatis, per Gerardvm Mercatorem, 
illustriss. ducis Cliuensis etc. cosmographum. Cum gratia 
& priuilegio sac caes maiestat. 1584. [Colophon:] Coloniae 
Agrippinae typis Godefridi Kempensis. Anno virginei partvs, 

2 p. 1., 106 pp. (6 diagr. in text), 20 1. unp., 55 1. unp., incl. 
28 fold, maps (2 diagr. in text), 15 1. unp. fol. 



216 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

(sig. 2 1. not signed; A-L, in sixes; M (?) in fours; A-L,, K, 
M 2 , O, N-Y, Zz, Aa-Bb in twos; a-b in sixes; c in fours). 

"The first edition of Ptolemy's geography with Mercator's maps. 
The text is the version of Pirckheymer, edited by Arnoldus Mylius, 
whose dedication of the work to Abraham Ortelius is dated ' ' Colonise 
calendis lulij, anno D. 1583". The privileges on the verso of the 
title to the maps are subscribed "Datum Viennse Austrise 26. Maij. 
1578", and "Datum 3. Februarij 1578. Bruxellee" ; and the dedication 
"Duysburgi mense Febr: 1583 . . . Geradus Mercator". The 
colophon is on the verso of the last leaf of the final index (sig. c 3 ). 
The 28 copperplate maps, sometimes colored, are the same as those 
printed separately in 1578 and are on double pages, with one excep- 
tion. They comprise the "Vniversalis tabvla ivxta Ptolemevm", 
ten of Europe, five of Africa (one of which is on a single leaf entitled 
"Appendix. III. Tabvlae Afr:", verso blank) and twelve of Asia. 
These maps were reprinted in 1605 and 1619. 

This edition corresponds to that in the Boston Athenaeum with 
the exception of sig. F, which is not incorrectly signed E. 

Clavdii Ptolemaei Alexandrini mathematicoi* principis. opus 
geographie nouiter castigatu & emaculatu additioibus.raris et 
inuisis.necnon cu tabularuni in dorso iucunda explanatione. 
Registro quoq 3 tojius operis.tam geographico.q^ etia historiali. 
facillimu introitu prebeti. Ordo contento rvm in hoc libro 
totali. Octo libri geographic ipsius auctoris ad antiquitate 
suam integri & sinevlla corruptioe.cum collatione dictionu 
grecaru e regioe ad latinas.certissima graduu calculatioe ex- 
aminati. Registrvm item alphabeticu omniu regionu.prefec- 
turaru ciuitatu.fluuio.mariu.lacuu.portuu silua^.oppido^. vil- 
la^, gentiu & historiaru.singula certissimo indice monstrans. 
Post hoc sequutur tabule.qua^r nuero.xxvij erut. Prima scz 
generale orbis descriptione tradens iuxta mente Ptolem^i. 
Europe post hie tabule.& Aphrice,.iiij.asie, vna corporf 
fperici inplao. Has succedut neoterico^: perlustratioes.ea 
que abantiqs.emissa xx tabulis ad implentes. Et in haru 
omnium. ta vetustio^q^ recentio^: tergis expositoes vni lateri.- 
alteri vero lucubratioes incudissime rituu.easda plagas in- 
habitantiu (cu varijs mirabilib9 mudi) incubut. Tandem 
breuis sub oritur doctrina.ignoratibus viam pre, bens fructu 
auscultandi geographicu qu^ hue vfo^ multis incognita & 
sepulta delituit gaudeat igit' lecltor optimus. Hec bona 
mente Lauretius Phrifius artis appolline^, doctor & mathe- 
matical^ artiiim cli- lucem iussit prodire. Agam- 
memnonis puteoli plurimu delicati. [Colophon:] loannes 
Grieninger ciuis Argentorateii v opera et expenfis proprijs id 
opus insigne,ejeis notulis exceptit,laudabiliq3 fine perfecit 
xii. die marcij anno 1522. 

2 p. 1., 3-4, [5-6], 7-18, 22, [2], 22, 37-70, 77, 72-85, 89, 
87-100, [2] 1. ; 100 1., incl. 50 maps. fol. 
(sig. A-B, p, in sixes, f in fours, G-R in sixes, S in eights). 

Maps and Charts Accessions 217 

Ptolemaeus (Claudius). 

Geographia vniversalis, vetvs et nova, complectens Clavdii 
Ptolemsei Alexandrini enarrationis libros VIII. Quorum 
primus noua translatione Pirckheimheri et accessione com- 
mentarioli illustrior quam hactenus fuerit, redditus eft. 
Reliqui cum grseco & alijs uetuftis exeplaribus collati, in 
infinitis fere locis castigatiores facti sunt. Addita sunt insu- 
per scholia quibus exoleta urbium montium, fluuiorumq's 
nomina ad noftri feculi morem exponuntur. Succedunt 
tabulae Ptolemaicae, opera Sebaftiani Munfteri nouo paratae 
modo. His adiec~tae funt plurimae nouae tabulae, moderna 
orbis faciem literis & pictura explicantes, inter quas quaedam 
antehac Ptolemaeo non fuerunt additae. Vltimo annexum 
est compendium geograp x hicae defcriptionis, in quo uarij 
gentium & regionum ritus & mores explicantur. Praefixus 
est quoq3 uniuerfo operi index memorabiliu populorum, ciui- 
tatum, fluuiorum, montium, terrarum, lacuum &c. Basileae 
apvd Henricvm Petrvm. [Colophon:] Basileae apvd Henri- 
cvm Petrvm mense Martio, an 1542. 

222 1. (preceded by i and followed by 2 blank 1.) comprising: 
title, [56], 155, [ij pp., 96 unnumb. sheets, incl. 48 numb, 
maps, 157-195. [i] pp. fol. (Sig. aa, *, a-c, A-N, Aa, Bb in 
sixes; Cc in eight). 

Collation: i blank 1., title, verso blank, "Epistola noncvpatoria " 
of Munster in 2 1., 2 blank 1. (sig. aa); Index in,6 1. (sig. *); book I, 
with Munster's annotations in 17 1., followed by i blank 1. (sig. a-c); 
books II-VIII, pp. 1-155 verso blank (sig. A-N); 48 maps on 96 sheets, 
and the "Appendix geographica " of Munster, pp. 157-195 (sig. Aa-Bb 
in sixes and Cc in eight). 

Text in double columns, 50 lines to full column. Colophon on 
p. 195; verso contains printer's mark. 
Secondeditionof Munster's Ptolemy reprinted from theedition of 1540. 

[Geographic de Ptolemee, reproduction photolithographique 
du manuscrit grec du monastere de Vatopedi au mont Athos, 
executee d'apres les cliches obtenus sous la direction de 
m. Pierre de Se"wastianoff et precedee d'une introduction 
historique sur le mont Athos, les monasteres et les depots 
litteraires de la Presqu'ile Sainte. Par Victor L,anglois]. 
2 p. 1., 117 pp., i 1., i map; title, cviii pp., incl. 42 maps, 
fol. [Paris, Didot freres fils & co. 1866] . 
NOTE. Title page wanting. 

The historical preface relating to Mont Athos, by V. lyanglois, con- 
tains: "I. Histoire de la montagne Sainte. II. Monasteres et skytes. 
III. Archives des monasteres. IV. Bibliothques des monasteres: in- 
ventaire des manuscrits grecs; inventaire des manuscrits slaves; in- 
ventaire des manuscrits gorgiens; notice sur les manuscrits du Mont 
Athos. V. Bibliographic: liste des principaux voyages executes au 
Mont Athos depuis le XV siecle et dont il existe des relations ". This 
preface is followed by a map entitled: "Carte du Mont Athos, ex- 
cute a 1'echelle de 1:22.222. 1866". 

Following this, is the photolithographic reproduction of the Ptol- 
emy, preceded by a richly ornamented chromolithographic title- 

218 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

page, adorned with eight views of the Mont Athos and the princip 
monasteries; the title reads: 

" KAavfitov riroAe/matou yeoypa<|H>CTj? v$T)yjjo"eu>s TO sv Afluu Kara TO Ba- 
TOTreSiof eruj^oju.ei'ov avnypafyov eTri/ueAeerTaTa (<oT<oAi#o i ypa</)#ei'." 

" F. Kellarhoven del., imp. I^emercier et cie . . ., ch. Walter lith." 

The text of the geography is reproduced in black on paper colored 
to imitate parchment; each paragraph begins with a capital letter 
in red. The maps are said to date from the i2th century. 

Only 200 copies of this reproduction were issued, cf. " Un manu- 
scrit de la geographic de Ptolemee decouvert au Mont Athos." 
" Remarques sur le manuscrit de la geographic de Ptolemee, trouve 
au monastere de Vatopede (Mont Athos), reproduit photographique- 
ment, en entier et en grandeur naturelle, par P. de Sevastianoff ", in 
Society de geographic. Bulletin. 1859. 8. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1859. 
4 e serie. v. 17. pp. 422-431. 

Tabvlae geographicae Cl: Ptolem^i ad mentem autoris refti- 

tutae & emendat^. Per Gerardum Mercatorem illuftriff: 
duels Cliui^ &c: cosmographu. [Colophon:] Coloniae 
Agrippinae typis Godefridi Kempensis. Anno Virginei 
partvs, 1578. 
74 1. (preceded by i and followed by 2 blank 1.) comprising": 4 p. 

1., 28 maps on 27 sheets & i 1., [30] pp. fol. 
(sig. (?) in twos; (?) (?) in one; **, A-Cc in twos, single leaf bet. 
N & O; a-h in twos). 

The maps, considered the finest ever prepared for the work and 
reprinted with the text in 1584, 1605 and 1619, were engraved 011 cop- 
per, each with an elaborate cartouche, but without ornamental bor- 
ders. They comprise the "Vniversalis tabvla tvxta Ptolemeum"; 
ten of Europe; five of Africa, one a single leaf entitled "Appendix 
III. Tabvlae Afr: ; twelve of Asia. 

Quad (Matthias, 1557-1613). 

Geographisch handtbuch in welchem die gelegenheit der vor- 
nembsten lantschafften des gantzen erdtbodems in zwej und 
achtzig in kupffer geschnittenen taffeln furgebildt. Mit bey- 
gefiigter notwendiger beschreibung und auslegung derselben: 
also das jedes landes art, natur, gelegenheit, sitten, volcker, 
fruchtbarkeit, handtirung, sampt andere zu wissen nutzliche 
sachen, schrifftlich und augenscheinlich nach notturfft daraus 
mogen erlernet werden. Zugericht durch Mitthis Qvaden 
kupfferschneider. illus. title, 3 p. 1., [328] pp. incl. 82. maps. 
4. Coin am Rein, bey lohan Buxemacher kunstdrucker vff . 
S. Maximini strass daselbst, 1600. 

NOTE. Collation: 4 p. 1. comprising illus. title verso blank, 1. i; 
"Inhalt der charten dieses buchlins", 1. 2; plate signed Q, inscrip- 
tion, "Zu ehren und volgefallen ", signed Johan Bussmacher, recto 
1. 3; " Vorredahndeiigunstigen leser", dated, 1600, signed Matthis 
Quad, verso 1. 3-verso 1. 4; 82 numb, maps on 164 1., with descriptive 
text on the reverse. 

Nearly all the maps are copied from Ortelius and published by 
him in his Theatrum orbis terrarum, 46 having been used in Quad's 
Atlas, 1594. They contain the names of many early cartographers. 

Maps -and Charts Accessions 219 

The title-page is copied from that of the Theatrum, with figures 
representing Europe at the top, Africa at the right, Asia at the 
left, and America at the foot of the design, slight changes having 
been made in both figures and back ground, cf. Hildenbrand (F. J.) 
Matthis Quad und dessen Buropae universalis et particulars descrip- 
tio. 1893. 

Badefeld ( ) and Benner ( ). 

Atlas zum handgebrauche fur die gesammte erdbeschreibung. In 
n6karten gezeichnet vom hauptmann Radefeld und prem. 
lieut. Rentier. 2 p. 1., 115 maps. obi. 32. [Hildburghau- 
sen], Bibliographischen instituts, [1841]. 

Bobiquet ( ). 

[Atlas hydrographique. 34 maps. fol. Paris, Robiquet, 1844- 


NOTE. A collection of maps edited by Robiquet, without title-page, 
of different dates, and by various hydrographers, many of them 
officers of the English and French navies, including: Dumoulin, 
Beechy, Denham, Gauttier, Berard, W. H. Smyth, Copeland, Graves, 
Vidal, Boteler, Arlett, Roussin, Tofirio, Mudge, Bedford, L,avaud, 
Bullock, Bayfield, Hurd, Barnett, Owen, T. Smyth, Fitz Roy and 
Tardy de Montravel. 

Contains map by capitaine Th. Hurd, entitled "Plan des lies Ber- 
mudes . . . publi en 1827. Havre, Tehenne, 1844". 

Santini (P.) 

Atlas universel dresse sur les meilleures cartes modernes. Par 
P. Santini. 2 v. v. i, eng. title, I p. 1., 68 maps; v. 2, I p. 1., 
68 maps. fol. Venise, Remondini, 1776- [1784]. 
NOTE. Dates on maps vary from 1776 to 1780. 
Binder's title: "Remondini Atlas Universel". 

A collection of maps by various cartographers, including: d'Anville, 
Janvier, Robert de Vaugondy, and others. 

Sayer (Robert, 1725-1794). 

An English atlas, or a concise view of England and Wales; divided 
into counties, and its subdivisions into hundreds &c. describ- 
ing their situation, extent, boundaries, circumference, soil, 
product, chief rivers and the principal great and bye-roads; 
with a chart of the distances between the cities and chief 
towns, together with a description of the situation of the 
most venerable antiquities whether ruins of castles, palaces, 
or monasteries, as well as the most remarkable houses, plan- 
tations &c. pointing out every delightful scene of extensive 
prospect, and curiosities of art and nature worthy a travellers 
notice, on fifty two copper plates, eng. title, 34 1. unp. , 52 
pi. incl. 49 maps. 4. London, for R. Sayer, 1787. 
NOTE. Title and index plates nos. i & 2. 

no. 4. "Chart of distances between the cities and chief towns," 

Seutter (Matthaeus, 1678-1756). 

Atlas minor praecipua orbis terrarum imperia, regna et provincias, 
Germanise potissimuin, tabellis 66 exacte delineatis sistens 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

usui militiae ducum ac peregrinantium maxime accommodatus 

opera Matthsei Seutteri, sac. Caes. maj. geogr. eng. title, 

17 1. unp., 68 maps. obi. 8. Aug. Vind. [Augsburg], [1744?] 

NOTE. This atlas contains four maps not called for by index, two 

of which, " Principatus Calenberg et Grubenhagen," and " Ducattis 

Brunsuicensis," are by Albrecht Carl Seutter. 

The arrangement of the maps does not correspond with the index. 
The supplied date, 1744, is the latest date found in the text, occur- 
ring on sig. E 2. 

Grosser atlas, worinnen enthalten alle die jenige geographische 
universal- special- und particular- mappen, mit iiberdie mehre- 
sten gedrukten alphabetischen registern/ auch unterschied- 
licher vornehmsten stadten prospect, und grund-risse/ wie 
nicht weniger einige genealogische baume/ und chronolo- 
gische tabellen, welche da durch besonderen fleiss/ und riihe 
in kupfer gebracht/ und ausgefertiget von Matthao Seutter/ 
Ihro Rom. kaiserl. u. konigl. Cathol. majestat geographico in 
Augspurg. illus. col. title, 3 p. 1., 131 col. maps, 63 pi., 7 1. 
at end. fol. Augspurg, zu finden in Augspurg in Verlegung 
des autoris, und zu Wien in der Straubischen buch-handlung, 


NOTE. Illustrated* title-page reads as follows: Atlas novus sive 

tabulae geographicse totivs orbis faciem, partes, imperia, regna et 
provincias exhibitentes exactissima cura iuta recentissimas obser- 
vation. JEri incisae et venum exposite a Matthaeo Seutter, s. c. m. g. 
Augustae Vindelicorum. 

Smith. (Charles, map seller}. 

Smith's new general atlas containing distinct maps of all the 
principal empires, kingdoms, & states throughout the world, 
arranged according to the general treaty signed in Congress 
at Vienna, June, 1815. 2 p. 1., 48 numb. 1. incl. 46 col. maps, 
fol. London, for C. Smith, 1816. 

NOTE. An edition published in 1808. Forty maps in this edition 
dated 1808. 

Spamer (Otto). 

Spamers grosser hand-atlas . . . enthaltend eine geographische, 
ethnographische und statistische beschreibung aller teile. der 
erde von dr. Alfred Hettner . . . 2te aufl. 132 pp., viii, 
150!., incl. 77 col. maps, and 165 maps in text, illus. fol. 
Leipzig, O. Spamer, [1900]. 

NOTE. The text, maps and index are separately paged. 

Speer (Joseph Smith, d. 1781). 

The West-India pilot . . . the whole illustrated with a number 
of copper plates, finished by the best hands, describing the 
ports and bays . . . with the true soundings, laid down 
with the utmost exactness, by an officer who has served 
upwards of twenty years in the West Indies. 3 p. 1., 30, [2], 
31-53 pp., 13 maps. fol. London, for the author, 1766. 

Maps and Charts Accessions 221 

Tassin (Nicolas). 

L,es cartes generates de tovtes les prouinces de France royaumes 
et prouinces de 1' Europe. Reueues corrige'es & augmente'es, 
par le sr. Tassin geographe ordinaire de sa majeste" par privi- 
lege du roy. eng. title, 100 maps, i pi. fol. [Paris], 1640- 


NOTE. Title-page date 1640; dates on maps vary from 1625-1643. 
Miips by various cartographers including: Hondius, Bertius, Jans- 
son, Baudouin, Blaeuw, Danquerts, Surhon, Sanson, Almada, Boisseau. 

Tirion (Isaak). 

Atlas van Zeeland; vervattende naauwkeurige kaarten van alle 
de eilanden, op order van Z. D. H. den Prince van Oranje, 
meetkundig opgenomen door de Heeren Hattinga, geduu- 
rende de jaaren 1744 tot 1752. Benevens grondtekeningen 
en gezigten der steden, afbeeldingen der voornaamste open- 
baare gebouwen, dorpen, sloten, heerenhuizen enz. Naar 't 
leven getekend door den konstryken C. Pronk, als mede 
portraiten van eenige der vermaardste staatsmannen en zee- 
helden. 4 p. 1., 6 maps, 75 pi., 18 por. fol. Amsterdam, 
I. Tirion, 1760. 

Nieuwe en keurige reis-atlas door de XVII Nederlanden; 

bestaande in eene verzameling van XX uitgelezene kaarten 
der zeven vereenigde en tien oostenryksche Nederlandsche 
Provincien. 2 p. 1., 20 maps. fol. Te Amsterdam, J. de 
Groot & G. Warnars, 1793. 

TJnwin (William Jordan, editor}. 

Homerton college atlas. Edited by William J. Unwin. Hydro- 
graphical, physical, and political. 2 p. 1., 30 col. maps. fol. 
London, Longmans, 1863. 

NOTE. An edition published in 1861. 

Visscher (Nicolaus). 

Atlas minor sive geographia compendiosa, qua orbis terrarum, per 
paucus attamen novissimas tabulas ostenditur. 248 1., incl. 
title, col. eng. t. p., & 127 col. maps. fol. Amstelodami, ex 
omcina N. Visscher, [1690?] 

NOTE. On the map entitled "Walcheren" (Noordt-zee) (no. 44), 
are given the dates of some of the lands reclaimed along the south- 
eastern coast of the island; the latest is " Inlage geleyt, 1678". The 
maps of the British Isles are dedicated to William III of England, 
whose reign began in 1689; map no. 124, is said to be as late as 1690. 
The eng. title-page by Ger. de I,airesse, and is the same as that of 
the other colored edition of the Atlas minor, [1690?]. Many maps 
have the following words added to their titles which would indicate 
that this atlas is later than the other edition of [1690?] : "cum privi- 
legio ordin. general. Belgii foederati". 

In addition to those by Visscher, this atlas contains maps by DeWitt, 
Heniieberger, Emmius, Caroli, Comenius, etc. 

According to the manuscript index the following maps are missing: 
nos. 33, 58, 104, in. 

222 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Map no. 45, has the following title: " Belgii regii tabula, in qua 
omnes provinciae ab Hispanis ad annum 1684 [sic] possessae, nee non 
tani a regae Galliae quam Batavis acquisitae . . . ostenduntur per N. 
Visscher". This map has a different title in the other edition. 

Voogt ( Claes Janz. ) 

De nieuwe groote lichtende zee-fakkel, het vierde deel, behelzende 
de zee-kusten van Guajana, Venezuela, Carthagena, Nova 
Costo-Rica, de Honduras, Yucatan, Mexico, Florida, Caro- 
lina, Virginia, Nieuw Nederland, Nieuw Engeland, Nieuw 
Vrankryk, Terre Neuve, en de noorder zee-kusten van Ame- 
rica, met de onderhoorende en tusschen leggende eilanden. 
Als meed de beschryving van alle bekende havenen, baaijen, 
reeden, droogte, strekkingen van landen. Alles op haar 
waare polus-hoogte geleid uit ondervindingen van veel erva- 
rene stuurlieden, lootsen der zeevaart: vergadert door wylen 
Class. Jansz. Voogt. . . Zynde deeze druk merkelyk ver- 
meerderd en verbeeterd door Gerard Hulst van Keulen. 
title, 50 pp., 42 maps, 17 pi. fol. Amsterdam, G. H. van 
Keulen, 1782. 

NOTE. All maps in this atlas were issued by Gerard van Keulen 
and Johannes van Keulen, who were Gerard Hulst van Keulen's 
predecessors in the publishing house of Van Keulen. 

Includes maps by the following navigators: Kraay, Bertrand, Fre- 
zier, lyynslager, and Sikkena. 

Wit (Frederick de). 

Atlas, eng. title, 27 pi., incl. 26 maps. fol. Amsterdam, Frede- 
rick de Wit,' [1675?] 

NOTE. Index on verso of title-page has heading: Tabulae mari- 
time, ofte zeekarten. 

Map no. i, Orbis maritimus, called for by index, is engraved on the 

Woodward (Hora'ce Bolingbroke, 1848- ). 

Stanford's geological atlas of Great Britain [based on Reynold's 
geological atlas] with plates of characteristic fossils preceded 
by a description of the geological structure of Great Britain 
and its counties; and of the features observable along the 
principal lines of railway, by Horace B. Woodward, f. r. s., 
f. g. s. x, 139 pp., 34 fold, maps, 16 fold, pi., table. 12. 
L,ondon, E. Stanford, 1904. 

Zatta (Antonio). 

Atlante novissimo. 4 v. fol. Venezia, A. Zatta, 1779-1785- 

NOTE. Engraved title in each volume. 

Title-page of volumes 2-4 read: Atlante novissimo, illustrate ed 
accresciuto sulle osservazioni e scoperte fatti dai piu celebri e piu 
recenti geografi. 
Dates on maps vary from 1774-1788. 



List of Prints from the Chalcographie du Louvre, and 

from the German Reichsdruckerei : Kupfer- 

stiche und Holzschnitte alter Meister 

in Nachbildungen 



Alv AI,VIN, Louis JOSEPH. Catalogue raisonne" 

de 1'oeuvre des trois freres, Jean, JeVome & 
Antoine Wierix. Bruxelles. 1866. 

Andr ANDRESEN, ANDREAS. Der deutsche Peintre- 

Graveur ... 5 vols. Leipzig. 1872-1878. 

Ap APEW,, AI,OYS. Handbuch fiir Kupferstich- 

sammler . . . Leipzig. 1880. 

B BARTSCH, ADAM VON. Le peintre graveur. 21 

vols. . . . Leipzig. 1866-1876. Supple- 
ment by R. Weigel. vol. i. Leipzig. 1843. 

B. Rembrandt BARTSCH, ADAM VON. Catalogue raisonne" de 

toutes les estampes qui forment 1'ceuvre de 
Rembrandt et ceux de ses principaux imita- 
teurs ... 2 vols. Vienne. 1797. 

B. Suppl BARTSCH, ADAM VON. Supplements au pein- 

tre-graveur . . . par Robert Weigel. vol. I. 
Leipzig. 1843. 

Baker (Wash.) BAKER, WIUJAM SPOHN. The engraved 

portraits of Washington . . . Philadelphia. 

Ber BERAI.DI, HENRI. Les graveurs du xix e 

siecle ... 12 vols. Paris. 1885-1892. 

Bib. Nat BIBUOTHEQUE NATIONAI^E. Catalogue de la 

collection des portraits franais et Strangers, 
par Georges Duplessis. vols. 1-4. Paris. 

Bl BI,ANC, CHARGES. L'oeuvre de Rembrandt 

... 2 vols. Paris. 1873. 

Bode BODE, WILHEI^M. The complete work of 

Rembrandt . . . 7 vols. Paris. 1897-1902. 

Brandes Coll BRANDES COLLECTION. Catalogue raisonne" 

du cabinet d' estampes de feu Monsieur 
Brandes, par Michel Huber ... 2 vols. 
Leipzig. 1 793-1 794. 


226 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Bry BRYAN, MICHAEI,. Dictionary of painters and 

engravers . . . (Revised and enlarged by 
George C. Williamson.) 5 vols. London. 

C CI^AUSSIN, JOSEPH J. DE. Catalogue raisonne 

de toutes les estampes . . . de Rembrandt. 
Paris. 1824. 

tional du Louvre. Catalogue des planches 
gravees composant le fonds de la chalco- 
graphie . . . Paris. 1881. 


JOHN. A treatise on wood engraving . . . 
with . . . illustrations engraved on wood by 
John Jackson. New York. 1861. 

Didot ( Les Brevet) .... DIDOT, AMBROISE FIRMIN. Les Brevet ( Pierre, 

Pierre-Imbert et Claude). Paris. 1876. 

Bidot (Essai) BIDOT, AMBROISE FIRMIN. Essai . . . sur 

1'histoiredelagravuresurbois. Paris. 1863. 

Bidot (Portraits) BIDOT, AMBROISE FIRMIN. Les graveurs de 

portraits en France ... 2 vols. Paris. 

Bob BOBSON, AUSTIN. William Hogarth. Lon- 
don. 1900. 

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cki's sammtliche Kupferstiche . . . Leip- 
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Ficquet, Savart et de Grateloup. Paris. 

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toute les estampes qui forment 1'oeuvre grave 
d'Adriaen van Ostade. Paris. 1862. 

Fr. (B.) FRANKEN, B., Bz. L'ceuvre de W. J. Belff. 

. . . Amsterdam. 1872. 

Fr. (P. ) FRANKEN, B., Bz. L'ceuvre grave" des Van 

de Passe. Amsterdam. 1881. 


J. PH. L'osuvre de Jan van de Velde. 
Amsterdam. Paris. 1883. 

Division of Prints 227 


sonne". de toutes les pieces qui forment 
1'oeuvre de Rembrandt . . . Paris. 1751. 
Supplement au catalogue raisonne". 1756. 

Goodw. (McA. ) GOODWIN, GORDON. James McArdell. Lon- 
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Gray Coll GRAY COLLECTION. Catalogue of the collec- 
tion of engravings bequeathed to Harvard 
College by Francis Calley Gray, by Louis 
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Hart HART, CHARLES HENRY. Catalogue of the 

engraved portraits of Washington. New 
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Hubbard Coll HUBBARD COLLECTION. Catalog of the Gardi- 
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Mrs. Gardiner Greene Hubbard . . . by 
Arthur Jeffrey Parsons . . . Washington. 

J JOUBERT, F. E. Manuel de 1'amateur d'es- 

tampes ... 3 vols. Paris. 1821. 

Jacob! JACOBI. Schmidt's Werke. Berlin. 1815. 


catalogue of the engravings, dry-points and 

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L LOFTIE, WILLIAM JOHN. Catalogue of the 

prints and etchings of H. S. Beham, painter 

of Nuremberg . . . London: 1877. 
Le B LE BLANC, CHARLES. Manuel de I'amateur 

d'estampes ... 4 vols. Paris. 1854-1889. 

228 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Le B. (W.) LE BI,ANC, CHARGES. Catalogue de 1'oeuvre 

de Jean Georges Wille . . . Leipsic. 1847. 

alogue of the engraved work of Albert 
Diirer . . . Cambridge. 1893. 


descriptive catalogue of the etched work of 
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Kiinstler- Lexicon ... 5 vols. Frankfurt 
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meines Kiinstler-Lexiaon ... 22 vols. 
Miinchen. 1835-1852. 

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Les graveurs du dix-huitieme siecle ... 3 
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Par PARTHEY, G. Wenzel Hollar . . . Berlin. 


graveur ... 6 vols. Leipsic. 1860-1864. 
Pauli PAUW, GUSTAV. Hans Sebald Beham . . . 

Strassburg. 1901. 
R RETBERG, RAI,F VON. Diirers Kupferstiche 

und Holzschnitte . . . Miinchen. 1871. 
R. Ap RETBERG, RAI,F VON. (Appendix to Diirers 

Kupferstiche und Holzschnitte. Miinchen. 


FRANCOIS. Le peintre-graveur fran9ais. 

(Including supplement by Georges Duples- 

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FRANCOIS. (Supplement to Peintre-graveur 

franais, by Prosper de Baudicour. 2 vols. 

Paris. 1859-1861.) 

Rov ROVINSKI, DMITRI. L'oeuvre grave de Rem- 
brandt ... 4 vols. Saint - Petersbourg. 


Division of Prints 229 

S SMITH, JOHN CHALONER. British mezzotinto 

portraits ... 4 vols. London. 1878-1883. 

Schreiber SCHREIBER, WILHELM L. Manuel de 1'ama- 

teur de la gravure sur bois et sur me'tal au 
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Ancelet, Gabriel Auguste (1829-1895) French School. 
NEEFFS, PIETER I. (isyy-S-ab. 1659) 
Inte'rieur d'Eglise. 1867. 
Line engraving. 

C. du I v . 801. 

Audran, Benoit I. (1661-1721) French School. 
L'Accouchement de la Reine. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 150. J. 1:185. N. 1:193. C. du Iy. 818. 

L'Echange des deux Reines . 
Line engraving. 

L,e B. 151. J. 8:185. N. 1:193. C. duly. 824. 

Audran, Gerard (1640-1703) French School. 
CovpEiy, ANTOINE (1661-1722) 

[Judgment of Solomon] . . . Par la force de son Esprit et 
par sa Sagesse . . . 
Line engraving. 

I v e B. 16. H. 2. J. 1:184. N. 1:191. C. duly. 908. 

LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 

[Descent of the Holy Spirit] C'est ce qui a etc" dit . . . 
Line engraving. 

I,eB.38. J. 1:184. N. 1:191. C. duly. 994. 

LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 

[Battle of Arbelles] L/a vertu est digne . . . Digna orbis 
imperio . . . 
Line engraving. 

IveB.229. H. 1:43. J. 1:181. N. 1:190. C. duly. 998. 

LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 

Entree Triomphante d'Alexandre dans Babilone . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le 6.231. H. 1:43. J. 1:182. C. duly. 1002. N. 1:190. 
LIB 1905 16 

232 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Audran, Gerard (1640-1703) French School. 
LEBRUN, CHARLES (1619-1690) 

[Fording the Granicus] 1672. La Vertv svrmonte tovt . . . 
Virtvs omni obice . . . 
Line engraving. 

LfB. 228. H. 1:43. J. 1:181. N. 1:190. C.duL-997- 

LEBRUN, CHARLES (1619-1690) 

[Wounded Porus brought before Alexander] La Vertv plaist 
qvoy que Vaincve . . . Sic virtvs et Victa . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 230. H. 1:143. J- 1:182. N. 1:190. C. du L- looo. 

MIGNARD, PIERRE (1612-1695) 

[Christ on the way to Calvary] . . . Lors que les Juifs me- 
noient Je"sus . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 30. H. 1:42. J. 1:183. N. 1:190. R-D. 945. C. du L- 1178. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[St. John baptizing in the river Jordan] Jean auoit vn habil- 
lement de poils de chameau . . . Joannes habebat vesti- 
mentum de pilis camelorum . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 52. C. du I,. 1201. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[The woman taken in adultery] Les Scribes et les Phari- 
siens amenerent a Jesus une femme . . . 
Line engraving. 

H. 3 J. 1:182. N. 1:190. C. du L. 1204. 

-^nde sauuant son Pere de 1'embrazement de Troye. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 225. J. 1:184. N. 1:192. C. du I,. 430. 

Audran, Jean (1667-1756) French School. 
[Athalie] Athalie vit le Roy . . . 
Line engraving. 

J. 1:187. N. 1:194. C du L- 909. 

DYCK, ANTHONIE VAN (1599-1641) 
Pierre Paul Rubens. 

p Line engraving. 
Le B. 330. C. du L. 807. 

JOUVENET, JEAN (1664-1717) 

[Raising of Lazarus] Lorsque Marie fut venue au lieu ou 
etoit Jesus . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 29. H. 6. J. 1:187. N. 1:194. C. du L. 982. 

Division of Prints 233 

Audran, Jean (1667-1756) French School. 
POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Ver. le Printemps. Les Cieux et la Terre furent acheuez . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 140. J. 1:187. N. 1:194. C. du 1,. 1271. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Hiems. 1'Hiuer. Le Deluge durant . . . 
Line engraving. 

L,e B. 140. J. 1:187. N. 1:194. C. du L. 1274. 

Le couronnement de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 332. J. 1:187. N. 1:194. C. du L. 820. 


Henri IV. dlibe"re sur son futur manage . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 331. J. 1:186. N. 1:194. C. du L. 814. 


Le Roy part pour la guerre d'Allemagne . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 333. J. i: 187. N. i: 194. C. du L- 819. 

Audran, Jules (1667-1756) French School. 
JOUVENET, JEAN (1664-1717) 

[Miraculous draught of Fishes] Jesus dit a Simon . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 29. H. 5. J. 1:186. N. 1:194. C. du L. 981. 

Baudet, Etienne (1636?-! 711) French School. 


[The Tribute money] Rendez a Cesar ce qui appartient . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 18. H. 9. J. i :228. C. du L. 1292. 

Martyre -de Saint Estienne . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 21. H. 10. J. i : 228. C. du L. 417. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Death of Eurydice] . . . Dans ce tableau . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 109. C. du L. 1279. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Landscape; Diogenes and young man] Le Poussin a 
peint ... la rencontre que Diogene fit d'un jeune 
homme . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 107. C. du L. 1276. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Bellay , Charles Paul Alphonse ( 1826- ) French School. 

L,a Mere Arnauld et la fille de Philippe de Champaigne, 
Soeur Catherine de Sainte Susanne. 1895. 
Line engraving. 
c. du i,. 

Bertinot, Gustave Nicolas (1822-1888) French School. 

CRAESBEECK, JOOST VAN (i6o8-bef. 1662) [Craesbeeck painting 
a portrait] 

Line engraving. 

Bry. 1:348. C. du I,. 6074. 

DYCK, ANTHONIE VAN (1599-1641) 
L,a Vierge aux Donateurs. 
Line engraving. 

H. 2. Br. 7. Ap. 3. C. du i,. 642. 

Bertinot, Gustave Nicolas (1822-1888) French School. (Commenced 
by Bein, Jean (1789-1857) French School.} 
LUINI, BERNARDINO (ab. i475-af. 1530) 
La fille d'Hdrodiade. 1860. 
Line engraving. 

H. i. Ber. 3. Ap. i. C. du I,. 482. 

Blanchard, Auguste Thomas Marie (1819-1898) French School. 
L'Accordee de Village. 1898. 
Line engraving. 
c. du i,. 6109. 

Blery, Alexandre Stanislaw Eugene (1805-1887) French School. 
HOBBEMA, MEINDERT (1638-1709) 
Interieur de Foret. 
Br. 101. bis. C. du I,. 676. 

Bolswert, Scheltus Adam van (1586-1659) Flemish School. 
JORDAENS, JAKOB (1593-1678) 

[Infancy of Jupiter] Quid mirum natura louis . . . No. 9. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 190. Dutuit. 4: 70. C. du L,. 682. Hubbard Coll. p. 38. 

JORDAENS, JAKOB (1593-1678) 

[The concert] Quod Cantant . . . No. 10. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 194. H. 19. J. i :282. N. 2:24. C. du I,. 689. 

Boutelie, Louis Abdon (contemp.) French School. 
[The Bather] 

Line engra ving . 
C. du Iy. 6140. 

Division of Prints 235 

Bracquemond, Joseph F61ix (1833- ) French School. 
Tournoy. 1863. 

Br. 274. C. du Iy. 847. 

Bridoux, Francois Eugene Augustin (1813-1892) French School. 
VINCI, LEONARDO DA (1452-1519) 
L,a Joconde. 

Line engraving. 

H. ii. B6r. 16. Ap. 7. C. du I,. 480. 

. s 

Burney, Franois Eugene (contemp.) French School '. 

PERREAiy, JEAN. Called JEAN DE PARIS. (i463?-i529) 
Madone entre deux Donateurs . . . 1898. 
Line engraving. 

C. du Iy. 6118. 

Cars, Laurent (1699?-! 771) French School. 
LE MOINE, FRANCOIS (1688-1737) 

[Hercules killing Cacus] Cacus Aventinae timor . . . 
Cacus portait la terreur . . . 
Line engraving. 

lye B. ii. H. 5. J. 1:352. N. 2:406. P. & B. 9. C. dul,. 1158. 

Champollion, Eugene Andre* (1848- ) French School. 
BOUCHER, FRANOIS (1703-1770) 

Line engraving. 

C. du Iy. 6072. 

LANCRET, NICOLAS (1690-1743) 
Iv'Ete". 1886. 

Line engraving. 
C. duly. 6010. 

IvANCRET, NlCOIyAS (1690-1743) 

Ive Printemps. 1890. 
Line engraving. 
C. du Iy. 6009. 

Chaplin, Charles (1825-1891) French School. 
La Femme de Rubens. 1858. 

H. 8. B6r. 54. C. du Iy. 832. 


I/Embarquement pour 1'Ile de Cythere. 

H. 2. B6r. 55. C. du Iy. 1308. 

236 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Chasteau (Chateau), Guillaume (1635-1683) French School. 
CARRACCI, ANNIBALE ( 1560-1609) 
Martyre de Sainct Estienne . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 28. H. 4. J. i : 359. N. 2 : 500. C. du I,. 416. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Christ healing the Blind] Je"sus sortant de Jericho toucha 
les yeux des Aueugles, . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 23. H. 3. J. i 1359. N - 2 : 5- C. du L. 1202. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Israelites gathering Manna in the Desert] Le matin la terre 
fut couuerte . . . 1680. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 4. H.I. J. 1:359. N. 2:500. C. duly- 1199. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Sainct Paul enleue jusqu'au troisieme ciel. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 33. J. i :359. N. 2 1500. C. du L. 1207. 

Chastillon (Chatillon), Louis de (1639-1734) French School. 
I/a destine de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 14. J. 1:361. N. 2:500. C. duL-8ii. 

Chenay, Paul (1818- ) French School. 

[Marquise de Pompadour] 

c. du L. 6157. 


[Virgin with the infant Jesus, St. Joseph and the child St. 

Line engraving. 

Le B. i. H. i. C. du L. 23. 

Courtry, Charles Jean Louis (1846-1898) French School 
CUYP, ALBERT (1605-1691) 
Paysage. 1898. 

c. du L. 6107. 

Danimaii, Benjamin Auguste Louis (1835- ) French School. 


[Virgin and Child] 
c. du L. 6150. 

Division of Prints 237 

Daubigny, Charles Francois (1817-1878) French School. 
RUYSDAEL, JACOB VAN (1628-1682) 
Le Buisson. 1855. 
H. 4. B6r. 5. C. du L. 848. 

RUYSDAEL, JACOB VAN (1628-1682) 
Le Coup de Soleil. 

Br. 5. C. du L. 849. 

Deblois, Charles Alphonse (1822- ) French School. 
Conversation dans un Pare. 1885. 
Line engraving. 

C. du L. 6040. 

Decisy, E. (contemp.) French School. 

Le Benedicite". 1896. 
Line engraving 

C. du L. 6132. 

Desmoulin, Fernand (1833- ) French School. 
La Pourvoyeuse. 
C. du i,. 6056. 

Desnoyers, Auguste Gaspard Louis Boucher (1779-1857) French 


1547) ^ 

Les Muses et les Pie"rides . . . 1829. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 26. H. 25. Br. 21. Ap. 18. C. du I,. 491. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
Ste. Marguerite . . . 1832. 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 18. H. 16. B6r. 13. Ap. 17. C. du I,. 515. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELivO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
La Vierge au Berceau. 1830. 

Line engraving. , 

I y e B. 6. H. 7. N. 3 : 362. B6r. 12. Ap. 3. C. du I,. 509. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
La Vierge au Linge. 
Line engraving. 
LeB. 10. H. 6. J. 1:421. B6r. 5. Ap. 5. C. du L. 55- 

2 3 8 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

En Munda Pietas 

Ces Saints 

Desnoyers, Auguste Gaspard Louis Boucher (1779-1857) French 


SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
La Vierge dite La Belle Jardiniere . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 4. Br. 3. H. 3. J. 1:421. ^3:362. Ap. 4. C. du L. 504. 

VINCI, LEONARDO DA (1452-1519) 
La Vierge aux Rochers. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 14. H. 2. B6r. 8. J. i =421. N. 3:362. Ap. 6. C. du L. 473- 
Hubbard Coll., p. 77. 

Desplaces, Louis (1682-1739) French School. 
JOUVENET, JEAN (1664-1717) 
[Descent from the Cross] 
dans vn linceiiil . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 13. H. 7. 1.1:425. N. 3:365. C. du L. 983. 

RENI, GUIDO (1575-1642) 
Enlevement d'Helene. 
Line engraving. 
LeB. 41. H. 18. N. 3:365. C. du L. 455- 

Desvachez (Devachez), David Joseph (i822-af. 1867) French School. 
DYCK, ANTHONIE VAN (1599-1641) 

Charles I er . Roi d'Angleterre. 1881. 
P Line engraving. 

H. Suppl. 10. C. du L. 644. 

La Cruche casse. 
Line engraving. 

C. du L. 6003. 

La Visitation. 1867. 
Line engraving. 

H. 2. Br. 5:207. Ap. i. C. du L. 493- 

Deveaux, Jacques Martial (contemp. ) French School. 
Le Cardinal due de Richelieu. 
P Line engraving. 
c. du L. 5948. 

Didier, Adrien (1838- ) French School. 


La Vierge et 1'enfant Jesus, St. Benoit, Ste. Catherine et 
St. Georges. 1888. 
Line engraving. 

B6r. 53. C. du L. 5945- 

Division of Prints 239 

Dien, Claude Francois (1787-1865) and Desvachez (Devachez), 
David Joseph (i822-af. 1867) French School. 

LE SUEUR, EUSTACHE (1617-1655) 

Apparition de Ste. Scholastique a St. Benoit. 1870. 
Line engraving. 

C. du L. 1166. 

Duchange, Gaspard (1662-1757) French School. 
COYPEL, NOEL (1628-1707) 

[Solon explaining his laws to the Athenians] A quoi ser- 
vent les lois sans moeurs . . . 1717. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 29. J. 1:441. N. 3:496. P. & 3.2:36. C. duly. 928. 

JOUVENET, JEAN (1664-1717) 

[Christ driving the sellers from the Temple] Inve"nit Jesus 
in Templo . . . Jesus ayant trouve" . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 5. H. 2. J. 1:441. N. 3:496. P. & B. ii. C. du L. 979. 

JOUVENET, JEAN (1664-1717) 

[Repast at the house of Simon the Pharisee] Videns Phari- 
soeus qui ... Le Pharisien qui avoit invite . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 7. H. 3. J. 1:441. N. 3:496. P. & B. ii. C. du I,. 980. 


L'Apotheose d' Henri IV. et la Regence de la Reine. 1708. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 35. J. 1:442. N. 3:496. P. & 6.2:31. C. duL. 821. 


Le Debarquement de la Reine au port de Marseille . . . 1710. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 33. J. 1:442. N. 3:496. P. & 6.2:31. C. du L. 816. 

La Naissance de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 32. J. 1:442. N. 3:496. P. & 8.2:31. C. duly. 812. 


La Paix confirmee dans le Ciel . . . 1709. 
Line engraving. 

P. & B. 2:31. C. dul,. 830. 


La Ville de Lion va audevant de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

I<e B. 34. J. i :442. N. 3:496. P. & 8.2:31. C. du I,. 817. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Dupuis, Charles (1685-1742) French School. 
COYPEL, NOEL ? (1628-1707) 

Un bon 'prince est d'un facile Accs. L,'Empereur Trajj 
donnant des Audiences publiques . . . 
Line Engraving. 
c. du L. 929. 

(NOTE. Le Blanc, Joubert, Portalis and Beraldi ascribe this print 
to Gaspard Duchange, the teacher of Dupuis. ) 

COYPEL, NOEL (1628-1707) 

Vn bon prince est le salut du peuple. L/Empereur Alexandre 
Severe fait distribuer du bled . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 5. J. 2 : 10. N. 4 : 20. P. & B. 5. C. du L. 931. 

COYPEL, NOEL (1628-1707) 

Cette action est 1'ouvrage de sa bonte . . . Ptolomee Phila- 
delphe . . . donna la liberte" aux Juifs . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 6. H. 5. N. 4 : 20. P. & B. 5. C. du I,. 930. 

Dupuis, Nicolas Gabriel (1696-1771) French School. 

as saving his father Anchises] Quand tu sauves la vie 
a 1'auteur de tes jours . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 15. J.2:ii. N.4:2i. P. & 8.2:96. C.duL. 1298. 

Edelinck, Gerard (1641-1707) French School. 
I/EBRUN, CHARLES (1619-1690) 

[Family of Darius at the feet of Alexander] II est d'vn Roy 
de se vaincre soy mesme . . . Sui victoria indicat Re- 
Line engraving. 

LeB. 39. R-D. 42. H.I3. J. 2:26. C. du L. 1001. Hubbard Coll., 
p. 101. 


Francois de Medicis Grand Due de Toscane . . , 
Line engraving. 
LeB. 262. C.duL.Sog. 


Jeanne d'Autriche Grande Duchesse de Toscane . , 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 143. R-D. 143. C. du L. 810. Hubbard Coll., p. 102. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
La Sainte famille de Jesus Christ. . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB. 10. R-D. 4. H. 2. J. 2:26. N. 4:72. C. du L. 513. Hubbard 
Coll., p. xoi. 

Division of Prints 241 

Edelinck, Gerard (1641-1707), and Edelinck, Jean (1630-1680) 
French School. 


Le Deluge. Les eaux couurirent . . . 1681. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. i. J. 2 : 28. C. du L. 408. 

Fessard, Etienne (1714-1774) French School. 
Feste flamande. 

Line engraving. 

Le B. 51. H. 13. J. 2 140. N. 4:303. C. du L. 845. 

Flameng, Leopold (1831- ) French School. 
EYCK, JAN VAN ( ab. 1390-1440) 
La Vierge d'Autun. 
Line engraving. 
C. du I,. 6086. 

Fran9ois, Alphonse (1814-1888) French School. 

Le Couronnement de la Vierge. 1867. 
Line engraving. 

H. 3. Ber. 16. Ap. 3. C. du I,. 410. Hubbard Coll., p. 122. 

METSU, GABRIEL (1630-1667) 

Un Militaire recevant une jeune dame. 
Line engraving. 

C. du Iy. 5950. 

Francois, Charles Remy Jules (1809-1861) French School. 
Le galant Militaire. 
Line engraving. 

H. 6. Ap. 7. Mullet 1:472. Seu. 1:552. C. du I,. 852. 

Frey, Jan Pieter de (1770-1834) Flemish School. 
Isaac, Jacob et Rebecca. 1798. 
Line engraving. 

X,e B. 2. C. du L. 640. 

Les Pelerins d'Emmaus. 1802. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 6. H. 4. N. 4:489. C. du L. 803. 

Gaillard, Claude Ferdinand (1834-1887) French School. 
La Vierge et 1 'enfant Je"sus. 1873. 
Line engraving. 
Br. 29. Ap. 2. C. du L. 413- 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Gaillard, Claude Ferdinand (1834-1887) French School. 
SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
St. Georges. 1885. 
Line engraving. 

Br. 45. C. du L- 5941- Hubbard Coll., p. 126 

Gamier, Frangois (worked 1815-1870) French School. 
POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Les Aveugles de Jericho. Accedite ad cum et . . 
Line engraving. 

H. 2. B6r. 5 :22i. Ap. 2. C. du L. 1203. 

Girard, Alexis Frangois (1789-1870) French School 


La Mere heureuse. 
Line engraving. 
Br. 58. Ap. 4. C. du L- H75- 


La Mere malheureuse. 
Line engraving. 
B6r. 57. Ap. 5. C. du L- 1176. 

Greux, Gustave Marie (1838- ) French School. 

Le Marais dans les Landes. 1887. 

B^r. 5:231. C. du L. 6043. 

Haussoullier, William (contemp. ) 

La Visitation. 1881. 
Line engraving. 

Br. 8: 65. C. du L. 445- 

LIPPI, FRA FILIPPO (ab. 1400-1469) 
La Vierge de San-Spirito. 
Line engraving. 
c. du L. 6085. 

Hedouin, Edmond (1820- ) French School. 
BOUCHER, FRANCOIS (1703-1770) 
Diane sortant du Bain. 
Line engraving. 

Br. 32. H. 9. Ap. 3. C. du L. 865. 

Halte de Chasse. 1874. 
Line engraving. 
Br. 33. Ap. 2. C. du L. 1300. 

Division of Prints 243 

Henriquel-Dupont, Louis Pierre (1797-1892) French School. 
Les Pe"lerins d'Emmaiis. 1869. 
Line engraving. 
H. 7. C. du L. 489. 

Huet, Rene*-Paul ( 1844- ) French School. 
RUYSDAEL, JACOB VAN (1628-1682) 
La tempete. 
C. du L. 6052. 

Jacquet, Achilla (1846- ) French School. 
MANTEGNA, ANDREA (1431-1506) 
Le Calvaire. 1898-1900. 
Line engraving. 

C. du L. 6065. 

Jacquet, Jules (1841- ) French School. 
DAVID, JACQUES Louis (1748-1825) 
Mme. Re"camier. 1877. 
fl Line engraving. 
Br. 13. Ap. 4. H.' Suppl. 2. C. du I,. 936. Hubbard Coll., p. 172. 

LE SUEUR, EUSTACHE (1616-1655) 
Saint Bruno en Prie"re. 1866. 
Line engraving. 

Br. 2. C. du I,. 1169. 

Jamas, Abel (contemp.) French School. 
JORDAENS, JAKOB (1593-1678) 

Les quatre Evangelistes. 1898. 
Line engraving. 

C. dU Iy. 6126. 

Laguillermie, Frederic Auguste (contemp.) French School '. 
Scene des Massacres de Scio. 
Line engraving. 
c. du L. 5997- 

Lamotte, Alphonse (1844- ) French School. 
Largilliere et sa famille. 
Line engraving. 
c. du L. 6089. 

Lan9on, Auguste Andre* (1836-1885) French School. 

COURBET, GUSTAVE (1819-1878) 

Combat de Cerfs. 1882. 
Br. i. C. du L. 5960. 

244 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Lang-lois, Pierre Gabriel (i754~ab. 1810) French School. 
[La Charite romaine] 
Line engraving. 

C. du !. 412. 

Laugier, Jean Nicolas (1785-1865) French School. 
DAVID, JACQUES Louis (1748-1825) 

[Leonidas at Thermopylae.] Aeoovidas iv . . . De'die' 
aux Hellenes. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 12. H. 7. N. 2. Br. 26. Ap. 16. C. du I,. 935. 

VECELLI, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 
La Vierge au Lapin blanc . . . 1859. 
Line engraving. 
H. 2. B6r. 39. Ap. 2. C. du 1,. 582. 

Lefevre, Achille Desire" (1798-1864) French School. 

ALLEGRI, ANTONIO. Called CORREGGIO ( 1494-1534) 
Le Sommeil d'Antiope. 
Line engraving. 

H. 7. Br. 14. Ap. 7. C. du L. 428. 

Lempereur, Louis Simon (1725-1796) French School. 
DE LA FOSSE, CHARGES (1636-1716) 

L'Knlevement de Proserpine . . . 1778. 
Line engraving. 

I^eB. 3. H.I. J. 2 :2o8. N. 4:117. P. & B. 4. C. du I,. 985. 

Leroy, Alphonse Alexandre (1821- ) French School. 

Le Radeau de la Me"duse. 1883. 
Line engraving. 

C. dU Iy. 6OO2. 


La Vierge, L'Enfant J^sus et St. Jean. 
Line engraving. 

Ap. i. C. du 1^. 458. 

Levasseur, Jean Charles (1731-1816) French School. 
Diane et Endimion. 1771. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 7. Miiller 2 -.518. H. 2. N. 23. P. & B. 2 :689. C. dul,. 1301. 

Levasseur, Jules Gabriel (1823- ) French School. 


TOLOMMEO (1475-1517) 

Sainte Famille. 1898. 
Line engraving. 
C. du L. 6106. 

Division of Prints 245 

Loir, Alexis (1640-1713) French School. 
L' Education de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 22. J. 2 :22i. N. 7. C. du Iy. 813. 

La Reine prend le parti de la paix. 
Line engraving . . . 
I,e B. 23. N. 8. C. du I,. 828. 

Le Terns decouvre la Verite . . . 
Line engraving. 

1,66.19. J. 2:221. N. 6. C. du I,. 831. 

Mare, Johannes de (1806-1889) French School. 

BARBARELiyi, GIORGIO. Called GIORGIONE (1476-1511) 
La Sainte Famille et Saint Sebastien. 1875. 
Line engraving. 

C. du I,. 447. 

SANZIO, RAFFAEiyiyO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
[Apollo and Marsyas] 
Line engraving. 

C. du ly. 6131. 

Mare, Tiburce de ( 1840- ) French School. 

CiyOUET, FRAN?OIS. Called JANET (ab. i5io-ab. 1572) 

Portrait d' Elizabeth d'Autriche [Reine de France] 1895. 
fj Line engraving. 
c. du iy. 6137. 

LANCRET, NICOLAS (1690-1743) 
L'Automne. 1890. 
Line engraving. 

C. du I,. 6011. 

LANCRET, NICOLAS (1690-1743) 
L'Hiver. 1886. 

Line engraving. 

Br. 9 :2i6. C. du. I,. 6012. 

Mariette, Jean (1654-1742) French School. 
LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 

[Christ in the Desert, ministered unto by Angels] Tune reli- 
quit eum ... Le demon aiant tente" I. Christ . . . 
Line engraving. 
I,e B. 13. C. du !. 993. 


[Finding of Moses] Moysen e Nilo extracum . . . 
Line engraving. 

I y e B. i. C. du I,. 1197. 

246 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Martinet, Achille Louis (1806-1877) French School. 

LE SUEUR, EUSTACHE (1617-1655) 

St. Paul prechant a Ephese. 1873. 
Line engraving. 

Ap. 12. B6r. 20. C. du I,. 1168. 

La Nativit^ de la Vierge. 
Line engraving. 

H. 5. Ap. i. Ber. 16. C. du I,. 487. Hubbard Coll., p. 211. 

Massard, Jean Baptiste Raphael Urbain (1775-1849) French School. 
DAVID, JACQUES Louis (1748-1825) 
Les Sabines. 

Line engraving. 

L,e B. 31. H. 8. N. 15. B6r. 10. Ap. 15. C. du L,. 934. 

Massard, Jean Marie Raphael Leopold (1812-1889) French School. 

Bonne, Nonne et Ponne, Chiennes de Louis XIV. 1880. 
Line engraving. 
B6r. 3. C. du Iy. 940. 

Etude de jeune fille. 
Line engraving. 
Br. 3. C. du I,. 6004. 

VECEUJ, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 
Le Couronnement d'Epines. 1867. 
Line engraving. 

H. 3. Br. 3. Ap. 3. C. du L. 579. 

Massard, Jules (1848- ) French School. 
DYCK, ANTHONIE VAN (1599-1641) 
Portrait d'Homme. 

$J Line engraving. 

Br. 245. C. du I,. 645. 

Mme. Mole-Raymond. 1886. 
fl Line engraving. 

Br. 245 C. du Iy. 6017. 

Masse, Jean-Baptiste (1687-1767) French School. 

Marie de Medicis sous la forme de Minerve Deesse des Arts. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 4. H. 2. N. 2. P. & B. 3 157. - C. du L. 808. 

Division of Prints 247 

Masson, Alphonse Charles ( 1814- ) French School. 

[Dante and Virgil] 

Line engraving. % 

C. du L. 5998. 

LENAIN, Louis and ANTOINE (1630-1648) 
Interieur de Forge. 
Line engraving. 

N. 10:107. Br. 5- Ap. 7. C. du I,. 1164. 

Le jeune Mendiant. 1884. 
Line engraving. 

Ap. 6. B6r. 5. C. du L. 5946. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 
Bacchanale. 1869. 
Line engraving. 

H. 7. Br. 5. Ap. 5. C. du I,. 1275. 

PRUD'HON, PIERRE PAUL (1758-1823) 
[Justice pursuing Crime] 
Line engraving. 

C. du L. 6051. 

RIBERA, JOSE. Called Lo SPAGNOLETTO (1588-1656) 
Le Christ mort. 1875. 
Line engraving. 
Ber. 5. C. du L. 573. 

Masson, Antoine (1636-1700) French School. 

VECELLI, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 

Jesus Christ a table auec deux de ses Disciples dans le Chas- 
teau d'Emaus ... 
Line engraving. 

LeB. 3. H. 3. 1.2:263. N. 5. R-D. 5. C. du L. 581. 

Matham, Jacobus (1571-1631) Dutch School. 

CALIARI, PAOI/). Called PAOLO VERONESE (1528-1588) 
[Jupiter hurling thunder-bolts at the Titans] 1593. 
Preparatory etching. 

C. du Iy. 490. 

Meulemeester, Joseph Karel de (1771-1836) French School. 
SOLARIO, ANDREA (ab. i46o-ab. 1530) 

La Vierge d'Andrea Solari. [Called also The Virgin of the 
Green Cushion] 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 2. H.I. N. 2. B^r. 10:55. C. du L. 5?6. 
Miger, Simon Charles (1736-1820) French School. 
Appollon et Marsiaa . . . 1778. 
Line engraving. 
LeB.7. H. 2. N. 2. P. & 8.3: 92. C.duL- 1899. 

LIB 1905 17 

248 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Mig-er, Simon Charles (1736-1820) French School. 
VIEN, JOSEPH MARIE (1716-1809) 
L'Hermite sans souci. 1764. 
Line engraving. 

N. 17. P. & 8.3: 89. I.eB.47. C.dul,. 1306. 

Milius, Felix Augustin (1843- ) French School. 
HOBBEMA, MEINDERT (1638-1709) 

L,e Moulin a eau. 1884. 

Br. 10: 62. C. du I,. 5949. 

Moitte, Pierre Btienne (1722-1780) French School. 
L,E BI,OND, JEAN (i635?-i709) 

Jupiter foudroye les Titans . . . 1780. 
Line engraving. 

IvCB.g. H. it. N. 20. P. & B.I 2. C. du I,. 987. 

Morel, Antoine Alexandre (1765-1829) French School. 
SPADA, IvEONEUX) (1576-1622) 
I/ Enfant prodigue. 
Line engraving. 

IyeB.5. H. 2. N. 4. B6r. 8. Ap. 4. J. 2:296. P. & 6.3: 196. C. du 
!< 577- 

Morse, Auguste Achille (contemp.) 
MAES, NICOI^AAS (1632-1693) 
Le Be'ne'dicite. 1778. 
Line engraving. 
Br. 35. C. du I,. 691. 

Moyreau, Jean (1691-1762) French School. 
FAI.ENS, CAREL, VAN (1683-1733) 
Alte de Chasseurs. 1736. 
Line engraving. 

I y e B. 28. H. 23. J. 2:300. N. 95. P. & B. 3:210. C. du I,. 647. 

FALENS, CAREI, VAN (1683-1733) 
Rendez-vous de Chasse. 1736. 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 29. H. 24. J. 2:300. N. 94. P. & B. 3:210. C. du I y . 646. 

Pesne, Jean (1623-1700) French School. 
POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

^stas. I/Este. Ait Booz ad Ruth . . . Booz dit a Ruth . . . 
Line engraving. 

IyC B. 114. R-D. 27. J. 2:347. N. 27. C. du I,. 1272. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Assumption of the Virgin] A Monsieur Monsieur de 
Mauroy . . . 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 13. H. 4. N. ii. R-D. n. C. du I,. 1210. 

Division of Prints 249 

Pesne, Jean (1623-1700) French School. 
POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Autumnus. L'Automne. Misit Moyses ad consider . . . 
Moyse envoya reconnoitre la terre de Chanaan . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 115. N. 28. 5.2:348. R-D. 28. C. du I,. .1273. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

[Death of Sapphira] Sapphira Super agri Venditi . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 15. N. 19. J. 2:347. R-D. 19. C. du I,. 1205. 

Picart, Bernard (1673-1733) 


La Conclusion de la Paix. La Reine ayant accepte" . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.494. P.& 8.3:303. C.duL.829. 


La Felicite de la Regence. L'heureux Gouvernement . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 496. J. 2: 351. P. & B. 3: 303. C. du L. 825. 


Le Gouvernement de la Reine . . . 1707. 
Line engraving. 

LeB.495. 1.2:351. P. & 8.3: 303. C.duL.822. 

Picart, Etienne. Called Le Remain. (1631-1721) French School. 

Image de 1'homme sensuel, enchante par la Volupte . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.49. N. 19. C duly. 427. 

Jesus Christ espouse Ste. Catherine . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.2i. H.S. N. 17. C. dul,. 423. 


La Vertu Heroique victorieuse des vices accompagnde des 
autres Vertus . . . 
Line engraving. 

I v e B. 48. N. 18. C. du L. 426. 


[Silence of Carracci] Je*sus Christ dormant entre les bras 
de la Vierge . . . 1681. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 5. H. 4. N. 22. C. du L. 4^4- 


Separation de St. Pierre et de St. Paul . . . 1679. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 20. N. 25. Bry. 4 : 113. C. du L- 472. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Picart, Etienne. Called Le Remain. (1631-1721) French School. 
LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 

[Martyrdom of St. Stephen] D. Stephani inter . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 17. N. 31. C. du L. 995. 

LE SUEUR, EUSTACHE ([616-1655) 
[St. Paul at Ephesus] 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 19. H. 7. N. 29. C. du L. 1167. 

PALMA, JACOPO. Called PALMA VECCHIO ( 1480-1528) 
Sainte Famille de Jesus Christ . . . 1682. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 6. N. 24. C. du L. 488. 

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665). 

[The plague of Ashdod] L'Arche du Seigneur est pri 
. . . 1677. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. i. H. i. N. 28. C. du L. 1200. 

Concert de Musique. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 74. H ii. N. 38. C. du L. 443- 

Pontius (Du Pont), Paulus (1603-1658) Flemish School. 
JORDAENS, JAKOB (1593-1678) 

[The King drinking] Diligentes in vino noli provocare 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 135. N. 99. Dutuit. 2 :268. C. du L. 68S. 

Porporati, Carlo Antonio (1740-1816) French School. 
Susanne au Bain. 1773. 
Line engra ving. 

LeB. 3. N. 6. Ap. 4. 1.2:378. P. & 6.3:341. C. duL. 1289. 
Poynot, Gabrielle (contemp.) 

VINCI, LEONARDO DA (1452-1519) 
La Belle Feronniere. 
c. du L. 6058. 

Preissler, Johann Georg (1757-1808) French School. 
VIEN, JOSEPH MARIE (1716-1809) 
Dedale et Icare. 1787. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 3. H. 3. N. 3. ; Ap. 3. J. 2 : 385. P. & B. 3 : 347. C. du L. 1305 

Rajon, Paul Adolphe (1843-1888) French School. 

Rouget de 1'Isle Chantant La Marseillaise. 
Ber. 39. C. du L- 6041. 

Division of Prints 251 

Rapine, Maximilien Honore" Francois (1840- ) French School. 
L/e Calvaire. 1898. 
Line engraving. 
c. du i,. 6113. 

Richomme, Joseph Theodore (1785-1849) French School. 
Daphnis et Ohloe". 1830. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 14. N. 16. Ap. 13. Ber. 22. C. du L- 965. 

Roger, Barthelemy Joseph Fulcran (1767-1841) French School. 
CARRACCI, L,ODOVICO (1555-1619) 
L,a Vierge et 1' Enfant Jesus . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.2. H.2. 7.3:7. N. 9. C. du L. 421. 

Rousseau, Emile Alfred (1831-1874) French School. 


Portrait d'homme. 1867. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 5. Ap. 4. Ber. 10. C. du I,. 444. 

Rousselet, Gilles (1610-1686) French School. 
POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1593-1665) 

Moise tire" des eaux du Nil par la fille de Pharaon . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. i. N. 18. J. 3 :26. C. du L. 1196. 

RENI, GUIDO (1575-1642) 

Combat d'Hercule etd'Achelous . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 53-56. H. 10. 1.3:25- N.7i. C.duL-453- 

RENI, GUIDO (1575-1642) 

Hercule se iettant dans vn bucher aHume" sur le Mont Oeta . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le 6.53-56. 1.3:25- N.73. C.duL-457- 

RENI, GUIDO (1575-1642) 

Hercule tuant 1'hydre . . . 
Line engraving. 

Ive 6.53-56. N.?o. J.3:25. C.duL-454- 

RENI, GUIDO (1575-1642) 

Sainct Francois en meditation . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.4i. J.3:26. N.s8. C.duL-452. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
Sainct Michel Victorieux du Demon . . . 
Line engraving. 

LeB.47. J.3:26. N.55- C.duL-536. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Bousselet, Gilles (1610-1686) French School. 

VECEUJ, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 

[The Entombment] Jesus Christ descendu de la Croix est 
porte . . . 

Line engraving. 

I,e B. 30. H. 7. 5.3:25. N. 49. C. du L,. 580. 

Dauid chantant les loiianges de Dieu .... 
Line engraving. 

I v e B. 4. H. 2. N. 2. 5.3:26. C. du L,. 431. 

Salmon, Louis Adolphe ( 1806- ) French School. 

La Charite". 1863. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. i. H. 2. Ap. 2. Ber. 12:8. C du I,. 575. 

BARBAREI,!,!, GIORGIO. Called Ii, GIORGIONE (1477-1511) 
Concert Champetre. 1877. 
Line engraving. 

I^e B. 2. Ap. 3. B6r. 12:8. H. suppl. 3. C. du L. 448. 

INGRES, JEAN AUGUSTE DOMINIQUE (1780-1867) French School. 
^Bdipe expliquant 1'enigme. 
Line engraving. 

B6r. 12:8. C. du I,. 6008. 

La Source. 

Line engraving. 

B6r. 12:8. C. du I,. 6007. 

Scotin, Gerard (1643-1715) French School. 


Jesus Christ espouse Ste. Catherine . . . 1679. 
Line engraving. 
l,e B. 4. H. 4. N. 4. C. du i^. 409. 

Simonneau, Charles (1639-1728) French School. 

Le voyage de la Reine au Pont de Ce. . . 
Line engraving. 

. 73. N.6i. C. du 1^. 823. 


Thevenin, Jean Charles Bienvenu Gaspard ( 1819-1869) French School. 

, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 
Alphonse d'Avalos, Marquis de Guast. 1867. 
P Line engraving. 

Ive B. 3. Ap. 5. Br. 12:112. C. du 1^. 584. 

Division of Prints 253 

Trouvain, Antoine (1656-1708) French School. 

La Majorite du Roy Louis XIII . . . 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 39. N. 36. C. du L. 826. 

Le Mariage de la Reine . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 38. N. 35. C. du L. 815. 

Vermeulen, Cornelius (1644-1702) Flemish School. 

La Reine s'enfuit de la ville de Blois . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 74. J. 3: 165. C. du L. 827. 

Veyrasset, Jules Jacques (1828-1893) French School. 
La famille du menuisier. 1856. 
Le B. 4. Br. 21. H. I. C. du L. 804. 

Vidal, Marie Louis Pierre (1849- ) French School. 
Gilks. 1897. 
c. du L. 6129. 

Weber, Friedrich (1813-1882) 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
[Portrait of a young man] 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 27. Br. 12:275. C. du L. 551- 

"Willman, Eduard (1820-1877) French School. 

Diane et Blonde. Chiennes de Louis XIV. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 13. Br. 12:299. C. du L. 939- 

Folle et Mitte. Chiennes de Louis XIV. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 12. Br. 12:299. Ap. 2. C. du L. 938. 


Aelst, Pieter van. See Koek, Pieter (van Aelst) 

Aken (Aeken), Hieronymus van. See Bosch., Hieronymus. 

Albert!, Cherubino (1552-1615) Italian School. 

[The Madonna of the Crescent] Mater Divine . . . 

Line engraving. 

B. 39- 

Aldegrever, Heinrich (i502-after 1555) German School. 

[Man leading the dance] No. i of series of 12 prints called 
"The Procession of the Wedding," dated 1638. 
Line engraving. 

B. 160. Le B. 266. N. i : 49. H. 14 (i) Hubbard Coll., p. 4. 

[Two dancers] No. 5. 1538. 
Line engraving. 

B. 164. L,e B. 270. N. i : 49. H. 14 (5) Hubbard Coll., p. 4. 

[Two dancers] No. 8. 1538. 
Line engraving. 
B. 167. I y e B. 273. N. i : 49. H. 14 (8) Hubbard Coll., p. 5. 

[Two dancers] No. n. 1538. 
Line engraving. 

B. 170. Ie B. 276. N. i : 49. H. 14 (n) Hubbard Coll., p. 5. 

[The three trumpeters] No. 12. 1538. 
Line engraving. 

B. 171. I,e B. 277. N. 1:49. H - T 4 ( I2 ) Hubbard Coll., p. 5. 
[William, Duke of Juliers] 1540. Von Gottes Genaden 
Wilhelm . . . 
$J Line engraving. 

B. 181. Le B. 248. N. 1:48. H. 17. Bry. 1:15. H. & R. 6. 

Altdorfer, Albrecht ( 14807-1538 ) German School. 
[Judith holding head of Holofernes] 
Line engraving. 

B.I. I,e B. i. H.I. N. 1:81. Bry. 1:29(1). H. & R. 6. 
[Solomon's idolatry] 
Line engraving. 

B. 4. I<e B. 4. H. 2. N. 1:81. Bry. 1:29 (4). 


Division of Prints 255 

Altdorfer, Albrecht (i48o?-i538) German School. 
[The Holy Family] 
Line engraving. 

B. 5. I Y e B. 5. N. 1:81. Bry. 1:29 (5) 

[Christ driving money lenders from the temple] 
Line engraving. 

B. 6. Le B. 13. N. 1:81. Bry. 1:29 (15) 

[Mary with Jesus and St. Anne] 
Line engraving. 

B. 14. I<e B. 8 Bry. 1:29 (8) 

[St. Christopher] 
Line engraving. 

B. 19. I^e B. 18. Bry. 1:29 (19) 

[Mary seeking Jesus in the temple] 
Line engraving. 

B. 24. H. 7. 


Line engraving. 

6.29. 1,6 B. 33. Bry. 1:29(28) 

[Violin player] 

Line engraving. 

B. 54. I,e B. 47. Bry. 1:29 (62) 

[The Madonna standing on crescent moon] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 50 wd. L,e B. 149. H. 19. Bry. 1:30 (51) 

[The Madonna with the Christ Child, called "The beautiful 
Virgin of Regensburg"] Gauntz schon bistu . . . 

B. 51 wd. I,e B. 150. H. 20. N. 1:81. 6^.1:30(52) H. & R. 9 

[The Holy Family of the fountain.] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 59 wd. H. 24. N. 1:82. 

Amman, Jost (1539-1591) German School. 

[Gaspard de Coligny, II] 1573. Effigies Gasparis de Coligni, 
D. de Castilione Amiraln Franciae . . . 
fl Line engraving. 

Andr. 2. I,e B. 192. H. i. N. 1:92. Bry. 1:34. Bib. Nat. 10154 (14) 

Amsterdam Cabinet, Master of the (worked 1480) Dutch School. 
[Solomon's idolatry] 
Line engraving. 
Pass. II, p. 256 (3) 

[Christ on the cross] 
Line engraving. 
Pass. II, p. 265 (8) 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Amsterdam Cabinet, Master of the (worked 1480) Dutch School. 
[Aristotle and Phyllis] 

Line engraving. 
[St. Barbara] 

Line engraving. 

Pass. II, p. 259 (28) 

[Three kings on horseback confronted by three figures of 

Line engraving. 
[Conversion of St. Paul] 

Line engraving. 

Pass. II, p. 256 (7) 

Audreani, Andrea (1540-1623) Italian School. 

[Young woman holding a skull, meditating] 1591. 
> Chiaroscuro. 

B. 14. I,e B. 45. 

I/IGOZZI, JACOPO (ab. 1543-after 1632) 
[Virtue fighting Love] 1585. 

B. 9. L,e B. 42. N. i :ii6. 

VECEUJ, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 

[The six saints, St. Sebastian, St. Francis, St. Anthony of 
Padua, St. Nicholas of Bari, St. Peter, St. Catherine] 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 53. 

Bakhuizen, Ludolf (1631-1708) Dutch School. 
[Second view of the Y near Amsterdam] 
Line engraving. 

B. 4. I y e B. 7 (4). N. 1:230. H. 4. Dutuit 4. Hubbard Coll., p. 14. 
[Third view of the Y near Amsterdam] 
Line engraving. 

B. 5. L,e B. 7 (5). N. 1:230. H. 5. Dutuit 5 

Baldung, Hans. See Grien (Griin), Hans Baldung. 
Baroccio, Federigo (1528-1612) Italian School. 
[The Annunciation] 
Line engraving. 

B. i. l,e B. i. H. I. N. 1:280. Bry. 1:85. H. & R. 

Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815) English School. 
Euphrosy ne . 1 784. 
Stipple engraving. 

T. 1466. 

[Venus attired by the Graces] 
Stipple engraving. 

T. 1595. I<e B. 95. H. ii. N. 1:299. Bry. 1:91. 

Hubbard Coll., p. 14. 

Division of Prints 257 

Bartolozzi, Francesco (1727-1815) English School. 
LAWRENCE, Sir THOMAS (1769-1830) 
[Elizabeth Farren] 1792. 
$1 Stipple engraving. 
T. 1662. Le B. 519. 

REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 

The Honourable Miss Bingham. 1786. 
fj Stipple engraving. 
T. 1631. Le B. 474. Bib. Nat. 4791 (i). 

REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 

Jane Countess of Harrington, Lord Viscount Petersham and 
the Hon ble Lincoln Stanhope. 1789. 
fl Stipple engraving. 

T. 1649. ^ e B - 53 8 - Bib - Nat - 

REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 

Lady Smyth. Tra Pensier vaghi, e paurosa Speme . . . 

$1 Col. stipple engraving. 

T. 1708. 

ROSLIN, ALEXANDRE (1718-1793) 

(Marie Christine, Queen of Sweden) 1782. 
p Stipple engraving. 
T. 1714. Le B. 611. 

Bause, Johanne Friedrich (1738-1814) German School. 
GRAFF, ANTON (1736-1813) 

[Cristina, Queen of Bohemia] Christiana Regina Bohemia 
Nata Hezeria ... 1782. 
$J Line engraving. 

Le B. 119. 

Beauvarlet, Jacques Firmin (1731-1765) 
Lecture espagnole. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 65. H. 13. Ap. 31. N. 1:352. Bry. 1:103. H. & R. 33. 

Bega, Cornells Pietersz (1620-1664) Dutch School. 
[Woman and her husband] 

B. 30. H. i : 367. Dutuit 30. H. & R. 8. 

[Mother in the inn] 

B. 31. Dutuit 31. 

[The tavern] 

B. 35. N. 1:367. Dutuit 35. H. & R. 9. 

258 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Beham, Barthel (1502-1540) German School. 

[The Madonna with the sleeping Christ] 
Line engraving. 

B. 5. N. 1:372. I^e B. 6. 

[The Madonna at the window] 
Line engraving. 

B. 8. H. 5. I<e B. 8. 

[St. Christopher] 1520. 
Line engraving. 

B. 10. N. 1:372. H. 6. I,e B. 10. 

[Love seated on globe flying through air] 1520. 
Line engraving. 

B. 32. I,e B. 31. 

Beham, Hans Sebald ( 1500-1550) > German School. 

[Four prints from " Parable of the prodigal son."] 
Line engraving. 

B. 31-34. H. & R. 46-49. N. 1:374. H. 7 (1-4) I^e B. 27-30. Pauli 
33-36. J. 1:241-242. 

[The labors of Hercules. (12 prints)] 
Line engraving. 

8.96-107. H. 17 (1-12) Pauli 98-109. L,e B. 90-101. N. 1:375. H. & 
R. 57-68. Bry. 1:109. I,, iio-m, 130, 141-146, 162-163, 198. 

Luna. Luna Kind man . . . 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 183. Pauli 122. B. 120. 

Mercurius. Mercurius kind sind . . . 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 185. Pauli 121. B. 119. 

[Title page of German Bible, Frankfort, 1533] 
Wood engraving. 
Pauli p. 483. 

[Title page of New Testament of German Bible, Frankfort, 


Wood engraving. 

[Title page of the Prophets from German Bible, Frankfort, 


Wood engraving. 

[Herod's feast] 

Wood engraving. 

Pass. 174. Pauli 832. Weigel Kunstcatalog 22333. 

Sonn. Die Sonn iiber aller Planeten schein . . . 1531. 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 181. Pauli 907. 

Division of Prints 259 

Beham, Hans Sebald (1500-1550) German School. 

Mars. Mars kinder machen manchen hass . . . 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 184. Pauli 906. 

[Sheet of sixteen playing cards] 
Wood engraving. 

Bella, Stefano della (1610-1664) Italian School. 
[Two scenes from life of a satyr] 

Belatto, Bernardo. Called Canaletto (1724-1780) 

[New Market in Dresden, right half plate enlarged] 

H. 2 (1-15) J. 1:246. Bry. 115. 

[New Market in Dresden] 

H. 2 (1-15) J. 1:246. Bry. 1:115. 

Berchem. (Berghem), Claas (Nicolaas) Pietersz (1620-1683) Dutch 

[Three cows resting] 

B. 3. B. Suppl. p. 294. Le B. ii. H. 3. Dutuit ;v 


B. 4. B. Suppl. p. 295. I,e B. 10. H. 4. N. 1:432. Seu. 1:107. Bry. 
1:121. Dutuit 4. Hubbard Coll., p. 30. 

[Herdsman playing on the flageolet) 

B. 6. B. Suppl. p. 296. L,e B. 9. H. 6. N. 1:432. Seu. 1:107. Dutuit 6. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 30. 

[Head of a goat] 

B. 17. IyC B. 4. Dutuit 17. 

Bervic, Charles Clement (or Jean Guillaume) (1756-1822) French 


Line engraving. 

I^e B. 5. Ap. 8. H. 5. H. & R. 7. 

Binck (Bink), Jakob (1490/1504-1569) German School. 

[Christian II of Denmark] Christiernvs. Z. Danorvm. Rex . . . 


fl Line engraving. 

Pass. 137. N. 1:505. 3.91. H. 18. IyCB.95. Bry. 1:136. H.&R-5. 

260 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Blooteling-, Abraham (1640-1690) Dutch School. 
L,EI,Y, >SVr PETER (1618-1680) 

. . . Cornells Tromp . . . L,t. Admirael Van Holland! en 
West-Vrieslandt . . . 1676.' 
$J Line engraving. 

I,e B. 191. H. 6. N. 1:544. Bry. 1:149. Dutuit i : p. 55. H. & R. 
24. Wes. (Bl.)45- 

VAN DER HEivST, BARTHOI.OMEUS (1611/1612-1670) 

Egbert Meesz Kortenaer L. Admirael Van Hollandt . . . Dus 
trest de konst o Maes . . . 
|J Line engraving. 

I,e B. 143. H. 3. N. 1:543. Dutuit i : p. 52. H. & R. 18. Bib. Nat. 
24650(1) Wes. (Bl.) 21. 

Bocholt, Franz von. See F. V. B. 

Boissieu, Jean-Jacques de (1736-1810) French School. 
[Wine-cellar] 1790. 
Line engraving. 

lye B. 28. N. 2:10. 

Bol, Ferdinand (1616-1680) Dutch School. 
[Old philosopher] 1642. 

B. 6 N.2:i3. I^e B. 7. Bry. 1:157. Dutuit 6. H. & R. 2. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 36. 

(Young cavalier) 1645. 
B. ii. H. 5. N. 2:13. Le B. 13. Dutuit 12. Hubbard Coll., p. 36. 

(Five landscapes) 

i,e B. 5-17. N. 2:14. Bry. 1:157. H. Suppl. 5. 

Boldrini, Niccolo (early i6th. cent.-af. 1566) Italian School. 
(St. Francis receiving the Stigmata) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 59. H. 4. 

VECEUvi, TIZIANO. Called TITIAN (1477-1576) 
(Venus and Cupid) 1566. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 29. I^e B. 15. H. & R. 2. H. 6. Bry. 1:58. 

Bolswert, Scheltus a (1586-1659) Flemish School. 
JORDAENS, JACOB (1593-1678) 

(Pan playing the flute) Pan sedet et viridi . . . 
Line engraving. 

Le 6.189. H. 17. N. 2:24. BOM: 159. H. & R. 4. Hubbard Coll. 
p. 38. 


(The Holy Family of the arbor) Delicise meae esse . . . 
Line engraving. 

H. & R. 48. 

Division of Prints 261 

Bolswert, Scheltus a (1586-1659) Flemish School. 
(Landscape: rainbow) 
Line engraving. 

Dutuit 6:252 (10) Hubbard Coll., p. 38. 

(Marriage of Mary) 
Line engraving. 

I^e B. 5. N. 2:24. J. 1:179. Bry. 1:260. H. & R. 19. 

Bonnet, Louis Marin (i745~af. 1769) French School. 
BOUCHER, FRANCOIS (1703-1770) 
(Venus and Cupid on a dolphin) 
Chalk engraving. 

I,e B. IOQ. 

Bosch, Hieronymus. Called van Aeken (1460/64-1516) Dutch 

(St. John the Evangelist on the Island of Patmos) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. i. H. 3. 

Bosse, Abraham (1602-1676) French School. 

[Studio of a painter] Que le Graueur jngenieux . . . 
Line engraving. 

Dup. 1385. Val. p. 108. Ive B. 743. H. 11 (i). J. 1:289. N. 2:72. 
H. & R. 25 (i). Bry. i: 174. Hubbard Coll., p. 41. 

[Studio of a sculptor] Voicy la representation d'un Sculp- 
teur dans son Attelier. 1642. Les choses dont il forme . . . 
Line engraving. 

Dup. 1386. Val. p. 108. I^e 8.742. H. 11 (i). J. i : 289. N. 2 : 72. 
H. & R. 25 (2). Bry. i : 174. Hubbard Coll., p. 41. 

[Studio of an engraver] Graueurs en taille douce au Burin 
et a Leaue forte. 1643. Celuy au burin . . . 
Line engraving 

Dup. 1387. Val. p. 108. L,e B. 744. H. n (3). N. 2:72. H. & R. 
25(3). Bry. 1:174. Hubbard Coll., p. 41. 

[Printing office of an engraver] Cette figure vous montre 
Comme on Imprime les planches de taille douce. 1642. 
Lancre en est faite d'huille . . . 
Line engraving 

Dup. 1388. Val. p. 108. L,e 6.745. H. 11 (4). J. 1:289. N. 2:72. 
H. & R. 25 (4). Bry. i: 174. Hubbard Coll., p. 41. 

Both, Jan (1610-1652) Dutch School. 
[Landscape: oxcart] 
B. 2. H. i (2) Dutuit 2. 

[The ferry. View of the Tiber] 
B. 7. H. 2 (3) Dutuit 7. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Both, Jan (1610-1652) Dutch School. 

[Two cows on bank of stream. View near Tivoli] 

B. 8. Le B. 13. H. 2 (4) Dutuit 8. 

[Seeing] t'Gesicht. Ian stodder met syn mars . . . 

B. ii. I^e B. i. Bry. i : 176. Dutuit n. 

[Hearing] t'Gehoor. Hier hebie weer wat nieus van wonder- 
lycke dinghe . . . No. 2. 

B. 12. I,e B. 2. Bry. i : 176. Dutuit 12. 

Boucher, Francois (1703-1770) French School. 
[Cupid with open bird cage] 

R-D. Suppl. 2. 

[Two boys sleeping] 

R-D. Suppl. 3. 

Boucher-Desnoyers, A. G. L. See Desnoyers, A. G. L. Boucher- 
Bray, Dirk de ( - after 1677) Dutch School. 
[St. Jerome] 

Wood engraving. 

BRAY, JAKOB DE (1633-1688) 

Solomon de Bray, Schilder en bou-meester, tot Haerlem. 
$1 Wood engraving. 

N. 2 : 117. H. 3. 

Burgkmair, Hans (1473-1531) German School. 
[Solomon's idolatry] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 4. I,e B. 6. 

[Bathsheba in the bath] 
Wood engraving. ' 

B. 5. Le B. 7. 

[Samson and Delilah] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 6. I,e B. 4. 

[Madonna of the throne] O mater dei . . . 
Wood engraving. 
B. 12. i,e B. 13. 

[St. George] Divvs Georgivs Christianorvm Militvm Pic 
pvgnator. MDVIII. 

B.23. H.4. 1,66.24. N. 2:244. Bry. 1:216. H. & R. 4. 

Division of Prints 263 

Burg-kmair, Hans (1473-1531) German School. 

[The Emperor Maximilian] Imp. Caes. Maximil. Avg. 1518. 

3.32. I,e 8.641. N. 2:243. H. ii. Bry. 1:216. H.&R. I. 

[Pope Julius II] Ivlivs Ligvr Papa Secvndvs. MCCCCCXI. 
|J Chiaroscuro. 

Pass.33. 1,66.640. N. 2:243. H. 12. 

Joannes Pavngartner. G. AVGV . . . [Johannes Paun- 
gartner] ANN. SAL. MDXII. 
ff Chiaroscuro. 

B. 34. 1,68.642. H. 13. N. 2:244. 

[Death and the warrior] 

B.40. H.8. N. 2:244. Miiller I, p. 201. 

[Four illustrations from " Der Weisskunig," Maximilian I.] 
Wood engraving. 

1^66.265, etc. Bry.i:2i6. B.8o. Pass. III:268(8o) Didot (Essai) pp. 
33-34; Woodberry, p. 106; Chatto, pp. 286-288; Hubbard Coll., p. 48. 

Burke, Thomas (1749-1815) English School. 

Lady Rush out and Daughter. 1784. 
jjl Stipple engraving. 

I,e B. 43. N. 2 : 246. H. & R. 18. 

Businck, Louis (i59o-after 1630) French School. 

Wood engraving. 

Buyteweck (Buytenwech),Willem (isgo-after 1640) Dutch School. 
[Bathsheba in the bath] 1618. 

I,eB. i. H. i. 

[The lovers] 
Callot, Jacques (1592-1635) French School. 

[Temptation of St. Anthony] 1635. Informes laruse, caecis 


Meaume 139. I,e B. 28. H. 6. N. 2:298. Bry. 1:234. H. & R. 19. 

[Tower of Pont-Neuf in Paris] 
Meaume 714. I y e B. 1365. H. 24 (2) N. 2 1299. 

Campag-nola, Domenico (ab. 1484- Worked first half i6th cent.) 
Italian School. 

[St. Jerome in the desert] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 2. H. 10. 

UB 1905 18 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Campagnola, Giulio (1482-1513) Italian School. 
[Christ and the woman of Samaria] 
Line engraving. 

B.2. N. 2:311. H. 2. LeB.2. 


Line engraving. 

B.S. N. 2 1312. H.4. LeB.5. Bry. 1:238. H.&R.2. 

[The Holy Family] 
Line engraving. 


Canale, Gioanantonio. Called Canaletto ( 1697-1768) Italian Schoo, 
[Bridge of Paglia in Venice] 

[Doge's palace in Venice] 

[View of Murano] 

Canaletto See Canale, Gioanantonio. 
Canaletto See Belotto, Bernardo. 

Cantarini,' Simone. Called II Pesarese (1612-1648) Italian School '. 

(Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto rendering homage to the Coat- 

of-arms of Cardinal Borghese) 


8.29. Le B. 37. H. 6. Bry. 1:245. H. & R. 20. 

Carpi, Ugo da (ab. 1455-1523) Italian School. 

(Hercules driving Envy from Temple of the Muses) 

B. 12. I,e B. 20. J. 1:340. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL ( [483-1520) 
(David and Goliath) 

B. 8. H. & R. 2. J. 1:338. H.I. Le B. 2. N. 2:376. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
(Miraculous draught of fishes) 

B. 13. Bry. 1:255. H. 3. 

Carracci, Agostino (1557-1602) Italian School. 

(St. Jerome in the desert) D. Hieronymo. Pupura, fastus, 
opes procul hinc, . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 75. Le B. 68. H. n. N. 2 :396. H. & R. 28. 

Division of Prints 265 

Carracci, Agostino (1557-1602) Italian School. 

[Titian] Titiani Vecellii Pictoris . . . 1587. 
fj Line engraving. 

B. 154. I y e B. 244. H. 20. N. 2:393. H. & R. 13. Dry. 1:257. Hub- 
bard Coll., p. 58. 

Carracci, Annibale ( 1560-1609) Italian School. 
[The Holy Family] 1590. 

B. ii. N. 2:388. l/e B. 8. 

[Susanna in the bath] 

B. i. N. 2 :388. I y e B. i. H. i. H. & R. 20. 

Carracci, Lodovico (1555-1619) Italian School. 
[The Madonna with the angels] 

B. 2. I,e B. 3. H. 2. N. 2:383. Bry. 1:259. 

Castig-lione, Giovanni Benedetto (1616-1670) Italian School. 
[Birth of Christ] 

B. 7. N. 2 :428. I^e B. 8. Bry. 1:269. H. & R. 34. 

Cathelin, L,ouis Jacques (1739-1804) French School. 
TOCQUE, Louis (1696-1772) 
Pierre Jeliote. 

|I L in e engra ving . 

I<eB.i7. H.8. Didot (For.) 222. H.&R.;. Bib. Nat. 23357 (i) 

Cheesman, Thomas (ab. i76o-af. 1820) English School. 
Comedy. 1792. 

Col. stipple engraving. 

Chodowiecki, Daniel Nicolaus (1726-1801) German School. 
Cabinet D'un Peintre. 1771. 
Engelmann 75. I,e B. 18. H. 6. H. & R. 217. 

[Twelve illustrations to L/essing's "Minna von Barnhelm"] 
Engelmann 52. H. 5 (1-12) N. 2 :52i. H. & R. 43-54. 

Premiere promenade de Berlin. 
La place des Tentes au Pare. 


Engelmann 83. H. 8. H. & R. 218. 

Cochin, Charles Nicolas, I (1688-1754) French School. 

[The grove of Bacchus] Le Bosquet de Bacchus. 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 314. H. 6. H. & R. 26. 

266 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Cornelisz, Jakob (worked 1500-1530) Dutch School. 

[Christ on the cross, Mary and St. John] 1513. Quintus . 
Joan n is . vir. Pr. Uue . . . 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 707. 

[St. Hubert] 1510. Ad sctm Hubertum Oratio . . . 
Wood engraving. 

L,e B. 73. Pass. 109. H. 4. Bry. 1:331. 

Cranach,, Lucas, I (1472-1553) German School. 
[Adam and Eve in Paradise] 1509. 
Wood engraving. 

B. iwd. I^B.8. H.8. N. 3 1184. Bry. 1:349. Hubbard Coll., p. 69. 

[The Annunciation] Zu disen nach folgenden . . . 
Wood engraving. 
B. 2 \vd. Le B. 31. H. & R. 21. 

[Christ and the woman of Samaria] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 22 wd. I^e B. 52. Bry. 1:349. 

[The Elector Ernest of Saxony worshipping the Virgin and 

Wood engraving. 

B.7 7 wd. N. 3:185. 

[John the Baptist preaching in the wilderness] 1516. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 60 wd. N. 3:185. Le B. 17. H. & R. 8. 

[Penance of St. Jerome] 1509. 
Wood engraving 

B. 63 wd. t,e B. 20. H. 16. N. 3 : 185. Bry. 1:349. 

[Penance of St. John Chrysostom] 1509. 
Line engraving. 

B.I. Le B. i. H.I. Pass. iv:s(i) N. 3:183. Bry. 1:349. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 70. 

[Repose in Egypt] 1509. 

B.swd. I.,eB.32. H. 10. 

[Repose in Egypt, or The Holy Family surrounded by angels] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 4wd. 1^6 B. 33. H. ii. Bry. 1:349. 

[St. Bartholomew] 
Wood engraving. 

B. 29 wd. 

[St. Christopher] 1506. 

B. 58 wd. I<e B. 12. H. 15. N. 3 : 184. Bry. 1:349. H. & R. 9. 

Division of Prints 267 

Cranach., Lucas, I (1472-1553) German School. 
[St. George and the dragon] 

B. 65 wd. L,e B. 15. N. 3 : 184. H. & R. 10. 

[St. George being armed by two angels] 1506. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 67 wd. Le B. 16. N. 3 : 185. 

[Tournament of the year 1506] 
Wood engraving. 
B. 124 wd. I,e B. 138. H. 21. N. 3 : 186. Hubbard Coll., p. 70. 

Culmbacli, Hans von. See Kulmbach, Hans von. 
Curtis (worked last half of i8th. Cent.) English School. 


Marie Antoin tte d'Autriche, Reine de France, nee a Vienne 
P Stipple engraving. 

Dambrun, Jean (iy4i-af. 1808) French School. 
MOREAU, JEAN MICHEL (1741-1814) 

[The whist party] L,a Partie de Wisch. 1783. 
Line engraving. 

P. & B., p. 619. Bry. 2:6. 

Daulle, Jean (1709-1763) French School. 
BOUCHER, FRANCOIS (1703-1770) 
L,a Muse Erato. 1756. 
Line engraving. 

P. &B. 13 (2) 

Delaunay, Nicolas (1739-1792) French School. 

Qu'en dit I/ Abbe?. 
Line engraving. 

MOREAU, JEAN MICHEL (1741-1814) 

[Illustrations to J. J. Rousseau's " Nouvelle He"loise " and 
"Emile"] 1776, 1777, 1779. 
Line engraving. 

N. 3:323- 

DelfF, Willem Jacobsz (1580-1638) Dutch School. 
MiEREVEi/T, MiCHiEX JANSZ (1567-1641) 

[Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary] Constantia Et Alacritate. 
Elisabethye Dei gratia Bohemise . . . 1623. 
$1 Line engraving. 

I^e B. 12. Fr. (D) 10. Bib. Nat. 14419 (13) 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Delff, Willem Jacobsz (1580-1638) Dutch School. 
MlEREVELT, MiCHiEL JANSZ (1567-1641) 

(Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden) Cum Deo et Victri- 
cibus Armis. Sereniss. nms Potentiss.i e Princeps, ac Donii- 
nus Gustavus Adolphus . . . 1633. 
fl Line engraving. 

Le B. 50. Fr. (0)87. H. i. N. 3.326. Bib. Nat. 19923 (64) Hub- 
bard Coll., p. 75. 


(Axel. Oxenstierna) Dum Clavum Rectum Teneam. 111." 10 
atqe. Bxcell. 1110 Domino Duo Axelio Oxenstirn . . . 1636. 
$J Line engraving. 

Le B. 43. Fr. (D) 66. H. 12. 

Desnoyers, Auguste Gaspard Louis Boucher (1779-1857) French 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
L,a Vierge au Berceau. 1830. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 6. H. 7. Ap. 3. N. 3 : 362. 

Desplaces, Louis (1682-1739) French School. 
L,e Prin terns. 

Line engraving. 

Deutsch, Nicolaus. See Manuel, Nicolaus. 

Dickinson, William (1746-1823) English School. 

Her Grace The Dutchess of Devonshire and Vicountess Dun- 
cannon. 1782. 
fl Stipple engraving. 

Bib. Nat. 12646 (3) 

REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 
Jane Dutchess of Gordon. 1775. 
$ Mezzotint. 

Le B. 20. vS. 28. Bib. Nat. 18764 (2) 

Dixon, John (1740-1780) English School. 


(Portrait of Herman Doomer, known as "The Gilder") 
ip Mezzotint. 

Bode 275. 

Drevet, Pierre Imbert (1697-1739) French School. 

Adrienne L,e Couvreur. Morte a Paris le 20 Mars 1730 age 
de trente sept ans. C'est peu de voir icy . . . 
$ Line engraving. 

Didot (Les Drevet) 24. Didot (For.) 502. Le B. 31. H. 23. H. & 
R. 5. P. & B. 70. Bry. 2 189. Hubbard Coll., p. 84. 

Division of Prints 269 

Drevet, Pierre Imbert (1697-1739) French School. 


Jacobus Benignus Bossuet Episcopus. Meldensis Comes Con- 
sistorianus . . . 1723. 
$J Line engraving. 

Didot (I,es Drevet) 12. Didot (For.) 489. Le B. 19. H.g. P.&B. 
6r. N. 3:477. Bry. 2:89. H. & R. 15. Bib. Nat. 5768 (35) Hubbard 
Coll., p. 84. 



Robert de Cotte. Chevalier de 1'Ordre de St. Michel . . . 
$J Line engraving. 

Didot (Les Drevet) 34. Didot (For.) 418. N. 3:478. Le 8.23. 
H. ii. Bib. Nat. 10879 (2) P. & B. 15. Bry. 2.89. H. & R. n. 


[Louis de la Vergne de Tressan, Archbishop of Rouen, wor- 
shipping the Madonna] 
|J Line engraving. 

Didot (Les Drevet) 31. Didot ( Por. ) 509. N. 3:480. Le B. 44. H. 21. 
P. &B. 81. 

D. S. (worked 1500) German School. 
[Christ on the cross] 
Wood engraving. 

(The Madonna with Jesus and St. Ann) As ist das war . . . 
Wood engraving. 
Pass, iv, p. 338 (i) 

(The conspiracy upon the Riitli) From Peter Etterlyn's 
"Chronica von der loblichen Eydtgnoschaf t " , Basel, 1507) 
Wie die dryg landtman . . . 
Wood engraving. 

(William Tell shooting the apple from the head of his son. 
From Peter Etterlyn's " Chronica von der loblichen Eydt- 
gnoschaft", Basel, 1507) Von Wilhelm Tellen from- 
men . . . 

Wood engraving. 

(The Virgin holding the Christ child surrouiided by rays of 

Wood engraving. 

Pass, iv, p. 311 (2) Nag. Mon. no. 1355. 

(Christ the Man of Sorrows) 
Wood engraving. 
Pass, iv, p. 311 (i) Nag. Mon. no. 1368. 


Deport of the Librarian of Congress 

Duclos, Antoine Jean (1742-1795) French School. 
MOREAU, JEAN MICHEL (1741-1814) 

(La Confiance des belles ames) 1777. 
Line engraving. 

P. & B. 40 (3) 

Le Bal Pare. 

Line engraving. 

X. 3:498. H.I. P. &B. 7. H. & R. 2(1). 

lye Concert. 

Line engraving. 

N. 3 1498. H. 2. P. & B. 6. H. & R. 2 (2) 

Diirer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 
(Adam and Eve) 1504. 
Line engraving. 

B.I. H. (Durer) 116. R. 55. M. (Durer) 38. K.34 H. i. L,e B. i. 
N. 3 -.526. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 7. Hubbard Coll., p. 85. 

(The Man of Sorrows) 1509. 
Line engraving. 

B. 3. H. (Durer) 139. R.92. M. (Durer) 50. K. 46. H. 3(1) I,e B. 

21. N. 3:527 ser.ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 16. Hubbard Coll., p. 85. 

(Christ praying on the Mount of Olives) 1508. 
Line engraving. 

B. 4. H. (Durer) 155. R. 93. M. (Durer) 51. K.47. H. 3 (2) I,e B. 

22. N. 3:527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 17. Hubbard Coll., 
p. 85. 

(Christ seized by the Jews) 1508. 
Line engraving. 

B. 5. H. (Durer) 173. R. 94. M. (Durer) 52. K. 48 
I^e B. 23. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 18. 
Coll., p. 86. 

(Christ before Caiaphas) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 6. H. (Durer) 189. R. 95. M. (Durer) 53. K. 49. 
IvC B. 24. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 19. 
Coll., p. 86. 

(Christ before Pilate) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 7. H. (Durer) 208. R. 96. M. (Durer) 54. K. 50. H. 3 (5) 
I,e B. 25. N. 3 1527 ser. ref.- Bry. 2 : 105-6 H. & R. 20. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 86. 

(The scourging) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 8. H. (Durer) 229. R. 97. M. (Durer) 55. K. 51 H. 3 (6) 
lye B. 26. N. 3 1527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 21. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 86. 

H. 3 (3) 

H. 3 (4) 

Dirision of Prints 


Diirer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 
(The crowning with thorns) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 9. H. (Diirer) 245. R. 98. M. (Diirer) 56. K. 52. H. 3 (7) I,e 
B. 27. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 22. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 86. 

(Ecce Homo) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 10. H. (Diirer) 265. R. 99. M. (Diirer) 57. K.53. H. 3 (8) I<e 
B. 28. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 23. . Hubbard 
Coll., p. 86. 

(Pilate washing his hands) 1512. 
Line engraving. 
B. ii. H. (Diirer) 282. R. 100. M. (Diirer) 58. K. 54. H. 3 (9) 

L,e B. 29. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 24. Hubbard 

Coll., p. 86. 

(Christ bearing the cross) 1512. 
Line engraving. 
B. 12. H. (Diirer) 302. R. 101. M. (Diirer) 59. K. 55. H. 3 (10) 

Le B. 30. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 25. Hubbard 

Coll., p. 86. 

(Christ on the cross) 1511 
Line engraving. 

B. 13. H. (Diirer) 320. R. 102. M. (Diirer) 60. K. 56. H. 3 (n) 
Le B. 31. N. 3 1527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. Hubbard Coll., p. 86. 

(Descent from the cross) 1507. 
Line engraving. 
B. 14. H. (Diirer) 358. R. 103. M. (Diirer) 61. K. 57. H. 3 (12) 

lye B. 32. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 27. Hubbard 

Coll., p. 86. 

(The entombment) 1512. 
Line engraving. 
B. 15. H. (Diirer) 377. R. 104. M. (Diirer) 62. K. 58. H. 3 (13) 

I y e B. 33. N. 3 1527 ser. ref. Bry. 2:105-6. H. & R. 28. Hubbard 

Coll., p. 87. 

(Descent into purgatory) 1512. 
Line engraving. 
B. 1 6. H. (Diirer) 339. R. 105. M. (Diirer) 63. K. 59. H. 3 (14) 

I,e B. 34. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 29. Hubbard 

Coll., p. 87. 

(The resurrection) 1512. 
Line engraving. 

B. 17. H. (Diirer) 394. R. 106. M. (Diirer) 64. K. 60. H. 3 (15) 
I^e B. 35. N. 3 : 527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 30. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 87. 

. (St. Peter and St. John healing the lame at the gate of the 
temple) 1513. 
Line engraving. 

B. 18 H. (Diirer) 412. R. 107. M. (Diirer) 65. K. 61. H. 3 (16) 
L,e B. 36. N. 3 1527 ser. ref. Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 31. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 87. 

272 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Diirer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 
(Christ praying in the garden) 1515. 

B. 19. H. (Diirer) 425. R. 212. M. (Diirer) 81. K. 82. H. 4. I,e 
B. 37. N. 3 1528. H. & R. 33. Hubbard Coll., p. 87. 

(The Sudarium displayed by angel) 1516. 
Line engraving. 

B. 2.6. H. (Diirer) 466. H. & R. 34. R. 223. K. 83. M. (Diirer) 
82. I^e B. 44. 

(The prodigal son) 
Line engraving. 

B. 28. H. (Diirer) 477. R. 5. M. (Diirer) 6. K. 5. H. 10. I^e B. 
20. N. 3 :529- Bry. 2 : 105-6. H. & R. 37. 

(The Madonna standing on the crescent moon) 
Line engraving. 

B. 30. H. (Diirer) 489. R. 9. M. (Diirer) 18. K. 8. 1,6 B. 4. 
N. 3 :53o. Hubbard Coll., p. 88. 

(The Madonna crowned, standing on the crescent moon) 1508. 
Line engraving. 

B. 31. H. (Diirer) 517. R. 118. M. (Diirer) 47. K. 44. H. 12. 
I,e B. 9. N. 3 : 530. 

(The Virgin nursing the infant Jesus) 1503. 
Line engraving. 

B. 34. H. (Diirer) 564. R. 52. M. (Diirer) 36. K. 29. H. 13. 
I<e B. 8. N. 3 :53o. Hubbard Coll., p. 88. 

(The Virgin crowned by two angels) 1518. 
Line engraving. 

B. 39. H. (Diirer) 547. R. 226. M. (Diirer) 87. K. 87. L,e B. 16. 
N. 3:530. 

(The Virgin seated at the foot of a wall) 1514. 
Line engraving. 

B. 40. H. (Diirer) 610. R. 205. M. (Diirer) 71. K. 75. H. 15: I,e 
B. 14. N. 3:530. H. & R. 14. Hubbard Coll., p. 88. 

(The Madonna with the monkey) 
Line engraving. 

B. 42. H. (Diirer) 628. R. 88. M. (Diirer) 23. K. 13. H. 17. L,e 
B. 5- N. 3:531. H. &R. 12. 

(The Holy Family) 

3. 43. H. (Diirer) 648. R. 222. M. (Diirer) 66. K. 66. l^e B. 6. 

N. 3:53L 

(St. Eustace, called also "St. Hubert") 
Line engraving. 

B. 57. H. (Diirer) 727. R. 127. M. (Diirer) 29. K. 32. H. 19. ~L,e 
B. 49. N. 3:532. Bry. 2:106. H. & R. 38. Hubbard Coll., p. 89. 

(St. Jerome) 1512. 

B. 59. H. (Diirer) 770. R. 196. M. (Diirer) 65. K. 65. H. 21. I,e 
B. 52. N. s:.532. 

Division of Prints 273 

Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 
(St. Jerome in his cell) 1514. 
Line engraving. 

B. 60. H. (Durer) 756. R. 208. M. (Durer) 73. K. 71. H. 22. I,e 
B. 53. N. 3:532. Bry. 2: 106. H. & R. 40. Hubbard Coll., p 89. 

(Rape of Amymone, called also " The Sea- Wonder") 
Line engraving. 

H. 71. H. (Diirer) 801. R. 125. M. (Durer) 20. K. 16. H. 27. J^e 
B. 69. N. 3:533. Hubbard Coll., p. 90. 

(Jealousy, or the " Great Satyr," usually called "Hercules") 
Line engraving. 

B. 73. H. (Diirer) 815. R. 126. M. (Diirer) 16. K. 17. H. 28. I,e 
B. 78. N. 3:533. H. & R. 46. Hubbard Coll., p. 90. 


Line engraving. 

B. 74. H. (Diirer) 846. R. 209. M. (Diirer) 74. K. 70. H. 29. I,e 
B. 79. N. 3:533. Bry. 2:106. H. & R. 44. Hubbard Coll., p. 91. 

(Three peasants) 
Line engraving. 

B. 86. H. (Diirer) 948. R. 15. M. (Diirer) 15. K. 24. I,e B. 98. 

N. 3:534. 

(Standard bearer) 
Line engraving. 

B. 87. H. (Diirer) 977. R. 43. M. (Diirer) 30. K. 26. I^e B. 92. 

N. 3:534. 

( Dancing peasants) 1514 
Line engraving. 

B. 90. H. (Diirer) 912. R. 210. M. (Diirer) 77. K. 73. t,e B. 103. 
N. 3:534. Hubbard Coll., p. 92. 

(Bagpiper) 1514 
Line engraving. 

B. 91. H. (Diirer) 895. R. 211. M. (Diirer) 77. K. 72. I^e B. 104. 
N. 3:534. Hubbard Coll., p. 92. 

(Knight, Death and the Devil) 1513. 
Line engraving. 

B. 98. H. (Diirer) 1013. R. 203. M. (Diirer) 69. K. 69. H. 31. 
I^e B. 77. N. 3:534. Bry. 2:106. 'H. &R.48. Hubbard Coll., p. 92. 

(The cannon) 

6.99. H. (Diirer) 1017. R. 228. M. (Diirer) 85. K. 89. X,e B. 93. 
N. 3:535. H. & R. 54. Hubbard Coll., p. 93. 

(Frederick III of Saxony) Christo Sacrvm . . . D. FIDR. 
DVCI. SAXON . . . 1524. 
1$ Line engraving. 

B. 104. H. (Diirer) 1039. R. 255. M. (Diirer) 99. K. 99. H. 35. 
I^eB. 90. N. 3:535. H. &R. 2. 

274 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Diirer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 

(Philip Melanchthon) Viventis. Potvit . . . Philippi Men- 
tern . . . 1526. 

$! Line engraving. 

B. 105. H. (Diirer) 1056. R. 265. M. (Diirer) 102. K. 101. I y e B. 
87- N. 3:535. H. &R. 5. Hubbard Coll., p. 93. 

(Erasmus of Rotterdam) Imago Erasmi. Roterodami . . . 

fl Line engraving. 

B. 107. H. (Diirer) 1047. R. 266. M. (Diirer) 103. K. 102. H. 36. 
I y e B. 84. N. 3:535. H. & R. 6. Bib. Nat. 14641 (64) Hubbard 
Coll. p. 93. 

(Samson and the lion) (ab. 1497.) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 2 wd. H. (Diirer) 1102. R. 23. N. 3:536. I<e B. no. 

(Adoration of the three kings) 1511. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 3wd. H. (Diirer) 1103. P.. 187. H. 38. I<e B. 131. ^3:536. 

(The last supper) 1510. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 5. Vd. H. (Diirer) 1113. R. 175. H. 40 (2) Le B. 144. ^3:536 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 59. 

(Christ on the Mount of Olives) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 6 wd. H. (Diirer) 1118. R. 176. H. 40 (3) I,e B. 145. N. 3:536 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 60. 

(Christ at the foot of the cross) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 13 wd. H. (Diirer) 1137. R. 183. H. 40 (10) I^e B. 152. N. 3:536 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 67. 

(Redemption of souls in Purgatory) 1510. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 14 wd. H. (Diirer) 1131. R. 184. H. 40 (11) lyC B. 153. N. 3:536 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 68. 

(The resurrection) 1510. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 15 wd. H. (Diirer) 1140. R. 185. H. 40 (12) I^e B. 154. N. 3:536 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 69. 

(Title-page of the "Apocalypse," St. John writing) 
Apocalypsis cu figuris. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 60 wd. H. (Diirer) 1652. R. 27. H. 43 (i) I<e B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. 

(Martyrdom of St. John the Evangelist) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 61 wd. H. (Diirer) 1656. R. 28. H. 43 (2) Le B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 112. 

Division of Prints 275 

Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School 
(St. John's vision of Christ) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 62 wd. H. (Durer) 1658. R. 29. H. 43 (3) Ie B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 113. 

(The four riders) 

Wood engraving. 

B. 64 wd. H. (Durer) 1664. R. 31. H. 43 (5) I,e B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 115. 

(Opening of the sixth seal) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 65 wd. H. (Durer) 1666. R. 32. H. 43 (6) i,e B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 116. 

(Four angels subduing the wind) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 66 wd. H. (Durer) 1668. R. 33! H. 43 (7) I^e B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 117. 

(The destroying angels) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 69 wd. H. (Durer) 1673. R. 36. H. 43 ( 10) L,e B. 208-222 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 120. 

(The woman clothed with the sun, and the seven headed 
dragon ) 

Wood engraving. 

B. 71 wd. H. (Durer) 1678. H. 43(12) I,e B. 208-222 ser. ref . R. 38. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 122. 

(St. Michael and the dragon) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 72 wd. H. (Durer) 1681. R. 39. H. 43(13) I y e B. 208-22,2 ser. ref. 
N. 3:540. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 123. 

(The Virgin seated on the crescent moon, nursing the infant 
Jesus) No. i of " The Life of the Virgin." 
Wood engraving. 

B. 76 wd. H. (Durer) 1692. R. 63. H. 44 (i) Le B. n. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 127. Hubbard Coll., p. 94. 

(Joachim's offering rejected) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 77 wd. H. (Durer) 1694. R.64. 11.44(2) LeB. 112 N. 3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H.&R. 130. 

(Angel appearing to Joachim) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 78 wd. H. (Durer) 1698. R.6s. 11.44(3) Le 6.113. ^3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 128. 

(St. Joachim embracing St. Anne at the Golden gate) 
Wood engraving. 

B.79wd. H. (Durer) 1703. R.66. 11.44(4) 1,68.114. N.3'54iser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H.&R. 129. 

276 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Diirer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 
(Birth of the Virgin) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 8owd. H. (Diirer) 1709. R. 67. 11.44(5) 1,66.115. ^.3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 131. 

(The Virgin ascending the steps of the temple) 
Wood engraving. 

B.Siwd. H. (Diirer) 1715. R.68. H.44(6) I,e B. 116. N. 3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 132. 

(The marriage of the Virgin) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 82 wd. H. (Diirer) 1720. R. 69. 11.44(7) L,e 8.117. N. 3: 541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 133. 

(The annunciation) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 83 wd. H. (Diirer) 1725. R.7o. H.44(8) Le B. 118. 1^.3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 134. Hubbard Coll., p. 94. 

(The visitation) 

Wood engraving. 

B.84wd. H. (Diirer) 1730. R. 71. 11.44(9) I<eB. 119. N. 3:541 ser. 
ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 135. 

(The nativity) 

Wood engraving. 

B. 85 wd. H. (Diirer) 1738. R. 72. H. 44(10) Le B. 120. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H.&R. 136. 

(The circumcision) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 86 wd. H. (Diirer) 1745. R. 73. H. 44(11) Le B. 121. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H.&R. 139. Hubbard Coll., p. 94. 

(Adoration of the kings) 
Wood engraving. 

6.87 wd. H. (Diirer) 1754. R. 74. H. 44 (12) I,e B. 122. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 137. 

(Presentation in the temple) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 88 wd. H. (Diirer) 1759. R. 75. H. 44 (13) Le B. 123. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 140. 

(Flight into Egypt) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 89 wd. H. (Diirer) 1764. R. 76. H. 44 (14) I,e B. 124. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 141. 

(Repose in Egypt) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 90 wd. H. (Diirer) 1770. R. 77. H. 44 (15) I,e B. 125. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H - & R - J 4 2 - 

(Christ teaching in the temple) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 91 wd. H. (Diirer) 1775. R. 78. H. 44 (16) Le B. 126. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 143. 

Division of Prints 277 

Durer, Albrecht (1471-1528) German School. 

(Christ bidding farewell to his mother) 
Wood engraving. 

B.gawd. H. (Durer) 1781. R. 79. H. 44 (17). Le B. 127. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 144. 

(The death of the Virgin) 1510. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 93 wd. H. (Durer) 1787. R. 80. H. 44 (18) I,e B. 128. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105. H. & R. 145. 

(The assumption of the Virgin) 1510. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 94 wed. H. (Durer) 1793. R. 81. H. 44(19). Le B. 129. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2: 105 H. & R. 146. 

(The Virgin worshipped by saints) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 95 wd. H. (Durer) 1797. R. 82. H. 44 (20) I,e B. 130. N. 3:541 
ser. ref. Bry. 2:105. H. & R. 148. 

(The Virgin with the pear) 1518. 
Wood engraving. 

B. ioi wd. H. (Durer) 1811. R. 229. H. 42. Hubbard Coll., p. 94. 

(The Holy Family with the three hares) (ab. 1497) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 102 wd. H. (Durer) 1815. R. 26. N. 3:542. H. & R. 150. 

(St. Christopher) 1511. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 103 wd. H. (Durer) 1818. R. 192. 1,66.196. 1^.3:542. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 94. 

(St. Jerome in his cell) 1511. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 114 wd. H. (Durer) 1840. R. 191. H. 46. I,e B. 224. N. 3:542. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 95. 

(The Holy Trinity) 1511. 
Wood engraving. 

B. 122 wd. H. 48. H. (Durer) 1646. R. 193. H. 48. Le B. 231. 

(Ulrich Varnbuler) Vlrichvs Varnbvler ZC MDXXII. 
fl Wood engraving. 

B. 155 wd. H. (Durer) 1952. R. 248. H. 51. I,eB. 260. N. 3:547. H. 
& R. 57. Hubbard Coll., p. 95. 

Albrecht Durer conterfeyt in seinem alter. Des I/VI. Jares. 
p Wood engraving. 

B. 156 wd. H. (Durer) 1953. R. ap. 17. N. 3:547- H. & R. 55. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 95. 

(Ornament with an owl) 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 199 wd. 

Dujardin, Karel. See Jardin, Karel du. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Dusart, Cornells (1660-1704) Dutch School. 
(The village festival) 1685. 

B. 16. I,e B. 15. H. 9. Bry. 2:108. Dutuit 16. H. & R. 3. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 97. 

Duvet, Jean (1485-1561) French School. 

(Jean Duvet seated at table, studying the Apocalypse) 1555. 
Sacra in hac et aliis . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 12. N. 4:36 ser. ref. H. 12 ser. ref. R-D. 27. Bry. 2:109. 

Dyck, Anthonie van (1599-1641) Flemish School 
(Jan Snellinx) 
fl Etching. 

I^e B. 14. H. 14. N. 4:49. Bry. 2:114. Dutuit 10. H. & R. n. 

(L,ucas Vorsterman) 
p Etching. 
L,e B. 19. H. 19. N. 4:49. Bry. 2:114. Dutuit 13. H. & R. 4. 

Earlom, Richard (1743-1822) English School. 
(Young woman with large hat) 1787. 
Col. stipple engraving. 
Wes. (E) 478 (29). 

DYCK, ANTHONIE VAN (1599-1641) 
(Sir Thomas Chaloner) 1778. 
|J Mezzotint. 
H. 56. S. 9. Wes. (E) 22. Bib. Nat. 8978. 

A shepherd. 1781. 
Wes. (E) 128. 

Rembrandt's wife. 1777. 
p Mezzotint. 

I,e B. 79. H. 55. 8.35. N. 4:53. Bry. 2:115. H. & R. 14. Wes. 


Edelinck, Gerard (1641-1707) French School. 

Philippus de Champaigne Bruxellensis Pictor Regius . . . 

p Line engraving. 

R-D. 164. 1,6 B. 166. H. 18. N. 4:73. Bry. 2:119. Didot (Por.) 
576. H. & R. 25. Bib. Nat. 9020 (13) 

LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 
(The penitent Magdalen) 
Line engraving. 

R-D. 32. H. 12. N. 4:72. Bry. 2: 119. H. & R. 7. 

Division of Prints 279 

Edelinck, Gerard (1641-1707) French School. 



Hyacinthus Rigaud Pictor Regius natus Perpiniani. 
$J Line engraving. 

R-D. 303. I,e B. 300. H. 39. N. 4:75. Bry. 2:119. Didot ( For. ) 668. 
H. & R. 23. 

E. S., Master of 1466. German School. 

(The Madonna enthroned, holding the infant Jesus) 
Line engraving. 
B. 34- H. 9 . 

(The Madonna of Einsiedeln) Dis ist die engelwichi . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 35. Pass. 35. H. 10. 

(St. John the Baptist in the wilderness) 
Line engraving. 

Pass. 165. H. 26. 

(Madonna enthroned) 
Line engraving. 

Everdingen, Allart van (1621-1675) 
(The cascade) 

Line engraving. 

B. 7. H. 2 (i) I,e B. 161. N. 4:168. Dutuit 7. Hubbard Coll., 
p. 107. 

(The swineherd) 
Line engraving. 

B. 8. H. 2 (2) N. 4 : 168. I,e B. 162. Dutuit 8. 

(Landscape: a grindstone) 
Line engraving. 

B. 9. H. 2 (3) N. 4 : 168. Dutuit 9. 

(Landscape: a chapel) 
Line engraving. 

B. 10. H. 2 (4) N. 4:168. Dutuit 10. 

Falck, Jereniias (ab. i6i9~ab. 1663) German School. 

(Daniel Dilger) Marty: Daniel Dilgervs Gedanensis In 
Patria . . . Ecce sacrum Gedani fulmen . . . 1648. 
$J Line engraving. 

L,e B. 56. N. 4 : 226. H. 29. Bib. Nat. 12805. 

Feddes, Petrus (van Harlingen) (i586-ab. 1622) Dutch School. 

(Johannes Bogerman) Effigies D. Johannis Bogermanni 
Praesidis Synodi. Ne magnam tenui mentem . . . 1620. 
p Etching. 

I,e B. ii. H. II. Bry. 2:151. 
UB 1905 19 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Ficquet (Piquet), Etienne (1719-1794) French School. 
COYPFJ,, ANTOINE (1661-1722) 
Poquelin de Moliere. 
$f Line engraving. 

L,e B. 95. H. 13. N. 4:317. P. & B. 88. Bry. 2:160. Didot (For.) 
733. Fau. (F.) 101. H. & R. 7. 

LEBRUN, CHARGES (1619-1690) 
Pierre Corneille. 

fj Line engraving 

L,e B. 28. H. 4. N. 4:317. P. & B. 77. Bry. 2:160. Didot (Por.) 
722. Fau. (F.) 43. H. & R. 5. Bib. Nat. 10712 (47) 

Fokke, Simon (1712-1784) Dutch School. 
(The regatta) 

Line engraving. 

(L/aunch of the ships) 
Line engraving. 

Fragonard, Jean Honore (1732-1806) French School. 
(Four panels representing the life of a satyr) 
Line engraving. 

Francois, Jean Charles (1717-1769) French School. 

D. Franciscus Quesnay, Ex Monfort Natus Die 4 Juni 1694. 
$J Mezzotint and line engraving. 

H. & R. ii. H. 5. N. 4:462. 

Froschaner, Eustachius (Worked 1548) 

(Allegorical representation of Grammar) Indisem Thurn VIII 
fiirsten sind . . . 1548.- 
Wood engraving. 

F. V. B. (worked 1460-1480) German School. 
(Judgment of Solomon) 
Line engraving. 

B. 2. Nag. mon. 2552 (2) H. i. 

Gaillard, Robert (1722-1785) French School. 
NATTIER, JEAN MARC, II (1685-1766) 

Madame-Marie-L/ouise-Therese-Victoire De France. 
Sur deternelles loix je mesure ma course . . . 
$J Line engraving. 
P. & B. 39. Didot (Por.) 768. 

Gellee, Claude (Lorrain) (1600-1682) French School. 
(The cowherd) 1636. 

R.-D. 8. H. 8. Le B. 8. N. 5 177. 


Division of Prints 281 

Gellee, Claude (Lorrain) (1600-1682) French School. 

(Time, Apollo and the Seasons) Apollo in atto . . . 1662 
R.-D. 20. L,e B. 20. H. 20. N. 5:79. Hubbard Coll., p. 130. 

(Rape of Europa) 1634. 

R.-D. 22. I<e B. 22. H. 22. N. 5:79. 

Gheyn, Jacob de, I (1565-1629) Dutch School. 

( Portrait of unknown man ) Pio Christo mihi dulie mori . . . 

Line engraving-. 

Ghisi, Giorgio (1520-1582) Italian School. 

GIANUZZI, Giuuo DI Fiivippo DEI. Called Giuuo ROMANO 

(Birth of Memon) Quo Genio Exceptvm Te Mater . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 57. N. 5:140. L,e B. 26. Bry. 2:236. 

Glaser, Hans Wolfgang. See H. W. G. 

Gole, Jacob (1660-1724) Dutch School. 

(Frederick William, the Great Elector) Frederik Wilhelm 
by de Grade Gods. Keurvorst van Brandenburg. 
p Mezzotint. 

Le B. 63. H. 17. Bib. Nat. 6384 (41) Wes. (G.) 4. Hubbard Coll., 

P- 137- 

TENIERS, DAVID, I. (1582-1649) 
(The three smokers) 
lye B. 135. 

Goltzius, Hendrik (1558-1616) Dutch School. 

(The annunciation) Pone metum virgo . . . 1594. (In 
manner of Sanzio Raffaello) 
Line engraving. 

B. 15. N. 5 : 275. I,e B. 13. H. 2. Bry. 2 : 258. Dutuit 15. H. & R. 2. 
(The circumcision) Cernis vt octaua sit circuncisus Jesus 
. . . 1594. (In manner of Albrecht Diirer) 
Line engraving. 

B. 18. N. 5:275. I,eB. 16. H. 5. Bry. 2:258. Dutuit 18. H. & R. 5. 

(Adoration of the kings) E 6i Reges Bethlen duce sydere 
ducti ... (In manner of Lucas van L,eyden) 
Line engraving. 

B. 19. N. 5:275. LeB. 17. H. 6. Bry. 2:258. Dutuit 19. H. & R. 6. 

(The Holy Family) Prsecvrsor Domini L,actantis . . . 1593. 
(In manner of Federigo Baroccio (Barroci)) 
Line engraving. 

B. 20. N. 5:275. lyeB. 18. H. 17. Bry. 2:258. Dutuit 20. H. & R. 7. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Goltzius, Hendrik (1558-1616) Dutch School. 

(The standard bearer) Signifer ingentes animos . . . 1587. 
Line engraving. 

B. 125. H. 14. X,e B. 180. N. 5:277. Dutuit 125. Hubbard Coll. 

p. 138. 
(Hendrik Goltzius) 

$ Line engraving. 

B. 172. N. 5:279. I,e B. 164. H. 25. Bry. 2:258 Dutuit 172. Bib. 
Nat. 18657 (7) 

(The son of the painter Diderik de Vries with dog and bird. 
Also called "Goltzius' dog") Theodorico Frisio Pictori 
egregio . . . Quid tabula . . . 1597. 
jjj Line engraving. 

B. 190. Le B. 161. Bry. 2:259. Dutuit 190. H. & R. 162. Bib. Nat. 
16872. Hubbard Coll., p. 138. 



B. 235. H. 35 (4) Dutuit 235. H. & R. 10. 



B. 236. H. 35 (5) Dutuit 236. H. & R. n. 

Gossart, Jan. Called Mabuse (1470-1541) Dtitch School. 
(Madonna and Child) 1522. 
Line engraving. 

B. I. H. i. 

(Madonna and Child, holding an apple) 
Line engraving. 

B. 2. H. 2. 

G-oudt, Hendrik Grave Van (1585-1630) Dutch School. 

, ADAM (1578-1620) 

(Tobit with the fish) Incolumis Raphaele viani 
I<e B. 2. H. i. Dutuit i. Andr. i. H. & R. i. 


BI/SHEIMER, ADAM (1578-1620) 

(Jupiter and Mercury entertained by Philemon and Baucis) 
Juppiter atque Hermes spetie . . . 1612. 

IveB. 5. H. 6. N. 5:300. Andr. 6. Dutuit 5. Bry. 2:264. H. & R. 
4. Hubbard Coll., p. 139. 

Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose" de (1746-1828) Spanish School. 
(The maids in waiting) 

Graf, Urs (1485/90-1529) German School. 
(Pyramus and Thisbe) 
Wood engraving. 
Pass. 115. H. 8. 

Division of Prints 283 

Grien (Grtin), Hans Baldung (1476-1545) German School. 
(The Madonna surrounded by angels playing) 

H. 8. Pass. 66. 

(Christ on the Cross) 

N. i :239. Bry. 1:75. 

(The bewitched groom) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 76. N. 1:239. H. 20. Bry. 1:75. 

(The witch's Sabbath) (1510) 

B. 55. N. 1:239. I,e B. 46. H. 19. 

(Socrates and Xantippe, also called "Aristotle and Phillis ") 


B. 48. N. i :239. H. 18. I,e B. 55. Bry. i -.75. H. & R. 17. 

Guldenniundt, Hans (worked 1518-1545) German School. 
(Lance bearers) 

Wood engraving. 

Harling-en, Petrus van. See Feddes, Petrus (van Harlingen) 

Heusch, Wellem de (1638-1699) Dutch School. 
(Stone bridge) 

Line engraving. 

H. i (i) Le B. i. N. i. Dutuit i. 

Hirschvogel, Augustin (ab. i5O3~ab. 1569) German School. 
(Landscape: four trees) 1549. 
B. 60. 

(Landscape: castle on left, and town in middle distance) 

B. 74. Bry. 3:48. 

Hogarth, William (1697-1764) English School. 
(Mariage a la mode) 
Line engraving. 

H. i. ser. ref. N. 6:233 (17) ser. ref. Ie B. 71-76 ser. ref. Dob. p. 
224. Bry. 3:55- H. &R. 32. 

Holbein, Hans, II (1497-1543) German School. 

'Erasmus of Rotterdam) ER. ROT. Terminvs. Corporis 
emgiem si quis . . . 
fl Wood engraving. 

N. 6 : 253 (5) I,e B. 120. H. 10. Pass. 57. Bry. 3 : 62. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Holbein, Hans, II (1497-1543) German School. 

(The table of Cebes) from "Strabo", Basilese, anno 


Wood engraving. 

IyC B. 39. Pass. 90. H. Suppl. 13. Bry. 3 162. 

(Alphabet of the Dance of death) 
Wood engraving. 

N. 6:253 (6) ser. ref. I,e B. 91-114 ser. ref. H. 3. Pass. 3. Bry. 

(Allegory on the .activity of Doctor Jacobus Castricus) 

Wood engraving. 
(Sixteen plates illustrating the Old Testament) 

Wood engraving. 

Pass. Ill: p. 359. 

Hollar, Wenceslaus (1607-1677) English School. 

Spring. Welcome sweet Lady you do bring . . . 1643. 
No. i. 

Par. 606. H. 16 (i) N. 6:266 (133) ser, ref. Ver. p. 124 (20) Bry. 
3:66. H. & R. 55. 

Summer. Now Phoebus, crowns our summer days . . . 
1644. No. 2. 

Par. 607. H. 16 (2) N. 6:266 (133) ser. ref. Ver. p. 125 (21) Bry. 
3:66. H. &R. 56. 

Autunme. As autumes fruit doth mourne and wast . . . 
1644. No. 3. 

Par. 608. H. 16 (3) N. 6:266(133) ser. ref. Ver. p. 125(22) Bry. 
3:66. H. &R. 57. 

Winter. The cold, not cruelty makes her weare . . . 1643. 
No. 4. 

Par. 609. H. 16 (4) N. 6:266 (133) ser. ref. Ver. p. 125 (23) Bry. 
3:66. H. & R. 58. 

(Summer) ^stas. 
Line engraving. 

Par. 623. Ver. p. 125 (28) H. 18 (2) Bry. 3:66. 

( Autumn ) Autumnus. 
Line engraving. 

Par. 624. Ver. p. 125 (29) H. 18 (3) Bry. 3:66. 

(Cathedral at Antwerp) Prospectus turris ecclesiae cathe- 
dralis . . . 1649. 

Par. 824. H. 20. N. 6 : 266 ( 119) Ver. p. 89 (5) Bry. 3 :66. H. & R. 
40. Hubbard Coll., p. 162. * 

Division of Prints 285 

Hondlus, Willem (i6oo-after 1652) Dutch School. 
MYTENS, ISAAC (worked 1640-1665) 

(Admiral Heinrich Cornelius Longe) Voor Godeseere, en 
T' Vaderlants Vriiheit. Aetat 62. Magnanimns Vir. D. 
Henricus Cornelius L,ongkius . . . 
fl Line engraving. 

Le B. 10. H. 9. N. 6 1283 (7) Bry. 3 :6g. H. & R. 7. ] 

Huber, Wolfgang (worked 1510-1530) German School. 
(Christ on the cross) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 10. B. 5. H. 4. N. 8. 
(St. Christopher) 

Wood engraving. 

Pass. Ill, p. 305. B. 6. I^e B. 6. N. 9. 
(St. George and the dragon) 1520. 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. Ill, p. 305. B. 7. H. 5, N. 10. I,e B. 7. 

H. W. 1482. German School. 
(Christ on the cross) 1482. 
Line engraving. 

B. VI, p. 312 (i) Nag. Mon. 1691 (i), 

H. W. G. (worked last half of i6th Cent.) German School. 
(St. John on the Isle of Patmos, writing) 
Wood engraving. 

Nag. Mon. 1722 (2) 

I. B. Master with the Bird (worked 1523-1530) Italian School. 
(Meleager and Atalanta) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 8. H. 13. 

(David with the head of Goliath) 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 4. N. 10. l,e B. 15. 

(The three Graces) Tergemines. Almae . . . 
Wood engraving. 
B. 6. Pass. 7. H. 12. Nag. Mon. 1944 (15) 

(Diana and Actaeon) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 2 wd. Nag. Mon. 1944 (12) 

(St. Jerome extracting thorn from the foot of a lion) 
Wood engraving. 

B. i. wd. Nag. Mon. 1944 (n) 

I. M. Master with the Shuttle (worked 1480-1500) Flemish School. 
(Christ on the cross) 
Line engraving. 
B. 5. 

286 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

I. M. Master with the Shuttle (worked 1480-1500) Flemish School. 
(Design for Gothic architecture) 
Line engraving. 

B. 18. H. 15. 

Janinet, Jean Frangois (1752-1814) French School. 

(Madame Dugazon as Nina, in " Folly of I/ove." ) 
1$ Colored aquatint. 

. P.&B.35. 

Jardin, Karel du (1622-1678) Dutch School. 
(Shepherdess and dog) 1653. 

3.31. H. 13. L,eB.3i. N.3i. Dutuit 31. H. &R.2g. 

( Landscape : donkey resting) 
B.32. I^eB. 32. N. 32. Dutuit 32. H.&R.3O. 

(Herd of goats and sheep) 1655. 

8.33. H.I4. IveB.33. N.33. Dutuit 33. H.&R.27. 

(Landscape: cattle) 

B.34. I,e B. 34. N. 34. Dutuit 34. H.&R.28. 

Jegher, Christoffel (Before 1590-1652/3) Dutch School. 

(The Child Jesus and St. John with the lamb) 
Wood engraving. 

LeB.5. H.5. N.7. H. &R.4. 

(The Temptation) 
Wood engraving. 

I y e B. 6. N. 8. H. 3. Bry. 3 : no. H. & R. 6. 

(The drunken Selenus) 
Wood engraving. 

Le B. 14. H. 8. N. 6. Miller II, p. 266. Bry. 3 : no. H. & R. 8. 

Jones, John (ab. 1740-1797) English School. 
ROMNEY, GEORGE (1734-1802) 
(Mrs Davenport) 1784. 
jfl Colored mezzotint. 

I,eB. 5. N. 19. S. 17. H. & R. 8. Bib. Nat. 11876 (i) 

ROMNEY, GEORGE (1734-1802) 

The Right Honorable William Pitt, Chancellor of the 
Exchequer. 1789. 
$ Mezzotint. 

S. 63. Bry. 3:115. 

Division of Prints 287 

Keating', George (i762-af. 1799) English School. 
REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 

Her Grace the Dutchess of Devonshire and the Rt. Hon. hle 
Lady Georgiana Cavendish. 1787. 
fj Mezzotint. 

Le B. 5. N. 9. Bry. 3 : 125. H. & R. 5. 

Koek, Pieter (Van Aelst) (1502-1550) 
(Turkish procession) 
Wood engraving. 

Kussel, Melchior (1622-1683) German School. 
BAUR, JOHANN WILHEXM ( i6oo/i6io-i642) 
(The betrothal fete) 

BAUR, JOHANN WII<HEI,M (1600/1610-1642) 
(Designs for architecture ) 

Kulmbach. (Culmbach), Hans von (Latter part I5th cent.-i522) 
German School. 

(St. John on the island of Patmos) 
Wood engraving. 

B. VII :484 (i) 

Launay, Nicolas de. See Delaunay, Nicolas. 

Lautensack, Hans Sebald (ab. 1524-1563/1560?) German School. 
(Landscape: castle on hill, town on right and left) 
Line engraving. 

B. 37- 

(Landscape: tower of church in background, large trees on 
right) 1554. 
Line engraving. 

B. 38. 

(Landscape: village on left, and river crossed by bridge on 
right) 1553. 
Line engraving. 

(Landscape: village on bank of river, bridge and trees on 
right) 1553. 
Line engraving. 

B. 41. 

L. C. Z. (worked 1486-1497) German School. 
(The Temptation) 
Line engraving. 

B.I. Nag. Mon.iooS(i) H. 2. Pass. II, p. 288. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

lie Mire, Noel (1724-1801) French School. 

(Marie Antoinette) A La Reine . . . 
fl Line engraving. 
P. & B. 43. Didot (For.) 1180. 

iLeyden, L,ucas Jacobsz van (1494-1533) Dutch School. 
(Adoration of the Magi) 1513. 
Line engraving. 

B. 37. H. 9. N. 37. Dutuit37. Volb. 35. I,e B. 41. 7.2:227. Bry, 
3 : 102. H. & R. 4. Hubbard Coll., p. 195. 

(Repose in Egypt) 
Line engraving. 

B 38. N. 38. Dutuit 38. Volb. 36. I,e B. 42. Bry. 3 : 102. H. & R. 5. 
(Baptism of Christ) 
Line engraving. 

B. 40. H. ii. N. 40. Dutuit 40 Volb. 37. I,e B. 44. Bry. 3 : 102. 
H. & R. 6. Hubbard Coll., p. 195. 

(Raising of Lazarus) 
Line engraving. 

B. 42. N. 42. Dutuit 42. Volb. 39. I^e B. 47. Bry. 3 : 102. H. & R. 8. 
(Christ presented to the people) 1510. 
Line engraving. 

B. 71. N. 71. Le B. 76. H. 14. Dutuit 71. Volb. 66. J. 2 : 228. Bry. 
3 : 102. H. & R. 32. Hubbard Coll., p. 196. 

(Conversion of St. Paul) 1509. 
Line engraving. 

6.107. H. 18. 7.2:229. N. 107. Dutuit 107. Volb. 1 1 6. I,e B. 100. 
Bry. 3 : 102. H. & R. 26. Hubbard Coll., p. 196. 

(Dance of the Magdalen) 1519. 
Line engraving. 

B. 122. H. 20. I,e B. 105. N. 122. Dutuit 122. Volb. 121. J. 2 : 229. 
Bry. 3 : 102. H. & R. 39. 

(Sergius killed by Mahomet) 1508. 
Line engraving. 

B. 126. H. 22. N. 126. Dutuit 126. Volb. 135. L,e B. 151. Bry. 
3:102. H. & R. i. 

(Samson and Delilah) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 6wd. Le B. 184. N. 6. Dutuit 6. Volb. 187. Bry. 3:102. 

(Solomon's idolatry) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 8 wd. H. 34. N. 9 w. Dutuit 8. Volb. 188. I,e B. 186. 
(Virgil suspended in a basket) 
Wood engraving. 

B. 16 wd. H. 37. N. 16. Dutuit 16. Volb. 191. I^e B. 199. 7.2:230. 
H. &R. ii. 

(Aristotle and Phyllis) 
Wood engraving. 

Division of Prints 289 

Lingee, Charles Louis (1751-1819) French School. 

La Promenade Du Matin. Belles, qui le matin d'une gaze 
voile"es . . . 1774. No. 6. 
Line engraving. 

N. 5(1). LeB. 6. H. I (i) 

Livens (Lievens), Jan (1606-1672) Dutch School. 

D or . Kphraim Bonvs Medicvs Hebraevs. Alter Avenzooar 
grandi . . . 
fl Line engraving. 

B. 56. N. 36. H. 12. Le B. 8. J. 2:219. Bry. 3:235 Dutuit 55. 
H. & R. i. Bib. Nat. 5557 (2) 

(Bust of an old man) 
Wood engraving. 

H. 22. ' 

Xionghi, Giuseppe (1766-1831) Italian School. 
VINCI, LEONARDO DA (1452-1519) 
La Madonna del Lago. 1825. 
Line engraving. 

H. 5. Ap. 6. N. 32. Le B. 5. Ber. ix : 189. Bry. 3:243. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 200. 

Long-ueil, Joseph de (1733-1792) French School. 
AUBRY, ETIENNE (1745-1781) 
Correction Maternele. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 44. H. 5. 
Lorrain, Claude See Gellee, Claude. 

Lorraine, Jean Baptiste de (1737-1770) French School. 
BOUCHER, FRANCOIS (1703-1770) , 

Venus, se preparant pour le jugement de Paris . . . 1764. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. 8. N. 4. H. & R. 3. / 

Lutzelburg-er, Hans (ab. 1495-1526) German School. 
HOLBEIN, Hans (1497-1543) 
( Fight i n a forest ) 1522. 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 3:443 (2) N. 7. Bry. 3:261. 

Mabuse, Jan. See Gossart, Jan. 

Mac Ardell, James (ab. 1729-1765) English School. 
RAMSEY, ALLAN (1713-1784) 

(Lady with embroidered sleeve) 

Colored mezzotint. 

Le B. 22. S. 198. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Mac Ardell, James (ab. 1729-1765) English School. 
(Rubens with his wife and child) 
$J Mezzotint. 

I,eB.8o. H. 10. Goodw. (McA.) 121. Brandes Coll. 11:478. 8.159. 
Bry. 3 : 262. H. & R. 39. Hubbard Coll., p 204. 

Mantegna, Andrea (1431-1506) Italian School. 
(The Entombment) 
Line engraving. 

B.2. N.2. 

(The Entombment) Hvmani Generis Redemptori. 
Line engraving. 

6.3. N. 3. I,eB.6. H.2. 81-7.3:279. H. & R. 5. 

(Descent from the cross) 
Line engraving. 

8.4. N.4. LeB.7. H. 3 . 

(The risen Christ between St. Andrew and St. L,onginus) 
Line engraving. 

B. 6. N. 6. Bry. 3 : 279. 

(The Madonna of the grotto) 
Line engraving. 

B. 9 . N. 9 . LeB.3. H. 5 . 

(Bacchanal at the wine vat) 
Line engraving. 

B. 19. H. 12. N. iga. I,e B. 10. Bry. 3:279. 

Manuel, (Deutsch) Nicolaus (1484-1530) German School. 
(The wise and foolish virgins) 1518. 
Wood engraving. 

B. i-io. N. i-io. I^e B. i-io. H. i-io. 

Marcantonio, Raimondi. See Raimondi, Marcantonio. 

Martini, Pierre Antoine (1739-1797) French School. 

L,a Dame du Palais de la Reine. 1777. No. 24. 
Line engraving. 

P. & B. 3 (3) Hubbard Coll., p 212. 


The Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 1787. 
Line engraving. 

N. II. H. 7. P. & B. 12 (3) H. & R. 12. 

Massard, Jean (1740-1822) French School. 

La Cruche Casse"e. 1773. 
Line engraving. 

L,e B. 92. N. 8. H. 12. Ap. 21. J. 2 :26i. H. & R. 9. 

Division of Prints 291 

Massou, Antoine (1636-1700) I^TIIC/I School. 

( Frederick William, the great Elector) Frideric . Guillavme . 
Par . La . Grace . . . Tel est de ce Heros le Port & le vi- 
sage . . . 1683. 
fl Line engraving. 

R.-D.30. H. 12. IyeB.8. N. 27. J. 2:265. Didot (For.) 1463. Bry. 
3 1299. H. & R. 2. Bib. Nat. 6384 (49) Hubbard Coll., p. 214. 

MIGNARD, NICOLAS (1606-1668) 

(Cardinal de Bouillon) Sereniss. Prin. Emanvel Theodosivs 
De La Tour D'Avergne Dvx D'Albret. 1665. 
p Line engraving. 

R.-D. 14. LeB. 7. N. ii. H. 8. J. 2:266. Bry. 3:299. H. & R. 2. 

MIGNARD, NICOLAS (1606-1668) 

(Guillaume de Brisacier) 

$1 Line engraving. 

R.-D. 15. LeB. 9. N. 12. J. 2:265. H. 7. Didot (For.) 1464. Bib. 
Nat. 6745 (i) Bry. 3:299. H. & R. 14. Hubbard Coll., p. 214. 

Master of 1466. See E. S. 

Master of 1480. See Amsterdam Cabinet, Master of the. 

Master of 1551. German School. 
(Large goblet) 

Line engraving. 

Master of the Amsterdam Cabinet. See Amsterdam Cabinet, 
Master of the. 

Master of the Hausbuch. See Amsterdam Cabinet, Master of 

Master D. S. See D. S. 

Master E. S. See E. S. 

Master F. V. B. See F. V. B. 

Master H. W. 1482. See H. W. 1482. 

Master H. W. G. See H. W. G. 

Master I. B. with the bird. See I. B., Master with the bird. 

Master I. M. with the shuttle. See I. M., Master with the 

Master L. C. Z. See L. C. Z. 

Mathani, Jacobus (1571-1631) Dutch School. 

AERTSEN, PIETER. Called LANGE PIER. (1508-1575) 
(Return from the market) 1603. 
Line engraving. 

B. 164. N. 164. Bry. 3:303 ser. ref. 

AERTSEN, PIETER, Called LANGE PIER (1508-1575) 
(The provisions of the rich man ) 
B. 166. N. 166. Bry. 3 -.303 ser. ref. 

292 Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Meckenem, Israhel van (ab. 1440-1503) German School. 
(Feast of Herodias) 
Line engraving. 

E.g. I,e 6.146. N.g. H.4. Bry.3:3i2. H.&R.8. 
(Woman beating a man) 
Line engraving. 

B. 173. I,e B. 221. N.I73. 

(The duet) 
Line engraving. 

B. 174. N. 174. H.47. lyeB. 232. Bry. 3:312. HubbardColl., p. 216. 

Meldenmann, Nicolaus (worked 1520-1550) German School. 
(The hour of death) 1522. 
Wood engraving. 

Pass. 197. L,e B. i. 

Mellan, Claude (1598-1688) French School. 

(Sudarium of St. Veronica) Formatvr vnicvs vna non alter. 
Line engraving. 

I<e B.33. J. 2:278. H.6. N. i. Bry. 3:318. H.&R.22. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 217. 

(Louisa Maria de Gonzaga, Queen of Poland) Lvdovica Maria 
Gonzaga Regina Poloniae Svetise etc. 
fl Line engraving. 

lyC B. 252. N. 275. H. &R. 4. Bry. 3:318. H. & R. 4. 

Mocetto (Moceto, Mozetto), Girolamo (ab. i454~ab. 1531) Italian 

(Baptism of Christ) 
Line engraving. 

B. 2. I^e B. 5. N. 2. H. 2. Bry. 3:347- 
(St. John the Baptist) Ego Vox Clamantis . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 5. I<e B. 7. N. 5. H. 3. Bry. 3:347. 

Montagna, Benedetto (last of isthcent. after 1547) Italian School. 
(St. Jerome) 

Line engraving. 

B. 14. lye B. 14. N. 14. H. 6. Bry. 3:356. H. & R. 4. 

Moreau, Jean Miche^ Called Le Jeune (1741-1814) French School. 
Le Festin Royal (at Paris, 1782) 
Line engraving. 

I<eB. 58(1) N. 9(1). P. &B. 37. Bry. 3 : 364 ser. ref. 
Le Bal Masque* (at Paris, 1782) 
Line engraving. 
Ie B. 58 (2) N. 9 (2) P. & B. 38. Bry. 3:364 ser. ref. 

Morelse, Paulus (1571-1638) Dutch School. 

(Cupid led by two dancing women) Aligerum trahit . . . 


I,e B. i. N. 2. H. 2. Bry. 3:364. H. & R. I. 

Division of Prints 293 

Morin, Jean (bef. 1590-1650) French School. 

Antonius Vitre*. Regis et Cleri Gallicani Typographius 
|J Line engraving. 

Le 8.89. H. & R. 24. N. 88. H. 18. R-D. 88. Bry. 3:368. H. & 
R. 24. 

Moyreau, Jean (1690-1738) French School. 

La Grote Du Marechal. 1748. no. 59. 
Line engraving. 
Le B. 44-132 ser. ref. N. 67. 

Miiller, Johann Gotthard von (1747-1830) German School. 

Louise Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun de 1' Academic Royale de 
Peinture. 1785. 
fl Line engraving. 

Le B. 18. N. 16. H. 4. 

Miiller, Johannes (worked 1589-1625) German School. 

(Albert, Archduke of Austria) Serenissimo et Potentissimo 
Alberto Austrise . . . 
$J Line engraving. 

B. 62. Le B. 69. H. 13. N. 62. Bry. 3: 380. H. & R. 7 

(Isabella, Infanta of Spain) Serenissimse Isabellae Clarae 
Eugenise . . . 1615. 
$J Line engraving. 

B. 63. Le B. 70. H. 14. N. 63. Bry. 3:380. H. & R. 8 

M. Z. (worked 1550-1575) German School. 

(The great ball in the palace of Duke Albert IV of Bavaria) 
Line engraving. 

B. 13. H. ii. Nag. Mon. 2278 (13) 

Nanteuil, Robert (i63o?-i678) French School. 
LEBRUN, CHARLES (1619-1690) 

Pomponivs de Bellievre Se-natvs Galliarvm Princeps. 
p Line engraving. 

R-D. 37. Bry. 4:4. Le B. 36. N. 253. Gray Coll., p. 263. Didot 
(Por.) 1666. H. 6. Bib. Nat. 3888 (8). 1.2:310. Hubbard Coll., 
p. 232 

Nanto, Francesco de (1508-1544) Italian School. 
TREVISO, GIROLAMO DA (1497-1544/5) 
(Christ and the woman of Samaria) 
Wood engraving. 

H. 5. Pass. 27. 

Neyts (Nyts), Gillis (1623-1686/87) Dutch School. 
(Two houses on river bank) 
B. 2. H. 2. Le B. 17. Dutuit 2. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Neyts (Nyts), Gillis (1623-1686/87) Dutch School. 
( Landscape : group of trees on left) 
B. 6. H. 6. 

Nooms. See Zeeman, Reinier. 
Nutter, William (1754-1802) English School. 
STUART, GILBERT (1755-1828) 

Geo. Washington Esq r . Late President of the United States 
of America. 1798. 
Ijl Colored stipple engraving. 

lye B. 14. Baker (Wash.) 294. Hart. 428. 

Ostade, Adriaen Jansz Van (1610-1685) Dutch School. 
(Man with lyre) 1647. 
B. 8. H. ii. N.8. DutuitS. B. Suppl.8. Wes. (O) 8. Fau. (O) 8. 

(Spectacles vender) 

B. 29. I^e B. 25. N. 29. Dutuit 29. B. Suppl. 29. Wes. (O) 30. Fau. 
(O) 29. 

(Knitter) 1652. 

B. 31. L,e B. 27. H. 15. Dutuit 31. B. Suppl. 31. N. 31. Wes. (O) 

32. Hubbard Coll., p. 237. 


B. 32. ^e B. 28. H. 9. Dutuit 32. B. Suppl. 32. N. 32. Wes. (O) 

33. Fau. (O) 32. Hubbard Coll., p. 238. 

(Wandering musician) 
B. 38. Le B. 40. N. 38. Dutuit 38. B. Suppl. 38. Wes. (O) 38. Fau. 

(O) 38- 

(Backgammon player) 

8.39. LeB.37. N. 39. Dutuit 39. B. Suppl. 39. Wes. (0)39. Fau. 
(O) 39- 

(Family by the fireside) 1647. 

8.46. I^eB.48. H. 4. Dutuit 46. B. Suppl. 46. N. 40. Wes. (O) 46. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 238. 

(Festival under the great tree) 

6.48. I,eB. 49. N. 48. Dutuit 48. B. Suppl. 48. Wes. (O) 48. Fan. 
(O) 48. 

(Dance in the tavern) 
B. 49. LeB. 51. N. 49. H. 2. Dutuit 49. B. Suppl. 49. Wes. (O) 49. 

Division of Prints > 295 

Pass, Crispin Van de, I (betw. 1565 and 1570-1637) Dutch School. 
OLIVER, ISAAC (ab. 1556-1617) 

(Elizabeth, Queen of England) Elisabet D. G. Angliae 
. . . Regina . . . Virginis os habitumque geris . . . 
|J Line engraving. 

Fr. 569. I,e B. 592. H. 27. H. & R. 17. Bib. Nat. 14417 (88). Bry. 
5:233. Hubbard Coll., p. 240. 

Pencz, Georg (ab. 1500-1550) German School. 

(The seven works of the Order of the Misericordia) 
Line engraving. 

B. 58-64. I,e B. 58-64. N. 59-65. H. & R. 28-34. 

(John Frederick, Elector of Saxony) Spes Mea In Deo Est 
Johannes Fridericvs . . . 1543. 
fl Line engraving. 

B. 126. LeB. 124. N. 127. H. 15. H.&R.2. 

Pesarese, II. See Cantarini, Simone 
Pilgrim, Johann Ulrich. See Wechtlin. 
Pitau, Nicolas, I (1634-1671) French School. 
FEBURE, CLAUDE LE (1632-1675) 

Louis XIV Roy de France et de Nauarre. 1670. 
fj Line engraving. N. 3. H. 12. Didot ( For. ) 1930. H.&R.I4. 

Porporati, Carlo Antonio (1740-1816) Italian School. 
(Little girl with a dog) 
Line engraving. 

LeB. 15. N. 7. H. 12. Bry. 4: 146. Ap. 13. 

Porto, Giovanni Battista del. See I. B., Master with the bird. 

Potter, Paulus ( 1625-1654) Dutch School. 
(Horse with docked tail) 1652. 

B. ii. IyeB.12. H.2(n) N. ii. Dutuit ii. B. Suppl. it. J. 2:381. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 254. 

(Two plough-horses) 

B. 12. I,e B. 13. H. 2 (12). N. 12. Dutuit 12. B. Suppl. 12. J. 2 :$>\. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 254. 

Raixnondi, Marcantonio (ab. 1488-ab. 1528) Italian School. 
(Adoration of the shepherds) 
(Probably after II Francia) 
Line engraving. 

B. 16. H. 7. Le B. 8. N. 87. Bry. 4 : 186. H. & R. (B. 9). 

(St. George and the dragon) 
Line engraving. 

B. 98. I y e B. 46. N. 128 (98). H. 26. Bry. 4 : 187. H. & R. (B. 91). 
UB 1905 20 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Raimondi, Marcantonio (ab. i488-ab. 1528) Italian School. 
(Judgment of Paris) 
Line engraving. 

B. 339. Le B. 213. N. 284. 

(Mars, Venus and L/ove) (1508) 
Line engraving. 

B. 345. Le B. 218. H. 53. Bry. 4 : 187. 

(The "Quos Ego", or Neptune calming the tempest. Nine 
illustrations of the "^Eneid " forming the border) 
Line engraving. 

6.352. H. 57. N. 294. Le B. 222. Bry. 4:187. J. 2:407. Pass. 6:36 
(138). Hubbard Coll., p. 260. 

(The climbers) 1510. 
Line engraving. 

B. 487. H. 70. N. 370 (487). Le B. 293. H. & R. (E. 2). 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
(Adam and Eve) 
Line engraving. 

B.I. Le B. i. H.I. N. 79. Bry. 4:186. H. & R. (B. 2). 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL ( 1483-1520) 
(God ordering Noah to build the Ark) 
Line engraving. 

B. 3. H. 3. N. 81. Le B. 3. Bry. 4 : 186. H. & R. (B. 4). 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
(Massacre of the Innocents) 
Line engraving. 

B. 20. Le B. 9. N. 88. Bry. 4 : 186. H. & R. (B. 10). 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
[The five Saints] 
Line engraving. 

B. 113. N. 135 (113) Le B. 53. H. 29. Bry. 4:187. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
(St. Cecilia and four saints) 
Line engraving. 

B. 116. Le B. 115. H. 30. N. 137. Bry. 4:187. 5.2:400. Pass. 
6 : 18 (51) Hubbard Coll., p. 260. 

SANZIO, RAFFAELLO. Called RAPHAEL (1483-1520) 
(Judgment of Paris) 
Line engraving. 

B. 245. H. 39. N. 223. Le B. 157. Bry. 4 : 187. H. & R. (D. 4) 

Rembrandt. See Ryn, Rembrandt Harmensz van. 

Ribera, Jusepe de. Called L,o Spag-noletto (1588-1652) Italian 

(Silenus attended by two satyrs) 1628. 

B. 13. Le B. 14. N. 13. Bry. 4 : 224. H. & R. 6. 

Division of Prints 297 

Ttog-hman, Roland (i597~after 1686/87) Dutch School. 
(View near Maerseveen) In Maerseveen. 

B. 15. Le B. 15. N. 15 (7) Dutuit 15. 

(View near Arkel) Aerckel. 
B. 16. Le B. 16. N. 16 (8) Dutuit 16. 

(View near Wateringe) Wateringe. 

B. 17. Le B. 17. N. 17 (i) Dutuit 17. 

Boos, Johami Heinrich (1631-1685) Dutch School. 
(Castle on top of rock) 

B. 21. H. 3 (4) Le B. 21. N. 21. 

(Donkey and sheep) 
B. 28. H. 3(11) i;e B. 28. N. 28. 

Rubens, Petrus Paulus (1577-1640) Flemish School. 
(St. Catherine) 

Le B. 4. Dutuit 6: 131 (15) N. 4. H. & R. 3. H. 3. Hubbard Coll., 

p. 271. 

Buina, Gasparo (worked middle of i6th. cent.) Italian School. 

(A battle) 

Wood engraving. 

Buysdael (Ruisdael), Jacob van (1628-1682) Dutch School. 

(Two peasants and dog) 

B. 2. Le B. 2. N.2. H. 2. H. & R. 4. J. 3:28. Dutuit 2. Hubbard 
Coll., p. 273. 

Byn, Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669) Dutch School. 
(Rembrandt leaning on sill) 1639. 
$ Etching. 

B. (Rembrandt) 21. Rov. 21. G.' 26. C. 21. W. 21. Bl. 234. M. 
(Rembrandt) 137. Dutuit 21. Le B. 237. N. 21. Bry. 4:243. 

(Christ healing the sick, or " The hundred guilder piece" ) 
B. (Rembrandt) 74. Rov. 74. 0.75. C. 78. \V. 78. 81.49. H. u. 

M. (Rembrandt) 224. Dutuit 77. Le B. 52. N. 181. H. :i. Bry. 

4:244. H. & R. (III:i6). 

(Christ presented to the people) 

B. (Rembrandt) 76. Rov. 76. G. 79. C. So. W. So. Bl. 51. M. 
(Rembrandt) 248. Dutuit 83. Le B. 54. N. 183. H. 12. H. & R. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Ryn, Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669) Dutch School. 
(The three crosses) 1653. 

B. (Rembrandt) 78. Bl. 53. C. 81. Dutuit 85. G. 80. M. (Rem- 
brandt) 235. Rov. 78. W.8i. IyeB.56. N. 185. H. 14. Bry.4:244. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 277. 

(The good Samaritan) (1633) 


B. (Rembrandt) 90. B1.4I. C. 94. Dutuit 75. G. 70. M. (Rem- 
brandt) 185. Rov. 90. W.95. 1,66.44. N. 197. H. 16. Bry. 4:245. 
H.& R. (111:23). Hubbard Coll., p. 277. 

(Death of the Virgin) 1639. 
B. (Rembrandt) 99. Bl. 70. C. 102. Dutuit 102. G.97 M. (Rem- 

bradt) 207. Rov. 99. W. 104. I v e B. 72. N.2O5. H. 17. Bry. 4:243. 

H. & R. (111:26). Hubbard Coll., p. 278. 

(The three trees) 1643. 


B. (Rembrandt) 212. Bl. 315. C.209. Dutuit 209. G.204. M. (Rem- 
brandt) 309. Rov. 212. W. 209. L,e B. 319. N. 320. H. 34. Brj-. 
4:243. H. & R. ( viii: 5). Hubbard Coll., p. 279. 

( Landscape : milkman) 
B. (Rembrandt) 213. G. 205. C. 210. W. 210. Dutuit 210. Bl. 316. 

M. (Rembrandt) 320. Rov. 213. I,e B. 320. N. 321. Bry. 4:244. 

H. & R. (vin:6). 

(Landscape: square tower) 1650. 


B. (Rembrandt) 218. 61.319. C. 215. Dutuit 215. G. 210. M. (Rem- 
brandt) 321. Rov. 218. \V. 215. I v e B. 324. N. 326. Bry. 4:243. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 279. 

(Landscape: flock of sheep) 1636. 

B. (Rembrandt) 224. G. 216. ,C. 221. W. 221. Dutuit 221. 61.325. 
M. (Rembrandt) 319. Rov. 224. I,e B. 330. N. 332. Bry. 244. 

(Landscape: cottage and hayrick) 1641. 
B. (Rembrandt) 225. G. 217. C. 222. W. 222. Dutuit 222. Bl. 327. 

M. (Rembrandt) 306. Rov. 225. I^e B. 332. N. 333. H. 36. Bry. 

4:243. H. & R. ( viii : 14). 

(Landscape: Obelisk) 
B. (Rembrandt) 227. Bl. 328. C. 224. Dutuit 224. G. 218. M. 

(Rembrandt) 324. Rov. 227. W. 224. I,e B. 333. N. 335. Bry. 

4:244. Hubbard Coll., p. 280. 

(The windmill, called " Rembrandt's mill" ) 1641. 


B. (Rembrandt) 233. Bl. 333. C. 230. Dutuit 230. G. 225. M. 
(Rembrandt) 305. Rov. 233. W. 230. I,e B. 338. N. 341. H. 38, 
Bry. 4:243. H. & R. (viii: 18). Hubbard Coll., p. 280. 

Division of Prints 299 

Ryn, Rembrandt Harmensz van (1606-1669) Dutch School. 
(The goldweigher's field) 1651. 

B. (Rembrandt) 234. Rov. 234. C. 231. W. 231. Bl. 334. H. 39. 
G. 226. Dutuit 231. M. (Rembrandt) 326. t,e B. 339. N. 342. 
H. 39. Bry. 4:243. H. & R. ( vill: 19). Hubbard Coll., p. 280. 

(Landscape: two swans) 1650. 

B. (Rembrandt) 235. G. 227. C. 232. W. 232. Dutuit 232. Bl. 335. 
M. (Rembrandt) 322. Rov. 235. 1,66.340. N. 343. Bry. 4:243. 

(The Minister Renier Ansloo, or Cornells Claesz) 1641. 
1$ Etching. 
B. (Rembrandt) 271. Rov.27i. C. 268. Bl. 170. H.42. G.25I. W. 

273. M. (Rembrandt) 146. Dutuit 254. 1,66.173. N. 39. H.42. 

Bry. 4:243 H. & R. (ix :8) Hubbard Coll., p. 281. 

(Abraham Fransz) 
$J Etching. 
B. (Rembrandt) 273. Rov. 273. 6.253. C. 270. W. 275. Bl. 176. M. 

(Rembrandt) 172. Dutuit 260. L,e B. 179. N. 41. Bry. 4:244. H. 

& R. (ix: 10) Hubbard Coll., p. 281. 

(The elder Haaring) 

P Etching. 

B. (Rembrandt) 274. G. 254. C. 271. W. 276. Bl. 178 M. (Rem- 
brandt) 168. Dutuit26i. Rov. 274. lyeB. 181. N.42. H.44. Bry. 
4:244. H.&R. (ix:n) 

(Ephraim Bonus) 1647. 
$1 Etching. 

B. (Rembrandt) 278. G. 258. C. 275. W. 280. Bl. 172. M. (Rem- 
brandt) 158. Dutuit 256. Rov. 278. I,eB. 175. N.46. H.48. Bry. 
4:243. H.&R. (ix:is) Hubbard Coll., p. 281. 

Sadeler, Gilles (^Egidius) (1570-1629) Flemish School. 
DURER, ALBRECHT (1471-1528) 

^The Madonna with the animals) 
Line engraving. 

L,e B. 35. H. 92. H. 4. Ephrussi, p. 54. Bry. 5:4. H. & R. 25. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 283. 

Saenredam, Jan (1565-1607) Flemish School. 
Goi/rzius, HENDRIK (1558-1616) 

(Ceres honored by the laborers) Diva potens frugum . . . 
Line engraving. 

B. 70. I,eB. 67. N. 70. H. 22 (i) 

Saftleven, (Sachtleven) Herman, III (1609-1685) Dutch School. 

(Gate of the White Women in Utrecht) De Wittevrouwen- 
poort. 1646. 

B. 29. I,e B. 30. N. 29. H. 10. Dutuit 29. 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Savery (Savry), Salomon (1594- after 1639?) Dutch School. 

(The regatta. On the occasion of the visit of Queen Maria 
de Medici to Amsterdam, 1638) 

H. 2 (4) Le B. 8. N. 23 (d) 

Schaufelein, Hans Leonard (i48o?-i539/i54o) German School. 
(The annunciation) O Herr Jesu Christe . . . 
Wood engraving. 

B. 6. H. 3. N. 36. 

Schmidt, Georg Friedrich (1712-1775) German School. 

Antonio Pesne. Premier Peintre du Roy de Prusse . . . 1752. 
fl L ine engraving. 

Le B. 72. H. 93. Jacobi 69. Wes. (Schmidt) 83. P. & B. 45. Bry. 
5:43. H. &R. 12. 

(Presentation of Jesus in the temple) 1769. 
Line engraving. 
LeB. 164. H.S. Wes. (Schmidt) 164. Jacobi 167. N. 164. 61-7.5:43. 



(Pierre Mignard, the painter) 1744. 
$J Line engraving. 

H. 42. Jacobi 59. Wes. (Schmidt) 70. Le B. 57. N. 79. P. & B. 39. 
H. & R. 10 Brandes Coll. 2:212. Didot (Por.) 2158. Gray Coll., p. 
338. J. 3:66. Bry. 5:43. 

Schoeii, Erhard (worked 1515-1560) German School. 
(The Rosary) Orthodore fidei preclarum . . . 
Wood engraving. 

B. 35. Le B. 4. N. 37. Pass. 35. H. 4. Bry. 5:45. 

Schongauer, Martin (ab. 1420-1488) German School. 
(Angel of the annunciation) 
Line engraving. 

B. i. Le B. i. N. i. H. i. Bry. 5:47. Hubbard Coll., p. 291. 

(The Virgin receiving the angel of the annunciation) 
Line engraving. 

B. 2. Le B. 2. N. 2. H. 2. Bry. 5:47. 

(The nativity) 

Line engraving. 

B. 5. LeB. 5. N. 5. H. 5. Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 2. 

(Adoration of the three kings) 
Line engraving. 

B. 6. Le B. 6. N. 6. H. 6. Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 4. 

(Baptism of Christ) 
Line engraving. 

B. 8. Le B. 8. N. 8. H.S. Bry. 5:47. 

Division of Prints 301 

Schongauer, Martin (ab. 1420-1488) German School. 
(Passion of Jesus Christ) (Twelve prints) 
Line engraving. 

B. 9-20. 1,6 B. 9-20. N. 9-20. H. 9-20. Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 6-17. 
Hubbard Coll., p. 291 [nos. 1-3] 

(The large "Bearing the Cross") 
Line engraving. 

B. 21. I^e B. 21. N. 21. H. 21. Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 18. 

(Christ on the Cross) 
Line engraving. 

B. 25. Le B. 25. N. 25. H. 24. Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 19. 

(Madonna seated on a grass bank) 
Line engraving. 

B. 30.. Le B. 30. N. 30. H. 27. Bry. 5:47. 

(St. Anthony tempted by the devils) 
Line engraving. 

B. 47. LeB. 36. N. 47. H. 32. Pass. 2:111 (47) Bry. 5:47. H. & R. 
21. Hubbard Coll., p. 291. 

(Ornament with the owl) 
Line engraving. 

B. 108. i,e B. 96. N. 108. H. 56. 

Schuppen, Pierre Louis Van (1623 (i627)-iyo2) French School. 

(The Holy Family) Genus Electum, Gens Sancta. 1670. 
Line engraving. 

Le B. .38. N. 110. H. i. Bry. 5:52. H. & R. 2. 

Seg-hers (Seg-ers), Hercules Pietersz (isSc^-ab. 1650) Dutch School. 
(The wide valley) 
Le B. 2. 

(Landscape: two windmills) 
I+e B. 20. 

(Landscape: a valley. ) 

Sherwin, John Keyse (1751-1790) English School. 
COSWAY, RICHARD (1740-1821) 

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cumberland and Strath- 
ern. 1780. 
$1 Etching. 

LeB.4. N.7. H.&R. 15. 

Sichem, Christoffel van, II(?) (ab. 1580- ) Dutch School. 
GOI/TZIUS, HENDRIK (1558-1616) 

(Otto Heinrich, Count of Schwarzenberg) 
$J Wood engraving. 

8.3. H. 13. LeB.30. H. & R. 18. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Sieg-en, Ludwig v6n (i6o9~af. 1676) German School. 

(Amalia Blisabeth, Landgravine of Hesse-Cassel) Amelia 
Elisabetha D. G. Hassise Landgravia . . . 1643. 
jjj Mezzotint. 

N.I. H.I. LeB.4. Bry. 5 178. Andr. i. H. & R. i. 

Simon, Pierre (i64o-af. 1710) French School. 

(Cardinal Rospigliosi) lacobvs . . . T. Sti. Sixti S. R. 

Presbiter Cardinalis Rospigliosivs. 1669. 
. fl Line engraving. 

Le B. 35. N. 12. H. 7. Didot (For.) 2293. Bry. 5:84 H. & R. 3. 

Simonneau, Charles (1645-1728) French School. 


Blizabeth Charlotte Palatine du Rhin, Duchesse d'Orleans. 
JjJ Line engraving. 

Le B. 21. N. ii. H. 19. Didot (For.) 2296. Bry. 5 185. H. & R. i. 

Smith, John (1654-1742) English School. 
KNELLER, Sir GODFREY (1646-1723) 

The Lord Buckhurst & Lady Mary Sackvil his sister. 
$ Mezzotint. 

Le B. 76. N. 140. S. 27. Wes. (Smith) 29. 

KNELLER, Sir GODFREY (1646-1723) 
Madam D'Avenant. 1689. 
p Mezzotint. 

S. 76. N. 298. Wes. (Smith) 16. Bib. Nat. 11873. 


(The Holy Family) Cum in Orbem inducit Primogeni- 
tuni . . . 1717. 

Le B. 322. N. 318. H. i. Wes. (Smith) 321. Bry. 5:94. 

Smith, John Raphael (1752-1812) English School. 
HOPPNER, JOHN (1758-1810) 
Sophia Western . ( 1 784 ) 
$1 Colored mezzotint. 

Le B. 214. N. 105. H. & R. 7. 

Portrait of unkn6wn lady. 1778. 

S. 187. 

REYNOLDS, Sir JOSHUA (1723-1792) 
The Schindlerin. 1777. 
Colored Mezzotint. 
H. & R. 15. 

Division of Prints 303 

Smith, John Raphael (1752-1812) English School. 
ROMNEY, GEORGE (1734-1802) 
Mrs Robinson. 

fl Colored mezzotint. 

l,e B. 141. N. 41. H. 21. S. 141. 

Spag-noletto, Lo. See Ribera, Jusepe de. 

Stalbent (Stalbemt), Adrian van (1580-1662) Dutch School. 
(The ruined church) 


Star, Dirk van (worked 1520-1550) Dutch School. 
(The deluge) 1544. 
Line engraving. 

B. 2. Bry. 5:116. Dutuit 2. 

Stimmer, Tobias (i539~af. 1583) German School. 
(Parable of the lost money) 
(Christ and Nicodemus) 
(The woman taken in adultery) 
(Mary washing the feet of Jesus) 
Wood engraving. 

Andr. 403. 

(Otto Heinrich, Count of Schwarzenberg) Hoc comes est 
Otho . . . 

fl Wood engraving. 
Andr. 21. I,e B. 22. i 

Surug-ue, Pierre L,ouis, II (1716-1772) French School. 

Mad e de . . . (Mouchy) en habit de Bal. 1746. 
JJ Line engraving. 

I y e B. 4. N. 4. H. & R. 3. 

Suyderhoef, Jonas (1613 (i6io?)-i686) Dutch School. 

(Wikenburg) yEra Wikenburgi culta sub imagine vul- 
tum . . . 

$1 Line engraving. 

I y e B. 104. N. 89. H. 49. Dutuit 97. 

HALS, FRANS, I (ab. 1580-1666) Dutch School. 

(Conrad Victor Van Aken) M: Conrad vs Victor Van Aken. 
Geboren anno. 1588. Gestorven A 1657. 
$J Line engraving. 

Le B. 2. N. 84. H. 44. Dutuit 2. 


(Maximilian, Archduke of Austria) Maximilianus Archidux 
Austriae . . . 
$J Line engraving. 

N. 44. Bry. 5 : 143. Dutuit 54. H. & R. i. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Swanevelt, Herman van (1600-1655) Flemish School. 
(Grotto of Egeria) 

B. 91. I,e B. 91. No. 91. H. 15 (9) 
(The town gate) 

B. 92. I<e B. 92. N. 92. H. 15 (10). 

Swart, Jan (van Groningen) (ab. I46c)-ab. 1535) Dutch School. 
(Christ preaching from the ship) 
Wood engraving. 

B.I. I^e B. T. N. 18:55. Bry. 5:147. 

Tardieu, Nicolas Henri (1674-1749) French School. 
WATTEAU, J EAN ANTOINE (1684-1721). 
Les Champs Elisees. 
Line engraving. 

I Y e B. 89. N. 07. II. & R. 27. 

Tiepolo, Giovanni Domenico (1726-1804) Italian School. 
(The repose ir^Egypt) 
B. 31. 

(Departure of the Holy F A amily) 
B. 32. 
Tory (Toury), Geoffroy (ab. 1480-1533) French School. 

(Illustrations from two books of devotion) Paris. 1527 &. 


Wood engraving. 

Uden, L,ucas van (1595-1672) Flemish School. 
(Three landscapes) 

B. 42, 45, 47. H. 5, 6 (i), 6 (3) N. 45, 47. Dutuit 42, 45, 47. 

Vaillant, Wallerant (1623-1677) Dutch School. 
(The young artist) 

H. 16. Bry. 5:225. Wes. (V.) 23. 

Valckert, Warnard van (1600-1634) Dutch School. 
Plato. 1620. 

Wood engraving. 

I,e B. 12. N. 10. H. ii. 

Velde, Jan van de, II (i598-after 1679) 
(July) Julius. No. 7. 

lye B. 98. H. & R. 40. F. & K. 168. 

November. No. u. 

I^eB. 102. H. &R.44. F. & K. 172. 

Division of Prints 305 

Vinckboons, David (1578-1629) Dutch School, 

(The bird nest) Die den nest beet die weetsen . . . 1606. 

1,6 B. I. N. 20:353. 

Visscher, Cornells (162^-1662} Dutch School. 
(The waffle baker) 
Line engraving. 

Dutuit 42. Bry. 5:309. N. 144. 
(The rat catcher) 1655. 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 155. Dutuit 43. 131-7.5:309. H.&R.6. N. 146. 
(Jost van den Vondel) (1657) 
P Line engraving. 

I^e B. 44. Dutuit 120. H.&R. 15. N. 20:388. 

MOMPER, JODOCUS DE (1564-1635) 

(Landscape) Noil alia magis est libera . . . 
Line engraving. 

Visscher, Nicolaes (Claes) Jansz (1587-1679) Dutch School. 

(Two landscapes) 
Line engraving. 
L,e B. 27 ser. ref. H. 9 (5-6) 

Vlieg-er, Simon de (1600-1656) Dutch School. 
(The resting place) 

Etching. * 

B. 9. H. 8. Dutuit 9. 

Vliet, Jan George van (ab. 1610- ) Dutch School. 
(Penance of St. Jerome) 1631. 

B. (Rembrandt) 13. No. 20:465. H. 7. I<e B. 14. Bry. 5:253. H. & 
R. 3. 

Vormacia See Woensam, Anton. 

Ward, William (17664-1826) English School. 

Lucy of Leinster. In Leinster fam'd for Lasses fair . . . 1788. 
$J Colored Stipple engraving. 

Waterloo, Anthonie (1609 (i6io)-after 1675) Dutch School. 
(The mill) 

Wes. (W.) 119. B. 119. Dutuit 119. Le B. 119. H. 393. N. 119. 
B. Suppl. 75. Hubbard Coll., p. 341. 

Watson, James (1740?- 1790) English School. 
METSU, GABRIEL (1630-1667) 

Tue Dutch Cook Maid. 1776. 

N. 68. H. 3. H.&R. 4. 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Wechtlin, Johann Ulrich (J. U. Pilgrim, or Pelerin) (Last of i5th. 
Cent.-i53o) German School. 
(Christ on the cross) 

B. i. Le B. 4. Bry. 5 : 349. 
(Christ on the cross) Without border. 

B. i. Le B. 4. Bry. 5 : 349. 

(Madonna with Christ Child, seated on a bank, holding a book ) 

B. 2. Le B. 5. 

(Madonna with the Christ Child) 

B. 3. Le B. 6. 

(Penance of St. Jerome) 
Chiaroscuro. . 

B. 4. Le B. 7. Bry. 5:349. 

(Martrydom of St. Sebastian) 

B. 5. LeB. 8. Bry. 5:349. 

(Symbol of death) Mundanae foelicitatis gloria. 

B. 6. Le B. 9. Bry. 5:349. 

( Alcon on the Isle of Crete rescuing his son from the serpent) 

B. 9. Le B. 12. Bry. 5:349. 

(Knight and the halberdier) 

B. 10. Le B. 14. Bry. 5:349. 

"Werdt (Weerdt), Abraham von (worked 1636-1680) German School. 
(Interior of printing office) 
Wood engraving. 

LeB. i. N.4. 

Wierix, Hieronymus (1553-1619) Flemish School. 

(Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil) 
Tout le beau des beautez . . . 1600. 
|J Line engraving. 

Alv. 1860. Dutuit6:626. Le B. 7. N. 19. H. 15. Bry. 5:369. 

Wille, Jean Georges (1715-1808) French School. 
PESNE, ANTOINE (1683-1757) 

Frederic II. Roi de Prusse, Electeur de Brandebourg. (1757) 
JjJ Line engraving. 

i. LeB. 54 . N. 38. J. 3:218. P.&B. 53 . H. 4 5- Ap. 4 8. 
Bry. 5: 375. Bib. Nat. 16649 (233) Didot (For.) 2444. H. & R. 17 
Hubbard Coll., p. 351. 

Division of Prints 307 

Wille, Jean Georges (1715-1808) French School. 

(The family concert) 
Line engraving. 

I,eB. ioc. N. 158. H. 9. Bry. 5:375. Ap. S. H. & R. 33. 

Windsheim, Hans von. See H. W. 1482. 

Woensam, Anton (Vormacia, Anton von Worms) (worked 1520- 
1560) German Shool. 

(Samson and Delilah) 1529. 
Wood engraving. 

Merlo 281. I,e B. 5. B. 2. N. 5. H. 3. 
(Death of Goliath) 1529. 
Wood engraving. 

Merlo 282. I^e B. 6. B. 3. N. 6. H. 4. 

(David presenting the head of Goliath to Saul) 1529. 
Wood engraving. 

Merlo 283. N. 7. 

(Adoration of the three kings) 1529. 
Wood engraving. 

Merlo 293. I,e B. 7. B. 4. N. 9. H. 6. 

Wolffg-ang, Johann Georg (1664-1744) German School. 

Yacht of King Frederick I. of Prussia) Liburnica LXXXII. 
pedes Longa . . . 
Line engraving. 

Wolgenmth (Wohlg-exnuth), lyrichel (1434-1519) German School. 
(Christ kneeling before God) Illustration from "Schatz- 
behalter," Niirnberg 1491. 
Wood engraving. 

Le B. 2 ser. ref. N. 22:40. Bry. 5:392. 

( Christ on the sea shore ) Illustration from ' ' Schatzbehalter , ' ' 
Niirnberg 1491. 
Wood engraving. 

L,e B. 2 ser. ref. N. 22:40. 

Woollett, William (1735-1785) and Browne, John (1741-1801) 
English School. 

DUSART, CORNEUS (1660-1704) 

The jocund peasants. 1767. 
Line engraving. 

I,e B. 27. N. 30. H. 2. Bry. 5:394. H. & R. 29. 

Woollett, William (1735-1785) and Ellis, William ( 1747-af. 1800) 
English School. 

HEARNE, THOMAS (1744-1817) 

The Vicar of Wakefield. When lovely Woman stoops to 
Folly . . . 1780. 
Line engraving. 
I,e B. 21-22 ser. ref. N. 25. 

3 08 

Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Worms. See Woensam, Anton. 

Zagel (Zasing-er, Zatzing-er, Zeyssinger), Martin. See M. Z. 

Zeeman (Nooms), Reinier (ab. i623~af. 1663) Dutch School. 

(The Freedom, a war ship. The Hasewint, a Spanish voyager) 
De Vryheyt een Oorloogs Schip, De Hasewint en Spaens 

B. 63-98 pt. 2 (3) Le B. 88-123. Dutuit 77. N. 75-86. B. Suppl. 75-86. 

(Government yacht. Guardship or convoy) Een Staten 
lacht, Ben uytlegger of Watte Convo} ; er. 

B. 63-98 pt. 2(4) IveB. 88-123. Dutuit78. N. 75-86. B. Suppl. 75-86. 

(Marine view: six ships) 

B. 108. N. 108. H. 14 (2) Dutuit 108. 

(View of a harbor) 

B. no. N. no. H. 14 (4) Dutuit no. 

Zeg-hers. See Seghers (Segers), Hercules Pietersz. 

Anonymous (fifteenth century) Flemish School. 
(Madonna surrounded by rays of glory) 

Wood engraving. 

(Four illustrations from " Le Chavalier De'libere'," by Olivier 
de la Marche. Published by Gottfried van Os, Gouda, 
about 1486) 

Wood engraving. 

Anonymous (fifteenth century) French School. 

(Illustration from " La Mer des Hystoires", Paris, 1488) 
Wood engraving. 

Anonymous (fifteenth century) German School. 

(The second page of Low-German Bible, published by Hein- 
rich Quentell, Cologne, about 1480) 
Wood engraving. 

(Eight illustrations from Low-German Bible, Liibeck, 1494) 
Wood engraving 

(St. Valentine, St. Stephen and St. Maximilian. Title page 
of missal, Augsburg, B. Ratdolt, 1498) 
Colored wood engraving 

(The Madonna holding Jesus, worshiped by the angels) 

Interrasile. (Dotted print} 
(St. Christopher) 

Interrasile. (Dotted print} 
(The gossip during Mass) Niemand kan vol sagen . . . 

Interrasile. (Dotted print] 

Schreiber 2761. 

Division of Prints 309 

Anonymous (sixteenth century) (,'cnnan School. 

(Strife in nature.) Two illustrations from Augsburg edition 
of Petrarca's " Trostspiegel " (German translation of "De 
remediis utruisque fortunae" printed at Augsburg, 1532) 
Wood engaving. 

(Maria of Castile, Queen of Hungary) 
ff Chiaroscuro. 

(The Emperor Maximilian attending High Mass) 
IVood engraving. 

B. VII. p. 184 (31) 

Anonymous (fifteenth century) Italian School. 

(Eight illustrations from ' ' Hypnerotomachia Poliphili," 
Venice, 1499) 

Wood engraving.^ 

(Six illustrations from the Florentine edition of Savonarola's 
sermons. ) 

Wood engraving. 

(Triumph of love) Questo e colui . . . 
Line engraving. 
Pass. V. p. 71 (73) B. XIII. p. 277 (39) 

(Triumph of fame) Ma per laturba . . . 
Line engraving. 

Pass. V. p. 71 (75) B. XIII. p. 278 (42) 

(Solomon receiving the Queen of Sheba) 
Line engraving. 

Pass. V. p. 39 (95) 

(Portrait of a woman) 
Line engraving. 

Anonymous (sixteenth century) Italian School. 

(Title page of illustrated edition of "Lives of the Holy 
Fathers," Venice, about 1500) Vita di Sancti Padri . . . 
Wood engraving. 

(Martyrdom of St. Cornelius and Cyprianus) Incomencia II 
prio libro . . . From one of the editions of the ' ' Lives 
of the Holy Fathers," Venice, about 1500. 
Wood engraving. 

(The Holy Family) 
Wood engraving. 

(Man standing, talking to a woman seated; her foot on a 



Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Anonymous (sixteenth century) Italian School. 

(The Doge Agostino Barbarigo) Vn Bel Morir Tvta La Vita 
fl Wood engraving, 

(The annunciation.) From a missal, Venice, 1530. 
Wood engraving. 



(The young Tobit with the angel) 
Wood engraving. 

B. XII. p. 27 (9) 

Anonymous (seventeenth century) Italian School. 
S. Rocca 




Accessions, 1904-5 14-18 

Documents, statistics 18 

Law library 153 

List of 163-173' 

Statistics 69 

Manuscripts 20-50, 175-188 

Maps and charts, statistics 60 

List of 189-222 

Music, statistics 63 

Periodicals, statistics 70 

Printed books and pamphlets, statistics -15 

Prints, statistics 65 

Adjustment of salaries 8-9 

Alabama, relics of the 29 

Allen, E. E 84 

Allen, William 37, 39 

Allen papers " 37, 39 

America, manuscripts relating to 180 

American printing house for the blind 84 

Anagnos, M $4 

Andrews, Charles M 5^ 

Appropriation act for the year ending June 30, 1906 113-116 

Appropriations and expenditures, 1904-5 (tables) m 

Appropriations and expenditures, 1904-1906 (tables). ... .7, 106 

Archives, European, transcripts from - 56-58 

Argentine Republic, Government of, gift 17 

Arundel Society prints 66 

Atlases, maps and, list of accessions 189-222 

Babine, Alexis V 9 

Barbados records 4-4J 

Bay, J. Christian 9 

Bibliography, Division of X 3 

Publications 79~ lSl 

Binding and repair 73 

Blind, Reading room for the blind 84 

1905 21 (311) 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 

Bolton, Mrs. Henry Carrington 

Bowen, Clarence Winthrop 

Bradley, George Lothrop 

Breckinridge, Desha 22 

Breckinridge, John ( 1760-1806) 23 

Breckinridge, John ( 1797-1841) 23 

Breckinridge, Robert Jefferson 23, 24 

Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston 22, 23 

Breckinridge, William Campbell Preston 22-24 

Breckinridge papers 22-25 

Broadsides, accessions [85-188 

Building and grounds, Report of the Superintendent of the 

Library 97-107 

Burma, manuscripts relating to 182 

Burmese sacred writings '. . . . 42-46 

Cady, Mrs. Alfred 84 

Calendars in preparation 53 

Methods of compilation 53~55 

Card Section, report 141-152 

Appropriation for 77 

Business 77~79 

Cards, sale of 142-143 

Cards, stock of 144 

Depository libraries 144-146 

Exhibit at Portland 146 

Publications 81, 147 

Subscribers classified 141 

Subscribers to the cards 141 

Cards, distribution of printed 76-77 

Catalogue Division, statistics (tables) 137-140 

Catalogue of title entries 1 19 

Catalogue rules 75 

Cataloguing, classification and 73~74 

Caverly, J. W 84 

Cavers, Carrie I 84 

Chalcographie du Louvre 66 

List of prints from the .... 223-253 

Chase, Salmon P., papers, chronologically arranged 54 

Chase papers 30-3 1 

China (province of Hupeh) 16, 19 

Civil War, manuscripts relating to 180 

Classification '. . . ,. . . 75-76 

Classification and cataloguing 73~74 

Clayton, John M., collection, calendar of 53 

Closen, Baron von, transcript of journal 5^-59 

Closen Giinderrode, Baron von 59 

Index 313 


Colfelt, Mrs. Rebecca 84 

Confederate currency 29 

Contents of the Library, 1904-1905 14 

Continental Congress, Journals of 5 1-52 

Papers of 4,S 

Calendar of papers 53 

Contingent expenses, tables in 

Cool, Leonard B 9 

Copyright Conference 85-94 

Members of 88-89 

Proceedings 9i~93 

Copyright laws, revision of . . . 85-94, 126-127 

Copyright legislation 123-126 

Copyright Office, Register of Copyrights, report 117-135 

Articles deposited, 1897-1905 (tables) 135 

Bulletins 119, 120 

Business, 1897-1905 14 

Business, 1904-5 (tables) 130 

Business prior to July i, 1897 12-13, 122-123 

Catalogue and index 4 119 

Catalogue of title entries. 12, 119 

Certificates 1 18 

Circulars of information 119 

Current business 11-12 

Current work ' 1 21-1 22 

Deposits 1 18, 1 19 

Entries 118, 120 

Expenditures \ \ 7 

Fees, etc 117, 118, 121 

Fees, 1904-5 (tables) 128, 129 

Index cards 119 

Publications 1 19, 1 20 

Receipts 1 17, 120 

Receipts, 1904-5 (tables) 127 

Receipts and expenses i [ 

Registrations 1 18, 120 

Salaries 117 

Statistics 10 

Statistics, 1897-1905 (tables) 131-135 

Titles recorded 121 

Crittenden, Mrs. Robert H 36 

Crittenden papers 36-37 

Denison, Franklin 31 

Denison, George Stanton 30 

Denison, James 30 

Department of State, MSS. from 48 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Dickins, Asbury 30 

Dickins, Francis A 30 

Dickins papers 30 

Document, accessions, statistics 18 

Gifts 19-20 

Dyer, George L, 50 

Eldredge, A. B 29 

Eldredge, Charles A 29 

Electric power station 105 

Equipment of the building 101-102 

Estimates and recommendations 8, 9 

Expenditures, appropriations and, 1904-5 (tables) in 

Expenditures, appropriations and, 1904-1906 (tables) 7, 106 

Expenditures, fuel, lights, etc 104-105 

Falkner, Roland Post 9 

Fields, Mrs. James T 27 

Finance 7-9 

Fitch, John, papers, calendar of 53 

Fitzpatrick, John C 52 

Flagg, C. A 82 

Ford, Worthington Chauncey 20 

Fort William College, Calcutta 16-17 

France, Government of, gift 17 

Franklin, Benjamin, papers of 48 

Calendar papers . 53 

Furniture 101-102 

Garner, Mrs 84 

Garrett, Mrs. T. Harrison 68 

Garrison, Wendell P 28 

Germany, Government of, gift 17, 254 

Germuiller, J. F 84 

Gifts, .documents 19-20 

Embossed books, etc 84 

Manuscripts 16-17, 22-35, I 75~ I 79 

Orientalia 16-17 

Prints 65-66, 223-310 

Gordon-Cumming, Miss C. F 84 

Great Britain ordnance survey sheets, manuscript list of 62 

Greenough, Charles Pelham 32 

Grounds, care of 101 

Hamilton, Alexander, papers of 48 

Hammond, Laura 9 

Hannah, S. D 32 

Hascall, W. H. S 42 

Hay, John 28 

Hicks, Frederick C 9 

Index 315 


Hirth, Friedrich 17 

Howe, Richard, ist Earl Howe, manuscript maps of .... 60, 189-198 

Hubbard catalog > 66-68 

Hutcheson, David 84 

Imperial Free Economic Society, St. Petersburg, gift from .... 19 

Increase of the library 14-18 

Italy, Government of, gift 19 

Jackson, Andrew, calendar of papers 53 

Jamieson, Neil, papers 54 

Jefferson, Thomas, papers of 48 

Johnson, Andrew, papers 28-29, 54 

Johnson, Robert 29 

Johnson papers 28-29, 54 

Jones, John Paul, calendar of 53, 54 

Kawasumi, H 84 

Kellen collection of Year books 16 

Kingsbury , Susan M 55 

Kohl collection of maps, catalogue of 62 

Kupferstiche und Holzschnitte alter Meister in Nachbildungen . 17 

List of 254-3 10 

Lane, John 28 

Lansburgh, Max 33 

Latimer, Miss L. E 84 

Latrobe, Osmun 32 

Law Library, Report of custodian 153-162 

Accessions 153 

Accessions, statistics 69 

Early English law books, list of 163-173 

Improvement in service 155-156 

Noteworthy accessions, list of J63-I73 

Plan of development 156-161 

Present collections 156-161 

Service 161-162 

Year books 156 

Year books, list of 163-169 

Law Literature, location of I 54~i55 

Leech, Wilmer Ross 52 

Legislation needed 94~95 

Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition, Library exhibit 85 

Librarians, 1802-1905 5 

Lippmann, F 65 

Louvre, Chalcographie du 66 

List of prints from 223-253 

McArthur, Duncan 37~3^ 

McArthur papers 37~3^ 

MacLennan, Mrs. W. F 84 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


McManes, Mrs. Catherine 84 

Madison, James, papers of 48 

Manuscripts, Division of 20-59 

Accessions 20-50 

Accessions 1904-5, list of 175-188 

Exhibits 59 

Gifts 22-35 

Gifts, 1904-5, list of 175-179 

Publications : 5i~53, 81 

Purchases 35~47 

Work 50-51 

Manuscripts from Department of State 48 

Manuscripts from Post-Office 49 

Maps and Charts, Division of 60-62 

Accessions, statistics 60 

Noteworthy accessions 61 

Noteworthy accessions, list of 189-222 

Publications 62, 81 

Margry papers 95 

Mason, Miss M. L 84 

Meigs, John 31, 32 

Meyer, H. H. B 9 

Minor, Garrett 39 

Monroe, James, papers of 48 

Monroe papers, Chronological list of 52-53 

Morris, Stuyvesant Fish 25 

Music, Division of 63-65 

Accessions, statistics 63 

Bio-bibliographical list of American composers prior to 1800, 

notice of 64 

Publication ' 82 

Use 64-65 

New Mexico, Spanish documents from 49-50 

Newspapers, accommodations for 103 

Notable gifts 16-17 

O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey, letters 42 

Odborne, Edward William 29 

Officers, list of 5-6 

Orientalia 16-17 

Parsons, Arthur J 66 

Patterson, Andrew J . . . . 28 

Periodical Division 69-7 1 

Accessions, statistics 70 

Exchanges of duplicates 71 

Noteworthy accessions 71 

Publications. . 82 

Index 317 


Perley, Clarence W 9 ' 

Philippine broadsides 46-47 

Pierce, Kirk D 41 

Pierce papers 4 1-42 

Calendar of 53 

Pinfold, Charles 40 

Postal law, amendments suggested 94 

Preble, Edward, collection, calendar of 53 

Printed books and pamphlets, accessions, statistics 15 

Printed catalogue'cards, distribution of 76-77 

Sales of, statistics 76 

Prints, Division of 65-69 

Accessions, statistics 65 

Attendance and service 69 

Exhibitions 68-69 

Gifts 65-66 

Noteworthy accessions, List of, French and German 

prints , 223-310 

Purchases 66 

Ptolemy, editions of, in Library 61 

Editions to be acquired 61 

Publications of the Library, 1904-5 79-82 

Reading room for the blind, accessions 84 

Gifts 84 

Recataloguing 74~75 

Repair, Binding and 73 

Resignations 9 

Revision of copyright laws 85-94, 126-127 

Rhees, William J 32 

Rice, Miss J. W 84 

Rowland, Dunbar 29 

Science section publication 82 

Service, Library 9 

Smith, Caleb B. , papers, calendar of 53 

Smith, J. Henley 32 

Smith, Jonathan Bayard 32 

Smithsonian deposit 7 1-73 

Smythe, B. B 84 

Society for the promotion of church work among the blind . . . 84 

Sonneck, Oscar G. T 64, 65 

Spanish documents 49~5 

Spaulding, Mrs. A. P 84 

Squier, Ephraim George 26 

Squier gift 26-27 

Staff, Library 5-6 

State and Territorial proclamations 33 


Report of the Librarian of Congress 


Superintendent of the Library building and grounds, Report of 

the 97-107 

Functions 99, 105 

Thompson, James David 9, 82 

Thornton, Mrs. William 32 

Transcripts from European archives 56-58 

Van Buren, Mrs. Smith Thompson 25 

Van Buren papers 25-26 

Vernon-Wager papers, calendar 52 

Virginia Company, Records of 55~56 

Virginia tracts, rare 56 

Visitors to the Library, statistics 100 

Wade, William 84 

Washington and the Continental Congress, correspondence of, 

calendar of 53 

Washington Library Company 31 

Washington papers 54, 84 

Watson, David 39 

Watson, William 28 

Watson's Columbus 28 

Wight, Mrs. Harriott ( ckins) 30 

Wilkes exploring expedition 95 

Willis, Bayley 66 

Winsor, Justin 62 

Xavier free publication society for the blind 84 

Year books 156 

List of 163-169 

Young Men's Christian Association, Washington, D. C 32 




U.S, Library of Congress 

Report of the Librarian 
of Congress